Mother’s Shoe Mystery Pt. 12


Peggy was unsure of what to do. She, and her mother Claire, had just given Billy a foot-job, and eaten his cum of each others feet. Peggy wanted to start experiencing other women, and his grandmother was perfect for it. But Peggy thought things would move gradually, and not with such rapidity. What Peggy didn’t take into account was the effect her young, hot, hung, stud son would have on his grandmother. Just seeing his impressive cock had made her desire him immediately, and she had already help give him a foot-job. Now, here she was begging Peggy to let her suck Billy’s cock, and drink his tasty cum. Billy was quick to approve of the idea.

“Oh please let grandma suck my cock mommy! It will feel so good, and I want her to so bad!”

Billy’s grandmother Claire was completely over taken by lust, and sounded desperate in her pleading towards Peggy.

“God Peggy, please! Let me suck Billy’s dick, and swallow his cum! I fucking need it in my mouth! I want to feel it sliding down my throat. I want to taste his salty, thick cum! I’ve never sucked a young boy’s cock Peggy, please give me this gift!”

Her desperation made Peggy soften to the idea. It was progressing things faster than she planned, but she was happy because it would give Billy an experience with another woman, and even better, it was his own grandmother. Peggy conceded to the request.

“OK mom, I’ll let you suck my little boy’s cock, on one condition.”

“Anything you say!” Claire responded, excitedly.

“The condition mom, is that you share Billy. You can’t have him all to yourself!”

“Of course Peggy! I am happy to share!”

Peggy then turned to her obviously ecstatic son. “Lie on your back over here on your back Billy, with your head on the pillows. OK now you get on your knees on his side mom. I’ll get on my knees over here on his other side.”

Billy’s cock was fully erect, and all 9 glorious inches were ready for sucking. Claire stared down and Billy’s cock, and started licking her lips.

Peggy encouraged her mom to start and not just stare. Claire wrapped her right hand around the base of Billy’s cock, and held it straight up. She had never seen a cock this huge, and was a little scared of it. It looked so powerful. Billy could have complete control over her with it. All she knew was she had to suck it. She moved her face right up to Billy’s tip and swiped her tongue over his piss-hole. This elicited a moan from Billy. She then took another quick lick of the side of his base, just under his cock-head. Billy felt he might have to encourage her.

“Go ahead grandma, lick my meat-stick! Please run your tongue all over it! Suck it like it was a popsicle! I’ll give you the cum you want grandma, just please suck my cock!”

Claire moved her hand from the base up towards the middle of his shaft, gently holding it her palm, giving her the control to pull it closer to her mouth, which she did, and gave a long lick from base to tip. She continued this motion, and Billy began to moan in ecstasy. She moved up and down his cock, licking and planting kisses all over it. Sometimes she would move to the top and suck the tip, before moving back to licking up and down his pole. Billy was in heaven, not just because he was having his dick licked and sucked, but also from the sight of his own gorgeous, 63 year-old grandmother, being the one doing it. But Billy needed a little more. He needed her to actually take more than just his tip in her mouth. He waned his whole shaft in it. he wanted his granny to deep throat him.

“Grandma, can you please suck as much as my cock as you can?”

Claire was scared, but she wanted it too. Without saying a word, she grabbed his base again and positioned her mouth right above his cock. She stared at it for a few seconds, and then plunged her face down, taking 6 of Billy’s 9 inch cock, into her throat. Her gag reflex immediately kicked in and she coughed and withdrew her mouth from his massive cock. Peggy laughed at her mother.

“Nice try mom, but you need to ease into a cock that size!” She continued laughing.

Claire glowered at her daughter and once again took Billy’s cock into her mouth, this time much more slowly. She bobbed up and down each time only taking in about 2 of his inches. After a few motions, she increased to 4 inches of his cock. This was still easy enough to her, as this had been the size of her husbands cock. She then braved the 6 inches again and gagged once more. She was determined though and did it again. The third time she didn’t gag and began her bobbing motion again. She loved the taste of her grandson’s girthy cock. It was sweaty and salty, and tasted incredible to her. It felt so good against her tongue, and stretching her throat. It turned her on so much that it was her own young grandson’s cock in her mouth. She would be happy to suck him daily. She couldn’t wait to get Billy’s creamy gift blasted into her gullet. She didn’t think she could take Billy’s full 9 inches in her throat, and she didn’t beylikdüzü escort attempt it. Billy instinctualy grabbed the back of his grandma’s head and helped her bob on his cock. His moans had gotten really loud and he kept repeating, “That’s it grandma, suck my cock! You are so fucking good granny! I love your sexy lips on my cock!”

