Mother is a Better Deal Ch. 01


It wasn’t a pleasant feeling for me to see Atul, my 21 year old son’s eyes straying on my 19 year old daughter all the time disregarding my presence. Being a responsible mother, I feared that the horny young lad could end up doing something unprecedented in our family and thereby making a mess of both of their lives. I have noticed the efforts he made to get closer with his younger sister physically. Alka was too ignorant for her age and never suspected her horny brother’s intentions as she was all at ease in his company. I started feeling more discomfort after I watched Atul staring at Alka’s cleavage which she was inadvertently revealing while they were playing chess at home. It was an awkward feeling to see him getting into the bathroom as I could guess what guys of his age would be doing in.

Although I was saddened to see my son straying like this, I couldn’t help having sympathy for him as his generation is being exposed to all sorts of rubbish beginning from the TV. My husband has always toiled hard to ensure a better future for our children and I was convinced that he would be disappointed to know Atul’s corrupt mind. I was in a dilemma whether to give any hint to Alka as there was every possibility that their relations could soar if I ever revealed Atul’s perversion. At the same time, I feared that Atul could transgress into illegal territories and thereby get into some serious trouble. I had to safeguard my daughter at any cost from my son who looked like a demon looking for the right occasion to ravage his own sister. I somehow felt that Atul could be back on track once his curiosity about sex is over.

From then onwards, I started paying more attention about my own appearance. I discarded the traditional thick sarees and preferred plain chiffons. I reverted to the sleeveless blouses which used to be a sort of my trademark till I became a mother. I even visited a nearby parlor to cut my hair short and to have a nice face bleaching done. Everyone including my husband was surprised about my sudden switchover from a conventional housewife look to that of a progressive modern woman. As I had anticipated, Atul became more curious about me.

Whenever I moved around, his eyes followed me looking for whatever flesh portion I was revealing to him. Initially, it wasn’t a nice feeling at all to realize that I am letting my son to glance at me with sexual intend but soon I reconciled to the fact. As a mother, I was taking a calculated risk which had all the potential to backfire. More so, with a teenage son at home who was being led by his impulse rather than intellect. Unintentionally, I started drawing the attention of other men around as well due to the change of my looks. I even started experiencing the ordeals that normally teen girls go through like quite a few instances of eve teasing for which our city has been notorious for. Young boys seemed to press my butts and sometimes brush my breasts while I traveled in crowded buses. Frankly speaking some of them did make innovia escort me wet with their adolescent mischief. I was convinced that I evoked response from boys like my own Atul.

It was a Sunday. Alka was about to leave for her dance class and my husband was sincerely cleaning our car downstairs. I watched Atul walking across the hall towards Alka’s room through the corner of my eyes from the kitchen. Though stunned, I followed him so slow that he couldn’t hear me coming behind. He stood close to the door closed ajar and started peeping into Alka’s room. I felt as if my entire blood got frozen as I realized that Atul was watching his own sister while she changed clothes. As I tapped my foot on the floor, Atul turned around and froze to see me coming. He immediately turned around and rushed towards his room and I stood there as if I have seen nothing. Soon, Alka left the house after dressing up and I know both she and my husband weren’t about to return at least for another couple of hours.

“Atul,” I called from the drawing room for which there wasn’t any answer. I smiled to myself guessing where he would have headed after seeing his sister stripping. I moved into my room and picked up the loose T-shirt which I had bought recently. I sneaked into one of my husband’s ¾ trousers leaving a couple of inches of my stomach exposed in between. I returned to the kitchen and resumed my cooking wondering if Atul would ever come to me at all. However, it wasn’t a long wait as I could hear the sound of his foot steps approaching the kitchen.

“Mom, did you call me?”

“Yes,” I replied holding my breath. I soon realized he had stopped at the door itself and after a few seconds of pause, I heard the foot steps all over again coming closer behind me. His eager arms held my waist and turned me around to face him. It was unbelievable to see the lust flowing in his eyes as he looked at my face soon to get downwards and settle his eyes on my breasts and my nipples which perked on the T-shirt.

“Of late, you have started looking great.”

“I hope you like that,” I almost stumbled for words unable to gauge the intensity of his eyes probing through my T-shirt. His eyes soon descended onto my thighs as he started moistening his lips with his tongue which popped out. I was stunned to see the bulge on his crotch as I could guess that his organ might be amazingly big. Holding my waist, his thumbs pressed against my flesh making me tremble momentarily. He tilted his head towards me and I couldn’t help closing my eyes. I knew it was futile and preferred not to resist at all as we got into each other’s arms hugging with a newly found passion. His mouth conquered mine as his tongue made its way through my lips. I heard my heart beat loud while my body felt like being burnt as his cock was pressing desperately against me in our intense hug. My pussy was defying me as I felt it getting soaked with drops of juice although it was my beloved son who was istanbul escort arousing me. I was holding the back of his head to ensure that our mouths never went apart while he chewed my lips like never before.

