Mother Lover Ch. 01


Katie Milton, never a shy girl, reached out to touch her next conquest. Her fingertips lightly brushed the bare, jelly like soft skin of Marilyn Seller’s bare arm as she walked past her. The forty eight year old woman of two daughters who looks in her mid thirties, gorgeous with her shiny clear soft skin, long straight wirey hair with a slight wheat color fade and texture that kate longed to run her fingers through, turned to smile to her and move closer to the centre of the room where Katie was dancing under the low light. Marilyn’s sexy body movements in rhythm with the party dance music drove Katie’s imagination wild, she watched that milf’s hips writhe towards her and all she wanted to do was reach out, grab hold n pull the sexy mom towards her.

Katie was all the rage with the boys, a hard to get brunette, if it wasn’t for the one quarterback she had fucked several times, people may have guessed she harboured a lust for slim slender petite girls and always insisted her girlfriends keep their love affairs secret, and their pussys clean shaven. Slightly taller than average, sharp facial features, strong arms and slim but powerful legs, the netball team leader was sought after by many of the girls who would never call themselves lesbians, but would always do whatever she wanted of them just to get the chance to lick her perfect tight bubble butt.

Under the cover of this party, her best friends birthday night bash, Katie had hoped and planned to give her special present to this irresistible real woman, curvy and busty as she is, the mother of her best friend that she had developed a crush on over such a long time. Kate and Drew had been friends since they were little girls, but the last few years kate had begun to pay more attention to Drew’s full figured mother Marilyn.

That body had always been an elephant in the room, she had always had great full ample breasts that couldn’t be ignored, it was a lingering thought when she would be near by, Katie could tell even Drew thought it. Marilyn had a gentle look, the contours of her face were gradual, not sharp n straight lined. Long thick arms, a curvy waist and wide hips, a big round juicy delicious ass Katie began to linger on about a year ago, it had become a must have over this last year as they had seen so much of each other with the two girls doing senior studies every afternoon. Marilyn’s meaty legs would be a thrill as well, she imagined being clamped by them surrounding her waist, the hot mom on top of her, pressing izmir escort her breast onto her perky little nipples as they engaged in a deep tongue wrestle.

They were about the same height, as Marilyn swung her shoulders from side to side in front of

Katie, having her eyes closed and listening to the music, Katie decided as she watched the woman concentrating on the music to begin making her move. The dark hid almost everyone, the little bit of orangey red light from the tinted lamps was blocked by the flailing arms and bodies of drunk guy and girls swaying out of rhythm energetically to the music.

Katie moved in. She slid her hips from side to side inching closer to the mom, anticipating the thing she had wanted to do to this kind lover she was sure would quickly accept her advances. She had desired her for so long now, it ached her pussy. First she had found boys, but there was no tenderness, no softness. Then eventually she had tried Drew at sleepovers, seducing her one night as they lay in her bed, Drew pretending to be asleep, after the first time they would regularly fuck wherever and whenever they could. But it was not enough, Katie needed an older woman with experience, bigger portions of breast and ass, who could fuck and dominate her, make her feel like a loved girl again, she needed a mothers touch.

Katie danced around Marilyn as she watched the taught young body bend and sway to her right and then behind her, she glimpsed her for a second over her shoulder and then decided to concentrate on her own movements to the party music. Feeling light headed and carefree from all the wine she’d been drinking that night, she was ready to just let loose and not be a mother tonight. The party was beginning to wind down and only a few people were left moving about on the living room carpet. The dark still covered Katie’s specific movements, so long as she kept them quick.

Now she slid closer to Marilyn, her head over Marilyn’s shoulder, her hips now rubbing against Marilyn’s, she was grinding her crotch into the older woman’s ass. The mom she knew as like a close aunt or second mom, said nothing, but Katie could see a slight grin of approval shape her lips. Marilyn’s quickened breath flowed over Katie’s own lips. Now she brought her long slender fingers to move over Marilyn’s stomach, upwards to half way between Marilyn’s navel and her breast, and rest their with a firm grip, she was now holding the mature mother, alsancak escort and motioning her with the hold to grind her ass into Katie’s pussy, and she did. Katie was always the guy in the relationship, and if she had been a boy she’d be pushing her dick deep up that shoot right now, filling Marilyn’s posterior exit, she imagined that as she rubbed against Marilyn’s bum, and it drove her crazy.

