Mother in the Bath


Mother in the BathMother in the bathI would lay awake listening, waiting to hear my mother turn off the lights and come up stairs. Sometimes she would quietly open my bedroom door to see if I was asleep, I would keep totally still and try to control my breathing till I heard the door gently close again and the sound of her walking down the landing, the click of the bathroom light switch and then the sound of the water beginning to run into the bath.As the sound of running water filled the house I could still hear my mother moving about, out of the bathroom and in to her bedroom than back, and finally the noise of the bathroom door closing.Now I had to wait my nerves on edge as I tried to judge the time it would take for her to get undressed and get in to the bath, when I had waited as long as I could I slipped out of bed and creped to my door hardly daring to breathe I opened it slowly and slipped onto the dark landing and down to the bathroom door. Our house is old all the doors have keyholes even though most of the keys have long since been lost. I stop in front relaxbet güvenilirmi of the door and listen, the gentle sound of water splashing coming from with in tells me that she is in the bath and it is safe to look I kneel down and eagerly push my eye up to the hole, at first I can see nothing as my eye gets accustomed to the bright light from within. Our bathroom is long and narrow as I look the bath is to the left with the taps against the far wall opposite the door is the toilet and the sink is on the right. My mother is laying in the bath with her back to me and I can see the book she is reading and a glass of wine balanced on the bath edge. Now I wait, the minutes pass slowly as she reads and drinks and my knees begin to ache so I stop looking and sit back crossed legged listening. At last I hear the sound of water moving, splashing and the sound of naked skin sliding on plastic in a flash my eye is back to the hole, my mother is just about to get out, she stands, still with her back to me water and bubbles run down her back and relaxbet yeni giriş on to large round buttocks bright pink from the warm water, she steps out of the bath wet leg dripping and on to the mat. As she puts her foot down and starts to raise the other I can see a dark shadow between her legs just for an instant as she lifts her leg I can see the outline of something and then it is gone, she takes the towel that was laying on the toilet seat and begins to dry herself, as she stands there drying her arms and neck I watch as her breasts swing and sway I can see them slapping against her skin then she bends forward as she lifts a leg on to the toilet seat to dry it.Bend forward at I slight angle her breasts hang free the skin pulled tight from there weight, they sway rhythmically and I can catch glimpses of her large nipples as they bounce and swing.Then as she finishes drying her legs she stands and turns to face the door, her full round breasts hang low her nipples pointing to the ground, a roll of fat rounds round her stomach and below relaxbet giriş between her thick curved thighs I can see a mass of dark brown curls, a triangle of hair thick and full. By now I have my cock in my hand and have started to masturbate as I stare at my mothers bush.Then as I watch and wank my mother takes a corner of the towel in the palm of her hand and starts to rub her pubic hair dry, first she rubs around the top on her stomach then she bends her knees slightly and pushing her stomach forward she slides her hand between her legs and starts to rub. I watch spell bound as my mother dries her fanny then to my utter amazement she brings her other hand down and with it she pulls her bush open, suddenly in the midst of that dark tangled mess there is a wide bright slit, I can see folds of skin that are all pink and flushed they look warm and so inviting, then it is gone as mother gently pats it dry with the towel. She stands looks up and starts to walk towards the door, my heart stops and all I can do is watch as in three steps she at door I stare transfixed my cock in my hand as she reaches out, takes her dressing gown from the back off the door and turns back towards the sink.I scrabbled back to my room as silently as I could my heart pounding and once safely back in bed I finished my wank once more dreaming of my own mother’s fanny

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