Mum Needs Some Help


A simple tale of a mother and her children.

For those that are sensitive to non-American terminology. This uses British English terms and phrases. If you’re not comfortable with this please avoid reading.

For everyone else I hope you enjoy my little tale and if you do let me know how much with your votes.



It was Sunday morning and having got up fairly early I’d finished the washing and was tidying the lounge when the phone rang.

“Hello,” I said, answering the phone.

“Hi Tommy, how are you doing?” came the reply.

I immediately recognised Sam’s voice and was pleased to hear from her having not spoken for nearly four weeks. It was Samantha really, but everyone except Mum referred to my sister as Sam. I was 22 and Sam had just turned 24 so we had a lot in common, and had spent our school and college years being more like friends than siblings. I always enjoyed Sam’s company and looked forward to the time we managed to spend with each other, although due to both of our jobs it had recently become unusually difficult.

We spent some time catching up on what was happening in each other’s lives. Being only 18 months apart in age, we both had a fairly intimate knowledge of each other’s lives, including our sex lives. We rarely talk about all the gory details but we usually discussed who and when, often providing each other with some information the other didn’t know about our mutual friends.

Eventually, having caught up, Sam went quiet and there was a long lull in our conversation.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“Yeah,” then after a short pause and a big sigh she continued, “I’m just concerned about Mum. She seemed a bit depressed when I spoke to her a couple of days ago.”

“I know what you mean. I spoke to her last weekend and although she didn’t say anything she wasn’t her bubbly self.” I continued by asking, “Do you have any idea what the problem is?”

Sam paused, and I assumed that she was deciding what to say but eventually replied. “I think she’s lonely.”

“What do you mean lonely. She always seems to have lots of friends and whenever I go down she’s always either out with them or entertaining them at home.”

There was a hint of a laugh as Sam continued, “Not lacking in company, but lonely in the sense that she doesn’t have a partner.”

It took a couple of seconds for the implication to sink in. “Oh. You mean she’s lonely!” I exclaimed.

“I think Mum’s a bit like me,” Sam responded, “she gets grouchy if she has to go without sex for any length of time.”

“It’s about a day with you,” I laughed, trying to pull Sam’s leg.

“Smartass.” she replied, and then continued, “It’s been over a year since Dad left and although Mum’s ok financially and the business is doing ok, she has no-one to share the burden with or enjoy any intimacy with.”

I pondered this for a moment or two before asking, “So what can we do about it? Book an escort? Try and give a hint to one of her friends? Or something else?”

“I don’t know.” Sam replied.

“I could set her up with James or Lee. I know they both have fancied her for years. I bet either of them could sort her out.”

“A weekend of rampant sex might make her feel good for a while, but it’s not going to be a permanent solution.”

I chuckled then said, “We could perhaps get a few more guys and arrange someone to go down every weekend in shifts, so to speak.”

“Tommy! You’re not being serious.”

“I know, sorry Sis, but I just had this picture in my mind.”

Sam laughed saying, “At least she’ll not feel lonely”.

I joined in with her laughter briefly before we both returned to the seriousness of the situation.

“I tell you what Sis; I was going to get away for a week in the sun, but I don’t mind seeing if Mum wants some help and I could spend a week with her.”

Sam replied quickly, “That’s not really going to solve the problem is it!”

“Sam! What are you thinking? I’m going to go down, help out, and give Mum someone else to think about for a while. I could also check out her friends and see if I could do a bit of subtle match making. Even if I couldn’t do that I might give her some extra time to get out and meet people”

“Tommy, you couldn’t be subtle with a ball of cotton wool.”

We both laughed and finished the conversation by agreeing that I would go down and spend a week with Mum in Torquay.

I went into work the next day and rearranged the start date for my new project and booked the week after off. I also phoned Mum, who didn’t seem to be her usual calm self and although she was a little reluctant we agreed that I would come down and spend a week with her.

I called Mum a couple of times during the week and although still getting the sense that she wasn’t herself she seemed to be looking forward to my visit.


After a long week at work, Friday afternoon came and I set off down to Mum’s. The drive was uneventful and after a couple of hours I eventually pulled onto Mum’s drive.

