Mother Nature


Deep in the woods of Tennessee in the midst of its rolling mountains and tall pines lays a small, crystal clear lake. Up a winding pathway north of there is a cozy cabin. It is away from the bustling noises of the city that, along with the sounds of the forest, made it a perfect hideaway for John and Deana. Here they could relax, commune with Mother Nature, and get in touch with their inner spirit.

They loved going to the cozy bungalow no matter what season it was. However, one of their favorite times was early spring. Often there was still snow covering the ground. Mother Nature’s white blanket gave the area a sense of tranquility.

It was the last Friday of March. The two of them were sitting at the kitchen enjoying breakfast wondering what to do for the weekend. That particular week had been hectic and they wanted to do something to relax.

While still thinking Deana gathered up the dishes and placed them in the sink. She was busy washing them when John came up behind her and put his arms around her waist.

“You know we could go to the cabin. I bet it’s beautiful up there with the first signs of spring blossoming.” John could see by the wide grin on her lovable face that Deana liked the idea.

She pushed her body into his both of them fit together nicely, like a tailored pair of leather gloves. “Oh that sounds marvelous darling. Just the two of us for a weekend tryst in the woods. What time would you like to leave?”

“How long will it take you to pack a bag?”

“Oh, I’d say about an hour.”

As John went outside to make sure the car was ready for the trip. Deana finished the dishes then headed toward the bedroom to pack. Since the cabin was fully equipped with all the comforts of home, all she would need to do was pack some clothing and personal items for the two of them.

Deana changed into her denims and flannel shirt. Then went about gathering the things she wanted to take with them, making sure to include their hiking boots and back pack. After having almost everything stowed in the bag, Deana carefully scanned the room for John. She wanted to make sure he didn’t see what was going to be packed next. When he was no where in sight, Deana quickly placed her red silky teddy that she had purchased on her last trip to Fredrick’s Of Hollywood, into the hidden compartment. Then she quickly closed it and set it by the bedroom door.

Deana envisioned herself wearing the slinky garment and lying on a bear skin rug. The glowing embers of the fire would illuminate her figure and John’s as they sipped on chilled glasses of brandy. She quivered. Goose bumps appeared, her breasts began to swell, and her pussy tingled with desire.

“Oooh God, I can’t wait,” she whispered. She hadn’t noticed that John came into the room, until he spoke.

“What are you smiling and whispering about, darling?”

“Oh nothing really, I was just thinking about how good it will be to get away. You know how I love to bond with Mother Nature,” she lied.

She then rushed into the kitchen to get a few more items before he could question her more.

When Deana left the room John went to the closet and took out a pair of jeans and his favorite flannel shirt. As he changed his mind began to wander. His cock was twitching as he imagined the two of them sitting by a fire under the stars with a blanket wrapped around them.

He then muttered under his breath, “Wonder if it will be too cold to fuck outdoors?”

John shook his head to disperse that idea before it turned him on too much as he wanted to leave soon. Then he picked up the luggage and walked toward the kitchen.

“Do you have anything else you want me to do before I put this in the car?”

“Not really, I’m just grabbing some bottled water and something we can snack on, then I’ll be ready.”

John loaded the car, and then went back into the house to make sure everything was locked up tight. Afterwards escorting Deana to the car, and then heading off toward the cabin.

As he drove, Deana was looking at the freshly fallen snow. “I love the fluffy white blanket it gives the whole area a sense of newness and serenity. I do hope that when we get there, it’s not too cold for a walk in the woods.”

John’s eyes lit up with excitement as a sly smile crossed his face. “Oh, I’m sure if we dress warmly and carry a big blanket we can still go for a stroll.”

As they were pulling up the driveway to the cabin John noticed that the snow only covered patches of ground. “Look honey, it must be getting warmer, the snow is beginning to melt.”

“Oh good, I was hoping it kocaeli escort would. I’m anxious to go for a walk and breathe in some of this clean country air.”

