Mr. Bunn’s New Ride



Dave Bunn pulled his ’58 Impala into the parking lot of TJ’s, a popular joint in the ruff part of town. It was hard for Dave not to drive his new Vette, a ’63 Stingray in red. Dave had the only one in town, he had just picked it up earlier in the day. It was supposed to go to a professional ball player, but Dave knew the owner of the dealership and the guy owed Dave big. He had owed a lot of money to the kind of guy you didn’t want to owe the smallest amount to and he had fallen behind. Dave let the guy keep his kneecaps and now he had the first ’63 Vette in town.

Dave had no desire to leave his new girl home, but tonight he was working and a bright red Stingray wouldn’t offer much in the way of anonymity. The black Impala, on the other hand, was much more likely to blend into the surroundings.

TJ’s was jumping, it was a busy Friday night and there was hardly room to move in the dark, smoke-filled club. Dave approached the bartender and laid a small piece of paper in front of him, on the down side was four names in blue ink. The bartender slide the scrap back to Dave and tapped the paper twice and tipped his head to the door past the bar.

Tonight Dave Bunn was running collections and Tim the Rat had called him earlier with information on two of the four debtors, it appeared the lead was solid. Rat had told Dave that two of the named men were playing cards at TJ’s tonight and the bartender’s two taps confirmed two of the four names were present.

“Drink?” the bartender asked as Dave shoved the list of names back into his pants pocket.

“Usual Mike, glass and bottle.”

Dave entered the private room with his favorite bourbon in his left hand, glass in his right. He had been in the room many times and knew it well. There were six men playing cards at the large round table and two woman, arm candy for a couple of the players. “Don’t let me stop the game gentlemen,” Dave commented as he walked around the table and approached the door in the back of the room.

Dave made sure the slide lock was in place on the backdoor and placed the bourbon on the small table next to it. The game remained paused as the players sat frozen watching the newest occupant to the private chamber.

Dave stepped back towards the game table and as he stopped, he slide the sides of his suit jacket back and rested his hands of his hips, revealing the grips of his twin .45s. “Well, Mr. Cole and Mr. Black, I’m surprised to see you gambling away money that doesn’t belong to you.”

Mr. Black was an older man, probably in his mid-sixties and had borrowed small amounts from Dave’s boss several times, he had always paid-up on-time in the past. Mr. Cole on the other was new to Dave, he was young, late-twenties, and a good-looking man. One of the women was with Mr. Cole, mid-to-early-twenties, blonde and wearing a tight but classy red dress with curves in all of the right places.

“I’ve got the money right here,” Mr. Black said and opened his wallet removing several hundred-dollar bills that had been set aside, “and I’m not late. It’s not due ’til midnight. I tucked it aside so these vulture would be able to cheat it away from me.”

Dave took the money Mr. Black offered-up to him and turned towards Mr. Cole. “And you Mr. Cole? It would appear you are quite a bit lacking, judging from the pile in front of you and you are more than a week late. I do not approve of tardiness, it might give decent folk like Mr. Black bad ideas.”

Mr. Cole sat frozen in fear and made no reply.

“Let me make an offer, Mr. Cole.” With his hands gesturing to the card-players, Dave said, “You can give me what you have now, which is not enough and I believe you have been informed what missing your DEAD-line would mean, or you can finish your game until you have won enough to make payment or lose; that is, if you gentlemen wouldn’t mind Mr. Cole continuing-on, as I watch over the proceedings of coarse?”

“I reckon, I would prefer to finish the game,” Mr. Cole, who had begun to sweat profusely answered.

The other gamblers liked the idea of one of their opponents being placed in a desperate situation and agreed to let Mr. Cole continue with the game, except one.

“If it’s all the same, and no disrespect to you,” one of the gamblers said as he looked to Mr. Bunn, “I should like to call it a night.”

The gambler was a man Dave had seen at several of these games in the past and knew him not to be a threat and let the man go on his way.

Half an hour had passed and Mr. Cole was still holding-on. In fact, he had increased his wins, but was still quite deficient. Dave had been admiring the woman in red sitting by Mr. Cole. Her skin was şerifali escort flawless from where Dave sat and her posture was impeccable. “Great less,” Dave thought. “What’s the lady’s name?’ he asked.

