Motorcycle Trip


We set off around 9:00 AM for an overnight motorcycle trip. It’s a warm sunny day. Not too hot, about 80 degrees, just right for a motorcycle ride. We travel scenic back roads, at times taking in the beauty of rolling hills and distance views, other times surrounded by dense forest. We make a couple of stops along the way to take in the sights of quaint small towns we pass through, finally stopping for a late afternoon lunch. We sit outside enjoying the warm sun, great food, and cold beer. After lunch we resume riding for a couple more hours arriving at our hotel around 6:00. On our way in we notice a bar and restaurant next door to the hotel. We agree to go there after settling in and freshening up.

We check in and make our way to the room. We unpack and put our clothes and motorcycle gear away. While you jump in the shower I relax, killing time checking email and scrolling through the TV channels.

You come out of the shower looking as beautiful as ever. Your body glistening from the hot water. I watch you put on a pair of your sexiest panties and matching bra. I think to myself “Somebody is getting lucky tonight”. While you continue getting ready I go to take a shower.

As I shower you put on a bright mid-length sundress. After I finish showering and dressing we walk next door holding hands. We enter and find a spot at the bar.

The place is fairly crowded, with plenty of people sitting around the bar, most deeply involved in conversation, not really noticing as people come and go. As we sit down we’re pleased to see a variety of local brews on tap. As usual, you order an IPA, me a Brown Ale. We choose to defer food for now due to the late lunch.

We sit at the bar reminiscing about the day’s trip and enjoying the love we have for each other. After my second beer I push my glass to the bartender edge of the bar and head to the restroom.

While I’m gone a gentleman sits down next to you, opposite the side that I had been sitting. He looks to be in his early to mid thirties, about five ten with an athletic build. He immediately begins chatting with you, introducing himself as Scott. He’s a great conversationalist. You’re immediately attracted to his charm and humor, along with his good looks.

I come back into the bar area a few minutes later. As I approach the bar I can see the two of you enjoying each other’s company. To your surprise I choose a seat around the other side of the bar. While Scott is momentarily distracted checking his phone you look across the bar at me with a confused look. I simply smile back at you and nod as the bartender comes around to take my drink order. You think to yourself, sure I’ll play along.

As I sit there with my drink I watch the two of you as you continue talking and laughing. Scott finally makes a comment about your wedding ring and asks about your husband. Still just “playing along”, you brush off the question, quickly fabricating a brief explanation as to being in town alone and noting that you’re staying in the hotel next door. Seeing your beer almost empty, Scott offers eryaman escort to buy you a drink. You decide to add some adventure to this little game, you order your favorite hard liquor, a shot of tequila.

The bartender brings the shot along with salt and lime. You know that I’m watching your every move. You step things up a notch when you sprinkle salt on the backside of your hand between your thumb and index finger, and then seductively lick the salt while looking at Scott. You quickly down the shot and briefly suck on the lime. Without Scott noticing, you glance at me out of the corner of your eye to gauge my reaction. In an effort to avoid calling attention to myself I slightly raise my drink tipping it in your direction to show my approval.

After two beers and a shot you’re feeling pretty good. The conversation between you and Scott continues to flow, now peppered with flirtatious remarks and sexual innuendos from both sides. You can feel moisture between your legs as sexual tension rises between the two of you. Finally you get up from your seat, grab Scott’s hand, and start walking out of the bar, not really sure what you’re doing. As you exit you look over your shoulder to see me still sitting at bar.

You and Scott step outside and start walking in the direction of our hotel. Your mind is racing. You’re secretly questioning how you ended up in your current predicament. You’re about ready to turn around and head back to the bar when your phone buzzes with a text message. You stop, pull out your phone, and discretely review the message. It’s from me, it reads “Enjoy yourself. Text me when you’re done. Love you”. You look up from your phone and nonchalantly tell Scott it was just your husband wishing you a “good night”.

As the two of you stand there in a moment of awkwardness Scott reaches around your waist with one arm. He pulls you in against him and lowers his face to yours to kiss you. You eagerly return his kiss. You can feel his bulge against your midsection. It seems noticeably bigger than what you are used to. He releases his grip on you and the two of you resume walking towards the hotel. Your previous apprehensive pace now replaced with a more brisk and confident walk.

You pass through the hotel lobby and find the elevator waiting with doors open. The two of you step in. Even before the elevator doors are closed Scott is pulling you in tight to his body. As the two of you embrace, you once again feel his bulge against you. You reach down to feel it through his jeans. Although you have yet to see it, you know it is considerably larger than mine. Scott reaches up under your sundress, pushes your panties aside, and easily slides two fingers deep into your wetness. You let out a long soft moan.

For a brief second, just before the elevator doors open, you consider turning around and bending over so Scott can take you right there. However your better judgement kicks in. When the doors open you grab Scott’s hand, exit the elevator, and hurriedly lead him to our hotel room.

