Mum, Sis and Bro. Pt. 13


Mum, Sis and Bro part 13. 10 years later.

As Beth and I watched the hearse slip and slide up the narrow road to the cemetery, the realization that Harry had gone, hit me like a sledgehammer. There hadn’t been any tears when I had found him slumped over the wheel of his tractor, or when the doctor confirmed death by a massive heart attack. Stopping the car, Beth tried to console me as the tears rolled down my cheeks. Taking strength from my Sister, Mum and Mabel my aunt, I quickly caught up with the hearse as it entered the cemetery. I found it hugely disrespectful as the hearse ground to a halt on the snow-covered small hill, its tyres spinning hopelessly. Putting the bumper of my Cadillac against the rear of the hearse, I pushed it the last few feet to the chapel. Not caring about the damage, I waved the irate undertaker away,

“Fick dich, werde das spatter sortieren.” (Fuck you, will sort that later)

Looking startled by my bad language he scuttled off to organise the coffin. Hans, 2 engineers from the marina, a business associate, myself and Jack carried the coffin into the small chapel. The chapel was completely full of Harrys friends the huge wreaths and flowers, occupied every wall and spare inch of the floor. The service was beautiful, simple and to the point, exactly as Harry would have wanted.

I had wanted us to lower the coffin into the grave manually, however, Swiss rules and regulations meant it was done electronically. After the internment, I waited as a select few of Harry’s friends scattered earth onto the coffin. I had intended to put his favourite baseball cap on the top of the casket, I just couldn’t let go of it. Putting the oil and grease stained baseball cap on my head, I watched as the grave was filled in. Ignoring the girls attempts to lead me back to the car, alone with my thoughts I gradually came to terms with losing my Grandfather, friend and mentor. Aware of Beth and Mum walking back towards me, I put my arm around their waists as we trudged towards the car.

I had stopped all work at the Marina, given all the staff a 500 CHF bonus to have a drink and meal in memory of Harry. Beth and Mum had wanted to organise a banquet in his honour, I just couldn’t face it. The week of mourning flew by, all too soon the Marina was a hive of activity. My office, the office I used to share with Harry, seemed massive and empty, the handmade desks and wooden furniture all seemed a bit pointless. Feeling lost and unsure of how to proceed or where to start, I was grateful of the interruption as Caroline walked into the office. I had employed Caroline about 4 years earlier, she was fluent in several languages and quickly became a pivotal member of the team and was now my assistant.

30 and married, Caroline was a stunning, intelligent young woman, vastly different to the girl who sold my Tag Heuer watch, that I still wear every day, in her Grandfathers pawn shop

“Don’t forget your appointment with the Lawyers at 14.00, have you looked at the reports I put on your desk? The workshop needs an answer about some boats, as does the builder, have you seen the plans, they look fantastic.”

I was very aware of the meeting this afternoon, the reading of Harry’s will. I didn’t think I had better answer the workshop about the older boats, for all I cared at that moment, they could cut them up or burn them. The plans she referred to related to an additional engineering shop, a new access road and other small improvements.

Pretending to be engrossed in a file I grunted a reply,

“It’s only 11.30, need to sort this, will speak to the builder and workshops later.”

Sensing her starting to leave, I looked up to thank her, I was more than a little surprised when she stopped at the door and locked it. Walking back towards me, she shrugged her jacket off, allowing it to fall to the floor.

“I need, this business needs you to realise that life has to continue. We all miss Harry, but everybody is looking at you, waiting for you to fill the big man’s shoes, to become the big man. How long has it been since you smiled Mike, do you think you can fool me by pretending to read a file?”

Stopping a few feet from my desk she started to strip, unzipping her skirt and kicking it off her feet she undid a few buttons on her blouse and pulled it over her head. Coming around the desk, she spun my chair around, indicating I should take her shoe’s off as she put her foot on the chair, between my legs. Taking her shoe off, I expected her to raise the other one, instead she buried her stockinged foot into my crotch, running her toes up and down my rapidly hardening cock.

“Have you forgotten how to undress a girl,” she said with a huge grin on her face.

