Motherhood Blessing From God


Motherhood Blessing From GoddeleteddeleteddeletedHis Holiness the Swamiji was giving discourse through loudspeaker in his Ashram. “Nothing in this world would have stopped it from happening. Yes everything in this universe happens as per wishes of God. We all should be grateful to the nature and God for providing us relief whenever we are in need. It may be due to tension or sorrow of losing some near and dear or losing a job or failing in exam or bad health or tension due to poverty or even tension due to lack of sex. Yes, God or Nature has answer for all these. Believe me you will one day agree that God sends what we need in one form or other when we really need it”. The huge gathering applauded his spiritual discourse.I am educated, had a good job, from 9-5 and had a understanding husband, own house, car and good bank balance. My parents were very fond of me and my in laws were also liking me. But some where I was suffering mentally for not having k**s despite 8 years of marriage. Will God answer my cries? Will Swamiji’s words become true. I told my mother in law and also said that I would like to go to the Ashram daily evening. Mother and Mother in law were very happy with my decision. My husband who is also highly religious was too happy and hoped that our wish will be fulfilled.From next day, I started attending the discourse in the evening from 6 to 7. The Swamiji was probably in his early late thirties and looked like Swami Vivekananda. His bright lit face broad shoulders, fair complexion, tilak on his forehead, rudraksh mala on his chest were generating high respect and attraction to the public. He had very good voice and was a very good orator. His knowledge of dharmik literature was huge and he could impress anyone within few minutes of interaction. I had developed lot of respect on him and day by day I was in a way attracted to him. I was looking forward to evening eagerly. Within a month the Swamiji observed my regular attendance. Probably he had advised his disciples in the Ashram and next day they asked me to be seated in the front row on a sofa. I was highly obliged to them and was no able to listen to the discourse clearly and with more concentration. After the discourse the Swami used to give theerth and prasad to all with his own hand.One evening after I was last in queue to receive prasadam. When my turn came I bowed in front of him. While taking teerth my pallu fell down exposing my big breasts to his full view. Suddenly I corrected myself and offered my apologies to the swamiji. He smiled back and told me that he will not feel it bad as I didn’t do it intentionally. I returned home. Whole night I was remembering the sharp piercing eyes of Swamiji focussed on my breast. I felt hot and excited. But also felt it is not good to think in any other way than devotion.Next evening my mind was in dilemma and the woman in me won. I started dressing more carefully since that evening. Of course I had no other intention but somehow felt that it is increasing my own interest in sex and my associating with my husband, as I was getting mentally and physically excited by whenever Swamiji stares at me and my assets. As I used to sit in the front row our eyes used to meet often. Swamji started conversing with me while giving prasadam by asking about my family and welfare. He told me to bring my husband also once if he is free. I told my husband and next Sunday we both visited Ashram in the evening. He called us to his private prayer room and comforted us. He was very polite and asked about us. My husband expressed our grief of not having a c***d since 8 years and asked if we are going to have one of our own or to go for adoption. Swamiji, turning towards me told that I would be certainly be blessed with a c***d. We felt happy and returned.Then on, he used to speak to me often and ask me to stay back at Ashram after the evening discourse and help the management in some works as I had good experience as a PRO in my company. I was glad to do that much of service to the Ashram. All said and done I was gradually getting attracted to the Swamiji and I felt that he also wants to be with me as long as possible.There was some special Pooja on one evening. I was asked to be one of the main organizing committee head. I did that work commendably and was appreciated by the Swamiji himself. Before leaving I went to his chamber and he thanked me for my participation. I bowed in prostration to his feet and he lifted me by holding my shoulders. The pallu had fallen to the ground when he lifted me exposing upper three fourth of my full breast. As it was his private chamber, no one else were there. I tried to correct my saree. But I could not do anything in the bright presence of Swamiji. I felt giddiness and leaned on him. As if blessing me, he kept his one hand on my head. His other hand was on my back and he pulled me to him. He was strong and I just stood still. For a moment my breasts pressed his chest and then he left me wishing me and gave Prasad. An electric current was flowing in my body and I was red hot. I could