“Molly.” The young lady spoke.

Her voice was as pleasant as the rest of her. “Well Ms. Molly, come over here and keep me company. If I have to endure these proceeding, it would be nice to have some feminine company.”

Mr. Cole and Molly whispered for a brief moment and she reluctantly got up and grabbed her chair to bring it to Dave’s table. “Leave the chair.” He commanded. Molly froze for a moment and then shuffled meekly to him.

Dave repositioned himself so she could have a more comfortable spot on his lap and gave her new seat a pat. Molly sat down, she was light and smelled terrific. Over the next hour and half to two, Dave and Molly talked as the game continued on. Molly was apprehensive at first, but Dave warmed her up to him.

He learned Molly was a teacher that had just move to town at the start of the new school year from some one-horse town up state somewhere. Mr. Cole had dated Molly for several years and he had moved to town the year previous. Mr. Cole had proposed to Molly and she moved down shortly after. They were going to get married in next June, Molly always wanted to get married in June because of the song from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Molly was a classy gal and Steven, Mr. Cole, was an idiot and a full-blown loser from what Dave could surmise. Steven didn’t deserve a woman so fine, but isn’t that just how it goes. Dave wasn’t some idiot-loser, but Molly wouldn’t be any better with him, he was sure. Still, the longer the talked, with her body on his and her heat on his lap, the more he wanted to fuck her proper!

There were just two men left in the game now. Mr. Steven Cole had made it to the final round. It was just him, his opponent, and Dave and Molly left in the room. Stevie was still about $500 short. One last hand and Mr. Cole was left busted. The opponent scooped of his winnings and practically ran out of the room. Mister Steven Cole began to softly whimper and Molly started to tremble. She had started to enjoy her conversation with Mr. Bunn, but she could tell he was a powerful man and there was a darkness within him that both intrigued and scared her.

“Well played, Mr. Cole,” Dave said as he gently pushed Molly from his lap and stood, “I thought you had him beaten. Oh well.” Dave walked Molly to the game table and commanded Mr. Cole to lock the door. After the door had been locked, Dave left Molly where she was and returned to his chair and poured another glass.

“I am willing to let you go home intact tonight. I will buy your debt and you will owe me, you will pay me $50 dollars on the first of every month until the whole amount is paid in full and you will NEVER be late.”

“Oh yes! Thank you! Thank you so very Much!”

“I am not finished.” Dave interrupted. “As you can tell, this is a much better deal than you currently have. However, I want something else in return.” Dave smiled from ear-to-ear. Steven looked straight at Molly, both were wide-eyed and frozen.

“Step over here behind the lovely Ms. Molly.”

No one spoke and no one moved for several stale minutes. Mr. Bunn just waited patiently and finally pulled one of the nickel-plated .45s from its holster and carefully rested it upon the table. Cautiously and wordlessly, Mr. Cole moved and stood behind Molly, who had not moved a bit since Dave placed her against the table.

“Good. Now, Molly, lift up your dress. I want to see that firm ass of yours that has been keeping my lap so nice and warm.” Dave took a drink while Molly hesitantly complied. Dave was right, Molly had a fantastic ass. Perfectly wrapped in Black satin panties and framed with matching garter and stockings. Her calves were shapely-toned and properly displayed with her red heels.

“Steven, been down and remove Miss Molly’s panties and eat her ass!” Steven Cole was shocked and looked over his should at Mr. Bunn. “Molly-dear, please bend-over onto the table so Steven can get in good and deep.”

It took some time and motivating, but eventually the scene was set in place and Steven began to tongue the future Mrs. Cole’s, no doubt virgin, asshole. Dave laughed to himself, he didn’t know what made him think of having this pecker-wood eat asshole, but he was enjoying greatly. Dave figured it would be humbling to put the loser through it and Molly might just enjoy the experience, if he could get her to loosen-up somehow. After a minute or two of the awkwardness, Dave got an silivri escort idea.

