Motivating Her Son Ch. 06


A year later and many of the kids from Randys class had gone off to college. Some had found jobs and others had just taken a year off. One day Brenda’s old friend Michelle had received a text from her friend Andrea.

“Hey! What are you doing right now?”

“Nothing. Just sitting here chillin. I’m actually hornier than hell. Haven’t seen Peter in over a week. How bout you?”

“Meet me at Starbucks asap! I have something that you’re going to find, lets say more than interesting.”

“Be there in 20.”

At Starbucks Michelle greeted her obviously excited friend Andrea. Andrea had something in her hand, a magazine.

“Here, I bought you a copy.”

The magazine was the latest issue of Euro Fitness. On the cover was a picture of their friend Brenda in a string bikini posing with her son Randy! Right after graduation Brenda and Randy had sold their house and moved away very suddenly. The whole thing was a mystery to all of the other moms at Randy’s school.

On the magazine cover Brenda was holding a trophy and was wearing a banner saying “first place.” Randy was smiling with his arm around her waist, seeming to be touching her ass. Certainly not a way a son would put his arm around his mother!

She had obviously just won a big fitness contest. The caption on the cover said “Brenda Moore taking the continent by storm.”

“Holy crap! Look at that!”

Inside the magazine was a photoshoot of Brenda and quite a lengthy article.

The photoshoot contained a series of workout pictures of bikini clad Brenda. In each picture she was doing a different exercise, with Randy helping her in each one. The first picture had Brenda doing a bench press. She was flat on her back lifting the weight with Randy straddling her, his crotch a foot from her smiling face! In the next picture she was doing a series of pelvic thrusts, lifting her pelvis off the ground almost into Randy’s face!

Each picture was a bit more daring than the last.

“Holy SHIT! Look at her! It looks like she’s shoving that snatch right into Randy’s face! She looks fabulous! Do you think…Randy’s fucking her?”

“Just turn the page.”

The next page contained a couple of pictures of Randy massaging his mother! In one picture Brenda was on her tummy and Randy was rubbing oil on her back. In the next picture he was rubbing oil on her backs of her legs. On the bottom of the page was a caption.

“Brenda Moore goes through a daily vigorous workout routine under the guidance of her trainer and husband Randy. After each training session her young husband gives her a very thorough massage to work out any muscle cramps which might occur after her workout.”

“HOLY FUCKIN CRAP! Her…HUSBAND? Do you think they got married? Is that legal over there?”

“Well, I guess over there everything is a lot more liberal. Does she come right out and tell the world that her son is fucking her? No. But read the article.”

“God, Randy has filled out quite a bit in a year. Look at those washboard abs and that little speedo. God, I want some of that!”

Michelle had a sip of her coffee, obviously innovia escort getting aroused from looking at the sexy pictures of their friend and her son. A year ago their sons were in school together, and now…

“Now…turn the page again…read the article.”

“At one time Brenda Moore, 35, formerly from the United States was once one of the worlds top fitness models. She parlayed her success into a series of workout tapes which made her tons of money then invested in a string of workout centers in California. Then one day 10 years ago she suddenly retired to raise her young son.”

“In the past year Brenda has decided to come out of retirement to come to Europe lured by the large cash purses in European fitness pageants. It seems that Brenda hasn’t missed a beat, just winning the $200,000 first prize in last weeks pageant in Brussels. She now has 6 wins in a row in the 30-40 age division, and becoming a heavy favorite to win next months million dollar prize in the world championship in Paris. Euro Fitness Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with the beautiful blonde and discuss her workout regimen and hopefully to share some of her secrets with her fans throughout Europe. She did not disappoint as you will see from her answers.”

EF MAG: “Brenda, congratulations on your sixth win in a row!”

“Thank you. When I stated doing this after a 10 year layoff I never thought I’d be doing this well at all.”

EF MAG: “And next months world championships, are coming up very soon. Then next year fitness modeling becomes an Olympic sport. You are already the heavy favorite for the Olympic gold medal.”

“Thats all a long way off. A lot can happen in the interim. But yes, I have thought about it.”

EF MAG: “Well I might as well get down to what our readers want to know. Care to share any secrets? Besides great genetics, how do you keep your body looking so fabulous?”

“Well, first of all I do not eat red meat, ever. I try to stay away from any processed foods and dairy products. I also workout 6 days a week for 6 hours a day, either at the gym or at home. We converted our basement to a small workout center which makes it very convenient for the two of us.”

EF MAG: “So a great diet and an intense 6 hour workout regimen. Any other secrets?”

“Well, I don’t know if I can say this, but what really helps is a very…vigorous sex life. Can I say that for your magazine?”

EF MAG: “Yes you certainly can! Sitting next to us is your trainer, your now husband Randy. Can you tell our readers about the man in your life?”

“Well, lets just say that if a lady in her 30’s wants a vigorous sex life it helps to have a 19 year companion. I should tell you that I’ve known Randy for a long time and I’ve always been attracted to him physically. A year ago I had breast implants and I got back into working on my body hoping that maybe Randy was interested in me.”

“EF MAG: So, you were the older woman who had the hots for this teenage boy that you’ve known forever? Sounds like it comes straight out of an x rated novel!”