bursa escort not properly walk back to house. On reaching I noticed that I had completely wet myself. Somehow, I felt all good and happy. Got good sleep and next day even my mother in law noticed that my eyes were glowing.Next week I just went to Ashram sat and returned home without much happening. I was told that Swamiji’s birthday was in the first week of subsequent month and there would be a big Pooja and havan. I was given responsibility of organizing the whole event. My whole family were special invitees. The function went on smoothly and as expected Swamiji was very happy. My husband left home with his parents and I stayed back for some more time to finish some paper works. Then Swamiji called me to his chamber for discussion and I went in. He was seated in his peetha and I bowed in his front. I touched his feet. As per my practice, I had not pinned my pallu which dropped down. This time I did not try to correct my pallu and stood still trying to make eye contact with HH. Going nearer to him I circled my hands around him and pressed on to his chest. His one hand blessed me on my head and other on my back. I was wearing a backless blouse and his hand pressed on my bare back. I clung to him and his hand moved down slowly and rested on my waist.Once the Ashram inmates were sent to anoth r village for Medical camp. Swamiji asked me also to go but I declined saying that I would stay back at Ashram as no one would be there to take care at Ashram. He agreed. That afternoon I Wore alight yellow net saree and blouse which had very deep neck. My body was in command and was not listening to my mind. I let things go as per nature. Choosing bra was difficult as most of them could be visible due to deep front neck of blouse. Finally I decided not to wear any bra. I looked at myself in the mirror. Dropping the Pallu I could see more than half my boobs were visible. I d****d a Shawl to hide my dress from in laws and left to the Ashram.Though there were cooks in the Ashram, Swamiji was served meals by his devotees. So I prepared his plate and took it to his private chamber. He asked me also to join. But I politely. He finished his lunch with intermittent talk. After he finished his means, I put my meal in the same plate and started eating. He was seeing it and I said that I treat it as his prasadam. I finished my meals and took the plates to kitchen. I returned with fruits. He was now sleeping on his cot and I sat by his side. I peeled Apple and gave him. Each time he would bite half and other half I was taking after touching it to my eyes.During this I had dropped my pallu to my left arm. While bending forward to give him fruit my boobs were oozing out leaving nothing for imagination. He was overwhelmed by my devotion and said that very soon God would bless me with my wishes. Teasingly I asked him how he was so sure of it. Dragging me on to cot he said ‘like this’ and kissed me. I opened up and received his mouth in mine. His long tongue was now in my mouth and mine in his. We kissed for a very long time forgetting the world around us. His robes were off without our knowledge and my saree was right on the floor.I unhooked my blouse and gave freedom to my huge breast but that freedom was short lived as he arrested them with his hands. He punished them by severely squeezing and biting them. Swamiji suckled my nipples and I was flying in air. He had steel body. I lowered my hand and held his extremely hard penis with all lust, love and devotion. Yes he was huge, long and very fat. His penis was pulsating my grip as I stoked all along the length. Our lips were sealed HH was not withdrawing but the seal looked eternal. My tongue rolled and danced with HH’s long sweet tongue. His mouth had special fragrance of Tulsi. With reverence and devotion I swallowed his saliva as his Prasad.HH was delicately fondling my huge melons. I urged him to be harder and he obliged squeezing them one by one, punishing my protruding nipples between his thumb and fore finger. Finally our kiss took a break and I pushed his face down on to my bosom. Licking the hemispheres HH suckled the nipples which I was sure will be soon suckled by his c***d. I wished to bear the divine c***d in my womb. Yes I wanted nothing but his seed. So, Pulling HH on to me I widened my thighs welcoming him in to me. I was damn wet and hot but still considering the big size of his weapon I felt as if I was losing my virginity again. Or was it that I had never lost it from my husband? I didn’t know. But With a sharp pain he sank deep in my cave. I could feel some hot fluid oozing out from me. My vaginal fluids were flooding out.HH lifted me lightly to settle properly and keeping his one hand below my hips he moved up and then lowered with snail speed. I was thrilled and felt light and flying in space. Yes I was able to see stars with my closed eyes. We were now moving in tandem synchronizing each movement. With each descend HH’s testicles were pressing between my thighs ensuring complete penetration. I was smiling, bursa escort bayan I was laughing and I was crying and pleading for more and more. The