Mrs. Armstrong


Mrs. ArmstrongI grew up in a very small town. Well, I didn’t even grow up in it, I actually had to grow up outside of town. It was a simple life for my family.Starting in our early teens, my brother and I started mowing lawns. It was a good job for us, being in school. We’d go to school and mow lawns in the evenings or weekends. When summertime rolled around, we’d do even more.The majority of our customers were older people and some small businesses. We did it for years, continuing to do the same customers over an over.My brother was older than me and soon graduated. This left the lawn mowing business to me alone. I had fewer customers by I kept it up with help from my Dad. One day we got a call from Mrs. Armstrong. I didn’t know her, but my dad told me how she owned the local washateria. Having lives outside of town, this wasn’t somewhere I’d ever visited.On the ride over to Mrs. Armstrong’s my Dad told me how this place had been there for years. The house was right next to the business. Mr. Armstrong passed away a few years ago and she continued to run the place. It was the only local place for those without washing machines to wash their clothes.When we got there, my Dad went to the house while I unloaded. The door opened after a minute. I looked over to see Mrs. Armstrong. She had dark hair and was wearing some thick glasses. In true older lady fashion, she was wearing a big Moo-moo style cover up. I could tell she was overweight, but what caught my young eye, was when she moved. Underneath that moo-moo appeared to be a pair of huge natural tits. She walked off the front porch and I could see them swaying underneath her fabric. I only got a short glimpse before she went back inside.Her yard had three parts in around the business. I was getting close to finishing and was around the backside of the house. The door opened and there was Mrs. Armstrong. She walked over to me with a tall glass of lemonade.I took it from her and looked at her. I could tell that she must have been incredibly beautiful back in her day. She had olive skin and even behind her glasses, I could see her dark eyes. I glanced down, seeing the fabric go over her massive tits. I hadn’t had a lot of experience with girls, but I knew they were well past DD territory.Mrs Armstrong told me she was glad to find me and it was nice that I was helping her. She was leaving town for a couple of months to visit family in the northeast. She had someone to run the business but needed the outside kept up. I was supposed to mow once a week and she’d pay me ahead of time. I thought this was awesome. No one around and I got paid up front.That summer I spent a lot of time working. I ended up chasing girls with my friends. My experience with women consisted of heavy petting and having the chance to finger a girl and play with her tits. She wouldn’t let me do much more but I had felt I was getting used to being with girls.The summer was coming to an end and I was going to be headed to college in the fall. I ended up turning over the mowing business to a younger friend of mine. I still had a couple of weeks left and was trying to make as much money as I could.One day my Dad told me he got a call and Mrs. Armstrong was back. She asked if I could come over the next evening. I was like artemisbet yeni giriş “For what?” He said “I don’t know. Maybe she’s going to give you a bonus or maybe she has some other work for you.”I had made plans to see my friends that evening so I figured I’d stop by and see her and then go out partying.When she opened the door, I got a shock. What a change!Mrs. Armstrong was wearing a tight red cotton wrap dress. The split in the dress went right down the middle of her huge tits. The fabric clung to them, only emphasizing their size. Down further, the dress showed her curvy hips and ass as it flowed down. She had clearly lost weight as well and she was wearing contacts instead of those thick glasses. Her face was done up with makeup and she looked beautiful. I was truly speechless.Mrs. Armstrong looked at me. She smiled. She said “Come in”I slowly came in, feeling incredibly nervous now.I took a seat on the couch. She went to her kitchen and came back with a beer for each of us. She said, “I know you’re not of age, but you deserve it for your hard work”“Thanks Mrs. Armstrong.” I said.“Oh please,. Call me Rita.”I took a few sips and smiled. I couldn’t help but stare at her. She had truly made a big transformation. I kept glancing down, looking at the fabric hugging her big tits. Her legs looked toned and the dress line was higher now that she was sitting with me. I couldn’t help but imagine if her skin was the same olive color underneath all that.She sipped a beer and looked over at me. “So, you did a wonderful job on the yard.”“Oh, not problem. My pleasure.”Mrs. Armstrong grinned. “Your pleasure? Hmm..”I was silent. Not sure what was up here. I asked “So, did you need something?”She shifted a bit on the couch and said “Oh, well yes I wanted to give you a bonus for your service.”“Oh, that’s nice. You didn’t have to do that.” I said.She smiled and said, “well, I think you deserve one.”With that she put her beer down and then put her hand on my knee. She gently slid it up my thigh.I was silent for a second. I looked down at her hand and then up at her. “Umm, what’s up here?”She giggled a bit. “Well, I was hoping I could show you how much I appreciate your help.”With that, her hand slid up my leg and gently pressed right against my crotch.I was speechless for a moment. She leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were incredibly full and soft. As she leaned in I felt her heaving tits against my chest. I felt her tongue slide to my lips. We kissed for almost a minute before we broke the kiss. She smiled at me and then I guess something came over me. I reached up and put my hand on her waist. We kissed again.Soon, I was laying on my back and she was on top of me. I could feel the full weight of her body and breasts. My hands began to roam her body. I had never felt anything so sexy before.Rita pulled back from me. She began to unbutton my shirt as she sat over me. Once open she put her hands on my bare skin, rubbing her hands over me.Rita looked at me and said “My, you’re so young. So handsome. I want to see you naked honey.”I nodded. At that point I was willing to do whatever she wanted.I stood up and took my pants off. My cock was raging and I pulled my boxers down.Rita smiled. “Come her honey.”I stepped forward and artemisbet giriş stood directly in front of her. She spread her legs and positioned herself right in front of my cock. She grabbed it with her right hand.