Mother takes her Sons Virginty

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Mother takes her Sons VirgintyI was young, ignorant about sex and had a very strange up bringing as a young man. I knew both my parents were swingers, having caught them fucking other people several times when they thought I was sound asleep in my room and I had even found hidden and watched video tapes of them fucking each other as well as other men and women they met somewhere or other! From the videos and pictures I had seen, I knew my mom was a total slut and she did some things that shocked the piss outta me and even my dad was kinda wild and I once even saw him eat the cum a man had deposited inside my mom!My birthday came around in May and after the birthday cake and dinner, they gave me a few gifts and it was the usual family thing, but later, things got really weird!I had two older sisters that had left for the night to go on a church camping trip and my dad had to go out of town for a business meeting, so it was just me and my mom for the next two nights. We decided to just sit around and maybe watch a movie that night since nothing else was planned and after the movie was over, we went to bed and I heard her bedroom door shut. She normally would leave it open when dad was there so I thought it was a little strange but I thought nothing else about it. About a half hour later, I heard some noises coming from her room and it sounded like a cell phone on vibrate or something. I got up and went to her closed door and the noise was coming from inside. I gently opened the door to see if maybe dad was calling or something and she was to asleep to hear it. When I peeked inside, she had just one bedside light turned on and she was laying there, completely naked with a huge vibrator between her legs, fucking herself! I was use to her being a slut after seeing her videos and walking in on her a few times, but I had never seen her as openly as this! I could see her entire pussy, all wet and swollen and her big tits and pink nipples too! She was a good looking woman and even my friends from school tell my she’s a hot cougar! I watched her a few minutes and felt my own cock starting to swell up! I felt really guilty, getting turned on seeing my own mom do this but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her and she had no idea I was watching her since her eye’s were closed while she fucked herself!I decided to go back to my room and just jerk off myself and did just that! I got naked and grabbed a bottle of hand lotion and with one of dad’s porn magazines started pumping my cock as fast as I could! I was fantasizing about my mom and suddenly my own bedroom door opened up and there stood my mother! I scrambled around, trying to cover myself and after a couple seconds of panice, managed to put my pillow over my rock hard cock! Mom just laughed and told me that it was ok to masturbate and that she didn’t mind at all so long as I don’t make a mess on my sheets which she has to watch! She closed the door and I cleaned up real quick, having lost my hard-on and spilled me hand lotion everywhere.I decided to şişli escort go back down stairs to the den and just watch a late night movie on cable. I tuned in to an adult channel that featured that crappy “cable porn” that just shows naked bodies, no pussy, cock, penetration or anything else that’s XXX but it’s all I had. I covered myself with a blanket and while wearing only my underwear, started rubbing my cock through the cotton. I was starting to get hard again when, don’t you know it, my mom comes down and sits right next to me on the sofa! I figured I just couldn’t catch a break trying to jerk off tonight so I pulled my hand out from under the blanket like nothing was going on but then realized I was watching soft porn in front of mom! I grabbed the remote and told her I was changing channels but she took it from me and said that it was fine if I watched that. She put the remote on the coffee table and leaned back and started watching it with me. It was weird but all I could think of was seeing her wet pussy earlier, with that dildo going in and out and of her big tits and nipples!We watched the movie for about 10 minutes and she said the stuff was boring so she bought us another REAL porn XXX movie to watch on a XXX channel! It was two women and a man fucking each others guts out and as the movie played, I noticed Mom had pulled a blanket over herself like I had and she had her hand under the thing. I could tell she was fingering herself by watching the blanket move right at her crotch! She saw me looking at her down there and she blurted out that if I could masterbate in my bedroom, why not her in her own living room! I nearly freaked when she said that and told her it was ok! She then took my hand and placed it under my own blanket and told me to do what I wanted to and she would never tell anyone what I was doing. We both lay there now, side by side, she frigging herself and me stroking my own cock! I couldn’t believe we were doing this but here we were, mom and son, side by side, playing with ourselves! After a few minutes, I could see her getting more and more into her fingering and thats when she pulled the covers all the way down and I could see she had lifted her gown, exposing her pussy and she got off right in front of me. She was moaning and shaking and I actually saw her shoot some pussy juice in the air and all over her fingers and hand! That made me cum right there and I pulled my blanket back and blew my own load into my hand and all over my stomach! Mom looked over at me and smiled and told me that I shot nearly as much cum out as my dad and that my cock was getting bigger every time she saw it! She reached over to it and squeazzed out the last few drops and then asked me what I was going to do with all that “mess” as she called it! I started to get up to grab a towel but she then shocked the shit out of me by telling me to let her show me how she cleans up daddy’s mess! She leaned over to my spent cock and gently put her warm lips over the head and sucked şişli escort bayan out the last bit. Then, she licked around the shaft