Movies Ch. 1


It was another great afternoon. Jack and I got together at his place to preview a new movie he had just bought. He put the video in the VCR and pushed ‘play’. Almost right away the action started. We grabbed a couple of beers and sat down to enjoy the show.

It was not a very complicated plot, not that one was expected, but the camera shots were great. Two guys doing each other with huge cocks, and a buxom blond snaking in and out grabbing and licking whatever she could get her tongue on. It was quite ‘stimulating’.

Shortly after the first cum shot, Jack turned to me and said “I need to have a cock in my mouth right now. Stand up and push that big tool of yours into the back of my throat.”

Not wanting to deny my host, I pulled off my shorts and Jockeys to reveal my semi-hard dick.

Jack was sitting on a low chair, so I turned to face him, straddled his legs, grabbed the back of his head, and pulled beşiktaş escort his hot mouth onto my rod. I kept my hands behind him and pumped his mouth while moving his head back and forth. I got harder and harder, driving deeper into his mouth, while he moved his tongue around the head whenever there was a break in the face-fucking. He really knew what I liked, and I could feel the excitement building. He played with my balls and fingered my ass. Suddenly I heard a female voice.

“That looks like an awful lot of fun. Why wasn’t I invited?”

We both turned toward the door, and there was a great looking brunette with a huge smile on her face.

“Hi Dee,” said Jack. “I didn’t expect you home so soon.”

“No kidding”, she replied.

“This is my roommate Dee,” he said to me. “Feel free to jump in, if you wish,” he said to her.

No further invitation was beşyol escort needed. Dee pulled off her t-shirt to reveal a white soft cup bra holding back 2 nice-sized breasts. Then she unzipped and removed her dark mini skirt. She had on a white thong, with a beautiful dark mound just visible through the fabric.

Jack pulled me back around to the task at hand and stuffed my steel-hard cock into his hot, wet mouth. As I pumped into his face, Dee came around behind me and knelt down.

“Jack, it looks like you may need to relieve some pressure in your balls. Let me help.”

With that she went down on Jack’s tool and started slurping. I could hardly believe it! Here I was fucking the daylights out of this guy’s mouth, while down below a brunette was sucking him off. When she came up on the up-stroke, her soft hair brushed my crotch. When I pulled back from Jack’s face beykent escort I could see her down below!

Down below hands were wandering about. Someone was cupping and massaging my balls, while another hand was fingering my ass. It was all too much.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I think Jack felt my body stiffen, because he put his hands on my ass and pulled me deep inside his mouth. As he looped his tongue around my cock-head I blew a monster load of sweet cum deep down his throat. As I grunted with pleasure, he moaned with delight.

Then it was his turn. With my still firm dick inside him, he buried his hot cock into the waiting mouth of the lovely Dee, and filled her oral cavity with sticky fluid.

We all stayed like that for a minute or so, savouring the feeling. Then we disengaged and Dee stood up and came over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me as deeply as I have ever been kissed. I could taste the sweetness of Jack’s cum in her mouth and on her tongue.

She stepped back and said,” Jack told me about you. I’m glad I came home early today. This is just the beginning of a great friendship. There are lot’s more things we can do together. “

And she was right…

To Be Continued…

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