Rolling her hold up stocking down I luxuriated in the soft skin of her thighs, repeating the process on her other leg, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. Pulling her to me, we kissed as I fumbled with her bra. Standing up she shrugged her bra off, it had sınırsız escort been 5 or 6 years since I had seen Caroline nude, although, I knew she still played with Mabel and Beth. Her eyes flashed with mischief as she stood in front of me, her generous breast’s rode high on her chest her nipples hard and proud as she posed for me. Parting her legs slightly, the scent of her arousal invaded my sense’s as my cock tented my trousers.

Leaning forward to take a nipple in my mouth as I caressed her soft breast, I suckled and grazed my teeth on her nipple. Groaning she pushed me back into the chair, pulling my cock free she licked and sucked the sensitive bell end as she stroked my shaft. Within a few minutes I felt my balls tighten and cock expand as I shot a heavy load into her mouth. Swallowing the ropes of white spunk, she barely slowed her efforts and soon I was rock hard again. As I fondled her arse and slid my fingers along the pantie clad crease of her soaking wet pussy, satisfied I was sufficiently hard, she turned and sat on my lap, kissing me deeply.

“I have to tell you Mike, I am not on the pill and am ovulating, Karl and I have been trying for a baby for 2 years. He just refuses to accept that he has a problem, refuses to get tested, preferring to blame me. I know you Fathered Mabel and Tracy’s children, will you do the same for me? I love my Husband, but I have always loved you as well, I would be proud to carry your baby. Obviously, Karl would never know, please Mike, I want a baby so bad I even thought about going into town for a one-night stand.”

“Thank you for your honesty Caroline, can you understand that I have a lot more to consider than when Ruth, Christine and Sam were born. Also, I need to check with Beth, not sure how she will feel as she has been talking about adopting a baby.”

Getting off my lap, Caroline walked towards the desk and her phone. With a massive grin on her face, she passed the phone to me. I could hear Beth’s laughter before I had the phone to my ear

“Oh, Mike you are so predictable and reliable, tell Caroline she owes me 50CHF. Enjoy yourself, will do you good to have some fun, just remember I am only loaning you to her! I have booked you into the hotel in town, see you tomorrow.”

“Why does she owe you 50CHF?”

We had a bet, I said that you wouldn’t until you had spoken with me and would probably want to think about it, that’s why she blew you before she asked.”

I bloody hated being predictable but had to smile at my sister’s perception. Looking up I saw that Caroline was dressed, I watched as she fussed with her hair and adjusted her clothes. As I put my Jacket on, Caroline picked my desk phone up and called her assistant. Sometimes I struggled with conversations, between locals, as they speak extremely fast and there casual, Slavic dialect is confusing. Within a few minutes, Katarina knocked on the door, the parts of the conversation I did catch surprised me as Caroline explained to the young girl,

“We are going to be away for 2 days on a business trip, reschedule all our appointments for this week.”

“Oh Mike, the funeral director phoned, he apologised that they hadn’t put snow chains on and wanted to know if your car had sustained any damage.” Katarina said.

Unlocking the car and starting the Auxiliary heater remotely for Caroline, I went into the workshops, to speak to Hans and the engineers. The team had grown a lot over the last few years, we now employed 15 full time engineers and another 10 in the winter months. Asking Hans to get them all together, I felt nervous and anxious, this would be the 1st real decision I had made since Harry had died.

“I am going to be away for a few days but, wanted to thank you for your support over the last few weeks. I have reached a decision on some of the older boats and would be interested in your opinion on my plans for our company over the next year.”

After about 30 minutes it was agreed that we should donate 5 small day boats to a local charity, scrap 11 others, including the 3 cigarette boats that were proving to be a liability. Needing to go to the solicitors, I asked Hans to announce further sales and acquisitions. Adding that I wanted him to prepare Cougar for sale and find out where Cougar 2 was moored.

I had been thinking of replacing my Cadillac, it was now 11 years old and had covered 390,000 Kms, about 280,000miles. As the big V8 purred into life and I engaged 4-wheel drive, I knew, I would miss it as much as I missed Harry. The traffic in town was slow due to the snowstorm, parking in the solicitor’s car park I saw Mabel, Beth and Mum getting out of a Taxi. The solicitor was a bear of a man, he had come to Switzerland with Harry, having been with him in South London for years. He had gained his Law degree and set up as Harrys and many other ex-pats solicitor. Regardless of his age and expensive suits, I was in no doubt that he was still a London gangster taksim escort at heart.

