Moving Cousin Ch. 01

Big Dicks

Will, a 28-year-old engineer, was relocating from Portland to the East Coast for a job, driving all his things across country in a uhaul. Through the grapevine, a nineteen-year-old cousin of his, Susan, who he hadn’t seen in years, heard about his move and emailed him about tagging along, since she was transferring colleges from the Northwest to one on the East Coast. Will was looking forward to being alone during the drive, stopping whenever he wanted, but she was going to kick out a considerable amount of money so he couldn’t refuse. After loading the truck with his things he drove a few hours and helped her load up her stuff. She didn’t look at all like he remembered: she was about 5’5, with dark red hair (an obvious dye job), a beautiful face, with smooth light skin. It wasn’t until they started shuttling her things to the truck though, and her jacket came off that he noticed she had an amazing pair of athletic, medium sized breasts, and a tight, but curvy ass. Several times he watched her walk up the ramp, her ass and hips swiveling back and forth in her black athletic pants, the top of a tiny red g-string showing when she would bend over. She smiled a lot at him and at times he thought he caught her checking him out a well.

Will told himself not to check out his cousin, but he couldn’t help it, and on more than one occasion he had to hold a box in such a way so she couldn’t see that his cock was semi hard, pushing against his jeans. Once they were loaded they hit the road. For several hours the talk was boring, but then they started talking about relationships and sex talk. Most of it was joking in nature until they started going back and forth in a truth or dare fashion, minus the dare.

“Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?” she asked.

“In a construction site at night,” he said,” and you?”

“Well, I’m only nineteen so it’s not that adventurous, but in the dark corner of a parking lot, on the hood of my car.”

“That’s a pretty good start. Do you masturbate and how often?” he asked.

She seemed a bit shy about answering it but finally told him that she masturbated more than just about any other woman she knew.

“Out with it,” he said.

“OK, OK. I masturbate every day, at least, and sometimes, twice a day if I’m getting some good action.”

That thought made Will’s cock jump in his pants, feeling it swell against his thigh. Eventually, after they established that both of them liked a wide range or sex and had done a fair bit of exploring she fell asleep. While she was sleeping he looked over at her, admiring her body. He could see right down her shirt and inside her bra, just as he was able to see the slight shape of her pussy against her tight work out pants. He imagined her sliding her hand in her workout pants and panties, rubbing her pussy with her legs spread wide in the large bucket seat of the truck.

After halkalı bdsm escort about five hours of driving, especially after the long day of moving, he pulled into a generic hotel and they got a room with two separate beds. He showered and when he came out and got into bed, she took a shower. He was so turned on from admiring her body that he started to stroke his cock, pulling it out over the top of his boxer briefs, but before he could cum she had turned off the water and he could hear her dressing. He put his cock away, thinking that maybe after she was asleep he would continue. When she emerged from the bathroom she was perfectly backlit in a way that he knew she couldn’t see if he was watching her. She had on a pair of tiny black shorts that he couldn’t decide if they were underwear or skimpy sleepwear and a tank top. She turned out the light and slipped into the other bed. He was so tired though he fell asleep before he could finish masturbating. At some point during the night though he woke up to the slight sound of the other bed moving and looked over. Susan had the top of the blanket down around her stomach and he could tell that she had her hand between her legs, playing with her pussy. She was on her back, her legs spread wide apart. There was just enough light coming through the window that he could somewhat see the expression on her face, the smooth skin of her stomach, and the shape of her breasts against her shirt. Her eyes were closed and she was clearly half way towards cumming. He reached down and started to tease his cock lightly but didn’t want to get caught, more out of fear that she would stop. A minute later she looked over and he could tell by the look on her face that she knew he was watching her and touching herself. She stopped for a minute before kicking the blanket all the way down so he could see every bit of her. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing: she was giving him the green light to watch, which meant the idea turned her on. She pulled her top up over her breasts, her nipples swollen, and she slipped her hand back inside of her tiny black shorts.

“How long have you been watching?” she whispered.

“About three or four minutes.”

“You like watching me?”

“Yeah. A lot.”

“I want to see you too.”

He pulled down his blanket so she could see that he had his hard cock pulled out over his boxers, one hand teasing his balls, the other stroking the shaft and smooth underside of the head. He was pumping his hips slowly, like he was fucking and grinding. This turned Susan on beyond words, and she tugged down the top of the black material that was barely covering her pussy, as she stroked her clit faster. Both of them started to moan.

“What were you thinking about before you knew I was watching?” he asked.

“I was imagining that at one of halkalı elit escort the rest stops we pulled over at I met a good looking guy and I led him out in the woods and I sucked his cock.”

“That’s hot. What else happened?”

