Moving to San Diego Pt. 02


Chapter 6: The Morning After

I woke up early the next day with a yawn and rolled onto my back. Then the events of the previous night began running through my mind and I thought to myself, “Did it really happen? Did I really fuck Lisa?”

It almost seemed surreal, like a dream. I pulled back the covers and hopped out of bed and grab my camera and my laptop. I turned the camera on and the video clearly showed Lisa and me fucking. I transferred the file to my laptop and then I uploaded the file to my secret account on the internet.

I got into the shower and began planning my next move. I could use the video to some kind of blackmail but it would be way cooler if I could talk Lisa into continuing the affair. That would really feed my ego.

After the shower I made my way to the kitchen. Brian and Lisa were already up and eating breakfast. Lisa looked somewhat hung over but still very beautiful in a tight tank top showing of her nice round breasts.

“Good morning everyone,” I said with a smile on my face and went to get a bowl for my cereal.

“Hey Jason,” Brian said.

Lisa also mumbled a greeting but didn’t look at me.

I went over to the table and kissed Brian’s chin and said to him, “Did you sleep well?”

He looked me into my eyes and said proudly, “Yes, and I spent all the night in my own bed.”

“Way to go Brian,” I said while moving towards Lisa. As I was standing behind her I bend forward and gave her a kiss on her cheek while whispering, “And how did you sleep Lisa?”

Lisa blushed and turned her head towards me. For the first time this morning I looked Lisa in the eyes. I swiftly kissed her on the lips before moving away. Lisa’s eyes clearly showed off the confusion and turmoil, she must have felt.

Together we ate breakfast and Brian and I talked a lot. Lisa was very silent. When Brian was finish he had to be taken to the day care. I volunteered and drove him there.

When I came home I went to find Lisa. She was in the kitchen and when she saw me she said, “Jason, we have to talk.”

“All right.”

With tears in her eyes Lisa said, “What we did last night was so wrong in so many ways. First and foremost I’m your father’s wife. Secondly I’m twice your age and last but not least we didn’t use any protection.”

Hearing the last part made my cock start throbbing and I thought to myself, “What if I have made Lisa pregnant? It would be so cool.”

But I knew I had to address Lisa’s concerns first to get her to agree on continuing our affair. With compassion in my eyes I said to Lisa, “Lisa, I know that you’re having second thoughts but let me address your worries one at a time.”

“First and foremost I have to make an excuse for not using any protection. You got me so hot, I gave it no thought. I know it’s not an excuse – but it’s a fact.”

Lisa had a sad look in her eyes but said, “You are not the only one to blame, I should also have thought about it but somehow I think the mojitos’ made me indifferent.”

Looking directly into her eyes I continued, “About your other concerns I have to admit, I don’t think about your age. You are one of the most vibrant, beautiful and compassionate women I have ever met.”

“But I’m your father’s wife,” Lisa wept with tears rolling down her cheeks.

I embraced her and then pushed her out to arms length. With my right hand I dried the tears off her face and with a sincere look on my face I said, “I know you’re married to my father, but my time in San Diego have revealed some things about your marriage. My father’s top priority is his work and his family always comes second. Lisa, you try to create a happy family – but I can tell that something is missing in your life. The last few days our conversations have revealed to me, that you are a woman who is struggling to be satisfied with her life. My father has failed you as a husband, and for some time you has been on the lookout for something that could compensate his failure. Yesterday you found it in my arms.”

Lisa’s looked thoughtful at me and in her eyes I could see that she was processing the notion, I had articulated. With a soft voice she said, “Jason, you are very perceptive and you have voiced some of my own concerns. But that doesn’t mean that I’m no longer fond of your father.”

Inside my head I congratulated myself. I had given Lisa a way out and she had almost taken it. I decided to continue my progress and said, “I know you are fond of my father, but he has not been giving you the loving attention, that you deserve. It was just a matter of time before you had started an affair with a man, who could give you some tenderness. Yesterday it happened and let us just be happy about the fact that it was with me. I’m not hell-bent on destroying your marriage but only want to see you happy. You have some needs and my father hasn’t been taking care of them. Therefore I propose the following. We continue our affair with the option, that you can end it whenever you want.”

“Oh Jason, I really don’t know. I don’t think that I could be halkalı eve gelen escort cheating on your father.”