The music was right, thumping, and they virtually bounced onto each other, Marilyn pushing her ass out and sliding it up Katie’s crotch, Katie digging her cunt into Marilyn’s crack as much as she could, acting as though and wishing she had, a long thick throbbing dick craving this mother ass hole.

Katie’s breathing was so fast now, her heart racing, her imagination running wild, she had to have the mom she always wanted, she had to take her now, not caring who was watching or who would see, but she darted her eyes around the room one last time to check, everyone was in their own world, and no one had even noticed them grinding up against each other. Katie pressed her breasts into Marilyn’s back, between her shoulders, she could feel the woman getting excited too, and so she brought her head down, chin resting on Marilyn’s left shoulder, and kissed her neck like she was sucking the head of a gorgeous cock. Marilyn let out a satisfying moan, and the two began to move as one across the living room, to go upstairs. Marilyn took the hand of Katie, and resting it on her bum, walked her upstairs.

As the music pounded through the house, Marilyn shut the door to her bedroom and dampened the sound out to just a thud of the beat shaking the walls.

“lyn, stay there.” Katie said almost whispering, and just as Marilyn turned to acknowledge her, Katie was on her, her lips opening Marilyn’s mouth, their tongues immediately lapping over each other, Katie’s hands touching the milf’s cheeks, holding her head and mouth just where she wanted them. She pushed the mother up against the bedroom door, licking her neck as she slipped her hands under Marilyn’s top and caressed her hips and waist, feeling her body, squeezing and holding her full figure in place. Marilyn responded vigorously, slopping away in Katie mouth like a dog, saliva overflowed down katie’s chin and dribbled onto her chest, trickling down between her pert pointy breasts. She arched her left leg over Katie’s legs, around her right hip, and hooked her close onto herself as her buca escort thigh pressed hard on her little muscular bum.

“katie,” she gasped, ” we shouldn’t, I.. I mean I’m like your mother..” they locked mouths again. After a few minutes more of long passionate kissing, Katie disengaged to reply. As she pulled Marilyn’s top of with a moan of pleasure, she said

“Shut up mummy, you know you want me I’ve seen you admiring my ass, my legs. You want to lick me, sex me? Come on, do it Lynny, do me please. I love you, ive wanted you for so long, fuck me mummy, please.” She begged with an irresistible daughter like cuteness of pleading. Then she clamped down on the top half of Marilyn’s right breast. This was going to be a long night.

They stopped long enough for Katie to frantically pull off Marilyn’s top and eagerly undo her bra, hungrily consuming as much flesh of her left breast around her big light pink nipple and areola as she could suck into her wet mouth, saliva dribbling across it to slide down the middle of Marilyn’s chest, down the middle of her stomach, settling in her navel, then overflowing straight down to her knickers.

The elder lover let out a moan of satisfaction as the girl drank her nipple like a new born hungry baby, she closed her arms around Katie’s back, resting her hands on her shoulders, and pushing Katie right up against her, that vacuum mouth opening wider as she was meshed into Marilyn’s left breast, sucking in more of the mature loving mom now stroking the ends of Katie’s long streaks of hair. The younger ran her delicate thin fingers up and down the middle dip of Marilyn’s back, settling on her full ass, and each hand squeezing a fist full as her firm grip pushed Marilyn’s lower body towards her own, their crotches rubbing against each other’s opposite thigh.

“What about the guests? What about my daughter?” Marilyn whispered, in between deep heavy breaths.

“Im your daughter now mommy.” Katie said slobbering over her chest.

Marilyn placed both her hands on Katie’s cheeks, bringing the horny young woman to eye level with her,

“Yes, yes you are darling. You’re a good little girl. Aren’t you?” she asked grinning with lust and desire, knowing what they both wanted.

“Uh – huh” she replied, spreading Marilyn’s ass cheeks in response, imagining what her exposed puckered dirt hole must look like.

“Then show me baby. Show me what a good girl you can be, take care of mommy.”

Marilyn put her right hand on the top of Katie’s head, pressing it into her sweat soaked hair. Katie understood, the gentle downward pressure motivated her to lower her head, until, facing Marilyn’s white jean’s front zip, she opened her mouth in awe of the experience she was about to receive.

“Eat me baby, tell me how I taste.”

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