I sarıyer escort knocked on the door and when it opened Mum had the phone to her ear and was having what seemed like a heated difference of opinion with whoever was on the other end. Mum looked at me and indicated that she had to deal with the call. I just gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and went and got my case from the car and came back in.

Mum finished her conversation with, “Well, if that’s the way you feel you can always quit!” With that she disconnected the call and seemed to be cursing under her breath.

Eventually she looked at me and with a slightly sad look on her face said, “I’m sorry you had to hear that. I’m having some problems with my cleaner.”

“That’s ok Mum, I know it can be difficult with people sometimes. I’m sure it’ll all work out.” I finished with a broad grin.

Mum seemed to welcome my portrayed optimism and returned my grin with one of her own that lit up her face. Then opened her arms and said, “Come and give your old Mum a big hug.”

I went to Mum and we hugged tightly and we kissed each other warmly on our cheeks. We eventually broke the embrace and looked at each other.

Mum looked a little weary, but still very attractive for her 45 years.

“Have you got a bit more muscular since I last saw you?” she asked.

“Maybe. I’ve just been training a bit more recently to distract myself from the stresses and strains of work.”

“It suits you Tommy. It stops you looking like a bit of a bean pole.”

“Thanks Mum. I think.” and then laughed.

Mum chuckled as well as the tension of earlier seemed to leave her.

“I’ve made some dinner. Why don’t you have a quick shower and get into something comfortable and we can eat.”

“Sounds good to me. Am I in my normal room?”

“Yes dear. There are fresh towels there and there’s plenty of hot water.”

“Ok. Give me half an hour and I should be ready for dinner.”

Mum came towards me, and with a hint of sadness in her eyes, she kissed my left cheek while running the back of her hand down my right. After releasing me she smiled and said, “It’s lovely to have you here and I’m glad we can spend more than a couple of days together.”

After this she turned and walked towards the door to the kitchen.

I went upstairs, half unpacked, showered and got changed into jeans and a tee-shirt. I then went downstairs and joined Mum in the kitchen.

I got to the kitchen doorway and looked at Mum. Her shoulders seemed slightly more stooped than normal, and although she’d changed into a dress she didn’t seem to be the vibrant woman I always recall her being.

Mum (Laura) is about 5′ 6″ and is reasonably slim and very well proportioned. Her legs are strong and more muscular than a lot of women, her hips, although not curvy, have enough of a curve to confirm her femininity. Her waist is slim and her breasts are ample but not overly big. She has a sensual look to her face with her shoulder length auburn wavy hair framing her face beautifully. He brown eyes and slightly fuller lips give her a very sensual look. This gives an overall impression of a very beautiful, athletic and sexy woman.

I entered the kitchen and Mum looked around and smiled as I joined her.

She pointed to a wine glass and said, “There’s some wine in the fridge. Help yourself, unless you want something else. Would you top me up while you’re there please?”

I grabbed her half full glass and getting the wine from the fridge topped it up, and then filled mine.

“Here you go” I said as I handed Mum her wine glass.

“Thank you darling.” She replied taking it from me.

I smiled broadly, enjoying being with her and raising my glass towards her I toasted, “Cheers. Here’s to a fun week.”

Mum smiled back and touched her glass to mine responding with, “Cheers darling. Here’s to a fun week with my baby.”

We both laughed as Mum knew I didn’t like being referred to as her baby, but I knew she was trying to be playful and let it pass as we both sipped our wine.

I helped her by getting the cutlery and condiments out and onto the table while she finished preparing dinner. We chatted idly about my work and friends until dinner was ready and then we sat and ate.

We chatted more about my and work until eventually I mentioned Sam.

Mum looked at me and smiled and said, “Sam seems to be calling me more frequently. Is everything alright with her?”

“Everything’s fine Mum. Actually she thinks that not everything is ok with you. She thinks you’ve been a bit down recently.”

“Is that why you’re here?” Mum asked looking directly into me.

I knew Mum wouldn’t be offended and said, “Yes, of course it is.” After looking back at her I added, “You know Sam and I only want the best for you.”

“Of course I do.” Then after a short pause continued, “That daughter of mine is far too perceptive,” then she gave a little smile.

“So, is everything alright?” I asked.