Claire had been sucking Billy’s cock for about 5 minutes, when Peggy finally spoke up.

“Mom, hold on a minute. What did I say when I agreed to letting you do this with Billy? I told you, you had to share.” With those words, Peggy leaned over, and began sliding her tongue, up and down the right side of Billy’s cock shaft. Claire followed suit, and began licking up and down the left side of Billy’s shaft. Billy was looking down in disbelief. His brain could barely compute the amazing sight. He was watching his mother and his grandmother, worshiping his cock, licking and sucking on it like it was the last meal on earth. Billy had to fight hard not to cum, because he wanted it to last as long as possible.

Peggy continued sliding her tongue up and down her little boy’s cock, stopping only to suck on his ball sack for about 10 seconds, which nearly made Billy blow his load right there. She went back up to his shaft, and then to his tip. She smiled and said, “Let me show you how it’s done mom.” Peggy took Billy’s tip i her mouth and then paused. She looked at Billy in the eyes for a couple seconds before bobbing her head all the way down to his base taking all 9 inches into her throat like a professional sword swallower. Billy was taken aback, as it was the first time his mommy had deep-throated him. He could see his cock stretching her throat, and it turned him on even more. She continued bobbing all the way up and down, making gurgling sounds as the saliva continued to build in her throat. It took all of Billy’s willpower to not explode in his mommy’s throat. Peggy finally stopped, and grabbed Billy’s cock by the base, pointing it at her mother. “Go ahead mom, suck it until he cums.”

Claire quickly resumed her licking and sucking. Billy grabbed the back of her head, and this time forced her to bob faster onto his cock, while at the same time, bucking his hips upwards, face fucking his gagging grandmother. Billy could hold out no longer. He was about to cum no matter what.

“That’s it grandma, I’m gonna give you what you want! I’m gonna cum in your granny throat!” Claire began moaning with excited pleasure knowing her creamy gift was about to be delivered. She continued bobbing for 2 more minutes and then Billy grunted and began spewing his viscus cum into his grandmother’s mouth. The first shot hit the back of her throat, and it startled her. She began swallowing as fast as possible, but couldn’t keep up with his copious volume. She was able to swallow enough not to spill any but her mouth was completely full, with her cheeks puffed out, by the time Billy was done cumming. Claire started to take small swallows of his cum, trying not to drown from it. Peggy grabbed her mother by the chin and forced her to face her.

“Why do i have to keep reminding you that you need to share mom?!”

Peggy leaned forward and penetrated her mother’s lips with her tongue, plunging it inside her mother’s mouth , and into a pool of her son’s semen. Peggy and her mother began French kissing, swapping Billy’s cum back and forth as they made out. After a minute of kissing, Peggy withdrew from her mother’s mouth, and turned to Billy. She opened her mouth wide so billy could see her tongue was covered in his cum, before taking a big swallow, taking all of her son’s boy cum into her belly. Taking that cue, Claire did the same exact thing. Billy couldn’t believe his fortune, and wanted this to last forever. Billy had his arms outstretched, and his mother laid down on her side with her head on his shoulder and her hand on his chest. His grandmother did the same thing on his other side. Mother, son, and grandmother, fell asleep in each other’s arms, spent from their amazing morning.

Billy woke up a few hours later. His mother and grandmother were gone. He figured they must gone out shopping, and that was fine since he was supposed to meet his buddy Luke for lunch. He headed out to the burger joint a few blocks away, and Luke was waiting for him when he arrived.

“Hey asshole, you made me wait like 20 minutes. What, did your jack-off session run overtime?” Luke said with a smile on his face.

Billy responded with his own smile. “No, dickhead, I didn’t need my hands for what happened this morning. It was much, much better.”

Billy and Luke told each other just about everything going on in their lives. Luke had been his best friend since the third grade. They were like brothers. A couple years before Luke revealed to Billy that he had started fucking his own mother, Sandra, who happened to also be Billy’s mom Peggy’s co-worker. Billy had been shocked at the revelation, and amazed he had been able beylikdüzü eve gelen escort to do it. It also made Billy jealous for two reasons. One reason was that Billy always thought Luke’s mom was incredibly hot, and had often masturbated, thinking about fucking her. There were a few times when Billy had spent the night at Luke’s house, and sneaked into the laundry room to sniff and lick Sandra’s dirty panties. He could tell Sandra liked dropping a little perfume in her panties, and the sweet smell would mix with her pussy sweat to create a flowery musk. One time Billy had found an especially dirty pair of Sandra’s wet panties with some stains, and Billy rubbed it on his cock so he could get her juices on it. When he masturbated later the next day, his cock smelled like flowers and ass. He would have preferred not having the flower smell.

