Mothers’ Day Weekend Ch. 03


Penny woke some time in the dark of the night, buzzing with erotic energy. The house was still and quiet and she was slightly chilled, having dozed off still wrapped in the damp towel. She had been researching, reading up on cuckoldry, seeking signs in Marshall’s behavior that might indicate that predilection; of course she couldn’t know until confronting him but it seemed quite likely to her.

As she sat up on the edge of the sofa, surprisingly clearheaded, Penny noticed Chase sprawled back in Marshall’s recliner. The twins were not visible, probably gone to bed. She found her phone to check the time but it was dead; she decided she ought to charge it up so she could field Marshall’s check in later, still a bit unsure how to handle him and wanting to be as attentive as possible until he returned.

Legs a bit unsteady, she rose and stepped gingerly past Chase, admiring his relaxed, virile form, noting the swell of his glorious cock beneath the towel wrapped around his waist, then slipped into her bedroom, quietly closing the door behind her. She plugged her phone in to charge. A hot shower helped her gather her thoughts, but to her consternation they were thoughts as hot and wet as the steaming cascade spilling over her supple body and they gathered mostly in the hungry center of her sex.

She was again aware of a major shift that had occurred within her, a newly awakened hunger reminiscent of the hormonal flush of puberty, but accompanied by the mature clarity of life experience rather than the anxious longing and fumbling of that age.

Chase, that fucking arrogant young stud, had gotten into her head somehow and unlocked this Pandora’s box of illicit desires, but they had been with her all along, carefully tended while concealed from her conscious mind. She wondered if she would be able to put them back in the box even if she wanted to, and she was hesitant to try.

There was a new thrill alive at her core that she had missed, getting caught up in the routine of family duty. But that time was coming to an end, with the twins about to head off to college; she realized this would be an opportunity for a sort of rebirth of her personal life and she could feel the pull of a new adventure drawing her out.

Penny had always been highly sexed. She’d enjoyed a few boys before Marshall transferred to her school their senior year, and she had savored finally having a partner capable of meeting her fully in that dimension. He had been an enthusiastic lover, always willing to please her in any way she asked, his stamina and technique far beyond her previous encounters. He’d also become her best friend and confidant and after graduation they had moved in together while going to college. When she got pregnant on a camping trip the summer after their first year, they decided to get married and Marshall went to work full time in the growing tech industry while Penny took evening classes in business. Even with a full life of work, school and child rearing, they had maintained mutual sexual satisfaction as a backbone of their relationship.

But things had inevitably slid into a rut and, while still very pleasurable, the passion had waned. They had tried different things thru the years to add spice, all of them rather tame: a bit of bondage, sex in public places, crazy new positions, taking ‘X’ together, watching porn, a bit of fantasy role playing, even some talk about ‘swinging’ which never went anywhere. It was enough to keep the turn on happening, but they had definitely lost some of the magic of those earlier days. Penny now wondered if this might be her opportunity to reignite the blaze.

She thought again of Chase, of his cocky self confidence, his calm collected mastery of the situation, of his sureness in claiming her, his belief that Marshall secretly wanted her to sample the young men around them. She felt the heat rising in her core, the moisture oozing from her. She remembered Chase’s cock in her mouth, the taste of him, the urgent pulsing, the flood of hot semen. She wanted more.

Penny slipped a short silky kimono over her tingling skin and stepped out into the living room. Chase seemed to be sleeping. She realized this might be her best opportunity for a one on one talk with him about the situation; she wanted to get the upper hand from the start. She sat carefully on the arm of the recliner and slipped her hand into the part of Chase’s towel, delighted to find no trunks to impede her as she softly grazed over his balls, gathering his plump cock, already slightly turgid. She gently squeezed and pulled, working it to a fine firm standing tower, again duly impressed with its proportions; she would guess at least 8″ verging on 9 and thick enough that her fingertips just met her thumb as she circled it.

“Mmmmmmm, esenyurt otele gelen escort Penny that feels so good,” Chase murmured. His hand slid up along her thigh, headed for her crotch, but she halted it with her own.

