Mother Only Wants What’s Best Pt. 02


Mother Only Wants What’s Best. Part Two, chapters 3 to 6.

The story so far….

In Part One of ‘Mother Only Wants What’s Best’

Doreen’s 21 year old son Josh has a mighty cock and is hungry to fuck his pretty but frigid 19 year old fiancé Jenny to whom he is devoted.

Naturally the doting mother resents the virgin’s failure to satisfy her darling boy’s voracious sexual appetite.

The fact that Doreen has found the girl teasing her pathetic little dick husband Dave with glimpses of her forbidden teen flesh only fuels the poor woman’s hostility.

Her frustration grows until finally, one evening, emboldened by liquor and lingerie, Doreen gives in to her own simmering libido and does what any decent loving mother would do: she opens her legs and gives her son the relief that his prim fiancé won’t.

Which is where we catch up with our horny hapless heroes…..

3. Mother’s Touch

After that first night of incestuous carnal passion, Doreen let her son Josh fuck her whenever they had the chance.

At first they would wait until they were alone in the house, or when Dave was upstairs asleep.

That didn’t last, and soon they fucked even when Dave and Jenny were in the next room.

Every evening after dinner, as soon as they’d finished dessert, Doreen and Josh would excuse themselves and leave Dave and Jenny in the kitchen to wash the dishes while they went to fuck in the living room, the porch, the downstairs toilet, halfway up the stairs, on the landing, in the bathroom or in any one of the bedrooms.

Doreen found that she was much better able to tolerate Jenny now that she was benefitting from the prim virgin’s frigidity by giving her son what the ungrateful bitch wouldn’t. She began to be more open with Jenny. She told her exactly what she thought of her, what she felt about men and sex and cocks and orgasms.

Unexpectedly Jenny became more open with Doreen the more she was bullied and teased. Indeed, the young woman appeared, finally, to listen to her fiancé’s mother now, to at least acknowledge, if not agree, with what the older woman had to say about men, women, lust, desire, sex and sexuality.

Jenny even began to seek Doreen’s advice about hitherto forbidden carnal matters, things that had been troubling the girl but which she daren’t broach with her own dull conservative moralistic mother.

One evening Jenny asked Doreen’s permission to use the Day family marital bedroom which was, of course, granted.

When the teenager came downstairs Doreen saw that, not only was she blushing, but that her fulsome pert tits were more prominent, straining against her tightly buttoned blouse.

Realising that Jenny had gone upstairs to put on a new bra Doreen took the trembling girl to one side: “It’ll look even better if you undo some buttons. Here, let me.”

Jenny let Doreen unbutton her blouse and adjust her breasts in the naughty new push up bra. She was already in an intense nervous state of sexual excitement simply from having put the bra on. This was intensified as Doreen stroked her cleavage admiringly and smiled. “There, that’s better Jenny. You have such lovely tits and they deserve to be seen.”

Jenny had felt her cheeks redden as she thanked her.

She explained the reason for her subterfuge: “Mummy made me promise to send the sexy bra back but I’ve disobeyed her. She said I looked like a cheap tart. That’s why I changed here.”

She looked at Doreen’s bosom: “I’d love to have a figure like yours Mrs Day.”

They were as shocked as one another when Jenny reached forward and put her dainty hands on Doreen’s fulsome breasts. It was only for a moment; as soon as she realised what she’d done Jenny let go and her face went bright red.

“Oh my goodness Mrs Day. I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I did that. I just couldn’t help it.” She started sobbing: “Please don’t tell anyone.”

Doreen took her hands and told her it was fine. “It’s normal. You may be my son’s fiancé but you’re certainly not the first woman who’s done that to my tits. Calm down now. I won’t tell anyone. It’s our secret.”

Josh became more assertive to Jenny now that he was free from the power of his fiancé’s imposed chastity. He allowed himself to tease her a little, making gentle fun of her primness and allure and was gratified that Jenny appeared to enjoy the teasing.

By contrast; cheating with their son only made Doreen more scornful of her husband Dave. She teased him about his little dick more frequently now and in front of Josh and Jenny.

Jenny had told Doreen that Dave was constantly looking down her top and touching her up. Even though Jenny knew that the girl had been teasing her husband she had promised that she would speak with him and tell him to stop his pervy behaviour.