Billy snuck looks at Sandra’s killer body as much as he could. She had a gorgeous face, even with her slight crow’s feet. Beautiful thick lips that Billy often fantasized having wrapped around his cock. Her tits were huge they way Billy preferred, and at 44E bra size, she had a lot to offer Billy. Sandra had a little extra weight on her, but she carried it well, and Billy found it sexy. She was a full figured woman, and her big ass was incredible. Billy had several dreams of him being over at Luke’s place, and Sandra coming home from work, throwing him on the ground, taking her panties off, and then squatting on his face, forcing him to breathe in, and tongue her dirty ass. Sandra also had very pretty feet. She was almost always barefoot around her house. Billy had only been able to sneak a quick sniff of her work pumps once, but it was amazing. It was a very cheesy smell, and Billy’s cock had gotten hard instantly from it.

The other reason Billy had been jealous, was that he had been fantasizing about fucking his own mother Peggy for years, and had never come close. Sandra was really hot, but to Billy, nobody compared to his mother. She was his ultimate Goddess. He had pined for her for so long, staring at her, dreaming of her, smelling everything that had made contact with her body. All hoping one day he would be able to become his mother’s lover. Finally the day had come, and Billy had been his mother’s lover for a few weeks now, but Billy hadn’t yet told Luke about it. That was until today.

Billy and Luke sat down in a booth and ordered their burgers. Billy was nervous about talking about this at all, but especially in public, but he figured what the hell.

“Thanks for meeting me Luke. There’s some big news I wanted to tell you.”

“What, did your balls finally drop?” Luke started laughing.

Billy rolled his eyes. “No dude, it’s something I had always dreamed of, and you got to do it first.”

Luke looked puzzled. “Get over 1,000,000 points on Blast Commander?”

Now Billy was really annoyed. He leaned in across the table to whisper to Luke, “No idiot, I finally fucked my mom.”

Luke, caught off guard by the big news yelled out, “What?!”

Several people turned to see what the yelling is about. Luke just waved at them and turned back to Billy.

“Dude you got to fuck your mom? For reals? Bro you are so fucking lucky. Your mom is just stupid fucking hot. I’ve been wanting to fuck her since I found out what a hard-on was. When did it happen?”

Billy explained how everything went down. Luke already new about Billy’s fetishes, and had even snuck out one of his moms underwear in his book bag before so that Billy could take it to the bathroom and sniff it. Luke had tried the whole sniffing his own moms shoes and panties at Billy’s insistence, but he never got it. It just wasn’t his thing. He just wanted his dick in his mother.

Luke was blown away from the revelation, and kept telling Billy how lucky he was. What Luke didn’t know was that things had been happening with Billy’s sexy grandmother. Billy wasn’t sure about telling Luke about that one. Things had just started with her, and Billy didn’t want to jinx it. Luke wanted to know how good Peggy was at sucking dick and fucking and at everything sexual. All Billy would say was, “She is the fucking best.”

Billy didn’t have any basis for comparison, but to him, no one else could possibly be better than his own mom.

Luke had a big grin on his face. “About time you joined the Mother Fucker Club. Timmy and I were wondering if you ever would.”

Billy smiled back at Luke. “I was wondering if I ever would too. And now that I’m in the club, where is my membership jacket asshole?”

Both boys burst out into laughter.

Luke was still hungry for more details. “So you said she gave you a foot-job, and a hand-job. You’ve eaten out her pussy and ass. And finally you’ve fucked her pussy. Why haven’t you fucked her ass yet?”

“Believe me I want to shove my dick in her dirty ass?”

Luke gave Billy a disgusted look. “Why can’t you fuck her clean, just scrubbed beylikdüzü masöz escort with a gallon of soap and sat on a gushing fire hydrant ass?”

“No way Luke. I love the way a woman naturally smells when she has been working, and getting sweaty, and hasn’t showered. When I fuck my mommy’s asshole, I want it filthy, stinking, greasy…”

Luke cut him off. “OK, TMI there dumpster diver. I get it. You get turned on by bad smells”

“They are not bad smells to me.” Billy defended.

