Mother Knows Best

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Seventeen-year-old Lori Norwood stepped off the bus that the kindly driver had stopped at the apron of her driveway thus saving her the half a block walk from the bus stop. She fished a key out of a hidden recess in her purse, opened the door, and stepped inside. She was about to call out to announce that she was home when an unknown sound reached her ears.Lori held her greetings as she removed her shoes and padded quietly across the kitchen and into the living room. She stopped at the bottom of the staircase leading to the second floor where two of the bedrooms, including the master bedroom, were located. As she drew closer to the staircase, the sound became more distinct and she realized it was the sounds of pleasure coming from a female throat.Now Lori knew that it wasn’t her youngest sister Shara as she was too young for sex and was at a sleepover with her friends. Her middle sister Amy was also eliminated as a suspect as she would never bring a lover home. Amy preferred girls over boys and was trying to keep her choices a secret. Then it dawned on her, it had to be her Mom making those sounds.Now Lori was just a little shocked. It had been better than two years that her Dad had passed away and her Mom had just allowed herself to start dating again. It was obvious that Mom went from dinner and a movie to an all-out fuck session in less than six months.Now Lori’s bedroom was in the basement and she should have just gone to her room, but she lingered by the staircase listening, whoever was up there really knew what he was doing based on the moaning.Lori was aware that her mom was a real hottie and often mistaken for an older sister when the two of them had a day of shopping and spa treatments. Married at sixteen, she became pregnant just a few months later and every two years after that. In between having kids and attending college on a part-time schedule, she exercised and dieted with a vengeance. When questioned by her daughter on why she worked out so hard she responded that she refused to be one of those overweight and out-of-shape mothers that she had met at the PTA meetings.The moaning from upstairs reached a crescendo and then all was quiet, Lori quickly headed to the stairway leading güvenilir bahis to the basement and closed the door as quietly a possible when she heard movement at the top of the stairs. She knelt on the top step and used the keyhole to discover who it was that had been upstairs with her Mom.When the male passed by heading to the side door Lori almost gasped aloud in disbelief. It was Dan Summers, one of her classmates from school. The same classmate that her mom was forever trying to get her to show interest in, but Lori wasn’t interested as he wasn’t one of the popular students.Now Lori would reluctantly admit that Dan wasn’t bad-looking and his skill as an artist and writer was legendary. It was while working on the school paper that they met and wound up spending time in each other’s company. However, her acknowledgment and admiration of his skills were hardly grounds for them dating.A minute after the side door closed, Lori heard her Mom on the other side of the basement door telling her that it was now safe to come. So Lori opened the door and headed to the kitchen. Upon turning the corner her eyes grew wide and her mouth hung open at the sight before her eyes. For there stood her Mom at the refrigerator looking nothing like she was accustomed to seeing her.The first thing Lori noticed was that her long tapered legs were covered in black nylon stockings with six-inch heels adorning her feet. A shiny blue silk garter belt that was trimmed in white lace held up her nylons and she sported a pair of tiny panties of the same color and trim.A matching bra covered her full breasts and the whole ensemble was covered with a short black silk and lace robe that Lori never knew that her Mom owned. Her long hair that was normally worn up now hung to her shoulders and her makeup was just a touch heavier than normal and it gave her the appearance of someone much younger, now she really looked like an older sister.”You knew I was home?” Lori asked.”Yes. I know every sound that this old house makes,” she responded she poured two glasses of ice tea and then took a seat and crossed her magnificent-looking legs.Lori had no response and continued to stare as she took a chair and that gave her Mom an opening.”Nothing güvenilir bahis siteleri to say?” Julie asked as she slid a glass toward her daughter.”Mom, how could you? He’s like my age,” Lori said in a shocked tone.”No, he’s a year older,” Julie responded.”Eighteen and still in high school? What’s wrong with him?” Lori asked and was finally able to look away from the sight before her.”My God, you’re such an academia snob,” her Mom stated. “Believe me there is nothing wrong with him, he’s just a victim of the rate of education between the city and the suburbs. When his family moved out here he was tested and couldn’t pass so they kept him back.””So should I even bother to ask how you two hooked up or how long this has been going on?” Lori asked.”Not that it’s any of your concern, but It happened when he dropped off some artwork for the school paper a few months ago. You and your sisters weren’t home so I invited him to sit and have a cup of coffee and we started talking. One thing led to another and we’ve been at it ever since. You probably haven’t noticed I stopped suggesting that you two get together. I decided that if you wanted to keep hanging out with losers that’s on you and I would keep this one for myself,” her Mom responded.”They are not losers,” Lori snapped defensively.”Oh really? That boy named Allen that you see is prettier and more feminine than you are. I’m surprised that he hasn’t asked to borrow some of your clothing, maybe he did and that’s why you don’t see him as often. Then there was the jock named Brad who you hung around with for a while. He spent most of his time checking me out when he came over to see you,” her Mom continued.Lori silently admitted to herself that her choice of boyfriends had not been the best. First, there was the handsome young man that she had believed loved her. It was him that she had surrendered her cherry to when she turned sixteen. He was nice, polite, and gentle until she finally allowed his hard cock entrance into her virgin pussy. From then on he became demanding and rude.His once soft kisses and gentle manner ended and all he cared about was getting her naked and getting on top of her. Lori allowed it for a while until iddaa siteleri he tried to get her to submit to his lust during school hours in one of the storage rooms, something she would never do so he broke it off with her.The boyfriends that followed were no better. They never noticed or said anything about how pretty she looked and there was no softness in their manner. Fueled by her former boyfriend’s tales all that they cared about was seeing how fast they could get her out of her clothing. Lori finally gave up and quit dating and hanging around with the group of males in her circle of friends when she was alone.Mom was right about Allen, he had a fascination with her clothing. More than once, she caught him running his hands over her hanging skirts and blouses when they worked on the school paper in the basement just off the laundry room. She had even offered to loan him one of her dresses and he laughed it off despite Lori seeing the growing lump in his pants.Mom was also right about Brad. Whenever she invited him over, he always asked if her mom would be home and his eyes grew larger and brighter when she responded that she would.”So what’s with the outfit and makeup?” Lori asked.”All men love ladies in sexy lingerie, and since he has the hots for you I decided to make myself look a little younger to see if that would light his fire, and, believe me, it did,” her mom admitted.”I never knew you owned such an outfit,” Lori admitted.”I have literally a couple of dozen of them. Since they are not outfits one wears around the house no one has ever seen them. Your father really loved seeing me dressed like this as much as I loved wearing them and purchased a new one for me almost every other week,” her Mom admitted.”It’s beautiful,” was all Lori could say.”If you want to borrow one help yourself as I’m sure they would fit you,” her Mom informed her.”Who would I be dressing up for?” Lori responded.”Well, you could change your attitude about Dan and invite him over when your sisters and I are out,” Mom offered. “I don’t mind sharing.””Not going to happen,” she replied.”Well, if you change your mind, they are stored in the armoire chest in my closet,” Mom stated as Lori left the table and headed to her room.As Lori shed her school clothes she replayed the sounds that came from her Mom’s bedroom. Outside of a few gasps, she had never made sounds like that when she was having sex. What did Dan do that the others didn’t, she wondered?

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