She chose to scold him for his lecherous behaviour toward Jenny when Josh and Jenny were present:

“Dave, Jenny has complained about you. She say’s you are constantly peering down her top, staring at her breasts, looking up her skirt and touching yalova escort her up. I had to apologise on your behalf. I told her it wasn’t the first time and that you are a pathetic pervert but that you are harmless. I reassured her that because of your tiny dick you posed no real threat. Yes, I told her how small it is. She needed to know.”

Doreen made Dave apologise to Jenny for ogling and groping her.

After that he was afraid to even look at the girl. And if Jenny so much as leaned forward to him or brushed her chest against his arm Doreen was watching.

4. Mother’s Watching

Jenny regretted having spoken to Doreen about Dave’s pathetic lecherous behaviour. It had seemed like a bit of fun; the chance to play the hurt innocent virgin, to upset her fiancé’s sexually intimidating mother, and challenge the older woman’s dominance but the consequences were not at all to her liking.

She could no longer tease Dave with glimpses of her body, no longer innocently brush her tits against him, no longer sit coyly on his lap and feel his sharp excited little dick poking into her thigh.

Jenny had enjoyed her power to make the middle aged fool flush with guilty lust, become breathless with shameful arousal and obedient with desire.

Now Doreen was watching and she was powerless.

Jenny liked Dave because he was nice to her. She tended to like men who were nice to her, who wanted her, worshipped her and did whatever she told them to do. Although sometimes she thought perhaps that she actually hated and despised them, felt nothing but contempt for their being so easily manipulated by her feminine allure.

But that’s what men are like: only after one thing, as her mother had never tired of reminding her.

Jenny regarded her teasing of Dave as an act of charity, a kindness; she felt sorry for him. Doreen was mean to the poor man, teased him and showed none of the deference that a wife should show a husband.

What Doreen had told her about Dave’s small willy had shocked the prim teenager.

Nice sweet obedient Mr Day, with his scornful wife, his sharp little willy and his naughty shameful lust.

Jenny couldn’t stop thinking about the trouble she had caused the poor man. She decided to take the earliest opportunity to speak with him, alone.

The following evening Doreen and Josh went upstairs leaving Jenny and Dave to wash the dishes. Jenny undid the top buttons of her blouse, her perky tits tight in their new white lace bra and leaned across the kitchen table to clear the pudding bowls. He gawped at her cleavage for a moment before his eyes filled with terror and he looked down hurriedly.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to look. Please don’t tell.”

Jenny tilted his chin with her finger till he met her gaze.

She smiled at him.

“Don’t be sorry Mr Day. I don’t mind you looking. Really.”

Dave looked at her in confusion: “Really?”

“Really. Go on. You can look now.”

Dave looked at the view down Jenny’s top as she finished clearing the table then came and sat on his lap.

“I’m sorry I told Mrs Day about you perving at me and touching me. I didn’t mean to get you into trouble. I like you. You’re so nice.”

She felt Dave’s erection poke into her bottom as she spoke: “I really don’t mind you looking but we don’t want Mrs Day to know so you’re only allowed to look when it’s just you and me in the room. Okay?”

Dave nodded nervously.

“Thank you.”

Jenny kissed him.

“Good. You can look properly now.” She undid her blouse and smiled as he stared at her pert tits:

“Naughty man.”

So, while Josh fucked his mother upstairs after dinner each evening, his prim fiancé teased his father with glimpses of her firm forbidden flesh.

Dave became ever more devoted, obedient and submissive to the girl and Jenny began to enjoy her power over him. She teased, frowned, scolded and bossed the poor man about, then fussed over him and rewarded him with flashes of her underwear and furtive gropes of her bottom.

When she sat on his lap and felt his little hard on twitch against her bottom she wondered what the little dick actually looked like.

She decided to find out. It wouldn’t be difficult to get him to show her.

One night she sat next to him and frowned seriously: “I think all of those nasty things Mrs Day said about your willy being too small were horrible. It’s not your fault it’s so little. And anyway I don’t think it’s all about size. I think it’s probably better when men just have little penis’s. You’re so well behaved and obedient because of your little dick. I want to see it. Please show me.”

Dave stood up before Jenny and fumbled with his trousers. His hands were shaking too much with nerves, lust and fear to unfasten buttons.

Jenny became impatient, slapped his hands away and sighed crossly: “Oh for fucks sake, let me do it.”

She undid his belt and pulled his trousers down.

Although Dave’s dick was fully erect at it’s full three inches Jenny still had to dig around yalova escort bayan inside his underpants with her fingers to find it before it poked out of his pudgy pubic flesh and wiry hairs.

