Motherly Love

Double Penetration

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen years old.


Motherly Love

“Unnff… Mom!”

The red fox’s tongue lolled from his muzzle as he humped up into her, sitting back in his father’s office chair, the old, creaky leather caressing his bare hide. He should never have been in there naked and much less with his mother sitting in his lap, moaning as her head rolled back, the spit of him but in female form. Valerie cried out over and over again as his cock ploughed up into her, thick thighs holding tight around his hips as the chair groaned, threatening to spill the two of them to the floor. But neither of them were going to let something as insignificant as that stop them from having their fun.

It should not have been so and Jasper could not have quite said just how he’d ended up there with his mother but it was so, his heart pounding, need rising, not caring one bit for the consequences of his actions. Her lips pressed to his and he kissed her hungrily, intent only on his own pleasure, her grinding bounce on his crotch driving them both up to a pitch of fervent need that he had never before anticipated being able to reach – at least not with another fur.

“Oh…” esenyurt anal yapan escort She moaned, half-breaking the kiss but hardly daring to pull away from him. “Jas… Jasper… Your cock… Oh, you feel even better than him!”

Valerie may have been referencing her husband there or someone else entirely but it hardly bothered him to hear that, knowing that he was the best, the best fuck she’d ever get. He’d watched his mother for so many years as he grew into adulthood but she’d seemed even more luscious and feminine after he’d returned home during his college breaks, working hard hardly working, wearing barely anything at all as she worked around the house, baking cakes and cleaning as if she was trying to just make everything especially nice for him.

At least, that was how he liked to think about it and it was how he wanted to think about it especially after the time he’d caught her in the bath, a glass of wine in her paw, all soaped up and the sweet mounds of her breasts rising from the bubbles. He’d stood there for longer than, before, he’d been proud to admit, jerking himself off and staring at her through the crack in the door, but things had come to a fruitful head, clearly, as she’d swung open her robe and all but begged her oldest son to ravage her.

“Fuck… Mom…”

Jasper couldn’t get out the words that he needed to, moaning, huffing, grunting. He wanted to tell her how fucking sexy she looked, how hot she was, how her esenyurt escort cunny tightened around him, yet none of that came out, swallowed up in a groan that seemed to rise up from the very depths of his soul, trembling with the strength that thrummed through it. Valerie was just as bad as him but, thankfully, there was no need for such words to be either shared or spent between them in such throes of passion, the chair bumping into the desk as they fucked, rocking back and forth, moaning out loud.

Yet Jasper was not a fox that could hold off from orgasm for all that long, being young and virile and not honestly having had all that many partners before. Sure, he’d fucked around before but maybe all he’d wanted was his mother’s bouncing tits in his face, letting him nuzzle and growl, even suckling on a nipple if he bent his head down far enough. His lust came through thick and fast, cock stretching her out the perfect amount, hips working, planting his hind paws just so that he could thrust up into her all the more powerfully, not even caring about the racket they were making.

Valerie needed it too, combing her fingers through the thicker mop of red fur on top of his head, moaning and whispering, hissing through her teeth as curling tendrils of hot need flowed through her. She arched her back, pushing her tits up into his face, and her son did all he could to give them the best tongue lashing he could, the long, flexible appendage snaking out around each nipple in turn.

The esenyurt eve gelen escort vixen howled. She couldn’t hold it back!

“Cum in me,” she gasped, eyes wide and hair wild, a mess of russet curls around her face bouncing madly. “I want to feel your knnnoooooottt!”

It was too late for anything else as her son slammed it into her, dragging her hips down at the same time, letting his half-inflated knot spear into her pussy. It closed around him, clenching and pulsing, his mother yowling out her pleasure through the throes of orgasm, and there was nothing he could do to resist it as he nipped at her throat lustfully, wanting it all. With her squealing and bucking on his cock, he climaxed with a grunt, burying his nose between her tits, claws digging into her back, holding her as close as he possibly could.

It didn’t matter to him that his cock was unwrapped, not even clad in the tentative caress of a condom to seal away his sperm. In fact, it made it all the better to feel his virile, thick dose of seed flowing unhindered into her, painting her innermost walls with a heated splash as she panted heavily, the rise and fall of her breasts enough, almost, to make him cum a second time, right there on the spot.

“Oh… Oh, Jasper…”

But his mother didn’t have to say anything more than that as he heaved for breath and moaned with what breath he felt he had to spare, trembling against her, a goofy grin stretching his lips wide. The vixen leaned into him and he moaned breathlessly, tail wagging even though it was crushed between the back and the seat of the chair, creaking lightly beneath the combined weight of their bodies.

With his vulpine knot locking them together, Jasper shivered, his mother’s lips on his ear, teeth grazing the thin sliver of flesh.

“Do it again.”

As if he’d do anything else…

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