Ms. Dana Davidson Pt. 03

Big Tits

On Sunday morning, I woke up from a deep and relaxing sleep at 10:17am. I put my hands to my eyes, sighed loudly, and said, “Was yesterday just a dream…?” As I ran my hands down my face. I closed my eyes briefly, then looked to the window and saw the dried streaks from the night before.

“I guess not,” I said to myself and made a face of disgust, realizing that I hadn’t cleaned up before falling asleep.

As I washed the window, I peered through the glass towards Dana’s and saw nothing.

I made my way downstairs in nothing but my favorite pants and proceeded to poke around the kitchen for a good 10 minutes just trying to decide what I’d have for breakfast.

“Come on, man, you just went to the store for this and now you don’t want any of it?” I said to myself with some annoyance.

I settled on frozen waffles. After they popped out of the toaster, I took them to the living to eat while watching the soccer game I had settled on from the channel guide.

I took a second to peek into the office and look out the side window facing Dana’s house. My timing was perfect as I saw her walking up her driveway toward the front door of her house. She was wearing tight leggings and a purple sports bra. My jaw went slack as I stared at the load the bra was supporting. Something told me I wasn’t the only man on the block peering out the window that morning.

Her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her forehead was glistening in the late-morning sun with sweat. I noticed the top of her bra was saturated with sweat as her upper chest also shined with dampness.

“Must’ve gone for a run or workout somewhere,” I whispered to myself, mesmerized by her very presence in my field of vision.

I snapped myself out of it as she walked through her front door.

Making my way back into the living room, I shot a quick glance at her windows but didn’t see her. I sat back down on the couch and waited for my invitation for an afternoon swim. And hopefully more…

A couple hours went by as I sat and slouched on the couch in various positions of pure Sunday morning laziness. I was physically and mentally exhausted from the last 24 hours, but I was still checking my phone every few minutes.

Not a word from Dana. Or anyone else for that matter.

I told myself it didn’t matter and I was happy to have a lazy day, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that beautiful sunshine pouring through the windows and the pool in the yard next door.

At around 2pm I let Sadie out into the back yard and sat in a patio chair just waiting, or hoping, for a greeting from my favorite mom next door. After about 20 minutes, and total silence from the other side of the fence, I took the dog back inside.

I killed the next few hours mindlessly flipping through the channels on tv and reading various news articles on my phone. Still not a word from Dana.

Later that evening as darkness fell outside, I considered how I had wasted my day with the unfulfilled expectations of a Saturday repeat and felt a nervousness creeping up inside of me.

Did she have her fun with me and now it was all over? Will I just sit around the house working for the next week and not see her again? It felt like today was the best opportunity she and I would have for some more fun and I was totally blown off.

I had a snack, took the dog out one last time, and made my way upstairs to bed.

As I entered my room, I walked to the far end of my bed near the window and pretended to look through my backpack as I peeked out in the direction of her house. Her bedroom light was on, I could see it lighting the outer edges of her thick curtains, pulled shut behind the sheer drapes I’d seen through the last couple nights.

I messed around for a few minutes more, hoping to see the curtains swing open, but no such luck. I took a shower and came back to my bed to now find that her bedroom light, along with all the other lights in her house, was now off.

I got into bed and sighed loudly. I ran through different scenarios in which I might’ve freaked her out or turned her off and I couldn’t think of anything that might’ve happened.

“Well today sucked.” I said to myself as I turned off the light.

I set the alarm on my phone for the next morning, knowing it was back to work on Monday.

_ _ _

It was 7:42am when I peeled myself out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I finished and up in there, got dressed, and made my way down to the office next to living room and opened my laptop for the first time since Friday afternoon. There were already a handful of emails to go through, but at 8:03, just a few minutes after my regular start time for the day, I got a chat message from my manager.

“Oh fuuuuccckkk,” I said under my breath as I read it.

I had forgotten to send a calendar invite on Friday for an important client meeting later Monday afternoon.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I said as I scrambled to open everyone’s calendars and make sure they were still available.

“We bonus veren siteler need to reschedule.” My manager’s next message said.