“He just turned istanbul escort 19 and he’s become a great trainer. When we decided to come to Europe we decided that it was going to be a total team effort. Randy has gone to school and learned everything about the female anatomy so he had learned some great workout techniques that we use every day. In fact a lot of the other competitors have approached us, wanting to know if they can hire Randy to be their trainer. And now several of the other competitors have been ringing their own personal trainer to our fitness pageants. Randy hopes to someday write a book on what he has learned.”

EF MAG: ” You mentioned that the two of you have a very vigorous sex life. And your husband is only 19! Care to tell us a little about it? How do keep up with a 19 year old, sexually?”

“Well, It seems that I can keep up with him just fine! Sometimes he has trouble keeping up with me! Lets say, I am usually the aggressor. I’m the one who wants it all the time.”

EF MAG “Brenda, and looking at you, I can guess he doesn’t say no very often!”

“Well, there was one time a couple months ago when I was doing some exercises trying to tone my glute muscles. Randy wasn’t pleased, thinking that I wasn’t trying hard enough. So we had an argument and he slept on the couch that night. So I went to bed that night with no sex. It was probably the worst night of my life.”

EF MAG: “Well, looking at your glute muscles, it looks like you are doing all the right things. The definition in your glute muscles is fabulous.”

“Randy thinks so too! In fact he thinks my glute muscles are my greatest…asset.”

(Michelle) “Geez!! He is into her…glute muscles? Shit, I bet Randy is fucking her in the ass!”

EF MAG: “Since we talking about your…assets, we we have to talk about your breast implants. For years the world fitness association banned artificial implants from all fitness competitions. A year ago they lifted the ban but now gives the competitor an automatic 10 percent deduction. Care to talk about that?”

“When the association lifted the ban a year ago I decided to get back into competing in pageants. I knew about the deduction but decided to try it anyway and see how I scored in the pageants.”

EF MAG: “Well, even though you always spot the field 10 percent, it seems that you are doing quite well anyway! And besides, by the way, they DO look fabulous!”

“Yes, thanks! In fact I decided to get these implants hoping that Randy would like them. And I’ll confess that yes he does! He can’t keep his hands off of them!”

EF MAG: “Since you have won almost every competition since you started up again, we have heard that a couple other competitors are now using younger trainers as well. Helene Schultz of Germany and Louise Richard of France have started traveling the circuit actually bringing along their sons who have become their trainers. And it seems that their results have improved quite a lot lately.”

“Yes, Helene and Louise are my closest friends on the circuit. In fact at every stop on the circuit kadıköy escort the three of us arrange to get together for an intense workout session with our trainers.”

(Michelle) “Shit, so three mothers and 3 sons? I bet they do a lot more than workout!

Sounds like Brenda is starting a motherfuckers club of her own over there!”

EF MAG: “We here at Euro Fitness just got wind that you are coming out with your own clothing line. We’d like to know what you have in store for your fans.”

“Well, when we left the United States we decided to sell all of our fitness centers in California. It seemed that there were a lot of shady people in the gym business. So we decided to start our own line of workout apparel with the 30 something woman in mind. Shorts, tops, workout bras, even a line of workout shoes. The response so far has been amazing! In a few months we are even going to sell them in the U.S.”

EF MAG: “For our readers, what is the brand name to look for?”

“We are calling our clothing line simply Cougar.”

EF MAG: “So, a clothing line for 30 something cougars, designed by a cougar herself! You don’t mind if we call you a cougar? After all you do have 19 year old husband!”

“That’s fine, I like to think of myself as a cougar. And shortly our clothing line is going to expand. Randy convinced me what we should expand and start selling intimate apparel. So next month we are coming out with a whole line of Cougar bras, panties, robes, even high heels. Again its all being marketed for the 30 something woman who is perhaps trying to attract a younger man.”

EF MAG: “Where will they be sold?”

“Our line of intimate apparel will be a little too risque to be sold in department stores. So we are selling our intimate apparel line in adult themed stores and sex shops. We just had our first order from across the pond. An old friend of mine just put in a big order for her store, named Jojoloves in California. She just told me that most of the merchandise has already been sold, even before it has come out. “

Ef MAG: “We are coming to the end of our interview but I know your fans here in Europe want to know if you are going to stay in Europe full time or move back to the U.S.”

“Randy and I have made the decision to live in Europe full time from now on. In fact we just bought a little villa overlooking the Mediterranean. The basement is a perfect size for all of my exercise equipment and there’s nothing like sitting out on our deck in the evening to see the Mediterranean sunset.”

EF MAG: “Our readers in Europe are thrilled that you and Randy are living here in Europe full time. That concludes our interview. Hopefully we can do another interview after the world championships in Paris.”

Michelle finishes the article and is obviously aroused from reading about her former best friend. She and Andrea finish their coffee and decide for a refill.

“Do you think that Randy was fucking his mother last year when he was in school?”

“Well, we all remember how Randy’s grades shot up all of a sudden. He went from almost flunking out to making the honor roll in a couple months. I would just take a guess that mommy gave her son a very nice incentive to get his grades up.”

“That must have had a hell of a time in that couple of months!”

They both laugh and finish their coffee. Both of their sons will be home from college this afternoon.

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