Mother v. Daughter fun


Mother v. Daughter funUnexpected things happen to everyone. What these things are vary though. As for me, a 35 year old mother , the story I’m about to tell is way unexpected and totally blew my mind, but in a good way.As I said earlier I’m 35 and a mother of a 14 year old beautiful girl. Compared to most the women my age I would be considered pretty sexy. I still have pert tits about 36 C , shapely firm ass, and a small tight stomach. I’m about 5″6″ and I have sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. People say my daughter looks a lot like me. Shew I wish I looked like her. She has that teenage body with the small but proportional boobs that nice washboard stomach brownish blondish hair and that small tight ass. I guess when we walk around town we are quite the attention getters, receiving whistles from men of all ages.Well one day as me and my daughter were lounging by the pool in our skimpy bikinis, we both took a swim. And after my daughter had gotten tired of swimming she decided to get out of the pool and jump on the trampoline adjacent to the pool. Most guys would have nutted their pants to see what I was witnessing. I have never looked at my daughter sexually before, but it had been 6 months since I had been with a man, which was my husband who left me for my best pinbahis yeni giriş friend. And it had also been several weeks since I have pleasured myself, so I guess I had the “horny-ness” built up in me like crazy.Well as she was jumping and turning flips, she failed to land one of her flips and fell on the trampoline this caused her top to move and thus showed her perfectly shaped firm tits. Well right then, bam, I was turned on like crazy. She then fixed it after regaining her footing and turned to me and smirked, with a sexy-ass giggle. As she continued to jump this kept happening and once I was able to get a view of her pussy and it was shaved bald probably the nicest one on the earth. One thing though about my daughter was she didn’t have any experience with guys because she went to an all girls school. As I’m sitting there mesmerized by my teen daughter’s perfect body her voice breaks in and says “Hey Mom come jump with me please!” Well I didn’t think twice, even though I had hard nipples I could blame them on the cold water. Well as I’m jumping the same thing happens to me and my top is moved to where my breast are showing and instead of fixing it I just take it off. Well you should have seen the look on my daughters face. She was pinbahis giriş utterly shocked. And I told her she should join me so she does somewhat embarrassed but then getting to enjoy this experience of exhibition. Well then I told her if she didn’t mind that I was gonna take off my bottoms also. And after a bit I told her to do so also. So there I am horny as hell with my hot teenage daughter naked with me.As the jumping got monotonous I started kinda pushing and shoving on her just playing around. Which she did back. Many times I purposely would touch her tits or rub her ass or hit her pussy. And sometimes I believe she purposely touched me. Well one time she jumped at me and I caught her and tackled her and landed on her. Well my hand was on her pussy and it was soaked, and it wasn’t pool water she had plenty of time to dry off. Well we were face to face and she goes I love you mom and kissed me lightly on the lips (you know just a good-night I love you kinda kiss) and I kept the kiss going and then slipped my tongue in her mouth which caught her by total surprise. But she returned this kiss also.As we were making out I began to fondle her pussy and tits almost enough to orgasm. Well we stopped then and I began to kiss down her neck and then pinbahis güvenilirmi I began to lick her nipples and suck on them just like a little baby. After doing this and through the moans of pleasure from my daughter I proceeded to move my way down her stomach and onto the prettiest pussy I have ever seen. I licked and sucked on her clit with her bucking like crazy and then I inserted my tongue into her pussy and she automatically orgassmed and creamed the best tasting juice I have ever tasted. Well after she was done with her orgasm she then returned her favor to me. She started to suck on my tits and nibble my nipples which sent waves of pleasure through me like nothing else. Well she then went down to my pussy and OH MY GOD she sucked that like a pro. Which made me wonder if she has already had experience with other girls at her school. Well I wasn’t worrying now I was enjoying the best pussy sucking of my life. And after a minute or two I came like an a****l all in her mouth which she licked clean, and along with it all my sexual tension was released. Well after we both cleaned my daughter turned to me and goes “Mom that was really weird” and I go “Im really sorry hunny that shouldnt have happened!”She said,” NO NO NO NO I have wanted that to happen forever, but it was weird, because it was so much better than what I ever imagined it to be.”We both hugged eachother and said we loved one another. And then she looked in my eye and said “Mom I can’t wait to fuck your brains out again”“Neither can I , baby, Neither can I”

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