Luke rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say champ. Anyways, now that you are in the club, when can we arrange a mom swap?”

Billy was surprised by this request. “What do you mean swap moms? You mean you fuck my mom and I fuck yours?!”

“Well yeah you dumb fuck.” Luke quickly answered. “Timmy and I have swapped moms. You just have to get your mom to agree.”

Billy wasn’t crazy about the thought of anyone else fucking his mom, but he thought it would be amazing if he could finally get to fuck Sandra. “And you think your mom would agree?”

“Billy, do you know how much my mom wants to fuck you? Do you have any clue?”

Billy was perplexed. “Your mom wants to fuck me? For real?! Since when?”

Luke looked at Billy like he was an idiot for being surprised. “Dude, my mom has been wanting to fuck you since way before she should have had thoughts like that about someone that age. She has even said your name a couple times when I’ve been fucking her. I didn’t care though, as long as I got to shoot my cum in her mouth or pussy. So yeah, she will agree in a heartbeat. Now you need to go talk to your mom, and convince her to fuck me. That’s the deal. Your mom doesn’t fuck me, then you don’t get to fuck my mom.

Billy was torn between wanting to keep his mom to himself, and getting to fuck Luke’s mom Sandra. It wasn’t an easy choice, but he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to fuck another woman he had been fantasizing about for years. Billy and Luke finished up their meal, and each headed back home.

When Billy got back he found his mother home alone on the couch watching TV.

“Hi mommy. Where is grandma?”

Peggy turned and smiled at her son. “Hi sweetie. Grandma has her Bridge club on Saturdays, so she took off.”

“That’s cool. So mom, I have something to talk to you about.”

“Sure baby. Come over here and sit next to mommy.”

Billy sat to Peggy’s left, and looked down at his hands. He wasn’t saying anything.

“Everything OK sweetie? What is it you need to talk about?”

“Well mommy, you know that Luke and I are really close right? We tell each other just about everything. And well…uh. Well a couple of years ago, Luke told me he had started fucking his mother.” Billy looked up at Peggy expecting shock and awe from her, but she didn’t flinch once. Her non-reaction told Billy she may have possibly known. But how?

“You don’t seem surprised mom?”

“I’m not surprised Billy. I’m not surprised because Sandra had already told me about her fucking Billy, right after the first time it happened. She confided in me, and she felt she had to stop immediately. Soon though she said that Luke was her perfect little lover, and she would never stop fucking him, no matter what.”

“Well mom I’m glad that didn’t shock you, but you should know that I told Billy about us, and how we are lovers now. I hope that doesn’t make you angry.”

“No, not at all baby. I figured you might tell Luke, with him being your best friend and all. It’s a turn on that you two boys like to brag about fucking your mothers.”

“I’m happy you are good with that too mommy, but there is more.”

Peggy got nervous. “What else could there be to tell? What is going on?”

“Well mommy, Luke and Timmy had started a club called The Mother Fucker’s Club. They share with each other what they do with their mother’s.”

Peggy was amused. “I think that’s cute that they have a club, and discuss their sexual experiences with their mothers.”

“Well mommy, that’s not all they share. You see, they also share…their mother’s.”

Peggy raised her eyebrow. “Wait a moment. Are you saying that Timmy fucks Sandra, and Luke fucks Katie?!”

“Yes mommy. They’ve been doing it for a while.”

Peggy seemed a little left out. “Why didn’t the girls ever tell me they were


Billy was really nervous now. “I don’t know mommy. But now that I have joined the club, Luke wants to know if…”

Peggy interrupted, “Billy hold the phone. Are you about to tell me that now that you have joined the club, you will go fuck Sandra, and Luke will come and fuck me?!”

“Yes mommy. But, but, but only if you are OK with it. You can say no!”

Peggy wasn’t excited about her son fucking another woman, but she had been thinking about fucking young Luke for so long, it may be the price she had to pay.

“You OK with some other young boy fucking me Billy? It doesn’t make you jealous?”

“It does make me jealous mommy. I don’t want anyone else with you, but I’ve been wanting to fuck Mrs. Monroe for so long.”

“Billy, you naughty boy. You never told me you were into Sandra.” Peggy said with a smile. “OK baby, lets do it. You and Luke set things up and we will do the mommy swap.”

Billy did his best to hide his excitement. Peggy did the same.

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