“Slow down Chase, we need to talk.”

“What’s up Mrs C?”

“Aside from the obvious? I want some straight answers from you Chase. I want to know what your game is. What do you want from me, from this situation? As you can see I’m not fighting it, I’m an adult doing what I want to do. If this is going to continue, I want it to be honest between us.”

“Honestly, Mrs C, I’ve had the hots for you ever since I met you at that 7th grade pool party. You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever known, and you’ve always been fun and generous with us all. You’re the top fantasy of every guy on our team and when we walked in on you yesterday I just couldn’t pass up the chance.”

“So why the videos and the manipulation?”

“Come on Penny, you know that I wouldn’t have cracked thru your straight-laced shell without some leverage. And it wouldn’t have flown well to come on to you without getting Ray and Jay into the deal somehow. Like you said, we were all doing what we really wanted to but no one had the guts to go for it before.”

“I’d never wanted this before.”

“Yes you did, you just didn’t know it, you were too bought into your ‘married with kids’ story of yourself. I’ve been watching you for years and seen how you respond to all the attention you get from the guys. And I’ve seen you stuff it down rather than face it head on. Yesterday was a surprise for us all, but it brought things out in the open. If I hadn’t taken the initiative, it would have all just been repressed again, and all of us secretly wishing it had been something more.”

“Perhaps you are right, Chase. But there is a reason people don’t just jump into sex with everyone at the drop of a hat. There are certain social considerations, things can get complicated. My family comes first for me and I don’t want you coming in and disrupting that, any more than you have already. Do you understand me?”

“I get it Penny, and I’m not here to create drama. I’ve got a few months of school and this last season to finish; I need to keep my focus on my game and that doesn’t leave time for complications. I was seeing this as a potential win-win situation.

“How’s that Chase?”

“Me and your boys are a team, and we are tight. There’s a good chance we can make it to championships this year if we can pull it together. One thing that distracts us from that goal is trying to get laid, it’s just a fact of life at our age. And the girls at school play way too many games, they are in it for themselves, not team players.”

“So you want me to ‘take one for the team”, Chase?

“You could put it like that Mrs C. But I don’t think it’s such a big sacrifice for you. You know you’re going to love it, Penny.”

“I haven’t decided that yet, Chase.”

“Be honest, Penny. If you hadn’t decided yet, you wouldn’t be stroking my cock while we’re having this chat, would you?”

“Maybe I’m just weighing my options,” Penny smirked.

“Well you can take your time with that, Penny, but we both know what you really want, and I’m here to give it to you when you are ready.”

“What makes you so sure, Chase?”

“It’s a knack I have, for reading people and situations. It’s like a sixth sense I feel in my gut. It’s never failed me and I’ve learned to trust it. Do you trust your intuition Penny?”

“Probably not as much as I should,” Penny admitted.

“Well take a chance, Penny. Get out of your head and listen to your body, let it tell you what you really want.”

Penny closed her eyes and stilled herself, her hand resting wrapped around Chase’s pulsing cock, sending small shockwaves rippling up her arm and down to her sex. Her belly was tight with anxious desire, she breathed into it, relaxing, and the anxiety dissolved letting the desire rush thru her body, tingling every nerve fiber.

“My body says I want this.” She slid off her seat and onto her knees on the floor, bending her head to engulf the head of Chase’s gorgeous cock in the wet warmth of her mouth.

Chase let out low moans as Penny bobbed and sucked and drooled, fisting the lower half of his shaft slicked with her spit. His hand slipped into the gap at the front of her robe to fondle her swaying tits, tweaking and pulling her engorged nipples. She moaned around his hardness, pressing it into the back of her throat.

Penny tugged at the sash of the robe, letting it fall open in front. Chase’s hand roamed her body inside the robe, spreading waves of pleasure across her skin. He slid his esenyurt rus escort flat palm along her belly and his fingertips wedged between her thighs to dip into the damp heat there, parting her smooth, slick lips and teasing at her opening.

