Mr. D and the Babysitter Pt. 08


(For readers outside Australia, a few notes: University = College. Colleges are the residential halls attached to Universities. Uni usually begins around the beginning of March. Mobile = Cell Phone. Summer begins on December 1. Chips = potato crisps, unless they are hot and then they = French Fries. Bathers have different names even in Australia = togs = swimmers = board shorts for swimming.)

In this series I have explored some of the life of ‘Mr D’ Married at 19 to Debbie, who at that time already had a three year old daughter, Sarah. When Debbie died the teenager next door helped with babysitting and, after she had turned 18 and her parents moved away, Rachel moved in with Mr D and Sarah. Lots of fun was had between Rachel and Mr D but when Rachel went to Uni she got into drugs and that was the end of that. When Sarah was 12 Mr D hooked up with her grade 7 teacher, Karen. They married but just after their third wedding anniversary she was killed in a plane crash. Mr D didn’t cope well thought Sarah recovered. After completing year 12 she and two friends went to South America on a holiday. They had to come back early though because of COVID-19 and it was decided that the three, 18 year old, girls would spend their 2 weeks of quarantine with Mr D. He thought this would be an easy time. They had other plans.


“We planned this,” said Sarah. “I told the girls about that game last year when I found it. On the plane coming back here we decided that we wanted to play. With you. We all thought this would be a good way to cheer you up.”

My jaw dropped again as I sat looking at these three eager extremely sexy young women who wanted to get all their clothes off with me.

“When?” I managed to ask.

“Tonight,” said Cheryl. “After dinner. We want you to set up that single bed here in the lounge like Sarah described and we want to play. It IS just massages …” she said disingenuously, fluttering her eyelids at me. Cheryl was the oldest of the three, but only just. She was the shortest and, in the past, I had thought she was the shyest. Yet over the last 24 hours I had discovered that she was perhaps the naughtiest of the three girls!

Sure. Just massages. Which, if you include 100%, means massaging every part of the body. And, I remembered, if you spin up your own number then you have to masturbate in front of the rest of the group. This was not as simple as just massaging.

I gulped, but agreed. Was I ever seriously not going to? “OK. You girls cook whatever you want for dinner then afterwards we can look at the game together. I will set up that bed in the lounge later in the afternoon.”

They all bounced off happily. They cleaned up the lunch dishes then returned to sunbake some more. It was as if we had all agreed that we would have a game of monopoly after dinner instead of a very arousing game in which we would be massaging each other’s naked bodies! Interestingly Sarah and Cheryl took books to read but Eugenie just lay on her back, naked, legs spread, soaking up the sun. I stayed inside. If I went out there I would be so distracted I might not get as far as tonight without freaking out.

I prepared the bed as a comfy place for us to share the massages. As before (it felt like ages, and was really, since I had last played this ‘game’) I arranged massage oil and lots of towels. And the timer. It was going to be warm enough that we would all be comfortable, at least as far as the temperature went.

For dinner the girls raided the fridge and decided to use some of the fresh fish I had bought to make a South American dish. They told me that had learned this in Peru. What they made was Ceviche. They cut up the fresh raw fish and cured it in fresh lemon juice from a tree in the back yard. Then they added chilis (again from my garden), chopped onions, salt and coriander. Over the top they added a bright green sauce called ají, which was made with more chilli, coriander, lime juice, garlic some mayonnaise and parmesan cheese. Washed down with Corona beers.

The Corona brand comes from Mexico and because some people who don’t engage their brains think that it is somehow connected to the Corona virus, sales had dropped off. I like it, especially with a wedge of lemon or lime shoved in the top, and I got a couple of cases on special.

The girls told me that they had decided to prepare something light because we didn’t want to feel too full when being massaged. Good thinking, even though all the chilli would already raise our temperatures a bit. I did drink a beer with the girls. Just one. Since my last ‘bender’ just before they went to South America I had not been drinking. So this was actually my first drink in a couple of months.

The girls all had a couple of beers to wash down the dinner and then, before we started the game they grabbed another one each. I tidied up after dinner while they all went to get themselves ready.

