Mother , The Twins Ch. 3


I had found my twin sons masturbating while watching the lady next door. They saw we and I was soon drawn into the lust of the moment. My sons seduced me or I them I am not sure about that. Yet here I am feeling as if I could enjoy more of the same. It is now the morning after and I am in the kitchen getting ready to fix breakfast for my sons and myself.

Roy came down first he is the milder of the two. Carl Jr. seems to be the dominant one. Both are tall handsome and very strong young men. The night before I saw a side of my boys I had never seen before. They are lusty and seek sex as most young boys do. Plus when they are alone as I first saw them they were talking dirty and as I got involved they talked to me using dirty words to describe what they wanted of we or were going to do to me.

At first I was appalled but after a time as I also become aroused by the moment I found these words were exciting me and I liked to hear then talk using these words of sexy double meaning. I have not lived in a shell and have heard men call each other “Cocksucker” as a means of swearing at one another. Yet when my son called me a “cocksucker” I found it erotic and arousing. When Roy said, He like my tits it shocked me and still gave me a feeling that warmed my body all over. Their father has not been much of a father figure for a long time now, due to his drinking.

So I can blame him for my being horny and wanting. It did not seem outlandish for me to make love to my sons and for them to return my affections by “ Fucking mother “ as Carl Jr. calls it. He also called me his live in whore. I had never thought of myself as a whore. Yet now that I think about it I guess I am. I had orally extracted one son’s sperm and the other son had filled my vaginal cavity with his sperm. I had passed out from either excitement or from the work out they gave me. So now it is a new day and as yet I have not made up my mind what is going to happen. If I will let this continue or allow my sons to rule the roost.

Roy was dressed in only his underwear no shirt of any kind. I had wrapped my terry cloth rob around me and it was pulled up to my neck. I was not sure just how I would feel this morning. Once I saw Roy’s broad grin and the sparkle in his eyes I was cast into the roll that had been fashioned for me just hours ago. Roy came across the kitchen and pressed his hips against me pinning my back to the sink. Roy was grinning, his growing erection pressing into my crotch. He was so much taller then I so it was more like my belly was getting probed. Roy lifted my mouth up to his and we kissed. It was not a motherly kiss it was one of abandoned lust. Both his and mine.

His young powerful hand was squeezing my breast through my rob. My hand reaching for, finding and grasping his erection was not a voluntary action. It was one of need and lust. I wanted to feel my son’s erection as I remembered how I had sucked this very cock last night. How I had tasted my son fluid cum, how thick and creamy it was. The memory of that sweet taste lingered on. Roy had my rob pulled open is fingers were twisting my nipples. My nipples were stiff and it felt so wonderful to feel his hands on my breasts. Roy said, “ Gees, Mom you got great tits, you got the nicest tits I ever saw.”

With this he lowered his head to my chest capturing a stiff nipple in his mouth. I had worked my hand inside his underwear taking a tight grip on his marvelous cock. I was fast becoming aroused to the point that my crotch was wet. I had not put on panties or bra I was totally naked under my rob. I think I had known what would happen this morning or maybe I had wanted it to start all over again. Roy brought his mouth up to kiss me. Somehow he had managed to open my rob. His bare chest was flat against my breast. his erection was laying flat along my wet pussy lips. I was riding his cock like a iron rail. He was working his hips back and forth. My cunt running along his cock feeling the hardness.

He said, “ Mom, I want to fuck you like Carl did. I want to feel you cunt around my cock. I want to make you cum. “ I shuttered and shivered at his sexy words. His cock was so long and hard. It felt so large I wanted him to put it in me. Roy turned me around pushing me over the edge of the table. He spared my legs as he let the head of his cock rub along my wet cunt. He held the cheeks of my ass apart I was sure he was looking at me cunt and my ass. He had said, last night he wanted to fuck my ass. I thought of his big cock going in my ass, my ass was not a virgin but it had been a long time. Then I felt his cock head slip into my pussy. He took a hold of my hips and jerked my ass back into his belly driving his cock home up to his cum filled balls. I could feel the hair around his cock brushing my ass. It felt so hot and sexy.
Roy was saying he wanted to cum in me, I told him to cum for me. I ask him to make me cum to. I was so close he rammed his cock so deep I started to feel the twisting in my bowels as I jerked wildly driving my ass back into his waiting cock. Roy screamed and rammed his cock eve gelen escort in as far as it would go. I felt the warm sperm fill me, thrust after thrust shot cum up into my cunt. He was never going to stop cumming, I was so hot it drove me over the edge and I came along with him. Roy jerked to a stop and I felt him flop over on my back. He was breathing in great gulps as was I. It was so exciting to feel his cock slowly shrink while it slipped from my pussy.