“That’s all. I just took him out in the woods, had him lean up against a tree and sucked him until he came in my mouth. I love to feel a man cum in my mouth. I’m one of those girls. Does that turn you on?”

“God, yes.”

They watched each other for a minute, until finally Susan motioned for him to come over to her bed.

“I’m so fucking horny right now,” she said.

“I think you should suck my cock just like you imagined doing to some lucky guy at the rest stop.”

With that he pulled off his shirt and boxers and was kneeling over her mouth and beautiful face. She took his cock with one hand, stroking it and licking and sucking the full head with her hungry mouth. Her tongue and lips made his cock tingle and swell and he began moaning out for her to suck him.

She responded by rubbing her clit faster. Will alternated between stroking her nipples and pulling open her tiny black shirts so he could finally get a look at her pussy. She was trimmed into a neat little landing strip, the smooth lips of her pussy were glistening and swollen. He started pumping his cock in her mouth deeper and harder, feeling that she wanted more and more of him.

“Oh yeah Susan, suck me, I want to cum in your mouth.”

Soon after he was exploding in her mouth and all over her lips. A few seconds later, as she licked and rubbed his still hard and wet cock all over her lips and face, she exploded, bucking and flexing her body with an intense orgasm.

The next morning they acted, for the most part, like nothing had happened. For the next leg of their trip she had on a silk, sun dress with thin straps that allowed Will to see even more of her body.

After an hour of being on the road she turned to him and said “is there any chance that tonight you’ll cum in my mouth again? Or was that a one time thing?”

“I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t love for it to happen again.”

“Good. It makes my pussy tingle just thinking about it.”

“Oh yeah? Enough to play with yourself as we drive?”

“Probably. What did you have in mind?”

“I want to see you masturbate again.”

With that she smiled and turned to face him, leaning against the door, her legs slightly apart. She slowly pulled up her skirt around her hips so he could see she had on a tiny pair of turquoise silk g-string panties. She teased herself lightly while he looked over from time to time and their talk turned to last night and what turned them on about it.

“Do you like thinking that maybe one of these cars we’re passing can see you rubbing your pussy?” She looked around and although halkalı escort they were more elevated than the average car, SUVs and trucks were at the same level.

“I do like the idea that someone might catch a glimpse of me playing with myself,” she smiled, pushing aside the material of her g-string, running her fingertip up and down the length of her pussy.

“I think you should suck me off while I drive and give some random person a nice show.”

She didn’t say a word, instead undoing her seatbelt and leaning over her lap, undoing his pants and pulling his cock out. Her ass was in the air, her face just over his cock as an SUV passed fast enough to get a few second look. She licked him a bit, stroking him before she slid his cock deep into the back of her throat, getting into a steady rhythm. He slid his free hand down her back, pulling up her skirt to expose her amazing ass, the tiny g-string not covering much of anything.

“You really do want someone to see what’s going on don’t you?”

“Does that turn you on?”

“I never thought about doing it, but I like it.”

The SUV slowed up enough to keep even with him and Will looked over, seeing that it was a man about his age, wanting another look. He could tell he was taking out his cock as he drove.

“We have an audience, and I think he’s stroking his cock.”

Susan moaned as she pumped him in and out of her mouth. Will smacked her exposed ass, now in the air, only inches from the window. She wiggled back and forth, sucking faster in a way that told him she liked being spanked. He spanked her again and again. She was rubbing her pussy as she sucked him.

He knew the other driver had a perfect view of her ass in her tiny g-string, dress pulled up. He was moaning out for her to take all of him in her mouth and play with her pussy. He could tell her was getting really turned on, and even pushed her ass against the window, her fingers spreading her pussy apart for the other driver.

“Cum all over my face,” she told him as she rubbed the swollen head of his cock all over her lips and cheeks. Admiring her hot ass in the air, Will wanted to pull over and fuck her beautiful pussy or even her ass, covering her ass in his cum but there was no where to pull off and he wasn’t totally sure she’d be up for that. He smacked her ass again and again, which he could tell turned her on.

“Make me cum all over your face Susan,” he moaned out as he exploded all over her lips and face once again. After she licked him for a while she sat back in the chair, spreading her legs and finished herself off. Her pussy was soaking wet and even though Will had came really hard he watched her intently, dirty talking about how he loved cumming all over her face and had wanted to cum all over her ass. She sat back rubbing her clit and slipping a finger in and out of her pussy at the same time. By now the SUV had disappeared but neither one of them cared too much, the other driver had served his purpose. She kept lightly teasing her pussy, even after she had came.

“I would have loved it. I love feeling a man come all over every bit of me. Maybe you can come all over my ass tonight if you’re lucky.”

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