I made sure that the area was all ready and waited. The girls all appeared in robes. Bare feet. They all stood halkalı otele gelen escort in front of me and Sarah said, on behalf of them all, “We read the rules and saw that eventually everyone ends up naked so we thought we would make that easier.” So they dropped their robes and all three were already stark naked, standing in front of me.

Whatever they expected me to do I decided that I would wait. I would be naked soon enough. Particularly because I didn’t want to distract them straight away with my pole which wanted to stand erect.

Of course I was in awe. I had seen a fair bit before, especially of Cheryl and Eugenie. But it was my first sight of Sarah’s pussy. Her blonde har was still evident down below. She had trimmed her pubic hair into a narrow landing strip. Very sexy. Actually I was so awestruck that I didn’t know what to say. All of them were so gorgeous I didn’t know where to look, so I kept my eyes moving over all three, even as they moved to places on the couches around the bed. Sarah kept smiling at me. Eugenie and Cheryl’s eyes both seemed to be fixed on my groin.

I gave a quick summary of the rules. I had found the game again and dusted off the spinners, which included one for 4 players (as well as several others made for more people if more were present). The other spinner showed the percentage of the person to be massaged.

In developing the game we had never agreed a set way of deciding the number that each person took. So I suggested ‘ladies first’ and the girls to take a number in alphabetical order, then me. So our order would be Cheryl, Eugenie, Sarah then me.

As number 1 Cheryl picked up the spinner first. When it slowed and stopped on her own number she looked confused. “Should I spin again?” she asked.

“No, I forgot to mention that. Wasn’t that in the written rules? When you spin up your own number then you get to massage yourself in a particular way. The ide was that the person who did that would then masturbate in front of everyone else. If you are uncomfortable with that then we can change it and just spin again.” I waited to see what she would decide.

Cheryl just smiled though. A lot of smiling going on! She said “It is fine.” And settled herself down on the bed. What a start!

Sarah said “This will be just like the South American holiday all over again,” and rolled her eyes at Eugenie. Then she turned to me and said, “I told you Cheryl likes to touch herself. As you saw when you were watching through the cameras.” Seeing my look she added “Yes I told them. They both know about the cameras, … and don’t care.” Sarah reached across and got the timer from me, her beautiful smooth sexy breasts barely moving as she leaned towards me. With the timer in her hand, set for ten minutes, she turned back to Cheryl and said “Go for it, girl.”

Cheryl chose to lie down facing away from me so all I got was the hint of what was happening. I could see across her body as she stroked her pussy and slipped her fingers around and down between her legs. I could see that her nipples were getting harder as she rubbed herself, especially as her hand moved faster. Just in time before the buzzer went Cheryl let out a delighted cry as her body shook.

The room was filled with the aroma of her arousal as well, though I am sure that the other girls were also adding their own contribution. I suppose I was too. Athletic, fit, bundle of energy Cheryl bounced up off the bed and handed the spinner to Eugenie. “Here you go Genie. No need to be good at the moment!”

Ehen the girls had learned that, in Greek, the letters EU at the beginning of a word meant ‘good’ they started stirring her that she was Eugenie when she was behaving and just ‘Genie’ when she was not. That was often I think.

Eugenie spun and got me. She then spun the second spinner and got 50%, which meant that she got to give me a full, naked, back massage. So now I was naked as well. Of course as soon as I removed my shorts my erection sprung out enthusiastically. The first reaction I saw was Cheryl licking her lips!! With difficulty I lay down on my front. Eugenie got plenty of the massage oil on her hands and leapt in as soon as Sarah said “Go!”

It was not the most effective massage. More stroking than really working any of the muscles. I don’t think she was setting out to show any prowess as a masseuse. Actually, apart from rubbing quickly across me from shoulders down to ankles Genie (she was definitely not behaving) spent most of her attention rubbing my bum and thighs, even dipping her hand in between my legs as often as she could to stroke my throbbing cock. Ten very enjoyable minutes.

Sarah then got to have her turn. She was looking straight at me while the arrow spun around, I expect hoping my number would come up. But she spun up Eugenie. Then she got a 90% massage to give. That meant everywhere front and back except where Eugenie’s bikini would have been, if she had been wearing anything. Unlike Eugenie halkalı rus escort Sarah focussed on giving a proper massage, kneading muscles and working her was down her friend’s body to relieve tension (like that was going to happen?!) and I thought immediately that, even without any sexual connotation, I would be very happy for Sarah to massage me.