and also licked my cream from my stomach. She took my fingers and licked each one clean, kissed my cock head and then told me that she knew I had been watching her that night and that maybe it was time she let me in on a little secret she had!I was about to die from all the shock of doing what we had just done, but being the horny young guy I was, I was wanting to see what this meant and what was going to happen! She explained to me that she and dad were swingers (she didn’t know I already knew) and that they enjoy having sex with lots of other people. She went on to say that when dad’s away on business, she sometimes likes to masturbate and now that I was old enough to cum, I should sometimes so it with her just like we did tonight! She also explained that she only fucks other men when dad is with her and she would never fuck anyone behind his back unless it was possibly me!!!! Now THAT did freak me out, here was my own mom telling me that it was ok for she and I to fuck each other! I asked her what about dad and she went on to say that she had discussed it with him and if I was ok with it, so was he! I didn’t know what to say but I had been turned on having her lick up my cum and seeing her wet pussy was awesome too! I did feel a little ashamed honestly, but I figured if it was ok with them, it was ok with me.Mom took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. She told me that she had a few things she wanted to show me if I was up to it and if I was ok with her and me getting together. I told her I was fine and she then pulled her entire nightgown off and stood there in front of me completely naked. Her body was as hot as I had imagined and now that I could see her all over, I knew that she was going to teach me lots of fun things about myself and about her as well. She pulled my underwear off and my cock which had already shot a load, surprising came back to life and got hard as a rock again. She led me to the bed and we both sat done, side by side and she reached over to me and gently kissed my lips. I felt her push her togue between them and she swirled it around inside my mouth as I did to hers. I could taste a little of my own cum too and strangely, that turned me on. We laid back on our sides, making out like two sluts in heat and she pushed me over on my back and took my cock into her mouth but this time, swallowed it to the hilt and sucked it like women I had seen on porn flicks! I was in heaven, feeling mom’s mouth over my member and after a few minutes, she asked if I was ok with this and I mumbled my approval. She raised up and laid on her back with her legs spread wide aprt and asked me to do to her what she had done to me. I knew that she wanted me to lick her pussy and I had never even had sex with a woman before, much less eatin one! I lowered my mouth over her pussy and gently licked my first clit! It was warm and wet mecidiyeköy escort and soft. I liked that taste too and after licking it several times, stuck my tongue inside and swirled it around like I was kissing a girl. She raised her hips high and grabbed my face and forced it even more over her wet mommy hole! I could barely breathe and she started talking dirty and I had never heard her even cuss before. She was telling me to “eat her slutty hole” and that I was a “very good son to eat mommy’s wet pussy!” I licked and sucked her clit several more minutes and I kept thinking that I was licking the same hole I was born in…LOL! Mom told me it was time to do a few more things and she said she wanted to feel me inside of her. I was a little nervous but she guided my hard cock to her hole and it was the best feeling ever! I was now fucking my first woman and yes, it was my own mother but I didn’t care. I began pumping up and down into her slick wet hole and before I knew it, I shot my wad deep inside of her! We both came at the same time and when I pulled out, I saw my cum spilling from her and running down mom’s ass crack. I watched mom as she scooped some of it up with her fingers and placed them in her mouth. She said she loved the taste of it and told me that since it was mine, it was special to her.We got up and went back down stairs, still naked and rested up for a bit. While sitting there in the dining room, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her pussy. Thinking the whole time that it was my cum inside of her. She noticed me looking at it and she opened her legs even more, giving me an even better view. After a few minutes, she told me to come back upstairs and that she wanted to show my something else. We got back on the bed and she told me to get on all fours. I did as asked and felt her tongue start to lick my asshole. It was awesome and I really enjoyed the feeling of her wet warm tongue too. Finally, I felt her stick it inside and it made me instantly hard. She sucked, tongued and licked it till I was about to cum again. Mom raised up and said I had a very sweet ass and that she had a thing about licking men down there. We played around for another 10 minutes or so and she gave me a hand job and let me cum in her mouth! That was fun too and I felt like I had been run over by a truck and I was about spent by now. We decided to shower together and clean up before my dad and sisters came home.That night, everyone was home and I felt a little guilty sitting there in front of everybody at the dinner table but after dinner, I went up to my room to jerk off when my dad came in and smiled. He asked how my day went and I told him fine. He said that he heard that mom “broke me in” and how did I like it. I turned red but blurted out it was fine and he said next time, he wanted to hang with us! He laughed and shut the door leaving me siting there. I was still freaked out but I went ahead and busted another nut in my hand and hoped that we could do it very, very soon!The next weekend, I got home from seeing a friend and when I opened the front door, there sat mom, dad and my two older sisters, all naked and smiling at me. Mom said that it was time I learned about the little secret they have with each other…but that’s another story!

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