Jenny let out a giggle. “Ooh, hello little willy. You’re all stiff! So cute. Like a little bald baby mouse.”

Dave gasped as she held it between her dainty fingers.

Her finger and thumb went easily around the shaft. She giggled: it was so different from his son’s oversized organ: she couldn’t even get her hand around Josh’s cock. She didn’t feel at all frightened of this little one.

Suddenly she felt the little rigid organ spasm and quiver in her fingers, heard Dave begin to pant and emit a squeaky constipated grunt. Jenny knew what that meant. She quickly let her fingers go and pushed Dave away but it was too late. He was already cumming, his tiny throbbing member spurting onto her blouse and skirt.

Jenny was furious and Dave’s pathetic apologies only made her more angry. Josh and Doreen came into the kitchen to find Jenny wiping her skirt with detergent and glaring silently at Dave.

5. Snippety Snip

The following night she made Dave stand on a towel so he wouldn’t make a mess. Then she sat at a distance from him and told him to take his own trousers down.

“I want to see you jerk your little willy but I don’t want any of it on me this time.”

She smiled condescendingly at him then fixed her eyes on his dick with an inquisitive frown.

Dave tugged at his tiny dick but kept looking to the door nervously fearful that Doreen was about to walk in.

Jenny rolled her eyes impatiently. “So do it quickly before you’re caught by your wife.”

Dave looked at the girl’s cross young face and whimpered that he was sorry.

This only further infuriated the girl. She lost her temper.

Her face filled with a look of contempt and fury: “Stop saying sorry all the time. If your sorry little excuse for a dick isn’t spurting cum for me in ten seconds you’ll be more than sorry I swear I’ll chop it off. Then you really will be sorry! One, two…”

At her cruel words the submissive man grunted and filled his trembling hand with cum by the time she’d counted to four.

Jenny raised her eyebrows in a cruel thoughtful smile. This could be fun.

“Okay, you get to hold on to your little dickie. Tonight. You can jerk it for me again tomorrow and the next night. But if you ever don’t cum by the time I count ten it’s getting chopped off. Understand?”

Dave nodded.

Jenny made a scissor gesture with her fingers: “Snippety snip”.

Dave could think of nothing else that night and all the next day. He was aroused at the girl’s cruelty, excited by visions of being tied down, exposed, helpless, the touch of her young pretty pitiless fingers on his dick, slicing, chopping, severing, her sulky pouting lips smiling, holding the limp strip of skin before his eyes, her sweet girlish giggle: “Snip snip. Bye bye little dick.”

Would she really do it? He wasn’t sure. He feared she would.

Would he let her do it? He didn’t know. He was afraid he might.

He tried not to wank all day but gave in and jerked to visions of Jenny’s cruel face till his dick was raw and dry.

As soon as Jenny came to the house the next afternoon she smiled at Dave, made the sign of scissors cutting and whispered – “Snippety snip.”

She did it all through dinner.

As soon as they were alone she made Dave stand on the towel and pull his pants down.

She sneered. “Oh, it’s hard already. Lucky for you. Go on then. Jerk. I’m counting to ten: One, two, three….”

Jenny’s cruel pretty face as she counted, her sneer, her pert tits pressing against her top as her chest rose with excitement was enough to bring Dave to orgasm by the count of 5.

By the end of the week he’d survived but only just. Jenny played tricks like making Dave take the bins out in the cold after dinner, wearing shapeless jumpers and baggy jeans to hide her curves. She locked him out in the rain and poured ice cubes down his pants so that when he dropped his pants his dick had shrunk to a tiny mound barely visible inside his pubic hair. He had to pinch the head of his penis and pull with the nails of his finger and thumb to even get hold of it before he had anything to jerk. The look of absolute scorn on Jenny’s face when she saw how small it was and how roughly he pulled it made Dave cum as she reached the count of ten. He hadn’t got erect and only a little cum had dribbled out but it was just enough.

6. Mother’s Plan

Doreen saw that her husband was behaving even more pathetically and submissively than usual and demanded that he tell her everything.

He could never keep a secret from his dominant wife and Doreen listened as Dave confessed in sobs of relief and fear.

When he’d finished she shook her head and laughed.

“That naughty little lying minx. Wow. She’s gone up in my estimation. I thought I could be a cruel bitch but this is another level. That’s delicious. escort yalova ‘Snippety snip!’ Do you think she’d really do it?”

Dave nodded: “I don’t know. Probably.”