After the ten minutes Eugenie did look a bit more relaxed actually and thanked Sarah. Me next. I spun number 1 for Cheryl. This could get interesting. But then I spun only 10%. Just a head massage. As we had found when playing the game so long ago the best way to do that (though I suppose we could have found other ways) was for the person receiving the massage to sit on the edge of the bed and for the person receiving to be standing in front of them.

As soon as I began I realised that with our relative heights then put my cock waving straight in front of Cheryl’s face. I tried to bend over to get in closer but it was a bit awkward. Cheryl came up with an interesting solution. She said “This might be easier, then you can get closer.” She opened her mouth and took me inside. When I stopped what I was doing she said, with her mouth full, “Keep going!” Of course I did but massaging her head while she sucked my cock it was hard … to concentrate! Cheryl actually had me close to cumming when the buzzer went off and it was time to stop.

It was Cheryl’s turn again. I mentioned that when we had played years ago it had been suggested that, from the second round, the person giving the massage was not limited to just using their hands. I just left that for them to consider. Cheryl’s arrow stopped at 3. Sarah. They both looked a little disappointed though when the second arrow came to rest at 25%. Head and shoulders massage.

As I would have expected, since Cheryl was the most sporty and also the most fit, the massage that she gave Sarah was again very effective and almost professional. I would have paid money for a massage like that.

Eugenie’s turn again. When she spun Cheryl we were all thinking that one person was getting a bigger share of the action! But it is the luck of the spin! The massage indicator stopped at 98% which was a bit more interesting. Of the ten minutes Eugenie spent only about two minutes on Cheryl’s back before asking her to turn over. Again it was not deep tissue or much attention to muscles. More like a cross between ‘relaxation massage’ and the sort of way that some masseuses had touched me up in the past before leaning in and asking whether, for an extra $50, I would like a happy ending!

No happy ending here though. The 98% specifically excluded that triangle of Cheryl’s pussy. So Eugenie spent most of the rest of her time focussed on Cheryl’s breasts. I did wonder how much of this might have happened in South America as well. Perhaps I would find out eventually. Both girls seemed to be enjoying what was given and received though. Cheryl’s body was firm, tight, very fit. Her breasts were small but still enough for Eugenie to cup them in her hands as she rubbed Cheryl’s hard nipples and rolled them between her fingers.

I was watching intently but when I looked up I saw that Sarah was watching me instead. And now her gaze kept drifting as well between my legs where my rigid cock was showing how much I was enjoying the show.

The buzzer went and Cheryl sat up. Not as bouncy as she had been the first time she had been lying there. What we all immediately saw was the wet patch. Clearly Cheryl REALLY loved having attention given to her breasts and nipples. Store that one away in the memory. Sarah spun and her face beamed with a smile when she got me. Then we all gasped a bit when the arrow slowed and stopped on 100%. Sarah, my daughter (step-daughter) was now going to massage 100% of my body. Nowhere was off limits.

“Dad, could you lie on your front first please.” I wondered how long she would give for each side and wasn’t completely surprised when the professional deep tissue massage of my back didn’t happen. Actually It felt like less than a minute later that Sarah said “Turn over please.”

As I turned over my cock connected with her hand and, while Sarah just smiled, I heard Eugenie moan a little. The other girls were clearly watching intently. Again I didn’t get the ‘proper’ massage but Sarah ran her fingers quickly over the rest of my body. She then parted my legs and knelt between them. “Dad, you did say that from this round we could use other ways of massaging, not just our hands?”

I gulped. “That’s right.” What was she going to do??

Sarah leaned forward and cradled my balls with one hand while the other, well lubricated with the massage oil, began to stroke my cock up and down, from the base to the tip, gripping me tightly. When she said quietly “You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this!” I am not sure if the other girls heard, but I did. Head spin.

Her hand moved faster and faster. Having been the time keeper she had a good halkalı türbanlı escort sense of how long the ten minutes would last. With one minute to go I wondered if she would get me off before the buzzer went, but she had a plan. Sarah leant in further and took just the head of my cock into her mouth and began sucking, while still fondling my balls and rubbing up and down my cock. Oh yes! That worked. 30 seconds later I tried to warn her but suddenly came in her mouth, which she took without a qualm.