With a tender voice I said to her, “Lisa, I could give you what you have been lingering after. A happy family and a man who will worship the ground you walk on. Together we could try to make you pregnant – and you could raise the child as my fathers. I know that you have wanted another child for the last couple of years.”

I could feel that Lisa began to think twice about my proposition. In an early conversation she had voiced some concerns about my father’s fertility. Now I had presented her with an idea to produce another child while she still was in a childbearing age. It was the one thing I knew Lisa craved more than anything else.

“Jason it’s very kind of you to offer this but I really don’t know,” Lisa said but her voice sounded really insecure.

I got the feeling that I had won her over but that I had to make the decision for her. While rubbing her arms I looked her tenderly in the eyes and said softly to her, “Lisa, I think that we should continue what began yesterday. I can only think of one reason to end this,” I stopped and waited on Lisa’s response.

“Which reason would that be?”

“If you weren’t satisfied with my lovemaking,” I whispered to her.

“Oh Jason, it was the best ever. I have never felt so alive and so satisfied.”

Hearing this I bend down and kissed Lisa on the lips. Lisa closed her eyes and pursed her lips tightly as I pressed my lips to hers. With my tongue I tried to part her lips and almost instantly she open her mouth. Soon my tongue was wrestling with hers. As I kissed her my right hand slid up her body and cupped one of her breasts and squeezed tightly. Lisa gasped at the feeling of my hand on her breast but kept on French kissing me. While I caressed her breast Lisa’s hands was holding onto my shoulders.

Lisa looked surprised when I gently pushed her away. Looking into her eyes I said, “Let’s take it slowly. Why don’t we sit by the pool and work on our tan and keep on talking?”

“Okay.” Lisa said and we both went to get changed into our swimsuits.

It was another hot summer day in southern California and it was a perfect day spending at the pool. I had put my boxers on and was waiting for Lisa in the pool.

When Lisa walked toward me my cock began to harden. She had changed into a green bikini, which showcased her trim body nicely. Lisa’s full round breasts filled the bikini to its capacity and bounced nicely as she moved toward me. I wondered if she realized that her nipples were quite apparent as her thin top clung to her bosom. Lisa noticed my stare and walking toward me she rolled her hips seductively while smiling shyly at me.

We decided to take a dip in the pool before sunning ourselves. After a minute we climbed out of the water.

I picked up the sun lotion and motion to Lisa that she should lay down on the lounger. She got down on her front and I kneel down and straddled her butt. I unfastened the top and moved the stings to the sides. I leaned forward and whispered into Lisa’s ear while nibbling at it, “Close your eyes and enjoy this massage. Don’t think about anything – just feel how you body reacts to my caress. Your body knows what it wants – you just have to listen to it.”

Lisa looked back over her shoulder and she still had a questioning look on her face. I kissed her softly before I let her lay back down.

I was taking my time putting the sun tan lotion on Lisa’s back. Frequently I let the tip of my fingers touch the edge of her breasts and every time I did that, Lisa let out a small moan. Then I moved down to her legs and ass and spent a lot of time there. Her ass was quite a sight to behold. The green fabric stretched tightly across her incredibly firm buttocks, allowing 1/3 of each cheek to be exposed to the sun. I gently massage Lisa’s firm buns before I went onto her inner thighs rubbing them as softly and seductively as I could. Over and over again I let my hand touch the fabric covering her cunt. She flinched at every touch but didn’t stop me – just kept on moaning. The massage had a profoundly effect on my cock. It was already becoming rock hard.

After a while I leaned forward and whispered into Lisa’s ear, “I’m done with your back – now you have to roll over onto your back.”

Lisa looked at me and started to refuse but quickly I put a finger on her lips and said, “Don’t talk, don’t think – just let your body feel.”

She did as I told and rolled over on her back, while she with her hands kept the top in place. I smiled at her and started on her legs. All the time I kept looking at her expression and I could see a small smile of happiness as she relaxed with her eyes closed.

I kept moving my hands up and down her legs in a leisurely sliding motion until I had covered them with lotion. Once again I took especially care of Lisa’s inner thighs. All the while I was working the lotion deep into her skin I constantly let the back halkalı grup yapan escort of one of my hands press against her crotch. Although the sun had dried my boxers I became aware of the fact, that Lisa’s bikini bottom was partially damp. I continued rubbing Lisa’s thighs and kept the pressure on her vulva. I could tell her breathing became deeper and she let out small groans of contentment while the fabric of her bikini bottom became increasingly drenched.