Penny moaned and pressed her mound into Chases hands, urging his fingertips deeper into her. She was on fire with passion, the sensations sharp, clear and potent. She eased the recliner fully back and kicked her leg over to straddle Chase’s head, pressing her weight forward to her grip above his knees to balance the arrangement (a trick she’d perfected playing with Marshall). She settled her fiery snatch over Chase’s eager mouth and moaned around his glans as his tongue plowed her juicy folds and flicked at her clit.

Chase groped her full, hanging breasts, kneading them with a touch both strong and perceptive, teasing, twisting, pinching and flicking her tight nips with a prescience that steered her quickly into a very happy space. Penny rocked her hips gently stroking her thick lips against Chase’s chin, urging his tongue to enter and explore her juicy hole. She felt a slight rhythmic spasming in her pelvis, the precursors of an imminent climax.

She redoubled her efforts on his cock, sliding him deep into her, relaxing her throat to allow his entry (so much easier in this position), swallowing intently on the fat tip lodged in her esophagus, eager to bring him to a finish with her, to add his taste to the kaleidoscope of sensations that swirled within her.

Chase groaned into Penny’s cunt as her throat worked its magic and triggered his release. She pulled off just in time to catch the first blast of his torrent across her tongue, the flavor adding the spike she needed to tip over the edge into her own dizzying spin of perfect ecstasy. She fell forward, Chase’s cock pulling out of her mouth to spurt warm sticky splashes across her throat and cleavage as she shook and bounced her hips with the force of the orgasm ripping thru her, a husky whine escaping her pursed lips.

“Fuck Mom, that was so fucking hot!”

Penny looked up to see the twins standing naked behind the sofa, stroking their beautiful hard cocks for her while Chase continued sucking and chewing on her slick folds and pulsing clit. The bottom dropped out and she spilled again, her eyes locked on her sons, inviting them to share the depth and intensity of her surrender to her desires. Her cunt gushed a flood of hot honey into Chase’s mouth as it clenched and spasmed around its own aching emptiness.

Penny’s mind was a blur of lust as she deftly clambered over Chase’s legs to kneel on the sofa, intent upon the objects of her fascination. She gently grasped each of her sons’ full ballsacks and rolled them in her hands.

“You boys are so beautiful and sexy, and I know you love me and you’d do anything for me. I want to show you how much I love you, I want to make you feel good. Will you give Mommy what she needs right now?”

“Fuck yeah, Mom,” they replied in unison.

“Oh my babies, feed me your sweet cocks!”

Penny dropped her mouth to Jay’s slick knob and suckled sweetly, lifting her eyes to meet his in a gaze, mixing maternal love with wanton desire, then repeated with Ray. Back and forth she played with these two amazing cocks that she had created, cooing, lapping, kissing, licking, nibbling and swirling, all the while fondling both sets of balls and gazing lovingly into both sets of eyes.

Penny congratulated herself on refusing to circumcise her sons, though she never had expected to enjoy the effect so directly; the foreskins were a delightful novelty to her, adding a new dimension of sensual exploration for her oral discovery. Aside from that, their pricks took after Marshall’s, though he had just a bit of extra girth on them; perhaps they’d still fill out a bit as they matured.

The taboo dimension of this encounter was not lost on any of them, and tho all had readily dropped any pretenses by this point, it certainly amped up the heat of the act exponentially. The twins were living a fantasy that they had privately nurtured for years and, tho they hadn’t explicitly discussed it before tonite, they had always known eachother in the way only twins can; while unspoken it had never been a secret that they lusted for their mother. Now it was simple to merge their attention and actions to satisfy her newly awakened incestuous impulse.

Penny gently urged her sons closer to eachother, closing the gap between their swollen cocks so she could easily switch between them with the slightest shift of her head, until finally she managed to get both tips into her mouth at the same time. She groaned deeply at the wanton thrill, reveling in the power esenyurt türbanlı escort she felt coursing thruout her body. She lapped, nipped and sucked at the twin heads pressing against eachother as her sons surely, steadily stroked themselves into a fervor of erotic tension that was palpable.