Clearly not her first time doing this. But I was not complaining or asking questions. I was just enjoying the amazing feeling of being jacked off then sucked to a climax by my beautiful daughter. Over my head I head Cheryl sigh, the sort of excited satisfied frustrated sigh that says more than it is possible to describe. And Eugenie, typically, called out a cheer, “Woo hoo!”

It took me a moment to get myself together to be able to sit up. When I did Sarah kissed me. I could still taste myself on her lips but that was ok. She hugged me and the feel of her naked breasts against my chest gave even my recently ‘massaged’ cock a twitch.

I needed to catch my breath for a moment. And use one of the pile of towels to dry myself off. Sarah was sitting back looking like the cat that ate the cream. Now that was an interesting metaphor to come to mind!

My spin. I looked up at Eugenie. When her number came up. At least this was being shared around a bit more. I glanced at Cheryl and she seemed very happy. Of course. Her hand was buried between her legs. Again. The massage dial barely spun and I nearly gave it another flick. But it stopped on 100% and this time Eugenie (probably being Genie) cried out “Yippee!” She leapt onto the bed, lay on her back, spread her legs wide and said with glee “I am all ready for you, Mr D!”

I had reminded the girls of the rule of the game that there was no actual sex (though some of what had already happened would, in some people’s eyes, constitute ‘sex’). If that rule had not been in place I would possibly have dived right in and plunged my cock deep into Genie’s waiting pussy. It did help that I had just cum and my body was taking a moment to re-stock, so to speak. But I decided to keep up the minimalist approach that Eugenie had shown herself when massaging both me and Cheryl.

I ran my hands very quickly over most of her body, tucked my hands under and swept them across her back. The only places I had not actually touched were her breasts and her pussy, which was topped with a flaming bush of fiery red hair! Genie giggled when I said “I thought I would get the 90% out of the way as quickly as possible so that I could … concentrate.” Less than a minute down. 9 minutes to go.

I knelt between her widespread legs and leaned forward. From this position I stroked hr breasts and teased her nipples but, positioned as I was, my cock wavered just over her pussy. Genie tried to lift her hips to make contact but I shook my head and told her to just “Lie back and enjoy the … massage.” Clearly very reluctantly she lowered her hips and let me set the pace of what would happen.

After spending a few minutes caressing her breasts I ran my hands downward. I tickled my fingers through the fire then, as her legs were so widely spread, I put both hands between Genies legs and stroked her pussy with all my fingers, using both thumbs to trap and rub her clit. She writhed in pleasure and I could feel my fingers getting wetter and wetter. I moved one hand up to rub her clit side to side then slid two of my fingers on the other hand inside her, which I began to pump in and out. I could feel the contractions as Genie’s vagina grabbed at my fingers. From her facial expressions, the wetness of her pussy and her constant cries it is also possible that she was in a ripple of multiple orgasms, though she did give one particularly loud cry and heavy shudder just before the ten minutes buzzed.

I looked up straight between Cheryl’s legs which she was holding up in a V in the air while she looked at me and rubbed her pussy furiously. Behind me I could hear the sounds of Sarah doing exactly the same thing. Despite the fact that the buzzer had gone I held my hand, cupping Genies pussy and gently stroking her inside with one finger until the sounds from before me and behind indicated that both other girls had climaxed.

We were at an important point. We had completed two rounds. I was about to ask whether that was enough when Sarah dashed past me, heading for the bathroom. “I need to pee. Nobody do anything until I get back! I don’t want to miss out what is happening next.” The other girls said similar things and disappeared. I took the opportunity for similar relief myself, though they had also drunk more beers than I had. When they returned though they all angled through the kitchen and got another. That made four. Or was it five, each? I shook my head to a silent question. I was happy to remain totally sober. I was on enough of a high with all that was happening.

Forestalling the question I had still been about to ask Cheryl spun the arrow and got me. I was immediately glad we hadn’t stopped. I was, of course, enjoying being touched by, and touching Eugenie and Sarah (especially Sarah) but I was already wondering if there was a connection tingling between me and Cheryl. We would see where that went.

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