Mr. Turtle KeyHolder Ch. 03


Monday Night ‘Checkup Appointment’

I whiled away the rest of the afternoon trying to do my homework, but couldn’t begin to concentrate, knowing my 8 o’clock nightime “Checkup Appointment” was drawing closer and closer. And in the middle of a cornfield after dark, no less! And how on earth would I even find Patti’s mom, to report in? And what on earth is a Checkup Appointment for Chastity, anyway? Is she just going to berate me some more, reminding me of my carelessness with their house-key? My dick was crying to get loose, and I had simply forgot about replacing the house key in Mr. Turtle! Is that so bad? But probably more likely, Patti’s mom is planning to inspect my caged dick. How embarrassing! Hopefully not humiliate me in some other way. What could be worse?

Homework will have to wait til I know these more important answers.

Eventually the clock-hands moved. And I made an excuse to get out for a drive, and pulled up behind Patti’s mom’s car… just in time.

“You can’t park here, Dufus! I don’t want our neighbors talking. Go park it a mile a away and walk back.”

I did as I was told.

“You’re late, dumb-ass. That will cost you.”.

And with that, she took me by the ear and pulled me into the cornfield. I think she was intentionally zig-zagging through the corn and circling in the dark and spinning me around to disorient me. By the time she stopped, my ear hurt like a son of a bitch, and when I rubbed it, she took the opportunity to hook her foot behind mine and shove me backwards onto the ground.

“Take your clothes off. All of them. Everything.”

I tried to get up to comply, but she simply pushed me back down roughly.

“That’s TWO!”

So I stayed down in the dirt and pulled off my shirt, shoes, socks, jeans & underwear, and sat there naked… to her glaring approval.

“Ok, that’s more like it. Caged as directed. Good. At least you can do something right. Too bad you cared so little about my family’s security, obviously less than you cared about getting Mr. Turtle’s key to your dick-cage so you could hop in your car and race here to jack-off. Am I right? Don’t deny it. I know everything about you young guys. So yes, you will pay for that licentious behavior, putting us in jeopardy so you could go beat your meat. Roll over onto your stomach and stretch your hands high ahead of you. And lay perfectly still. Do not move. Do not flinch.”

I heard the sound of her shucking the leaves off of a still-green corn stalk, and knew what must be coming. A farmer’s wife would know about such things. And it isn’t the first time a middle-aged female has used this tactic in hopes of changing my tune, as they say. To the tune of crying.

And she began wailing on me til indeed I could hold out no longer and started bawling, begging her to stop. I would be a good boy, I promised, but please stop.

She did stop eventually. And told me to get up. She reached inside her blouse and produced a necklace with a key on it. Pulling it over her head and long dark hair, she grabbed my nuts in her fist. Would she release me? Oh please, I hope so.

She inserted the key and turned it. An audible click told me today’s whipping was the end of it. She is forgiving me and foregoing the rest of my chastity week. Actually chastity TWO weeks! Whew. What a relief. Despite the whipping, I wanted to kiss her. And besides, she’s really quite sexy in the moonlight. I would most certainly be reliving this scene in my head in the days to cum — “days to cum”, get it?

“Fact is, Harold, bahçelievler escort I need this cage for Saturday night when Joe comes a’calling on Patti. And being the stud he is, I suspect he’s much larger than you and will need a large one like this. And I bought a new smaller one for you, honey.”….as she patted my cheek and produced a pink little cage.

“Oh please no. Please not again. It’s not fair — you’ve already punished me more than enough. Please. I can’t go two weeks in another dick-prison. Please have mercy Mrs K.”

“Maybe you could find a way to show me how contrite you are now, Harold.”

“How, Mrs K? I’m so sorry I have offended you.”

“And my daughter, don’t forget.”

“Yes, your daughter Patti, too.”

“And her father.”

“Yes, and Mr K.”

“Ok, Harold, if you really want to apologize to all of us….. and I mean passionately apologize… I will give you a chance to do so right now.”

“Yes Mrs K, anything. How would you like me to apologize?”

“You may get down on your naked-ass knees to start. Close your eyes and face straight ahead. Do not look at me.”. And with that, she walked behind me, and I heard the rustling of yet another young corn stalk.

“Oh please don’t whip me again. I can’t take it.”

