mother son fun


mother son funSomething a little different for all you horny bastards * I am a divorced 38 year old woman who has an only son named Tim, who is 14 years old. I have always had a strong sex drive and loved any type of sex. I also love to lay in bed and read most any kind of erotic stories. The internet has become my masturbation addiction. I love to print off stories and take them to bed with me as I play with myself. I have a smooth shaven pussy and am very clean. Nothing feels better to me than to masturbate to the tune of a good story. I usually know exactly where Tim is and if he is asleep when I start doing it. This night I thought he was asleep and I had forgotten to lock my bedroom door as I started to play with my toys. I have a big vibrator and several dildos that I love to use. My favorite thing is to watch myself in the mirrors as I play with my smooth pussy. It turns me on to see my hot little cunt taking one of my toys as I play. That night I was reading a story about a lady fucking her grown son as I played with myself. I had the vibrator on low and as I rubbed it across my enlarged clit, not thinking about anything except the feeling in my groin as I masturbated. It was starting to feel good as I approached my nightly climax when I looked up to see my son, Tim standing there watching me! He had his cock in his hand as he watched! He was jacking off to me as I masturbated. “What are you doing in my room?” I asked, “You should have knocked first.” I tried to cover myself quickly as he just stood there with his dick in his hand. I was right in the throws of cumming as I tried to hide my pussy from him. My climax was making me tremble as I glanced at his big cock. Damn! He was hung like a horse! He had a huge cock on him and it was sticking straight out as his hands now tried to hide it from me. “Come over here.” I said, “Sit beside me and let’s talk.” As he came over to my bed, I still could see the big bulge in his underwear. He had a massive dick and it showed! He sat down beside me on the bed as I began to try to explain to him about me masturbating. “It is something that should be done in private,” I said, “There is nothing wrong with playing with yourself. It is natural to do it, even for me.” “I know you like to do it,” he said, “I have seen you doing it before.” “You have? Did you like to watch me as I did it?” I asked, “Does it turn you on to see me playing with myself?” “Yes, I have seen you doing it several times and it does turn me on. I love to see you doing it. You have such a pretty thing.” He said. “Thing? You mean my little pussy?” I asked as I watched him start to squirm. “Yes, your pretty pussy.” He answered, “It is so pretty.” “Would you like to see me doing it up close?” I asked, me still hot from my masturbating as I asked, “Would you like to see your Mom playing with herself?” “Oh, Yes! I would love to see you doing it.” He replied, “Can I watch you?” I never answered as I lay back, throwing the cover from my naked body as I looked into his eyes, knowing he wanted me set me on fire! I spread my thighs and opened my puffy lips as I took my fingers and began to rub my clit in small circles as he watched. I also saw his cock as it sprang back to its huge size in his shorts. “You can play with your dick too, if you want.” I told him, “I would like to see you jacking off too.” He took that big dick out of his shorts and started to stroke it for me as the sight of his huge fuck stick just made my pussy cream! I watched as his hand stroked it up and down, as he watched my fingers tantalizing my cunt. I felt his hand as he reached for my inner thighs, as I spread wider for his probing hand as the other one stroked that cock. “Bring it to me. I want to kiss it for you.” I told him, “Do you mind if I kiss and suck on it?” Without a word, he slid his cock türbanlı escort up to my hand as I took it and felt the heat from his massive cock. It was so big and hot! I eased my hand from my wet pussy as I took his cock and slowly licked the entire length of that beautiful cock. I took the head and licked the pre-cum from the tip as he took my tits into his hands. His cock was so big I could only barely get the head into my mouth as I sucked on it. I felt him as he lowered his head to my big tits, sucking on them as I lapped at his monster cock. I had to have it! I needed it inside me right now! “Come up here to me with me. I want you to put that thing in me. I want to feel that dick of yours inside me.” I said as I pulled away from his cock and lay backwards onto the bed. He did as I asked and climbed between my out stretched thighs. I felt his cock as it rubbed against my thighs, me wanting it in me as I reached for it. I took that huge cock and guided it to my wet pussy lips, rubbing the thick head over my slit as I worked it along the wet lips of my hungry pussy. I wanted it inside me! I felt the thick head as I put it to my entrance, it spreading my well lubricated cunt as he pushed it towards me. The huge head sank past my puffy lips as I felt it prying me apart. I pushed my smooth pussy up to it as it sank in, going so deep with one long stroke. It