John pulled up in front of the cabin telling her to stay put while he checked things out. After unlocking the door, he stepped inside and, looking around, he discovered everything was okay. John then went back outside and told Deana it was safe to go in. While she did that, he left to go out back and assess the generator. Since it was okay, he cranked it up then started unloading the rest of their stuff from the trunk.

When he entered the cabin, John found Deana changing her shoes. Next to her lay his hiking boots, her walking stick, some bottled water, a back pack and a blanket.

She glanced up at him and asked, “Ready for that stroll big guy?”

“Let me put this suitcase in the bedroom first and change my shoes, then I’ll be all set to go. Hey, I’d like to head north. I want to stand on the hill that over looks the valley and see what’s changed.”

“Okay. You know, there is nothing more invigorating than clean mountain air and sun shine to clear my sense.”

She put the water into the backpack, picked up her walking stick, and handed John the blanket.

With him walking behind her they headed off toward the ridge that looked over the valley. After a few minutes Deana heard John chuckling.

“What on earth are you laughing about dear?”

“Oh, you really don’t want to know.”

“Sure I do.”

“Okay, if you insist.”

“I insist, now spit it out.”

John couldn’t keep quiet any longer, he busted out laughing and then admitted, “Well you asked for it. I was just thinking of how your ass looks bigger than mine.”

Deana kept walking, acting as if she hadn’t heard his remark. However, since her face was away from John’s he was unable to see the smirk on her face. She thought, “Oooh you’ll pay for that remark sweety.”

After a few minutes they came to a small clearing in the woods. While trying to hide her mischievous feelings Deana she spoke to him. “John dear, why don’t we take a break? You can put that blanket on this log so we can both sit down for awhile.

John nodded his head in agreement and walked over to where she was. He then bent over to place the blanket on the log. All of the sudden he felt something him hit him in the middle of his backside and turned around to see what had happened. Before he could react, he saw Deana laughing as she let go of a snowball.

“That’s what you get for telling me my ass looks bigger than yours!”

John leaned down and grabbed a handful of snow, formed a ball, and threw it at Deana. “Well doll, you are shorter than me and curvier. Besides you know I was only teasing you, right?”

“I know, but you’re so fun to pick on. I wish you could’ve seen the look on your face when that snowball hit your huge rump. It was a true Kodak moment.”

They continued playing until the cold snapped at her fingers and toes. Deana shivered and complained, “John, I’m getting cold.”

He looked at her and replied, “Well I can remedy that, let me build a fire. That, along with my lips, will have you warm in no time.”

Soon John was snuggling with Deana as they were wrapped in a warm blanket and sitting by a fire. He pulled his wife close to him and nuzzled her cheek.

Deana felt John’s warm breath on her cheek and turned to kiss his lips softly. Oh God, his kiss always took her breath away and started to feed the flames of desire.

John pulled Deana closer and kissed her deeply. As their tongues did the dance of lovers, his right hand slid beneath her jacket searching for her breasts. He could feel its erect nipple through her shirt and began tracing it with his fingers. After undoing a couple of buttons he slipped his hand inside. While cupping her breast John pulled at the nipple, pinching it lightly.

“Oh darling, I love to play with your gorgeous tits!”

“Mmmm, John, I love the way you touch me. You’re making more than my mouth drool! Oh God, I want you to feel your cock inside my pussy, but it‘s so cold out here. I think we’d better go inside.”

As they walked back to the cabin a devious thought ran through Deana’s head. Once she got inside she would excuse herself and tell John that she was going to change into something more comfortable. Then she’d put on her sexy teddy, cover it with her thick terry robe, and put on her fuzzy slippers. Then she would enter the room where John was, complaining that she was just too dang cold to be wearing anything skimpier.