rubbing of his hard phallus covered with soft skin and smeared with a cocktail of pre-cum from the hungry bodies was sending me to the most satisfying and thrilling moments in life.I didn’t know how long it lasted but it was getting darker outside when he finally ejaculated deep in me. I felt a big dam has broken, a lava has erupted or a tsunami has struck me. I was getting filled with his hot gushes in spasms and engulfing my vagina, my womb and then overflowing all along my thighs on to the sheets. My thighs had locked him not allowing any movement. His tool was stuck tight in my vice. Yes finally the flooding stopped. I was completely satisfied and tiered. But he was not detaching from me. He tried to get up but was unable. I wondered if we had knotted like canines. Now what? Will the inmates enter and find out? He was trying but without any success. Neither me nor HH really wanted to detach. HH rested his head on my boobs and slowly smothering my breasts. He sucked my nipples as I caressed his hair and moved my hand all along his back from neck to hips. We kissed with gratitude. Slowly I felt he was getting hard again and soon his weapon filled my hole completely and he was ready.We rolled on the bad and I was on top now. My breasts pressed his wide chest as I slept on him offering my mouth for kiss. He pulled me and we melted in unending kisses. My vagina was filled with his secretion and I slowly succeeded in an upward movement. Yes we had detached but to attach again. I fucked HH as if I was a mad cow on heat. Every upward movement was lifting and HH could fondle my breasts. Half an hour or so I got tiered and we changed position. HH made love to me vigorously and I was moaning and shouting loud. HH used to close my mouth with his to stop my laugh, moan and cry reaching outside. Once again he flooded me with his thick nectar. This time there was not problem and we detached soon. I wore my saree and we left after a hug and kiss.I walked back with mixed emotions. It was difficult to walk normally. I felt each step heavy. On reaching home, my mother in law asked if everything was fine. I nodded and straight away went to take hot water bath. As hot water fell on me I felt burning on almost whole of body. My lips and nipples were swollen. There was red, blue teeth marks all over my breasts, abdomen, thighs, sleeves and shoulders. It hurt but that hurt itself was enjoyable. I took bath for a long time.Then I rested for a while in my room and dressed carefully concealing all marks left by HH. I had to apply good foundation and make up to reduce the marks on my cheek. A hot cup of coffee made me feel good. I could not face my husband when he came home. I avoided initially. After dinner in the bedroom he asked me as to why I looked happy but also not very comfortable. I just said that Swamiji had assured and blessed us that we would soon be parents and I was happy for it and also I felt uncomfortable as I had slight headache.Then we slept. I could not get sleep at all. Looking at my husband I was feeling guilty. Did I do the right thing? Should I confess to him? Then what will happen? He will be angry on me and also on Swamiji. He may tell police and the story will not stop from spreading. No what about the heavenly experience I enjoyed? Should I betray HH also? Is it right? Who knows, maybe this is the way God wanted to answer to my needs? I kept my palm on my belly. I felt God has sent his blessings through HH in to my womb and I would certainly bear a c***d. By now the seed might have already been sown. His precious chromosome might have been planted in my waiting egg. I felt good to think this way. After long time I went to deep sleep.Morning I woke up very late. My husband had already left to office. My mother in law had come to room several times to see why I was late. I woke up and after brushing I went to Pooja room. On seeing me my Mother in law asked me about why I was late and if I was sick . I said that I had headache in night and now is fine. She had prepared breakfast. I decided to skip going to Ashram that day and reason out myself about future.After lunch I tried to sleep but my mother in law came to my room. She sat by my side. I don’t know why I kept my head on her lap and cried. She consoled me and said that God is there who will listen to all and will help in one way or other way which we don’t understand. She further added that even Dasharath in Ramayana had no c***dren and God helped him. Similarly Kunti in Mahabharata got c***dren from different Gods as Pandu had curse of a saint. She said that even Pandu, Dritarashtra, were born with God’s blessing through Saint Vyasa. So she told me not to worry and God is there to help. I felt lot good on hearing her. Yes may be this was God’s way of blessing me. Mother in law asked me to go to the Ashram and pray. I had decided not to go that day but once my mother in law told me, my body was restless. escort bursa I closed my eyes and felt the tight hug and hot kisses of HH. Also I had few questions to ask.Soon I got dressed to go to Ashram. I wore a cotton saree with matching