was so deep in me as I felt it filling my hot cunt, the big head touching places never touched before. He started to ease it in and out of me, making me gasp as the huge fuck stick went so deep with each thrust he made. He had my tight pussy full of cock and I was loving it! “Oh, Yes! Its so good! You are so big! I love what it does to me.” I said as I fucked him back, my hot pussy full of that massive boy cock. There I was, laying in my bed, being fucked by my own son as I took his cock, all of it! He was so big! His cock had spread my tight pussy wide and I felt every inch of that cock as it slid further. He filled every inch of me, his hot dick fucking my sloppy pussy. I was on fire as I felt my climax start to swell deep within my body as I felt his cock start to throb inside me. I knew he was ready to cum and so was I!! “Fuck me! Pound that cock to me! Shoot your cum to your mother’s pussy! I want it!” I scream as I started to cum, “Fill me with that hot cum. Fuck me! Fuck me with that big dick!” I could feel the heat from his cum as it started to erupt deep within me, my own pussy contracting and milking his cock as I too began to cum. I wanted all his cock! I needed to feel him shooting that hot cum to me as I slammed my pussy back to meet his every thrust. He was pounding my pussy with that big monster as I came, over and over from the feeling of his big dick buried so deep in me as he shot his load of cum. He had filled me with his hot cum and it was running out of me as I continued to fuck that young stud. As we both came, I felt his cum as it ran down my thighs, its sticky fluids coating me as it dripped from my leaking pussy. He had shot such a big load to me. I felt every drop as it spewed into me, the shear heat of his cum flooding me. “Damn! You are such a stud!” I told him, “Maybe we can do this more often. I loved this! I want you to do me a lots more.” After he shot that load of his hot boy cum to me, we started to talk about sex. He was a little experienced and knew what should be done to please a woman. It would be up to me to see he was taught how to fulfill a lady’s wants. I asked him if he had done it with other girls. He told me that he had been fucking girls since he was about 10 years old. He and his friends had several they fucked on a regular basis. Then he told me something that tuned me on once again. “I have a friend who says he would love to fuck you too. türbanlı escort bayan We have talked about you a lots. I have been to his house and both he and I have fucked his mom, a lots!.” He said. “Do you think I could invite him over some time soon?” “We will see. Just who is it that you are talking about?” I asked as I took his spent cock into my hands. “Larry, my best friend. We have fucked his mom before, both of us at the same time.” Tim said, “She likes it in her ass too.” “Sounds like you have been a bad boy. I guess I will have to punish you now.” I said as I slapped at his ass. “Would you like him to fuck me?” “I would love for both of us to fuck you. Would you let us do it at the same time? Would you let us both fuck you?” he asked as I started to stroke his cock once more. “It has been a while since I have had a dick up my ass, but I might be willing to try it.” I replied, “I have never had two men at once. This would be a first for me.” That was last week and since then Larry did come over to spend the night with Tim. I met them as they came in the door and hugged them as I winked at Tim, knowing what was in the future for me that night. Tim and I had planned the whole thing. They were to “catch” me playing with myself that night and we would go from there. We went to bed early that night, Tim and Larry going to his room as I went to my big bed to prepare myself for some hot young cock. I took everything and had it laid out for us. The KY jelly, my big vibrator, and even the small towels were ready for our use as I stripped down and put my short nightie on without my panties. I even placed my chest of drawers mirrors in a position as to be able to see the bed as we played. I could hear them playing music as I waited, my hairless pussy starting to grow wet in anticipation of what was coming. I dropped my hand to my slick twat as I could not stand waiting any longer. I began to rub my exposed clit as it stuck out from beneath its hood, my fingers dancing over it so lightly as I gently rubbed it between my fingers. I was so hot and wanted to be fucked so bad! It wasn’t long before I started to work my fingers faster as I heard the music stop. I knew it wouldn’t be long now as I turn ed the lights out. I spread my thighs and took my trusty vibrator into my hand as my fingers toyed with my clit. I could hear them as they approached my bedroom door as I acted like I didn’t hear a thing. I was laying there playing with my pussy as they came in, trying to sneak in so I would not hear them. I was almost cumming from just knowing they were watching me as I stroked my clit. “Mom! What are you doing?” asked Tim, trying not to let Larry know we had planned this before hand. I acted surprised and ashamed as I slowly continued to rub my wet pussy. I took