“And you? Do you think you’d actually let her chop it off?”

Dave sobbed: “I don’t know. Maybe. Probably.”

Doreen laughed. “Oh my god. I think you would too.” She reached down and touched his dick, felt it’s thin straining stiffness: “It’s really turning you on. Do you really want your dick chopped off? Forever?”

Dave shook his head and began to cry: “No. I don’t think so…”

Doreen frowned at him: “Well you better keep cumming in under 10 seconds then. Funny, all those years I’ve been complaining about how quickly you cum and now it’s the only thing that’s keeping from you getting your little dick chopped off! Good luck! And don’t tell Jenny that I know or she’ll probably get mad with you and snip it off anyway.”

Doreen told Josh but made him promise not to say anything to Jenny and to let her carry on: “At least we know what the pair of them have been up to every night when you’ve been fucking mummy’s brains out in the next room.” she laughed.

She was less happy about Jenny playing games with her poor husband. The dick shrinkage cold treatment was underhand but she drew the line at the girl wearing baggy clothes. That just wasn’t playing fair. And anyway; Doreen liked seeing Jenny’s pert tits and cute bum herself.

So she decided to have a private talk with the girl.

The following day Doreen told father and son to wash the dishes while she took Jenny up to the bedroom for a girl to girl chat:

“I haven’t seen you in that sexy bra for a while Jenny. Remember when I helped you with it? The time you touched my tits? I had hoped we’d spend more time woman to woman after that.”

Jenny nodded. of course she remembered. How could she forget? She had so wanted to do it again.

“Yes. I’d like that. If I order lingerie and sexy clothes would it be okay if I have them delivered here so mummy doesn’t find out?”

“Of course you can my dear. I’ve an even better idea. Why don’t you order them here as well? With me. We can make a night of it. It’ll be fun; just you and me, a girls night in. We can have a few drinks and do online lingerie shopping together? You can help me choose what to buy. It’s so long since I had another woman to confide in. Then, when they’re delivered, we can try them on together. If you don’t mind seeing your fiancé’s busty old mother in sexy lacy undergarments!”

Jenny nodded enthusiastically: “Oh no! I wouldn’t mind at all. I would love it.”

Doreen smiled at the eager young woman.

“Wonderful. It’s a date then. But on one condition: you are not to wear those awful baggy clothes here again. Promise?”

Jenny promised.

“Good girl. And one more thing. I need you to do me a favour. I’ve noticed that my silly husband has been behaving very oddly recently, even more than usual. He’s been very anxious and he keeps holding onto his little dick as though he were about to lose it. He won’t tell me what’s up. But I remember how happy he was when you used to be so…affectionate and…tactile toward him; sitting on his lap and everything.”

“I think I may have been a bit over zealous in forbidding him to look at you. Those brief glimpses of your tits and pussy, the gentle gropes of your bottom brought him such harmless joy that I give your my permission, in fact I demand, that you resume your previous behaviour. Whether or not I am present. Do you promise? If I don’t see my husband’s eyes feasting on the view of those pert little titties down your top and looking up your skirt tomorrow night I will be offended. I’m sure you don’t want me to be offended!”

Jenny realised that this was an order rather than a favour but was more than happy to do what Doreen asked. She hadn’t enjoyed wearing baggy jumpers anyway. She liked being allowed to tease Dave openly. It was fun.

Now she felt like her and Doreen were sharing a secret, playing a game together.

Jenny flushed with pride when she looked up to see Doreen smile approvingly at the way she flashed her perky tits at Dave. She went further and teased him for the way his small dick poked her bum. Doreen giggled and winked at Jenny.

In truth Jenny had always been drawn to the older woman. Even early on when she had behaved so prim and judgemental her pursed lips had concealed fascination and arousal. To the sheltered young virgin Doreen was shocking, sexually confident, unconventional, promiscuous and unafraid. Jenny’s attitude toward her fiance’s mother had grown from one of intimidation to admiration, from fear to infatuation, from high minded disapproval to deep desire.

Her own cruel treatment of Dave had shown Jenny her dominant side and that she might indeed be very much more like Doreen than she would ever have expected or felt able to admit.

Jenny was becoming bored of teasing the middle aged submissive husband and had begun to feel the same contempt for his pathetic grovelling that she had only recently been so shocked to hear Doreen confess.

Since Josh’s huge cock still terrified and repulsed Jenny the full force of her powerful sexuality now unleashed, was directed only toward Doreen.

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