Once it was free from me it felt like his and my own cum were dripping from my cunt. Roy lifted his weight from me and Said, “God, Mom, that was great, what a wonderful fuck you are. Did you like that to?” I did not answer, I was still trying to get my breath.

That is when I heard Carl say, “ Mom, you fucking whore,” answer Roy when he ask you a question.” Tell him before I have to punish you.”

I murmured “ Yes I, ah…ah…it was good.”

Carl came over close and took a hand full of my hair, He said, “Tell him you like to fuck, Tell him you liked his cock, Even better tell him you like his fucking cock. Now tell him.”

I was stunned at Carl’s appearance and how gruff he was being. I started to say something when Carl jerked my head back again and Yelled at me to tell Roy how I liked his fucking me. I was scared and said, “ Yes, Roy I liked you fucking me and you have a wonderful cock. A wonderful fucking cock.” Carl let my hair go and my face fell hitting the table top. Carl said, “Now bitch, get us something to eat.”

I lifted my rob from the floor and started to pull it around me. Carl said, “ No Mom, don’t cover up I wanted to watch you naked. I want to watch your FUCKING tits, I want watch your FUCKING ass so no rob.” I turned to look at my son. but I did not see my son I saw a wild crazy animal. His eyes were wide and he was smiling a funny grin it was more like a sneer. I think Carl was enjoying his forcefulness over me and of course Roy would not say anything. I let the rob fall back to the floor and continued to fix their breakfast.

When I went to get the bread Carl smacked me hard on the ass. It hurt and he knew it. I did not let him see the tears in my eyes. I had to pass Carl again on the way to the refrigerator. He reached up and grabbed my breast. He jerked my tit and said, “You got nice tits Mom.” He would not let me pass. He was squeezing my breast hard and it was hurting. My nipples were so hard they hurt. Then with his other hand Carl ran a finger up into my cunt. He pulled it out covered with Roy’s cum and my own. “Here bitch, suck some of this. It is good for you.”

He laughed as I sucked the wetness from his finger tip. Carl pulled me to my knees with the grip on my breast he had a hard on it was in front of my face as he said “OK, cocksucker, suck this fuckiig cock.” Carl was being so bad, he was mean I did not know what else to do so I took his cock into my mouth. Carl started to laugh “ Look Roy, Look at Mom with my cock in her fucking mouth. What a cocksucker she is. I think we should invite some of our friends over so she can suck them off too.” I was so scared I jerked free of Carl’s grip and stood. I slapped him hard across the face then ran from the kitchen. I locked my bedroom door, throwing myself on the bed I cried.

How long it was I don’t know. I had fallen asleep. There was a soft knock on my bedroom door. Followed by a “ Mom are you all right?” It was Roy’s voice. I got up and ask if he was alone. He said, yes so I opened the door. He took me into his arms and held me. He was now fully dressed. He said, “ Mom, I think Carl has gone crazy why don’t we get away from here for a while?” I had seen this craziness in Carl Jr. as I had seen it before in his father. So I agreed with Roy that maybe we should give Carl Jr. time to get a hold of him self. I packed a small bag and met Roy at the car. Roy put our bags in the trunk and I let him drive. Once we were on the Freeway I ask Roy what Carl Jr. had said and done after I slapped him. Roy said, his brother was real mad.

So at this moment as were running away. Carl Jr. was out getting a few friend to bring back to the house so he could share his mother with them. Well he will be surprised to find his mother and brother gone. Maybe he will get the idea that there is a line between love and tangled mean lust. I rolled over to rest my head and told Roy to head North on the interstate. I fell asleep and did not wake till I felt the car slowing down. Roy was pulling into a Flying J truck stop.

He said, we needed gas and he also had to fine a restroom. He parked and we went in. These truck stops today are clean, and the restaurant was nearly full which told me the food must be excellent. We ate, I hit the ATM for five hundred dollars and we filled the tank. I drove out and again headed north on the interstate. The sun was not completely down but enough so that I turned on the head lights. Roy was changing the stations on the radio. It felt good to be getting away. I think this was just what I needed. Roy reached and ran his fatih escort hand up under my skirt resting his palm on my thigh. I said, Roy that is not a good idea while I an driving. Roy laughed and told me now that he was not driving he was getting horny. Then he ask how long before we were going to stop for the night.