As esat escort you approach the door to our room fear comes over you, not because of what is about to happen, but concern for Scott’s reaction when he walks into the room to see two motorcycle helmets and jackets. Then you remember, we put everything away in the closet. You slide the key into the door with Scott’s hands on your ass.

The two of you step into the room and quickly find yourself at the foot of the bed. Your hands are all over each other. He caresses your breasts as you rub him through his jeans. The moisture between your legs increasing with every passing second. You begin undressing each other. As you remove Scott’s pants and briefs his bulge is released. It is nearly ten inches long and almost as big around as your wrist is wide. You reach down to grab it, your fingers unable to go all the way around its girth. You stroke him as he explores your ass with his hands.

After a couple of minutes kissing and fondling each other, Scott gently yet dominantly lays you back on the bed. As you open your legs your eyes take in his full physic, eventually fixated on the large head at the end of his shaft, glistening with pre-cum.

As you lie there in anticipation Scott crawls onto the bed between your legs. He inserts one then two fingers into your wetness. He lowers his head and gently puts his mouth on you. He strokes your G spot with his fingers while sucking on your clit, occasionally moving his tongue down to lap at your juices. You can already feel an orgasm building. You decide you cannot wait any longer to feel him inside you. You pull him up so that he’s now above you. Scott places his thickness at your opening. He slowly starts to work it in. Initially you’re afraid that he may be too big for you. But as he continues you find yourself adjusting to his size.

He is now in you. This is the first time you’ve truly ever felt filled by a man’a cock. The feeling is exciting. The orgasm that had been building is quickly approaching. He raises his upper body with his arms and begins thrusting as you writhe beneath him. You pull your legs back in an effort to take even more of him. The sight of his long thick shaft disappearing in you sends you over the edge. You start cumming as Scott continues with steady strokes. As your whole body shakes from orgasm he pauses, his hard cock still in you. After a minute or so your orgasm subsides; you begin pushing your hips upward. Scott gets the hint and resumes thrusting. It is not long before you feel another orgasm building. Scott picks up the pace as you begin to reach the climax of your second orgasm. Just as you cum, Scott cums too. You can feel his cock pulsating and his warmness erupt inside you. He collapses on you. You wrap your legs around his firm ass. You can feel his cock continuing to pulsate. As his cock begins to soften he rolls off to one side. He slides out of you and you can feel a mixture of your juices and Scott’s cum slowly leaking out. You roll onto your side pushing your ass against his etimesgut escort crotch. The two of you lay there for several minutes recovering.

After a short break Scott begins to reach around and gently caress your breasts. Your nipples are hard from the excitement. You can feel his cock against your ass, starting to stir. You reach behind and take Scott’s cock in your hand. He is semi erect. You continue to stroke him as he gently caresses your breasts. You can feel him gradually getting hard again. You turn to face him. You push him onto his back and give him a passionate kiss before you begin making your way down his chest and taut stomach. His pubic area is neatly groomed. You teasingly reach out to his cock with your tongue. You gently run your tongue around the head. The excitement in you grows as you prepare to see how much of him you can take in your mouth. You take the head of his cock in your mouth and begin to move up and down. You know you cannot take all of him in your mouth, but it doesn’t stop you from trying. That part of his shaft that you are unable to accommodate with your mouth you stroke with your hands. After a few minutes of your warm wet mouth on his cock he is fully erect and wanting to enter you again.

You roll off him and get on your hands and knees. He gets up and begins to enter you from behind. This time he’s more aggressive; you feel the fullness of his cock as he quickly pushes it past your opening. He thrusts in and out of you from behind, pausing occasionally to tease you with the fat head of his cock. His teasing is driving you crazy. You take control, moving your body back and forth along the length of his shaft. Your arms get weak as you feel the third orgasm of the night approaching. Your upper body drops to the mattress with your face in the pillow. You relinquish control to Scott. He resumes thrusting and you’re soon in the throws of another orgasm. As you start to come down from your climax you drop your hips to the bed, not being able to take anymore. Scott slides out but is still hard. He remains perched over you as you lay there recovering.

After a couple of minutes you roll over and reach down to grab him. You start out stroking his cock slowly, teasing him as he had teased you. As you increase the speed of your strokes you sense him getting ready to cum. You aim his cock at your stomach as he shoots a large thick load across your stomach and chest. Scott collapses onto the bed, the two of you lay there exhausted.

It’s going on 10:30. My mind has been filled with all kinds of thoughts ever since the two of you left the bar. I look down at my phone, as I have done countless times over the past two hours, hoping to see a message from you, but there is none. I’ve had two more drinks since you left. I know if I stay at the bar that I’ll continue drinking and will have a headache in the morning. I decide to walk back to the hotel, figuring I’ll pass time hanging out in the lounge area watching TV.

As I walk through the hotel lobby doors I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket along side my hard cock. I pull my phone out to see a message that says “I’m done. I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see you. Love you”. Upon looking up from my phone I see the elevator doors open and Scott walking out. As we pass each other in the hotel lobby Scott nods his head at me and says “thanks”!

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