Mum paused as if looking sefaköy escort for something in my expression before answering. “Well as you ask, there’s nothing really wrong except I’m fed up with running the chalets all on my own. I don’t seem to have the time or energy to have some fun. There’s no fun and nobody to share the burden with and it just seems like the daily grind just goes on and on with no let up.”

“So what can you do to change that?” I asked.

“I’m not sure.” She replied, and then added, “All this stuff has to be done, but it would just be nice to share the load from time to time.”

“Has it been like this since Dad left?” I asked, knowing it would smart a bit with Mum.

Mum paused before replying, “Not at first. Initially it was a distraction from your Dad finally going after years of playing away. But the last few months it’s just been a bind and not really any fun.”

I smiled and said, “Hopefully we can have a bit of fun this week.”

Mum smiled and went back to eating.

We continued eating dinner with a little more idle chat until we were finished and then we cleared the table and filling our glasses we departed into the lounge.

Mum put the television on and after only a few minutes her phone went. It was a text message. She looked at her phone, reading the message then suddenly from nowhere Mum said, “Fuck!”

Now, Mum is not the kind of person that swears a lot so it’s fairly unusual to hear her curse like that. “What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Sadie, my cleaner has quit”.

“Oh.” I said not really understanding what the implications were.

“That means I won’t be able to spend the day with you as I’d planned. I’m going to have to go down to the chalets and clean them in the morning.”

Mum had such a sorrowful look on her face and she seemed so disappointed at not being able to spend the day with me.

Trying to brighten the mood, I said, “You know you said you wanted someone to share the load, I could come and help. We could still spend the afternoon together.” I was grinning by the time I’d finished.

Mum looked up at me and seeing my grin couldn’t help but break into a laugh herself.

“I could be your apprentice.” I laughed.

Mum laughed as well and then said, “Apprentice? I think it would be better if you were the slave.”

We laughed for a while and it was good to see her a little more relaxed and hopefully knowing the problems of tomorrow could be shared with me.

We spent the rest of the evening watching TV, sitting on the sofa cuddled into each other and generally catching up with each other. It was pleasant to feel the warmth of her against me. It was a comforting feeling for me and one that brought back memories of the many occasions when Mum and I would sit together watching TV or listening to music and simply enjoying each other’s company. It was something I always looked forward to when Mum and I were together.

Eventually the wine ran out and the TV being completely bland we decided to go to bed as there was a fair amount of work to do the next day.


The next morning I got up at 8:00am only to find Mum was already up and showered. She was wearing a pair of shorts, and a sleeveless top, with a pair of light sports shoes. He bra straps were visible, but she still looked good. I noticed that her rear, in particular, was still firm and looked really good in shorts. I was in my jeans and when Mum looked around, she gave me the once over.

“Good morning Babes,” she said.

“Morning Mum,” I replied rolling my eyes at the affectionate term.

“Did you bring any shorts with you?” She asked.

“Yeah.” I replied looking a bit puzzled.

“You’d better put them on. Firstly your jeans will get filthy and secondly you’ll be roasted.”

“Ok.” I said as I turned towards the door.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Mum asked before I left. “I’ve got some scrambled egg and I can do some bacon if you’d like.”

“Bacon and egg would be great, thanks Mum.”

“I’ll get it ready while you get changed.”

“Thanks Mum.” Then I went upstairs and changed.

When I came back downstairs Mum was serving up the bacon and eggs and had poured a couple of coffees and sat and reminded me of the routine I had done many times before. Eventually with breakfast finished and kitchen cleaned up we left the house and drove down to the small 10 chalet complex.

The first thing we did on arrival was to check what cleaning solutions and materials we were short of and we loaded our cleaning trolleys with the bedding, towels and replacement tissues, toilet rolls and other bathroom consumables.

We waited in the office and dealt with the checking out of the guests leaving. Then at 11:00am we made a start. Mum took off to one part of the complex and I went to the other end.

It took about 40 minutes per room and with 2 of my rooms with “Do not disturb” signs hanging on the door I finished just after 1:00pm and made my way back to the office and store silivri escort room, to find Mum already there.

“How many have you got left to do?” she asked.

“Two more,” I replied. “What about you?”

“All of mine are done.” She said with a little grin.

“How do you do them so fast?” I asked.