I picked up the lotion and began to work on Lisa’s arms. I worked one arm and moved around to the other. After that I squirted some lotion on her stomach. As the lotion touched Lisa’s stomach she jumped and took a deep breath but still didn’t stop me as my hands worked her bare stomach from the edge of her bikini bottoms to the underside of her breasts.

I could tell that she was very excited because her nipples were poking through the thin top. I put some lotion on my hands and swiftly I moved my hands under Lisa’s top cupping her breasts. Lisa whimpered, and I could feel her nipples grow harder in the palm of my hands. I spent minutes massaging those round, firm tits and my cock was hard as steel.

I bend down and captured Lisa’s lips with my mouth. We kissed for a long time and our tongues became intertwine. With my right hand I caressed Lisa’s firm breasts and after a moment I moved down to her vulva. This time I rubbed my fingers along her labia and slowly manipulated Lisa’s bikini to one side. Lisa moaned into my mouth and I decided to go down on her.

I began kissing her breasts and sucked on her nipples. But after a moment I continued my journey down toward Lisa’s cunt. I let my fingers grip the narrow straps of her bikini and tug them down gently. Lisa lifted her buttocks slightly as they were eased down past her thighs and dropped on the deck. Her beautiful, smoothly shaven vagina excited me beyond reason. I settled between her legs and began gently licking Lisa’s swollen lips.

“Oooohhhh,” Lisa grunted.

I used my fingers to pry the outer lips open, leaving the inner lips exposed. Gently I began to blow warm air on the sensitive skin and watched it quiver.

“Oh my God, Jason,” Lisa shrieked while her hands were embedded in my hair. I looked into her lust filled eyes and simultaneously I stuck my tongue out and touched the swollen clit with the tip of my tongue.

“Ahhh,” Lisa moaned and threw her head back, while she arched her back pushing her quivering clit into my mouth. My mouth became practically filled with her sweet flesh and I began eating her out.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Lisa screamed and I began moving two fingers in and out of her pussy.

Moments later I could feel the muscles inside her cunt squeezing my fingers as Lisa climaxed. I kept my mouth at her pussy and got to taste her sweet juices as it oozed out of her.

After a couple of minutes Lisa’s body relaxed and I moved on top of her. I looked into her eyes and caressed her chin. With a smile I said, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

Lisa kissed me sweetly and said, “That was amazing, Jason. I have never felt anything like it. You have the most talented hands and a very gifted mouth.”

I began grinding my hard-on against her pussy and instantly my boxers became soaked with Lisa’s juices.

“Oh, baby,” Lisa said, “You are so hard and I have only been thinking about myself. Take off your boxers and let us make love.”

Quickly I shed my boxers and placed my large cock against the opening of Lisa’s moist love channel.

“Please take it slow Jason. I’m still sore from our lovemaking yesterday.”

“I’ll take it slow do not worry. Are you ready my lovely Lisa?” I whispered softly into Lisa’s ear and a moment later I applied more pressure and I began entering her. Lisa’s eyes opened wide as my large cock-head slipped past her tight opening and went in deeper. I felt her muscles grasping at my steel hard pole and I had to slow down before I would erupt premature. I kissed Lisa and said, “You vagina is very tiny but your juices is flowing and that will help me.”

Lisa moaned but smiled at me and said, “I don’t think my vagina is tiny it is your penis that are enormous. I have never felt anything like it.”

I began to slowly fuck Lisa with my long, fat cock. I tried to make my strokes long and gentle. After some time I could feel that Lisa had become more used to my size and that she started to fuck me back passionately. I raised myself on my hands and looked down upon Lisa. She smiled at me and with her hands she started to caress my muscular chest and shoulders.

I sensed Lisa’s acceptance and I increased my pace gradually. I could feel her tighten and release her muscles like a hand squeezing my cock.

“Oooohhhh this feels so good Jason. It feels like I’m going to split in half,” Lisa moaned, “Is it all the way in me?”

I looked down where our bodies were joined. I could see my thick pole disappearing time and again into the pale white folds of Lisa’s hairless pussy. It halkalı masöz escort looked so big between her slim thighs and I said, “It’s about halfway in darling.”

“Oh baby I don’t think I can take it all.”