“Kelly got in touch with me this morning and said an important member of her team now has a conflict at the time picked for this, so we need to find a time tomorrow or Wednesday.” He continued. “Please check with her and remember to send the invite this time. Thanks.”

I slumped back in my chair and rubbed my eyes.

“God damn it,” I said. I did what I had to do to reschedule and kicked myself for making such a dumb mistake.

After getting everything taken care of and making sure to get to every email in my inbox right away, I sat back in my chair and looked out the window.

There she was making her out way to her BMW. She wore a long, loose, and flowing white dress with a small floral pattern. Hair down around her shoulders, sunglasses on, and a large purse hanging from her right shoulder. She opened the driver’s side door, threw the purse across to the opposite seat, and was on her way.

I watched her leave through the side window first, and then through the front window as she backed out into the street and was gone.

The rest of the day went much like the morning. My manager was clearly in a mood and I must’ve been an easy target for him to unload upon as he had already started his day and week by doing just that. It felt like a mid-summer avalanche of menial tasks and stern messages on chat.

By lunch time I was exhausted and trying my hardest to fight through the distractions the weekend had planted firmly in my brain.

I thought I’d be the king of the neighborhood on Sunday, replaying my once-in-a-lifetime Saturday afternoon and evening with Dana in her pool. Fucking her tits, sucking them, being sucked by her, and God knows what else. It was a done deal when I woke up yesterday and then…. Nothing.

I couldn’t get it out of my head. I was feeling really low about it.

I had to keep talking myself up all day, especially after the way my morning went. I had to power through the distracting fantastical images of cum-soaked tits, big lips on my dick, and her nude body in the window. On top of all of that, I kept wondering if any of it was even going to happen again!

“I thought yesterday was bad,” I said to myself, leaning far back in my chair, eyes facing the ceiling, but covered by my hands.

It was now 4pm and I sat leaning on my elbows staring at my laptop screen. I had cleared out a large backlog of tasks throughout the day and was just waiting out the clock to hit 5pm. Normally I’d be winding down and finishing by now, but I wasn’t about to let something else slip by me and have a repeat of this morning with my boss. I was motivated to get everything done that I possibly could.

At 4:23pm I saw the immaculately clean BMW pull into the driveway next door.

I perked up a bit at this pleasant but expected development. I watched Dana get out and go around the front of the car to the passenger side. As she walked around the front, I could see her incredible ass filling the lower backside of her dress, sides stretched gently against it as she walked.

She got to the back passenger seat and removed a few shopping bags, all of them looking fairly loaded up with new items.

She closed the door behind her and went into the front door of her house. Not a single look in my direction.

My hands were on my face again as I slumped forward.

“Guuuh, god damn it. This woman is killing me,” I groaned.

_ _ _

At 5:30 I finally closed my laptop and felt comfortable with signing off for the day. I was mentally drained and totally beaten down by the last 36 hours.

I decided to take Sadie on a walk through the neighborhood instead of just letting her into the backyard. I really needed to get out. The concrete path just outside our back gate and Dana’s was about 3.5 miles all the way around the neighborhood and we walked the entire stretch of it. I ran into my friend Drew’s Dad as I rounded the corned near their house about 3 blocks away and chatted with him for 5 or 10 minutes. Always great to see Dan, as he insisted we call him since high school.

I walked past Dana’s back gate and glanced at it as I made my way back toward ours and into the backyard. As I walked to the door into the kitchen, I thought I saw movement for just a second through Dana’s kitchen window at the corner of her house, but I wasn’t sure.

I went into the kitchen, took Sadie’s harness and leash off and hung them on the hook by the door. As I was walking to the refrigerator to spend another 10 or 15 minutes trying to figure out which item of food I had picked up at the store was least objectionable to me, my phone vibrated on the island behind me.

“What’s up for dinner?” A text read from a number, still unsaved, on my phone screen.

My spirits were immediately lifted and I felt a rush of adrenaline.

“Trying to figure that out right now,” I replied.

Just after sending bedava bahis it I made sure to save her number in my phone. “DD,” the newly saved contact’s name read.

“Oh, don’t worry about all of that, I’ve got it taken care of.” A new text read.