“Oh god you’re so hard. And so thick baby.”I looked down at her as she put her lips around my cock. I had never felt anything like it.“Oh god” I moaned.I saw her full lips nearly swallow me as she began to suck my cock. She gripped the base of my cock and slid her mouth up and down me. It had only been a minute but it was too much for me.“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” I said.Rita never took her mouth off me. I began to cum, feeling it go into her hot mouth. I moaned loudly and watched her face as she took my load. I was amazed how incredible it felt.Rita slipped her mouth off me and I slid from her, and sat on the couch. Rita smiled over at me, wiping her mouth with her fingers. “My my you were fast.”“Oh, I’m sorry. It just….it just felt good.”Rita smiled and said “Oh honey, I could feel you. I knew you’d be ready. You want to go to the bedroom and have some more fun?”“Oh god yes.”I followed her to the master bedroom where a huge king size bed sat in the middle. She had candles lit around the room. She had clearly prepared.I sat on the edge of the bed. I anxiously watched her strip. Her dress came off and she stood there in a black bra and panties. I stared at her as she took the bra off. Her giant tits were now in full view. The massive heft of them hung down on the front of her body. Her nipples looked bigger than thimbles and her areola were bigger than half dollars.She slid off her panties. I could tell she had trimmed her dark bush into a nice triangle and shaved all hair from her lips.She climbed on the bed next to me. I lay next to her and we began to kiss. My hand went down to her breasts. I couldn’t believe the size and weight of it. My thumb rubbed her nipple. After some time I slid down a bit and began to lick her hard nipple. It was big and I felt her hand on my head. She said “Go slow. Enjoy.”I did exactly as she asked. She lay on her back and I took my time with each nipple, sucking, licking, kissing. She moaned softly.I slid down her body and parted her legs. She told me again, “Go slow baby. Enjoy yourself”She was already incredibly wet. I started licking her and tried to remember everything I’d read in The Joy of Sex or any other thing I’d gotten my hands on.Eventually she told me to stay on her clit. Soon she was gripping my head with her hands and moaning loudly. The next thing I knew, she was screaming “I’m cumming!”She held my head down on her hard as she grinded into my face. I could feel her body shaking around me as I made her orgasm.I slid up her body and kissed her. She smiled and said “I haven’t cum like that in years. Thank you.”We kissed some more. Then she got me on my back and straddled me.“It’s time for you to be inside me”I was nervous but by now I knew she’d take care of me.She gripped my cock and slid down on me. I immediately felt her hot, warm wetness and couldn’t believe how good it felt.She leaned over and I immediately grabbed her tits and began to suck a nipple. I had never felt such warm pleasure before. Her pussy was incredibly hot and wet, and her body radiated artemisbet güvenilirmi heat onto mine. She covered me with her warm skin as she fucked me.Rita leaned down and kissed me. I felt the full weight of her body on me. Her hips moved and grinded onto me. I knew I couldn’t last long with her. I kissed her and began to pump up into her and started to cum. I moaned loudly and felt her kiss me hard as I came, shooting inside of her.Rita laid on top of me for minutes, kissing me, touching me. My cock grew soft and she gently slid off me.She put a hand on me and began to talk to me. “Thank you. I needed that so much. I could tell you were special when I met you. I’m sorry if I was too forward. I’ve never done that before.”I smiled and said “No, it’s fine. I didn’t expect this either but that was amazing.”Rita went on “I haven’t had anyone since my husband passed. I just sort of stayed inside for the past few years. When I went away I decided to get myself together and try to seduce you.” She grinned.“Well, it worked!” I laughed.Rita kissed me more and said “Want to take a bath with me?”“Sure.”Rita drew the water while I moved some candles in. I looked at her body in the light.Her entire body was a beautiful olive tone, her body was incredibly curvy. Sure, she was much heavier than any woman I thought I’d ever be with but I got turned on just looking at her. Her massive tits almost swayed independently as she moved around. I couldn’t get over how large they were.We got in her bathtub. She laid against the back of it and I sat between her legs and lay back on her. She wrapped her arms around me as I pressed my back against her breasts.We sat there for a long time. She told me how she missed sex and was glad I came along. I told her I was sad that I had to go to college in a couple of weeks. She said she knew about that and that’s why she came on to me. In case it went wrong she knew I’d be gone.I told her I’d try to enjoy her as much as I could. She thought that was a good idea.We soon got out of the bath and went back to bed. We made out for what seemed like an hour before I went down on her again. She helped me as I licked her and brought her to orgasm. Then I got on top of her and fucked her missionary until I came inside of her again. Once again it was incredibly hot and wet inside of her.I got dressed and kissed her. I had spent almost 6 hours there with her. My friends wondered where I went that night and I had to make up a story about a family thing.I spent almost every night the rest of that summer with Mrs. Armstrong. We fucked at least twice every night. She taught me everything I needed to know about sex. I learned how to go down on a woman, how to lick and caress and how to give pleasure. We never used condoms and I loved the feeling of cumming inside of her.Once I went to college, I put the tricks I learned to good use. I ended up having a couple of flings with some college girls. I felt more confident than I ever thought I would with them.When I came back from college for the holidays, one of the first places I went was to see her. We made love twice that night. She told me she had sold the business and was moving away the next month. It was a bittersweet reunion. I saw her almost every night during the break. My friends all wanted to know where I was but I wouldn’t tell.If I have to admit it, I still love that woman for what she did for me. She taught me all about sex and how to love a woman. I miss fucking her and I search for women like her all the time. Maybe one day I can have another Mrs. Armstrong.

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