“Come on, feed Mommy your cum you studs,” she urged, and she firmly palmed their balls and tapped their taints while wagging her tongue roughly along the sensitive undersides of their cockheads.

Ray was the first to spasm and spray across Penny’s slithering tongue; Jay released his spew just a moment later. Together the twins made a mess of their mom’s beaming face until she sucked both spurting tips back into her mouth and nursed the fading final spurts like a hungry puppy, slight tremors racking her frame as a small, slippery orgasm curled thru her.

Thru the delirious elation of the shared climax, Penny was vaguely aware of a very pleasant and welcome pressure against her protruding slit. With some effort she focused and realized a cock was slicking itself along her wetness, teasing at the sensitive folds. A hunger deep inside her answered its presence at her threshold, beckoning, pleading to be filled, just before her mind realized it must be Chase.

Penny felt an anxious hesitation, caught on the crux of prudence and desire. She had intended to not cross this line, justifying oral as more permissible, not as serious as actual penetration. But the ache inside her was pounding to be met with fullness and force and the passion unleashed within her was difficult to rein in.

Chase continued to linger, teasing her, drawing her out, undermining her resolve. She silently pleaded for him to sink into her, to relieve her of her conflict, and immediately admonished herself, the battle waging brightly within her.

As if reading her thoughts, Chase spoke up, “If you want it you’re going to have to come and get it Mrs C.”

‘That arrogant prick!’ taunting her as she teetered on the edge of any semblance of moral composure; fuck she wanted him so bad. Her awareness shifted back to the twins in front of her, their balls still in her hands, their spent and slightly drooping cocks rapidly rising again. (‘Holy fuck! I love these young cocks!’) She looked up to her sons, relying on their strength to bolster her moment of weakness.

“Yeah, Mom, take it,” Jay urged, and the battle ended.

With a long guttural moan, Penny sank back, impaling herself on the full length of Chase’s massive cock in one smooth stroke. The impact against her cervix shot supernovas spiraling thru her core as her pubis collided with Chase’s and she ground as deep and hard against him as she could. Her legs dissolved as Chase took over pounding into her with long forceful strokes. Her orgasm rolled along unimpeded.

When her awareness emerged from the riot of sensation Penny was again confronted with twin hardons waving in her face. She looked up to her sons again, watching them as they watched her getting righteously plowed by their best friend, no trace of judgement or shame, simply ardent young lust and admiration for their amazingly sexy mother in the radiant glory of her passion.

“Oh fuck, boys, I can’t believe I’m fucking Chase in front of you!”

“This is so fucking hot, Mom,” Ray groaned.

“This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Jay agreed.

Penny grasped her sons rampant pricks in either hand.

“You’re the wildest piece of ass I’ve ever had Mrs C,” Chase offered, smoothly plunging into her depths with gusto.

The four fell into a synchronized flow of thrusting, pumping, moaning flesh; as Penny was driven by Chase she transferred the inertia thru her squeezing hands to the twins own straining cocks. She rose up and pulled them close to drag their tips along her sweaty, hanging breasts, setting off firecracker signals from her nipples to her cunt until her inner core melted and launched her into another round of frenzied jerking. She vaguely registered twin jets of semen spattering against her flushed chest as she felt a wave of liquid heat release deep inside her, Chase’s cock pulsing and pumping in unison with her grasping cunt.

Penny collapsed forward onto the sofa, slipping off of Chase’s spent cock with an audible squelch followed by a warm ooze of accumulated fluids, completely spent and more incredibly sexually satisfied than ever before. The twins dropped over the back of the sofa to curl into a sweaty puppy cuddle around her. The last thing she remembered before sinking into sweet oblivion was the sound of a lighter striking and a bong rip somewhere above her.

Chase savored the heady, calming wash of the herb in his mind as he surveyed the scene before him, proud of a well hatched plan come to fruition. But this was no time to get lax, this was just the opening gambit in a far reaching strategy. Still, rest was necessary to remain mission capable, and he quietly closed the patio blinds against the first glimmering of the rising sun before settling back into the recliner and deftly dropping into a deep and peaceful sleep.


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