As they entered the cabin John slapped darıca escort Deana teasingly on the ass. “Hey sugar, why don’t you go to the bedroom and change into something more comfortable? While I make sure the fireplace has a warm cozy fire and get some brandy from the kitchen.”

Deana nodded and kept her face hidden from him so he wouldn’t notice that she was up to something. As she headed off toward the bedroom, John went into the living room.

After making sure the fire was going, John adjusted the bear skin rug on the floor in front of the mantel. As he visualized Deana lying their wearing only her sexy teddy, his cock began to swell. He fought off the urge to stroke it and walked into the kitchen.

Once he gathered up the glasses and brandy, John walked back into the living room and set the items on the coffee table. After walking over to the music console, he slid his favorite CD in. It was the kind of music that he called, “fucking music.”

Deana entered the room, snuck up to John, and placed her arms around his waist and uttered, “Hiya sexy. I hope you don’t mind what I put on, after all I’m cold.”

John jumped at first, then turned around noticing she was wearing her thick robe. He frowned, grumbling under his under his breath, “Damn, couldn’t she find something sexier to wear?”

Deana leaned into John as he pulled her lips into his. The love she had for him radiated between them and sent a jolt of desire straight to the center of her womanhood.

Her kiss always lit the fires of passion deep within his soul. Looking into her soft emerald eyes, he whispered, “I love you darling. How about some brandy?”

“I’d love some. It’ll warm up these bones of mine.”

John then walked over to the table and filled two glasses with brandy. He returned to his wife and handed her a goblet. They lifted their glasses while toasting the love they had for each other.

John then set his glass down and offered his arm to Deana while asking. “May I have this dance?”

She nodded yes and set her glass down. Moving her body into his arms as the two of them swayed to the music.

He held Deana close, running his fingers through her long silky hair. The fragrance of her favorite perfume mingled with her sexy and scent tickled his senses. He could still feel the softness of her body through the robe.

As they slow danced by the light of the fire, Deana turned her face upward to meet his lips. “Darling, your kisses are warming me from the inside out.”

John kissed her again, slow pecks at first, lips rubbing together, and faces brushing against each other. Their tongues lightly touched and they kissed slowly, long and hard, letting their tongues do the dance of lovers.

The dancing soon stopped and they were just standing there in the light of the roaring fire. Deana reached over and slowly unbuttoned John’s shirt. She then pushed it off his shoulders and started kissing his nude chest and stomach.

Deana purred, “Mmm, I love the taste of you, my love. I cannot wait to get to your cock.”

Without hesitation John undid his belt and shoved his jeans and boxers to the floor, kicking them off to the side. As their eyes met he said, “Do what you want to me darling, I am your love slave.”

Deana led John over to the bear skin rug then knelt before him. Reaching up, she grasped his cock in her hands, letting her fingers touch him lightly at first. It was obvious that he was aroused. Her hands were getting wet from the oozing pre-cum.

She loved the way he responded. “Lay down on your back, honey.”

John looked at her a little surprised wondering, “What the hell?” but lay down anyways, with his hard cock sticking standing at attention as if to salute her.

As he watched a sly grin flashed across Deana’s face. His heart skipped a beat and he gasped when she untied robe and let it fall to the floor. There his wife stood in her sexy red teddy.

She then walked over to the coffee table, picked up her brandy, and took a sip. Taking the glass with her she returned to John.

After placing one leg on either side of his head, she purred. “Hey baby, do you like what you see?”

John appeared speechless but managed to utter, “Ooooh yeah!”

With a seductive grin on her face, Deana swayed her hips while sipping the brandy. While slowly doing a strip tease to the music, she removed the teddy. Lowering herself downward to his face she began tantalizing him with her pussy!

He was mesmerized while watching her ass and pussy moving above his face, teasing him. When she squatted over gölcük escort him with her hot-box just inches from his lips and tongue, he almost blew his load.

She bent lower and lower as her hands began massaging her tits, playing with her perky nipples. She knew this type of torture only made John’s cock throb harder.