“Come through the back gate to my place at 7. Bring a bottle of wine and wear something nicer than your sweatpants,” her next text said, a winking-face emoji at the end.

I looked up at the clock which read 6:27pm in bright green numbers.

“Damn!” I said and raced upstairs to figure out what I’d wear and jump in the shower.

Luckily I had brought a nice-ish button-down shirt and my favorite pair of chinos with me from my place in the city. I threw them into the dryer to de-wrinkle and flew back upstairs to get in the shower.

At 6:49 I was dressed and ready to go, but I thought something was missing. I went across the hall at the top of the stairs into my parents’ bedroom and turned left into the master bathroom. I picked up and smell-tested each of my dad’s colognes that were on offer. Finally settling on one, I sprayed it onto my upper chest.

Now I was ready.

I went into the kitchen, took a bottle of cabernet sauvignon from the wine rack in the side of the island, and walked out the back door.

As I turned off the concrete path behind Dana’s fence, I saw that the gate was cracked open. I pushed the door and walked through, making my way up toward the backdoor leading into her kitchen. I got to that door and found that it was also cracked open.

The lights were on in the kitchen and the living room just beyond, but no sign of Dana anywhere.

I took a step inside and was punched right in the face by an incredible smell. I couldn’t identify what she was making, but I was ready for it. Most of all, I was ready for her and whatever this night had in store.

Closing the door behind me, I slid it shut a little harder than I normally would, hoping that the sound of it would alert her to my presence. Just as I turned back around, I heard high heels clicking on the tiled floor of the hallway to the left where the bathroom was. She came into view and I had to be sure to keep my jaw from falling right off of my head.

She emerged into the far corner of the kitchen wearing a low-cut, tight, green dress. Her breasts were squeezed together and pushed up high, flanked by thin straps over both shoulders. She wore a long pearl necklace that just dipped into the top of her deep cleavage, and diamond earrings hung at the sides of her face, just visible among her long, wavy locks of reddish-blonde hair.

The lower portion of the dress was tight against her thighs just below her ample hips and ended about two-thirds of the way down to her knees. I couldn’t wait to see what the view from the backside was.

She wore a seductive smile on her beautiful face. Her eyes were done in a subtle green eye shadow that accentuated her ice-blue eyes and matched the dress.

She stopped just at the entrance to the kitchen from the hall, put both hands on her hips and eyed me from head to toe, just as I was eyeing her.

I stood there wearing my favorite blue and black plaid button-down shirt, a pair of tight-fitting gray chinos, and suede boots. I was positively basking in the heat of her gaze.

“Hello there,” she said with a smile.

“Good evening,” I replied with a smirk.

“Um, you look… Incredible,” I finally managed to say.

She smiled widely and walked toward me.

“Well, thank you, young man!” She said as she moved close and hugged me.

“Oooh, you smell nice,” she said with a glance up into my eyes.

She reached down and took the bottle of wine from my hand and said, “Oh! My favorite! It’ll go well with the steaks.”

“Awesome!” I said. “It smells so good in here.”

“It’s about to taste even better,” she replied, glancing back at me as she moved toward the kitchen island.

I had to break myself from the stupor I was in, having just gotten the much-anticipated view of her dress from behind.

“Everything is ready to go, you were right on time.”

“Oh good.” I responded. “What can I help with?”

Handing me a bowl of cooked brussels sprouts, she said, “Here, take this into the dining room, its just to the left of the living room through the doorway there.” She directed me. “I’ll get everything else.”

I grabbed the bottle of wine from the counter behind me and made my way through the opening to the living room, turning left toward the dining room.

The room was relatively small and housed a beautiful oak table with six matching chairs. Two on each side and one at each end. One spot at the end of the table closest to the entryway to the room was set with a wine glass, plate, silverware, and napkin; and another at the corner of the table to the right of it was set as well.

I put the bowl of sprouts down, followed by the wine, just as she came in behind me. On a small platter, she had two NY strip steaks, cooked to perfection, a bowl deneme bonus of salad, and a bottle opener in her left hand.

As she set the platter down, I darted around behind her and pulled out the chair at the corner of the table for her.

She turned to me and said, “My, what a gentleman!” As she slid in front of me, brushing her sizeable ass against my midsection in the process.