“Molly, talk dirty to Steven. Tell him how you want it. Tell him he is a great ass-licker.” Molly stuttered a bit at first and didn’t quite know how to talk dirty and so Dave coached her along. Eventually, she began to get the hang of it and Steven started to really get in her ass good. Dave was starting to think the couple was really beginning to enjoy themselves.

“Steven, pull out you dick and start stroking it.” Dave noticed that Steven didn’t hesitate at all this time. Steven immediately, and without removing his tongue, began to dig at his fly with both hands and within seconds, he had his erection in his stroking right hand. Molly without any coaching told him to stroke his hard dick why he ate her ass, as she braced herself with both hands on the table. Dave let them enjoy themselves for a couple more minutes.

“Ok, now let’s see how talented Ms. Molly is with her mouth.” Steven popped-up and Dave could tell how excited he was, Dave figured Molly had never sucked a dick before, or at least not Steven’s judging by the reaction. “Hold-up there, Loverboy. Turn that seat next to you facing me and have a seat. Molly-dear, come over here please.” Molly straightened and walked to Dave with some slight shyness, but Dave caught a little glimmer of lust in her eyes.

Dave looked up at that truly beautiful face, he could lose himself in those eyes he thought. “Molly,” he took both her delicate hands in his, “on your knees girl.” He cooed. She did as instructed as Dave helped to guide her to her knees, and without thinking, as he released her hands, she placed her right hand on his ever-growing erection. Dave looked past Molly at Steven, who was still massaging his swollen member, but with much less enthusiasm.

Molly, whether or not she noticed, had begun to very slightly rub Dave’s member. “It’s ok,” he whispered, “go ahead and pull it out.” She did so and slowly started to stroke the man’s warm dick as Dave spurred her on. “Now, put my cock in your mouth.”

She wanted too so badly. She had first felt very intimidated by Mr. Bunn and was very scared of him, but the longer they had talked, the more she had started to like him, he was attractive and seemed fit after all. Then when he commanded her to bend over so Steven could tongue her ass, she didn’t know what to think. She had never even had her womanhood kissed before and now she was being forced to expose herself. She had all of these conflicting emotions. Then Mr. Bunn made her talk dirty and after long she heard herself say words she didn’t even know she knew, and it was making her hot. She was feeling dirty, but not cheap or trashy. She felt sexy.

She had thought that Mr. Bunn was going to make Steven make love to her and she was so horny, something she don’t remember ever feeling before, that she wanted to, but not just making love. She didn’t know for sure but she wanted something, more. She thought maybe, she wanted to be fucked. She did. She wanted to be fucked, fucked hard. She wanted to be used and she wanted Mr. Bunn to be the one to use her as she had never before dreamed.

Then when Mr. Bunn told her to put his dick in her mouth, she jumped inside, she wanted to so badly. She had never sucked a dick before and she was afraid she would do it wrong. What do you do with it once it is in your mouth? Do you suck it? Do you Blow into it? Bite, lick, what? She had no idea and she was starting to freak herself out!

Then Mr. Bunn told her it was, “OK” and she closed her eyes and took his hard dick into her mouth. It was so warm and it was salty tasting. The clear fluid that had hung from the tip before she let it into her mouth was so slick and she found it pleasant on her tongue. Mr. Bunn put his strong right hand under her hair and grabbed her neck just behind her ear.

Molly obviously had never sucked a dick before, or she was just terrible at it if she had, Dave thought. But he tried to help her relax and gently began to tell her what to do and offer her encouragements. It didn’t take too long and she began to greatly improve like a cock-sucking prodigy. He grabbed her with one hand, afraid to let his other get to far from the gun on the table, just in case; and he began to softly and slowly fuck Molly’s mouth. Before too long, Molly began to make love to the cock in her mouth.

Steven Cole sat quietly in his chair and pulled his pud wearing the expression of a toddler whose ice cream had fallen off his cone. He wasn’t into watching someone else dicking his girl, it had forever been his fear that she would realize şirinevler escort she could do better and he figured this would be it.