“When you do them as often as me it doesn’t take as long.”

I nodded and let my head slump.

“Don’t worry; you’ll get the hang of it.”

“I hope so; I’ve only got a week.”

We spent the lunchtime in the office doing the admin and organising the non-urgent repairs for Jack in the following week. I finished the remaining 2 rooms and then we waited for the new guests to arrive. All 8 of the empty chalets were filled and the holiday makers had been settled in. We hung around for a couple of hours and then having made sure all the tenants had what they needed we decided to head back home.

The trip back in the car was interesting as Mum hadn’t told me to bring a change of clothes, as she had. So Mum had showered and changed at the complex and I reeked of sweat. She ribbed me big time about how bad I smelled. It was a little embarrassing but it was good to see her in a light-hearted mood.

When we got home I was sent straight to the shower. Mum’s mood was playful and I could also smell how bad I smelled, and it wasn’t good. I was in the bathroom with the shower running and just finishing stripping my clothes off, when all of a sudden Mum sprang through the door with a couple of towels in her hand.

“Mum!” I explained.

Mum suddenly looked at me and realised I was stood there as naked as the day I was born.

“Oh my goodness!” she cried out, but just stood there, rooted to the spot just staring at me, with her eyes aimed unwaveringly at my genitals.

“Mum!” I exclaimed again.

She suddenly looked up at my face and going very red she realised the situation she was in and then handed me the towels allowing me to achieve some level of modesty.

“I’m sorry Babes,” she said a little sheepishly, “I heard the shower going so I thought you were already in the cubicle.”

“Do you mind if I have a little privacy?” I asked, with a smile on my face.

“Oh.” Mum suddenly said, then gathering herself she said, “I suppose so. Sorry.” and then she turned and left.

As she went through the door she had brought her hand to her mouth and her head had dropped. She looked very upset as she left.

I had my shower and eventually dressed and went down to the lounge, where Mum was sitting, listening to some music.

When I went into the lounge, Mum’s head dropped and she didn’t seem to want to look at me or talk to me. I sat down and just listened to the music, hoping Mum would overcome the embarrassment she was obviously suffering.

After about five minutes, with neither of us talking I decided I needed a drink, so I got up to head to the kitchen. Mum glanced in my direction, but kept her gaze towards the floor. I took that as an opening and said, “I’m getting a drink. Would you like one?”

She finally looked up at me and it was clear that she was crying. My heart went out to her and I asked, “Are you ok?”

Mum just nodded her head, but it was obvious she wasn’t.

I went to her and sat beside her and wrapped my arms around her. For a second I sensed she wanted to pull away, but almost immediately she suddenly fell into me sobbing.

“I’m so sorry,” she cried.

“Hey Mum. It’s no big deal. So you saw me naked. It’s not like that hasn’t happened before in our lives.”

She seemed to calm down a little and after a few seconds replied, “It’s not what I saw that really bothered me, it was what I wanted to do and nearly did that upset me.”

I decided to let her speak and didn’t say anything.

After a minute or so she continued, “I nearly did something a mother should not do with her son.”

I lightly caressed her hair as she continued with her head against my chest.

“Tommy, I’m so frustrated physically, I know I’m not thinking straight, but I can’t forgive myself for the thoughts I had. I could have ruined your life, and I couldn’t forgive myself if that happened.”

I realised that I needed to reassure her that nothing she could have thought would have ruined my life, and after what Sam had said it seemed obvious that Mum probably had had some kind of sexual thought when she’d seen me naked. I spent a few moments thinking about how best to phrase my next question. “Mum, if you had thoughts about me as a man, and not your son, you wouldn’t have ruined my life.”

I let this thought sink in before continuing. “Most boys fantasise about their mothers during their adolescence, and sometimes beyond.”

Mum seemed to calm down a little more, and then raised her head from my chest and looked at me a little quizzically then asked, “Do you mean you’ve thought about having sex with me?”

As I’d brought this subject fully into the open it was only right that I answered honestly. “Mum, you are a beautiful woman and there will be millions of men seeing you that would find you sexually attractive and want to have sex with you. Just because I’m your son doesn’t mean I’m any less of a man. You are a very beautiful woman and, yes, at times I have fantasised about having the opportunity to have sex with you.”

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