“Oh you will take it, Harold. Just not in the manner you think.” She walked back in front of me and spoke tenderly. “Lean your face toward me and pucker your lips. Ready yourself for kissing. Do you like to kiss, Harold? Would you just kiss lightly, or are you the passionate type who likes to run your tongue inside the mouth, round & round your lover’s tongue? Would it be fair for a girl’s parent to test your kissing ability before letting you date their daughter? Doesn’t that seem fair to you? And might you even enjoy it, knowing their daughter carries those same genes? Likely tastes the same. And is attracted to the same things? Maybe even would like sex the same way? Would you like a chance at a parent’s sex, just to see? Would you Harold? Would you like some kissing and perhaps just a little taste of sex, even tonight?”

“Yes Mrs K. I absolutely would love to kiss you and taste your sex tonight as my act of contrition!”

“And perhaps you shall, Harold. All in due time. But first, tonight there are some preliminaries. I want your kisses wherever I tell you. Just a brief kiss, as your humble act of contrition.”

And with that, I heard her unzip her jeans. I could not wait. I would kiss her wherever she would let me. Dang. Unbelievable! Who would have ever thought a teen guy would be kissing and tasting the sex of a farm girl’s mom? Especially a mom who had just whipped him mercilessly? And now this? Dang!

“Keep your eyes closed, Harold, and knee-walk this direction, Harold. That’s it. A little farther. Good boy. Now I want you to show Patti’s father the honor due him. Kiss him right on the tip. Leave your lips there til I tell you otherwise.”

Whattttt??? But unbeknownst to me, she had placed a somewhat sizable young ear of corn inside her farm jeans, with its tip protruding in my direction.

How humiliating. I know this is not real, but still, it’s so degrading. She is making it so embarrassing. But I edged forward on my knees, in the dark, with my eyes closed. Leading with my lips…. til they made contact with the tip of his corn cock.

“Now kiss it gently Harold. Keep your eyes closed but face up while you kiss it, as if looking Patti’s father in the eye. And tell him you’re bala escort sorry — without losing contact with his cock.”

How utterly humiliating, but I did it. “Mmmr Kmmm, Immm mamm smooo msorrrimmm.”

“Well done, Harold. Now, before you leave him, why don’t you just swirl your tongue around it one time to get the idea of what happens next time you offend us.”

OMG. But I did it. Circling around the corn ear before backing away.

“Ok, to Patti next. Would you like to fuck my daughter, Harold?”

“Oh no, Mrs K. I hold Patti in the highest regard. I would never do that to your daughter.”

“Good. I’m glad to hear that, Harold. So apparently, you would get your rocks off some other way, isn’t that right, Harold?”

“Yes, I suppose so, Mrs K.”

“Ok then, Harold. You may show that to Patti right now, as if she is right here watching you — and maybe she is, you know. While you’re still on your knees, I want you to use your hands to dig in the dirt and make a bit of a hole in front of you. Perfect. Now lay forward on the ground, with your hands under you in that hole. And your hard little dick in your hands. That’s right. You might want to spit on your palms, Harold, because I want you to now show Patti how you fuck a dirty girlfriend. Nice and slow, Harold, because I’m going to help you. That way you can do penance for Patti and me at the same time.”

OMG. I can’t believe I’m obeying her. But what choice do I have? I’m in way too deep now. So I started fucking my hands in the hole… ever so slowly. And heard her move behind me, touching my buttocks as I pushed into the hole-pussy and came back up again. Her finger traced my ass. Down and back up again. She spit on my buttocks and ran her finger in and out of the saliva, as I continued fucking in the dirt.

“Ok Harold, talk to us. Apologize to Patti and me. And make it really good. Keep talking til you cum, boy.”

“Oh Patti, I’m so sorry. (As I lay fucking in the field, in and out.) I would never fuck you like this. And I will never endanger you and your family again. I promise.”

“Keep fucking, boy. In fact, when you’re withdrawing from your dirty-girl, I want you to come up enough to meet my finger… each and every time. And count for us. How many times will your asshole kiss my finger before you cum like a horny teenage boy? But remember, slowly. Very slowly.”

OMG. But I did it. I fucked into my spit-covered palms in the hole, down, and back up again. Each time she seemed to make me come up higher and higher for my anus to kiss her slimy finger…. counting as I went along. My dick got harder each time she pushed me back down with her finger slightly pushing its way inside me just enough to let me know she’s the boss tonight. Damn.