Molly had forgotten all about Steven as she sucked Mr. Bunn’s magnificent dick. She had lost herself in every aspect of the act and never wanted it to end, except. Her pussy was screaming at her. She had had her ass eaten and had been sucking cock for some time now, and her pussy was aching for some attention. She hadn’t even realized that she had been wagging her hips back and forth once she had started feeling at ease sucking Mr. Bunn’s hard cock. What she had noticed, was how greatly she wanted to reach between her legs and service herself, but for some reason she couldn’t bring herself to it and the longer she went without, the more she wagged. She wished the strong man would command her to touch her pussy so the aching would go away, it was beginning to consume her every thought.

Dave could tell how hot to trot little Miss Molly was getting, the poor girl couldn’t contain herself, and Steve was miserable. HA. “You know what Steve, I think it’s time Miss Molly get some attention. I think she could really use some dicking and you have been suck over there forced to watch her shake her ass and that isn’t fair of me. So, Molly-dear, stand up and go ahead turn around so Steve can get a good look at you while I make you cum.”

Dave positioned Molly around and after she worked the head of his cock passed her opening, she practically impaled herself all the way onto his hard-on. She had a very snug vagina, but she was so wet and worked-up Dave went in with relative ease, like her cunt was made for his dick. And with-in only a minute or so, Molly was soaking Dave’s lap with her first orgasm.

Molly felt her insides contracted and squeeze like a python and she held her breathe for what seemed like an eternity and then she exploded. She shook and came and came and shook on Mr. Bunn’s big, fat fucking cock and she loved it. She loved his cock. She want to suck it and fuck it and to do it every day; and she wanted to cover it with her orgasms, just like she was covering it now.

Dave had never felt anything like it in his life. Molly’s climax was so violently strong and now she had soaked his lap and the front of his pants. It was time for Dave to finish this little lady off. He was really enjoying Ms. Molly, but he was sick of looking at sad little Stevie beating his sad dick.

“OK, check this out Stevie, you ready for this baby?” Dave said as get stood-up. Fuck the gun, Dave though, and he grabbed Molly by both hips and began to pound her. Molly was slamming into Dave’s lap and he wished he had his pants down so his nuts could slap her lips and clit. It didn’t matter, Molly had never been truly fucked before and she was loving every hard stroke of it.

Dave was fighting hard to keep his eyes open and on watch. If Steve had any self-respect he would try something, but he just sat there with his lip dick hanging out of his fly. Defeated. Dave looked down at Molly’s tiny waist and round ass as her cheeks bounced into his lap over and over. As he stood there admiring her beautiful ass, and fighting back is unstoppable building orgasm, he noticed her wet and recently well-licked asshole.

Dave put his right thumb into his mouth and got it good and slick, and then he placed on Molly’s little asshole and pushed it in. It was such a shock to Molly that she didn’t know what to think, but her body did and she clamped up tight around his dick once again. Dave knew what was coming next and he could no long hold off his orgasm, as Molly could hold off her own.

Dave pushed with his right hand, with his thumb still buried his her ass, and pulled out his dick. Dave quickly grabbed his hard with his left and pumped jet after jet of hot cream all over Molly’s ass, asshole and pussy. Molly’s pussy released and along with the release came wave after wave, as Mr. Bunn’s cum covered her bottom. Molly’s knees shook and began to buckle but Mr. Bunn caught hold of her. “Careful now darling.” He whispered behind her left ear.

Dave and Molly straightened themselves the best they could. After he had readied himself, he took Molly by the elbow as she was still trying to get her dress in place. She struggled with her dress, she was so sticky from her and Dave’s fluids, but she liked something about that. Molly turned and looked into Dave’s eyes, he had a slight grin. Dave stared into her eyes for just a moment.

“Mr. Cole,” Dave said, “forget the first of the month. Me and you are square.”

“Come on Molly, I’ll take you home,” Steven Cole responded in defeat.

“Actually. I’ll take Ms. Molly home,” Dave replied.

Steven Cole didn’t say anything, he just turned and walked out. Dave noticed Molly didn’t watch Mr. Cole leave, she just continued to look him in the eyes. Then as Dave helped her into her coat, she took his face into her hands and they held a long tender kiss. “You said you would take me home, but you didn’t say if it was my home or your’s.”

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