She looked down at him and uttered, “Do you want to see more, baby?”

John replied, “Move down a little lower honey, and see for yourself. Oh fuck you’re so hot. I want to kiss your pussy lips and taste the sweet nectar inside!”

As Deana moved further downward she began pouring the brandy drop by drop on her nipples, making them tingle with desire.

Oh God, her scent was intoxicating. His lips kissed her inner thighs as his tongue traced higher and higher. He then lightly licked her pussy slowly. “Mmmmm!”

Deana moved her hips back and forth over his mouth as his tongue worked its magic. Moaning softly, she dribbled more brandy on a nipple and sucked it into her mouth.

She then sat on his lips and squealed, “Eat me!”

John licked her with slow long licks from her clit to her asshole. He stopped only long enough to suck in her swollen clit and flick it with his tongue.

Deana arched her back, trembling as the wetness oozed from her pussy to his mouth. Moving faster and faster into his tongue as it licked deeper, bringing her closer to climax. She loved watching John flick and kiss her hot box. Deana also knew he loved to hear her talk dirty.

“Eat my hot cunt! Oh God, you sweet fucker, make your cum slut cum!”

John grabbed her by the hips, eagerly sucking at her throbbing clit as he slid two fingers inside her. When he felt her go tense he bit her swollen nub lightly, causing her body to begin to spasm with her first earth shattering climax.

Deana quivered and yelled, “Ooooooh fuck, I’m cumming! Mmm baby, I love what you’re doing to me.”

As her quivering subsided Deana slid off him and lay on her back panting for air. John then leaned over they kissed, letting her taste herself on his lips. Then he stopped and got up to get his brandy off the table. After that he sat back down beside her. He drizzled the tantalizing liquid over her nipples, one at a time, before sucking them into his mouth.

He stopped sucking and commented, “That’s the best tasting titty I have had in a long time.” He brushed the fingers of his right hand through her long silky hair. As their eyes met he could see the burning embers of her passion.

“God, baby I love the way you make me feel!

“Good, now lay on your back my pet. I’m going to suck your cock. Then straddle you and ride you hard!”

John then lay on his back. “Your wish is my command mistress.”

Deana reached for her glass of brandy before getting between his legs. Grabbing his cock she christened it with the sweet fluid before lapping all it over her lips and tongue. She then engulfed his member deep and hard, savoring every sweet drop of the brandy laden precum.

“Oh fuck! I love what you’re doing to me. Oh God…..Ooooooh, you’d better stop doll I’m about to blow my load.”

Deana stopped, quickly moving up and straddling him. She grabbed his cock, using it like a toy, rubbing it back and forth, all over her pussy lips and clit. Then she slowly guided it inside, a little at a time, until she felt his balls on her ass. Rocking back and forth Deana began riding John. Then she slowly pulled her pussy off his cock until just the head was inside her, then slammed back down repeatedly.

John took hold of her hips. Oh God, Deana felt good around his cock, so warm, deep, and tight. As he watched his cock go in and out of her, it turned him on more. His hands found her hard breasts. His fingers coaxed her nipples; he loved it when they are this hard.

She used her feet to push off him and ride him hard with her ass moving into his thrusts as he tugged at her nipples. Deana could feel his orgasm building as she milked his cock.

John felt Deana tense up again as she let out a low deep moan. He stopped playing with her nipple and grabbed her ass, pulling her down hard. Forcing his cock in as far as it would go.

Deana leaned forward and kissed him hard as their bodies continued fucking like wild animals. She then slammed her pussy down one more time on his cock and held it there as they both climaxed together.

John could feel their juices running down his balls and thighs onto the rug. He held Deana close, they kissed until his cock slid out of her.

Deana then moved and lay back down beside John, snuggling up into his arms.

While listening to the rhythmic beating of each others hearts and basking in the afterglow of their love making, they fell asleep in front of the fire.

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