I had not thought about it but it had been a long and tiresome day. All along the highway there were billboards telling us what motels were at the next exit. So we picked out a nice one and pulled off. It was dark now and I was tired even though I had slept in the car earlier. Roy carried our bags to the ground floor room. When I checked in I noticed there was a bar off the lobby. So after we washed our hands we went up for a drink before sleep. Much to my surprise out here in the middle of no where they had a piano player for live entertainment. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. Right away Roy stopped calling me Mom or mother he started calling me Ellen.

I thought it was cute he was acting like we were girlfriend boy friend. I noticed a couple of local guys watching us. I have taken care of my self and I do go to the gym twice a week but it is still obvious that I am a few years older than my twenty year old son or in this case boyfriend. A few more couple drop in and before long the place is doing a great business. There is a postage size dance floor and Roy ask me to dance. We dance a slow one and Roy manages to let me know he has a hard on by poking my legs with it several times. He also drops his hand down letting it rest on my ass. I see the two guys watching us. One is a tall well dressed man. He gives me a wide smile. I smile back so the next dance he comes around and ask me to dance.

Roy is not sure what to do, but I accept and this guy sweeps me on to the dance floor and we seem to glide around and around. He is very good and I am starting to feel my drinks. He is talking but my mind is on last night and how I had made love to both my sons. How I had let one son fuck me and how I had sucked the other off while each had watched what the other was doing. Tonight I would go back to the room and I know Roy is going to want to have sex, of some kind. But it will not be like last night, there will not be anyone to watch. I had not thought about how erotica it was to know I was being watched as I was having sex with another. Even this morning Carl Jr. had watched as Roy screwed his loving mother. I looked up to see a handsome man smiling at me.

The dance had come to an end and he had, like Roy brushed my leg with his cock to let me know he was hot and horny. I was getting to be such a sex symbol. Me the old mother from Wicker Street. The mother that was always there when anyone needed anything. But here I was now in just twenty four hours a sexy middle aged lady wanting to show just what she had to offer. The tall stranger ask if he could join us. I said, yes before Roy could object.

The next dance Roy ask me what I was doing so I told him I was feeling pretty good and I thought maybe we should invite this guy to our room for a drink and hell yes sex as well. Roy was muttering an objection but after a few kind words from his mother he accepted the idea and said, it might be exciting to watch me with someone besides his brother. I thought so too. Another drink and I had made up my mind to ask the guy to come to our room. The three of us entered the room together. I ask Roy to go down the hall to pick up a bucket of ice. by the time he returned I was kneeling in the middle of the room with this guys cock in my mouth. Roy response was “ Holy shit, Ellen you could have got undressed first.” Still playing the roil as lover not son I shook my head.

The guy was removing his shirt and dropping his trousers all the while I was sucking a very thick cock. It was not as long as Roy’s but thicker and the head was a monster. Roy was now naked he helped me to my feet so I could get naked and he join the party. Our new friend stood by the edge of the bed I was on my hands and knees across the bed. I lowered my head to continue sucking this thick cock as Roy got up behind me and quickly found my cunt wet and ready for him. This was so erotic and exciting one wonderful cock in my mouth and another in my pussy. Roy was jerking my hips so he could bang deep into me. This movement was just what our friend wanted he was matching Roy’s thrusts with his own. I was getting the best fucking of my life.

I tasted the sweet smooth warm juice start to come from the hot cock in my mouth. I cupped a pair of heavy balls in my hand and sucked his cock deep into my mouth so as not to loose any of his cum. He jerked and I tasted the hot cum shot into the he back of my throat. I felt Roy bang hard as his cock swelled up shooting his load in my very excited cunt. I suck and left my cunt fill with cum. I gave this guy the best blow job I ever gave any one. He fell back pulled his wilting cock from my mouth as Roy’s ram rod of a cock was pulled from my cunt. Our friend left our room smiling and I headed halkalı anal yapan escort for the shower.

