Ms. Audrey Is Soiled


Audrey blinked back hot tears of shame as she felt the gigantic penis in her rectum buck and rear with it’s unbridled male lust. Her whimpers filled the room as the other long fat cock in her mouth continued to force itself deeply down her throat, making her gag submissively. The two hairy beasts worked her between them as they fucked her ass and face in an effort to ease the soreness in their massive scrotums. As she was used, her mind drifted back two days. The day she was seduced by the Turkish plumber.

Her husband had left for work and she had decided to finally get the toilet fixed in the spare bedroom. She found a service in the yellow pages that looked like it worked fairly cheap. At heart, Audrey was a racist, pure and simple. Her husband was as white bread as they come. The “lower races”, she felt were best suited to dirty work. When she saw “Raul’s Plumbing and Repair” in the phone book, she reasoned he would be best. The battered white van had pulled up at 11:30 and, to her surprise and embarrassment, she had felt her nipples become hard beneath her sensible white blouse as the large brute emerged from the driver’s side door.

That must be Raul, she thought with some disdain.

Forcing a false smile to appear on her face, she opened the door and invited him in. She led him through the house straight to the spare bedroom. She didn’t offer him any of the coffee she was drinking or any other amenities. This creature was here to do hard labor and that’s all. She was unaware of his dark eyes taking in the sight of her fat bottom swaying slightly as she walked. Once in the bathroom, she showed him the problem and he hunkered down to take a look. Audrey could smell his pungent, manly smell next to her. She allowed her eyes to follow the shape of his body… looking down to his hard, solid ass. Excusing herself she went to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich. As she ate at the table, she could hear him in there… grunting and making all sorts of animal sounds. She found him perfectly disgusting and quite well suited for the work he did. Fixing toilets.

When the hand covered her mouth, she was abruptly brought out of her daydreaming and dropped her sandwich. It held a cloth of some kind… the fumes on it quickly forced her into unconsciousness.

Audrey zonguldak escort awoke some time later through a groggy haze. She looked around to find herself in some kind of wood-paneled room. It seemed utterly empty except for a big clock on the wall in front of her. Her arms felt a bit sore and she realized that they were raised high above her head. When she tried to lower them, they didn’t budge. She looked down at herself and was embarrassed to see her breasts bared. Where was her bra?! She looked further down and saw that her dress and…good lord, her panties… her panties were also missing! She was completely naked! She also had a very full feeling… down there… between her legs. She realized she was sitting on something, well, straddling it really. Then her eyes went wide with understanding and shock… the odd piece of furniture had some kind of thing sticking up from it and had been pushed up inside her pussy!

She shivered in fear and embarrassment before clearing her throat. “H…hello?”

The sound echoed in the little room. There was no reply. She shifted slightly atop her perch to try and find a more comfortable position, but she was actually bound in place

“Who are you? What am I doing here?”

Again, nothing. She felt very vulnerable in her current condition. Her nipples were sticking out and her pussy was exposed. Then, without warning, the seat beneath her roared to life.

Suddenly, her invaded pussy was treated to a host of dirty vibrations and pulses as the thing inside of her drove itself around in tight circles. Her nipples were as stiff and hard as diamonds. She felt herself leaking embarrassing juices all over herself down there. It just wouldn’t stop its movements inside her pussy- twisting and pulsing and making thick, angry buzzing sounds as it gorged itself on her sex. The phallic intruder bossed her little pussy around for the next ten minutes before surrendering its attack on her intimacy. As her eyes rolled back in her head in sexual frustration, she felt her little clitoris swollen and angry at its sudden isolation.

Audrey sagged in her bonds atop her sybian master and whimpered softly with the afterglow of her sexual need. Then, two men entered the tunalı escort room. One she immediately recognized as Raul, the plumber.

“Hey, bitch. You like what we do to your pussy?”

Audrey was scarlet with embarrassment. My god, she though… they’re looking at my nude body and can see that thing inside of my…

“Answer bitch!”

Raul stepped closer to her, bringing his crotch close to her face. She could see the massive length of his manhood tenting out the front of his dark pants.

“Please…” She sobbed.

“Please what, bitch?”

She wished he would quit calling her that. Such foul language always upset her, and she had never been referred to in such derogatory terms. If her arms were free she might have slapped him across the face and lectured him. As it was, her pussy submissively leaked juice down onto the Sybian.

“You want more, eh? More for your little pussy? You have to wait.”

He said something to his friend in Turkish and the two chuckled, never taking their eyes off her exposed breasts and vagina. Then, they simply left the room.

On the hour, the machinery between her legs began its next ten-minute assault on her tender opening. She rode it like a cowgirl, bucking and grunting her forced pleasure as the dildo attachment pushed in and out of her without thought. The unmerciful thing was big and had awful little rubber ridges on it that teased her labial lips as it plundered her sweet little pussy. It was so much pleasure being inflicted on the helpless woman that she thought she might faint. The one bare bulb in the room caught the fine sheen of perspiration that coated her naked skin and made her silhouette dance shamefully against the paneled walls. She was a woman at war as she sought desperately to grind her angry clitoris against the pistoning cock. Her powerful vaginal muscles sought to expel the intruder before being tamed by repeated thrusts deeply into her. Her ass was splayed open from her positioning and her anus opened and closed wickedly from the intensity of her fucking. Then… too soon for Audrey, it all came to a halt. She was burning down there with need! She needed to cum so badly. In her mind, she saw these two demons were addicting her to their tunceli escort awful sex machine. She groaned her submission, bringing her captor’s back to see her.

It only took two days with Audrey. She was a proud and decent woman who never had an indecent thought. She was a wife and mother. A member of several church organizations. And now, she had bartered her body to these perverse men for the privilege of being allowed to ride the awful Sybian to orgasms.

And that was how she found herself in her current predicament… The cock up her asshole slowed its pace as it fucked her with deep, rhythmic strokes that left her bottom pink from the slapping of his very large ball-sac. Her throat was wrapped tightly around the base of the hairy penis embedded deeply in her mouth. They fucked her for what seemed like hours. Until they began blasting their thick, gooey semen deeply into her openings. Front and back she was filled with their cream. She could feel every powerful pulse of the thick dick deep in her rear end as it ejaculated hot curds of sperm. Her mouth was filled to the point of making her cheeks bulge by the sticky jism that filled her face. The man pulled his big cock out of her mouth and slapped the stiff meat against her face repeatedly before using a wad of her hair to wipe himself clean. He gagged her with his dirty unwashed briefs and attached clothespins to her big nipples before leaving her to the mercy of the Sybian.

Audrey ground her clit against the buzzing phallus as it drove in and out. She had learned over the days just how to maneuver herself to gain that precious contact, though it forced her into humiliating positions that anyone would be shamed to witness. The sweat poured down her face and her semen crusted hair hung down limply as she drooled from her mouth and made grunting noises. At its worst she began to cum uncontrollably and released a loud fart that made both of the men laugh in the next room. But she was rewarded with an orgasm that led to another and another as she came and came and came. When she awoke from her unconscious state, she had discovered that she had also urinated on herself.

Her two new owners kept a tight reign on Audrey. They forced her to do many indecent things with both themselves and many of their male friends in exchange for her Sybian induced orgasms. She was treated to blistering spankings, enemas, gangbangs, semen baths, and much, much more. And as the days gave way to months… Audrey felt she had found her dirty little niche.

——–The End.++

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