“One… Two… Three… “

“Do a good job, boy. Fuck that dirt! Show us you will never disregard our feelings… or our instructions, ever again!”

I kept fucking and counting. And she kept jamming her finger into me. Deeper. I think I was even forcing myself higher and harder onto her finger.

“Eighteen… Nineteen… Twenty…”

“Higher, Harold. Harder onto my finger. That’s it. Show us you like that, boy. You like my finger-cock, don’t you? Admit it. Say it!”

What else could I do? I was liking it.

“Yes, Mrs K. I love you finger fucking me.”

“Well maybe I was wrong, Harold. Maybe you really wanted Mr K corn-holing you. Is that it? Do you want to be corn-holed, Harold, as your contrition?”

“No, Mrs K. Please just balgat escort your finger. Thirty-six… thirty-seven… thirty-eight…”

“Ok Harold. But don’t you ever fuck-up again, or…. else.”

“Yes Mrs K. Yes. Oh shit. Yes. I’m cumming. Yes, I’m fucking cumming Mrs K. Fuck me harder with your finger-cock!”

As I lifted out one last time, she jammed it in to the hilt, forcing me down, shooting my cum deep into the dirt-hole I had dug, and all over my hands.

Mrs K bent over and layed on top of me as I lay exhausted in the field. She kissed the back of my neck as she whispered into my ear.

“Don’t you ever fuck my daughter, boy. Ever. Now lay still and be quiet and think about what you’ve just done.”


We lay there like that in the moonlit field for ten or fifteen minutes before she finally spoke.

“Ok, eat your cummies, and let’s get you into your new little pink cage. And you’ll stay locked up until at least after your date with my daughter. Mr. Turtle will have the necklace and key waiting for you afterward, like before. Just don’t screw up again. And now that you’ve fucked another girl and shot your nasty cum into her all you wanted, I think you’ll be able to hold off for a week or two, don’t you, Harold? Or perhaps you’d like to protest, and we could start tonight all over again? Would you like another whipping, Harold? And how about digging another dirt-girl hole and fucking her too? Remember my finger-cock? Would you like that again, Harold?”

“Please no, ma’am. My butt and my dick is so sore.”

So again, I had no choice. I raised up a hand to my mouth, and licked it clean. Then the other. How humiliating. And the pink cage was shortly heard to go ‘click’.

“Ok, stay laying there on your side, but move your hands away — stretch your arms out over your head. In a minute I’m going to give your little dick another chance to go into your girl, this time with your new prophylactic on. But first, I think Mr K would like a piece of ass from your girl”.

And she spat on the ear of corn before poking it in and out of the hole I had made, getting ‘himself’ some pure dirt-pussy as I lay beside ‘her’.

“Just the way you’d have liked it, huh Harold? Do you like Mr K fucking your girlfriend, Harold? He’s a dirty boy too, isn’t he?”

“Yes ma’am. Whatever you say.”

“Yes, whatever I say Harold. And I say he’s cumming now.”. And she spat into the hole again, onto the corn ear, while pushing it deeply into the ‘girl’, twisting it in the dirt before withdrawing it.

“She’s all yours again, Harold. You may roll back onto her and stick your little caged boy into your dirty girl now. Press in as far as your little pink dick can get into her. Good. Right there. Lay still. Mr K needs to get on top and wipe off his cock on you. Don’t move.”

She pressed the tip ever so slightly into my anus before she disappeared into the cornfield, calling out…

“Stay right there for 30 minutes and do as you please. And I may leave your clothes near the road. Have fun, Harold.”


Oh how long thirty minutes can seem! The feelings of my caged dick, covered with dirt and spit, and yet horny again! And ‘Mr K’s dirty slimy cock pressed into my corn-hole a bit! Dang. I cried. I had never been so humiliated.

Eventually, I got up and wandered around a good long while before finding the road. And my clothes. Dressing myself, I did the long walk-of-shame, back to my car… and returned home, now with the smaller, more constricting cage, filled with slimy soil, and no room at all for even a partial hardon.


“Where’d you go? Go meet your little Patti for some smooching?” my sister asked. Then the refrain again…

“Patti, Patti, Patti.” And playing grab-hand at my jeans.

It’s going to be a long two weeks. Dang!


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