Roy joined me and said, “ God, Mom that was out of this world. You are so hot every one we meet wants to fuck you. Did you hear that guy say you had the nicest tits he had ever seen on any gal of any age. You are just real hot, really hot Mom.” I closed my eyes and reached for my sons cock. He had a finger washing along the crack of my cunt. this was now going to be our time. We made love one more time after we got in bed. Roy had cum and my pussy was feeling really great as I now lay still listing to my son breath deep in unencumbered sleep.

We were on the road again by nine o’clock in the morning. Roy ask,”Mom, do you have any idea were we are going yet?” I said, “Yes I thought about it last night I think we are going to go see your Aunt Ann for a few days.”

Roy remembered his Aunt Ann as a sexy slim good looking lady. His cock throbbed as he thought, gee, maybe I could fuck both mom and her sister. Maybe these sister to more in common than just the same parents. He closed his eyes as his mother drove north on the interstate. He was fantasizing about having both woman in bed at the same time. Or maybe watching his Mom and her sister licking each other as he rammed his cock up one pussy or the other. Roy fell asleep dreaming wild sexy dreams of how he had watched his mother suck off a complete stranger last night.

There was a bump as they pulled off into a rest area. Ellen said she had to use the restroom and Roy said he did too. It was warm and sunny there were few people at this stop. Roy returned tot he car before Ellen. He still had a hard on and thought he needed to have his raging cock relieved of it load. Ellen could see Roy was restless as she walked back to the car. Roy was standing with his back to the car door. Ellen saw he had a hard on he was letting it show nicely through his tight jeans. Ellen came up to her son and said, “ What is this as she let her fingers tail across the bulge?” Roy circled his mother with his arms and said, “ Why don’t we park away fro the other cars so you can give your loving son a blow job.” Ellen had known what Roy wanted even before she go to the car. She said, “Roy we should get on the road I would like to get to Your Aunt Ann’s by night fall.”

“Mom, the way I feel this will only take a minute, besides it is all your fault letting me watch you suck that guy off last night. Wow, you were hot, Mom have you always liked to suck cock?” Roy was smiling at his mother. She drove to the far end of the parking lot and pulled along the curb. Roy had already opened his jeans letting his full erection loose for Ellen to see. It was true Ellen had since she was a young school girl like the feel of a hot smooth cock in her mouth. It seemed that when she had a guys cock in her mouth she was in control somehow.

Ellen turned side ways in the drivers seat reaching for her son’s lovely cock. She took time to look at it and pulled the foreskin up over the fat little head. Then she watched how it seem to pop out as she jerking down pulling the skin to free the purple colored head. Ellen was having fun jerkin his cock and looking at it. Roy had leaned his seat back to give Mom more room to do her deed. Ellen did not resist when Roy reached up and pulled her mouth down to his cock. Ellen loves the taste of her son’s cock, the feel of the soft smooth skin, it filled her mouth all the way tot he back of her throat and she was turned on by the feel and taste. Ellen was so hot she worked a hand down inside her slacks so she could finger her clitoris. Roy was so relaxed except of the throbbing sensation in his had cock.

“Oh, wow, mom you are so good, suck my cock, Mom suck my cock. I want to cum in your fucking mouth.” the dirty words were doing what Roy had wanted they were turning on his mother. He felt her start to suck harder while making her head go faster up and down his cock. Roy called her “ Good fucking cocksucker.” Ellen cunt was so wet she cold not stand it any more. she jerked free from his cock and sat up. Roy was surprised for only a second as he saw his mother pulled her slacks down. one leg was free and she moved to straddle Roy’s cock. his cock slipped up an into her cunt easily she was so wet. Roy grabbed her by the hips and rubbed her back and forth making his cock flop around inside her juicy cunt. Ellen let out a scream over and over again as she felt her climax race to get free. Roy was also to the point of no return and Ellen felt his cum flood her as she let go with her own climax.

Ellen fell forward over Roy as she reached her climax. It seemed like a long time before either could move. Ellen straighten her clothing and got out of the car. Roy got over behind the wheel Ellen was in no condition to drive. The miles started to build as they continued their drive north. They stopped for lunch and gas. It was night before the reached the out skirts of Aunt Ann’s city. Ellen thought she should stop and give Ann a call but thought better of it. They never needed to call ahead before. Besides An would understand after they talked. It had been some time since Ellen had driven in this city and it took a few extra minute to find the house. Ellen told Roy to pull up next the car parked out side the double garage. Ellen did not see any light on, on the ground floor.

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