She sat down and I began opening the wine.

I was feeling a bit nervous, considering how dejected I had felt over the last day and a half over the silence from her. I knew she could read it in my body-language.

She sat silently, watching as I uncorked the bottle and poured two larger-than-average glasses of the deep-red wine.

I sat down and faced her, glass in my hand. She was smirking at me with wild blue eyes.

“Cheers,” I said and held my glass out.

“…Cheers,” she responded quietly after a couple of seconds, staring right at me, still smirking.

“Thanks for having me,” I said. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to see you again.”

“What do you mean?” She said, a somewhat surprised look coming across her face.

“Well, I just figured you might invite me over to swim or something yesterday…” I said sheepishly, now beginning to regret even bringing this up.

She looked at me for a moment and then a large smile began to take shape on her face.

Taking a sip of wine, she brought the glass down from her lips, still smiling, and said, “Let’s eat!”

“Oh, uh, yeah,” I said. I put a steak on her plate from the platter, we served ourselves with the sprouts and salad and dug in.

By the time our plates were empty, most of the bottle of wine was as well. We were both feeling great.

I pushed my chair away from the table a bit and turned at angle to face her off to my right. My legs stretched toward the outside of the leg at the corner of the table pointing in her direction. Glancing down toward my feet, she leaned back in her chair, taking another sip of wine, then brought her eyes up and stared right at me. She was an absolute professional at building tension.

“So, you thought I’d let this whole week go by without another word” She finally spoke.

“Well, um, I just wasn’t sure,” I stammered. “I just thought it was such a nice yesterday and a Sunday, you know, that maybe, um, you’d want me to come over to swim… Or something.”

Again, she stared at me silently through her trademark smirk, her eyes burning with blue fire.

I squirmed a little in my chair under her intense gaze. The wine had taken the edge off of my nervousness, but now I was a bit embarrassed over my admission of feeling anxious about seeing her again.

“Yeah, you had a lot of fun on Saturday when we… Swam…. Didn’t you” She asked, tilting her head downward slightly but maintaining direct eye contact upwards through her long eyelashes.

“Haha, uh, yes. Yes I did,” I replied.

She finished her glass of wine with a small slip and stood up from her chair. She stepped around the corner of the table and stood before me. I brought my legs in closer to my chair and she stepped forward to stand directly in front of me.

She turned slightly to her left toward the entrance of the living room, hiked up the tight bottom of her dress on her thighs a bit and sat down on my lap. She leaned back in the direction of table, put her right arm around my shoulder, behind my neck and brought her left hand up to meet her right, intertwining her fingers over my right shoulder.

Sitting with her legs dangling off the right side of my right thigh, she looked into my eyes with a smile.

Suddenly, her expression turned into a sort of pouty face, her luscious bottom lip sticking out beneath blue puppy-dog eyes.

“Oh, my poor baby,” she said in a pouty voice. “Did he think mama was going to have her fun on Saturday and then never talk to him again?

I looked back at her first with a blank expression, and then a look of embarrassed realization.

“Did my poor, poor baby think that mama wasn’t going to want to have more fun him?” She said, a wry smile growing bigger.

“Ok, ok. I deserve this, but damn…” I said with a short laugh.

“Mama made poor baby think she was leaving him all alone in that big, dark house all week. Oh, my poor baby!” She said in a louder and more exaggerated voice.

I brought my right hand up over my eyes and couldn’t help but laugh in embarrassment. She was milking this for all it was worth.

Just then she stood up, faced me, and hiked the dress up even higher. She sat back down upon my thighs, this time straddling me. Putting both hands up over my shoulders and behind my head, she stared right at me again, still making a cute pouty face.

I broke eye contact with her to look down at my lap. I could feel her magnificent ass upon both thighs.

As my eyes went lower, I saw that her dress was almost all the way up to her hips. When I saw a small patch of red hair emerging between her legs just above my crotch, I gulped.

Looking back up, she was still staring at me.

In a lower, more sultry voice, but still teasing me mercilessly, she asked again, “Did baby think mama was going to leave him all by himself?” Now gently stroking the back of my head with her fingers.

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