blouse and avoided wearing bra. Anyway it was paining to wear bra as I felt boobs had swollen. May be the twin globes wanted a good massage! And what about panty? Thought for a while and decided against wearing one. I left home with flowers and coconut to the Ashram temple. I sat in the front sofa and listened to the discourse. While taking teerth I told that I have few questions to ask as I could not sleep previous night. He told his assistant that I can meet him in his chamber after fifteen minutes.When I entered his room he was sitting on the cot looking at some book. I entered and closed the door behind me. I ran to him and hugged him tightly. He raised my chin and our mouths did the rest. I told him that I want to ask him few questions. He said that he know all my questions and doubts and would answer soon. With that he lifted me and took me to the cot. I opened the hooks of my blouse and out came the big boobs which he cherished to his full satisfaction before attacking rest of my body.I showed him the bite marks on my body and told how it was burning. Saying sorry he said he has a treatment and instead of biting he licked all places where it was red due to our session previous afternoon. But I was too eager and ready to receive him in me. Putting my hand between his thighs I freed his phallus which was by then steel hard. Not wasting much time I pulled him in to me and we copulated for long time. HH unloaded in me after I experienced numerous orgasms and begged him to release.Now there was no pain but only enjoyment and nothing but heavenly enjoyment. I wanted his theerth to be taken as I believed that it will do me all good like Gangajal. I whispered my wish in his ear. He smiled and agreed. Sitting on the carpet I held his phallus in my hand which was semi hard after emptying in me. I licked the magic wand round and all along the shaft. Soon it came to life and was ready for action. Taking in my mouth I pushed till the tip touched my throat. Gagging in between, I continued rotating my tongue keeping his penis deep in my mouth.Slowly I took his testicles in my hand and lovingly squeezed to facilitate him to come in my mouth. I tightened my lips around his shaft to ensure nothing will flow out. That day all inmates were there and we didn’t have much time. Hurrying up with the act HH gushed his whole cum in me big spasms. It was very hot and thick but I relished the sacred threeth. I corrected my clothes and sat before him.He himself started to talk. I was in two minds as what we did was right or wrong is it? He had guessed me correctly. HH reminded me what he says in discourse that God comes to help needy in many ways. This is how he had desired to help me to fulfill my ambition of motherhood. This is how God had desired HH to lose his virginity. He continued to say that his virgin seed which is planted in me will grow to be a very intelligent and bright boy. I was thrilled to hear this. I also recollected what my mother in law had said. I was now relieved. I returned home and there was no pain while walking. In fact I flew home.I was very happy since that day. I decided to invite my husband on alternate days to have sex lest he may doubt about my pregnancy. In fact I was able to have better sex with him though it was nothing compared to HH. I used to bring Swami’s prasad daily and give it to him. He also firmly believed that God will help our family.We used to mate daily for an hour or two. Each time we could copulate at least twice. The blessings of HH and my devotion had worked. I missed my cycle the next month. I counted and it was already 20 days late. On checking my pregnancy was confirmed. So HH was right. His virgin seed on our first mating itself had made me a mother to be. Yes I had conceived, Yes I was pregnant and yes I will be a mother. What a happy moment. I rushed to Ashram and waited. After some time I was asked to meet HH in his room.first told him about my pregnancy. He wished me all the best. He pointed his finger to sky and said all are His wishes. P’rabhu leela’ is what he told. I tried to hug him. But he asked me to stay at a distance. I was surprised. But he firmly told that now God has blessed me and showered happiness of motherhood on me and my wish has been fulfilled. He added that man-woman should unite only for reproduction and not for sake of physical desires. I bowed my head. He placed his hand on my head and blessed me to stay happily with my husband and in laws. He also told me to treat the c***d as God’s c***d.I told the good news to my husband and in laws. They were too happy on this news. That evening all came with me to the Ashram and conveyed their gratitude to HH and God. I delivered a boy who was very healthy, bright and active as told my HH. His face was so bright that all my relatives and friends complemented me. Many opined that as he so bright I should name him as Karn, the son of Sun God in Mahabharatha. I felt it will be appropriate as my son was also born from a God as bright as Sun. So God is there to help all in need. Thank you GOD.

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