one hand and motioned them to me, as I said to them, “I was just playing a little. Do you want to join me?” Both young boys were at my bedside very quick as I turned my spread open thighs for them to see my wetness. I still was working my fingers and vibrator over my clit as they watched. I saw there cocks as both started to bulge beneath their pants. “Take off those pants and get up here with me.” I told them, “I want you two boys to help me.” Tim was the first to drop his pants to the floor and lunged onto my bed where I lay, my son wanting some of my hot pussy as I saw that huge cock growing even larger. Larry shed his pants and climbed up beside us, his cock out of my view as I reached to uncover it. “Let me see that dick.” I told him, “I want to see you play with your cock if you are going to watch me play with my pussy.” I took his hand away as his young cock was exposed to me, his cock sticking straight out as he started to stroke it for me. He was not as big as Tim’s cock escort türbanlı but it was long, about 9 inches. I was amazed that these two young boys had such big dicks. I put my hand over his as he played with it, telling Tim to let me kiss his as I bent my head forward to taste my young son’s cock once again. I was laying there with Tim’s cock in my mouth as I stroked Larry’s cock for him as both boys started to play with my big tits and wet pussy. My cunt was on fire! I needed one of those young cocks in me! I pulled away from Tim’s cock as I felt Larry’s cock swelling so big. “Tim, get behind me,” I said as I rolled onto my hands and knees, “I need your dick in me. I want to feel you inside.” As I got on my knees, he eased up behind me and spread my thighs as I reached for Larry’s big cock. I felt Tim as he slid into me, his huge dick spreading my love passage so wide as it went in. The big head was plowing deeper into my pussy as I felt every inch of it as it sank into me. I took Larry’s cock and began to suck on it, the head had pre-cum all over it as I licked it off while taking his balls into my hands. I felt that hot, young flesh as I sucked it into my hot mouth. It tasted so good and I was loving the feeling of his cock as I sucked on it hungrily. I glanced towards the mirrors I had set up and could see them both as they slid their cocks to me. It was so hot! Me taking two young cocks and watching them as they slid in and out of me. I felt those big dicks and worked on each as I enjoyed their hot meat inside me. My pussy was being fucked by my son and I was sucking on his best friend’s cock as I felt them pounding them to me. I started to cum as Tim’s big cock struck bottom, making me cum as the thick head touched my womb. I was greedily sucking on Larry’s dick as I came, taking more of him as it slid down my throat a little, making me gag. Tim was pound his huge cock to me as I fucked back to take it all. I wanted every inch of that young cock as I bucked my hips back to him. I felt his cock as it started to swell, knowing he was ready to cum as so was Larry. I could feel his cock in my mouth as it too, started to swell. They were pumping their hard young cocks to me as I worked on each one as we fucked each other. I felt their cocks as they each started to throb inside me, one in my mouth and one in my hot little pussy! They were cumming! I sucked so hard as Larry started to empty his hot cum for me, filling my mouth as he shot his big load. Tim was flooding my wet pussy with his hot cum as I felt the heat from his sperm spreading inside my cunt. I too, started to cum as I bucked my body against their cocks. Wave after wave hit me as I came, taking their hot cum into me as we fucked. What a feeling to have two big cocks filling me full of young, hot cum at the same time! “Oh, Yes! Fuck me!” I screamed around the cock in my mouth. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” We all slowed to a stop after they had filled me with their hot cum, it leaking from my pussy and dripping down my chin. I was covered in their young love juices as I felt their cocks as they withdrew from me. It left an empty feeling in my wet pussy as Tim withdrew that big cock of his from my dripping cunt. I reached out and took each young cock into my hands as I laid on my back once again. Their hot young dicks were limb as I worked my fingers around their shafts. I could feel their hardness as they both started to stir again. “I think it is time for Larry to give me some of his dick,” I said, “I hope he is as good at fucking as you Tim.” Once more I raised back onto my hands and knees as I told Larry to get behind me. I felt his cock as it touched my ass cheeks and took Tim’s hardening cock and licked the huge head. “I want Larry to fuck my ass.” I told him as I felt Tim taking my head between his hands. “I want to feel that cock in my tight ass so be easy with me. I am not use to having one back there.” I felt Larry as his cock penetrated my tight hole, Tim’s cock sliding into my mouth as I glanced towards the mirror. I could see his dick as it slipped into my ass, as I took Tim’s hot young cock into my hungry mouth

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