“Don’t worry honey I’m only interested in making you happy,” I replied while pushing deeper into her. I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders and push hard as I watch my cock disappear into her ravenous pussy pushing her lips apart. I kept on moving my thick pole in and out of Lisa’s tight pussy and she started thrusting up to meet my cock as it impaled her.

I let go of her legs and quickly Lisa wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me into her tight channel and then she starting fucking me with everything she had. I could feel my climax approaching and I began hammering her pussy hard.

Lisa screamed out loud, “Ahhhh, I’m cumming, keep fucking me Jason.”

I kept hammering her and then I felt myself beginning to cum and moments later I exploded like a volcano into her. I kept slamming my thick cock into Lisa and she arched her back to meet my cock with her pussy, while screaming.

Moments later I collapsed on top of her.

After a couple of minutes I lifted myself from Lisa’s body and got onto my feet. I looked down at Lisa and smiled into her eyes, “Come on Lisa, and let us take a dip in the pool.”

Slowly Lisa got up and hugged me while looking up to my eyes, “That was the first time in my life that I almost fainted from lovemaking.”

We hugged for a while and then she pushed me out to arms length to give me the once over, “Look at you Jason, you have got my juices everywhere and you’re not even complaining.”

“Why should I be complaining when you taste so good? It’s like drinking the sweetest nectar,” I pulled Lisa against my body and kissed her.

After a while Lisa stepped away from me. With laughter in her voice and a twinkle in her eye she said, “You are getting hard again, I better stop hugging you.”

“No! Don’t stop!” You feel too good to stop,” I replied back.

“Let’s go for a swim and get cleaned up,” Lisa said while picking up her bikini bottoms.

“All right, but why don’t we go skinny dipping.”

Lisa blushed and said, “I have never done that in this pool.”

“Come on Lisa be adventures.”

“Okay,” She said and jumped into the pool. I was right behind her and we swam around for a couple minutes.

After a while we met at the shallow end of the pool. The water was just below Lisa’s beautifully firm and round breasts and her hard red nipples were open to my complete inspection. My eyes wouldn’t move from the naked view before me, “Lisa, you have the most magnificently breasts I have ever seen.”

“Thanks, but I’m not used to this kind of compliments.”

I moved closer to Lisa and started to kiss her softly. She placed her hands on my shoulders, and I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me. I moved toward the deep end of the pool while kissing Lisa and soon the water was at my chest.

“Any regrets baby,” I asked Lisa while holding her close to my body.

Lisa looked into my eyes and said, “When I woke this morning I was very sad about what had happened at the hot tub. But when you first started to point out the problems with your father and my marriage it was as if some blinders were removed from my eyes. I felt like you came into my life at a time where I was at a crossroad. That made me realizes that I had to take charge of my own life. And I decided that what I want above all is another child and you are my best chance at that. So I have definitely no regrets.”

My cock began throbbing hearing Lisa. I kissed Lisa and thought to myself, that I had accomplished my goal. Lisa was now in my control and she thought it was her own idea.

“You are a jewel Lisa and I would be honored to help you getting pregnant. But I have to be careful – your vagina is very tight and I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you.”

“As I said while we were making love I don’t think I have a small vagina. I rather think that you are extremely well equipped. That cock of yours touches me in places where Jim only wishes he can touch me. You’re the first man to fill my pussy all the way and I love it, when you ram it into my cervix.”

Not only was I cuckolding my father, now his wife also told me, that I had a much larger dick than him. That notion made my cock hard and it came in contact with the hollow of Lisa’s ass.

“Oh my God you are hard again,” Lisa said giggling and wiggled her ass on my cock and continued, “You’re insatiably.”

“Only around you,”

Lisa kissed me deeply and her tongue was teasing the inside of my mouth and made my cock swell to enormous proportions. I lifted Lisa up and Lisa got hold on my hard pole. I let her slide down my body and Lisa helped me enter her. This time I slid inside her warm wet hole more easily.

“Oh, my God, I love your magnificent cock,” Lisa moaned.

We fucked for over half an hour in the water, going slowly at first, and then building to a more aggressive pace. Lisa came quickly moaning in my ear. She was easy to move up and down in the water and I pumped into her wet cunt as the warm water caressed our bodies. I fucked her for a good while making her cum again and again – before I could feel myself started to tighten up and my balls sprayed jets of cum that was deposited deep inside her.

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