It was only after I felt that Atul was gasping for breath that I relieved him from the kiss. He looked at me with a peculiar expression and asked in husky voice, “Will you tell Dad?” I shook my head and smiled to make him feel at ease.

He immediately resumed from where he had left before. His hands reached to my breasts squeezing them while the feel of his thumbs were making my nipples arouse with lust. I pushed his trousers downwards and I went on my knees. Atul’s enormous cock stood straight pointing towards my face. I found it was larger than what I had anticipated.

“Oh God, is this a cock or a canon?” I asked Atul laughingly.” I am afraid neither my mouth nor my pussy can hold it in.”

“Don’t tell me it’s bigger than Dad,” Atul replied with a naughty smile.

“It certainly is,” I quipped. “It must be at least a couple of inches longer than him.”

“So what?” Atul brushed the tip of his cock on my chin. “It’s worth a try.”

I smiled and let his gigantic organ inside my mouth gently and started stroking. Atul gripped my hair while swaying back and forth thrusting his manhood further into my mouth. As I looked up I could see Atul quivering in joy feeling his hard organ being treated wonderfully by his own mother.

“I love you, Mom,” He murmured. “Keep sucking! Keep sucking!!”

My hands were firmly holding on to his ass to ensure against let him slip off while I continued sucking like deliriously. His cock soon exploded so swiftly that I found it extremely hard to gulp it before swallowing the entire load. His cock started shrinking after sending out a few loads of cum as I stood up and kissed him on his lips yet again.

“Taste your own cum, my son,” I smiled at him. Atul sprang on me to have a go at my breasts yet again before I stopped him for a second. As he watched with eyes wide open, I removed my T-shirt and trousers and threw it off outside the kitchen. Atul immediately pushed me down making me sit on the floor resting my back on the cupboard with legs spread as wide as I could. He lowered his head on my soaking clit and began licking it fast and furious. I had lost control once his tongue popped out to intrude between my pussy lips as I held his head pressing hard against my pussy. Occasionally I could feel his teeth getting into play as well as I quivered and swayed in all directions unable to confine my excitement before squirting my fluid on his face. Now, it was his turn to kiss me firmly on my lips and say, “Taste your own cum, Mom.”

“You need to get upright again,” I told Atul. “Play with your mother’s boobs again. I will hold your cock and rub it against my pussy. You will soon recover with enough vigor to tear my pussy.”

He didn’t loose even a split second obeying kadıköy escort me as he started devouring my breasts with unimaginable lust although I felt slight pain whenever he held my nipples between his teeth and pulled them all the way. The moment my palm felt the head of his cock, it animated as if it was waiting for my touch and soon became hard as a rock. Atul kept alternating between my breasts by sucking one while squeezing the other with his strong young hands. His organ hardly needed any guidance as it easily settled on the top of my pussy. The long cock that was his, it halted momentarily before I flexed my body a bit to let another inch get in. Atul was looking down as if he couldn’t believe that his cock was about to enter into his mother’s pussy.

“Come on, Get in,” I moaned lifting my legs further while Atul took his time to thrust his cylindrical weapon inside my waiting pussy. He grinned once the big head of his cock vanished inside my pussy and took a deep breath before pushing his waist hard against me. My legs went around his waist while my arms held on to his strong shoulders. Atul soon started motioning back and forth in a good rhythm and soon every inch of his huge cock penetrated inside with amazing ease. The smart boy that he is, soon settled into a smooth momentum letting his cock in and out of my moist pussy with tremendous power. The tip of his cock seemed like going far inside my cunt as my clit had yielded to the long monster of my son. As waves of pleasure started rolling inside me, I looked up to see how my son was enjoying fucking his mother on the floor of the kitchen.

“Atuuuullllll,” I shouted as if I was hit by a lightning once I reached yet another orgasm. Atul’s cock was generating so much of radiation in me as never before while it kept banging my womb. I humped up and down his vibrant cock, it became evident that he was about to reach his climax as well.

“Fuck me.. Fuck me…. Fuck your mother…. Fuck….”

Within seconds Atul groaned so loud that I was scared for a moment before feeling loads of his semen flow from his cock inside my womb as if the shutter of a dam got opened. He kept unloading a few times every few seconds before sighing exhausted as if he had emptied out everything inside me. His cock which hitherto felt so menacing began to withdraw from my slippery pussy. He felt as if frozen while my tired legs slipped down from his waist. A few drops of his sweat from the forehead fell on my breasts after which he came down on me falling on my shoulders. Unbelievable it may sound, but we remained together for another fifteen minutes before I spoke to him.

“So, you got all that you needed?”

“Yes, But I will come again.”

“Sure,” I smiled at him stroking his hair slogged in perspiration. “It’s a deal. You should never get anywhere near Alka till she gets married and you will have me for life.”

Atul raised his head showing signs of surprise, ” So, does that mean you did all this for Alka?”

“Of course,” I replied and kissed on his lips.

“I agree,” he assured. “I will look upon her only as a sister from now on.”

I felt happy that somehow I have safeguarded my daughter.

“But mom,” Atul smirked. “I can never look upon you as my mother.”

We laughed.

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