“Watcha brought the tarts with ya for son, ‘Arry’s instructions are clear, you and I got a lot to get through. My names Jack, he growled, as we shook hands.

The girls knew better than to argue and dutifully followed a secretary to an outer office. Over the next 2 hours the solicitor went through Harry’s assets in Switzerland, Germany, France and some in Canada that I knew nothing about. Expecting him to outline how the assets were to be divided, I was surprised when he phoned for cigars and coffee as he put an envelope in front of me. The envelope contained a letter from Harry, it was long and complex with advice on some of the assets and the people that controlled them on our behalf. It seemed that I was to be the sole beneficiary, with a simple request to look after Mabel and Christine. When the coffee and cigars arrived, Jack visibly relaxed and placed a large file in front of me.

“This is the other stuff, Harry asked me to give it to you, separate to the bulk of his estate. That’s me done. Harry was a good friend, I’m going to retire back to London.”

All the various documents and statements were over 30 years old, referring to drugs, gold and diamonds, I gasped as I read the perceived value, 32 years ago. As I read, I realised it was the proceeds of armed robbery and extortion, some of the documents, included photographs, I guessed they were some sort of insurance.

Pushing the file back to Jack,

“I can’t use this Jack, consider it a gift from Harry and I, for your retirement.”

Telling the girl’s, we were going to be a while, Jack asked his assistant to take them for dinner. 4 hours later, Jack countersigned my instructions, assuring me they would all be put into place over the next few days. As we were leaving, a receptionist handed me a note from Caroline.

“Taken the car, will run your mum and Mabel home, see you at the Hotel xx.”

Showing the note to Jack, he laughed.

“Fuck me son, the tart would have known a lot better than to run off with me motor, back in the day. C’mon, jump in, I will drop you off.”

Early evening traffic was busy, it took nearly an hour to drive the few miles to the Hotel giving me time to consider Harry’s will. 13 years ago, when Beth and I had stayed here for a few weeks, I was an almost skint 18-year-old. The last 10 years running the marinas had made me wealthy, but now……holy shit, Harry had made me a multimillionaire.

Jack had calculated the cash on hand was around 18 million CHF, the physical assets at least double that giving me an income of over 2 million a year. On Jack’s advice, for tax reasons, I had agreed to a guaranteed income for Mum and Mabel of 100,000 CHF a year, inflation linked for life, Beth received a 50% share of everything. Asking Jack to set trusts up for my 3 children, I agreed to a 50k initial deposit with a further 25k each yearly. Feeling happy with the arrangements, eased the discomfort of my newfound wealth.

Dropping me off at the hotel, Jack waved away my thanks and handed me his card.

“You ever need help boy, any sort of help, you give Jack a ring.”

Tucking his card into my jacket breast pocket I entered the hotel’s grand entrance, a porter directed me towards the restaurant. Caroline was at the bar nursing a drink, looking very unhappy, seeing me she burst into tears.

“I am such an idiot Mike, please don’t be angry with me, I am so sorry, I have wrecked your car”

It was all I could do to stop myself from laughing.

“Oh god is that all, I thought you had done something serious. Are you OK?”

“Yes, sprained my wrist somehow, but the car and tram that I hit, are a mess.”

“Yeah, well don’t worry. I am absolutely starving, let get a table.”

Getting in the lift after a superb meal, I pulled Caroline close and kissed her passionately as the lift rose 18 floors. Our suite was magnificent, catching myself wondering about the cost, I relaxed and grinned as I looked at the stunning creature I was with. Caroline was wearing a pale blue dress, accenting her figure to perfection. Raven black, curly hair spilled over her shoulders, 3″ heels, completed the outfit, causing her long, shapely legs to appear endless. As we looked around, room service delivered a platter of Oysters and Strawberries on a bed of ice with a bottle of Champagne. I assume Beth had ordered them for us, caught up in the moment and feeling generous, I tipped the waitress 100CHF and ordered room service breakfast for 9 am.

Kissing Caroline deeply, I subtly unzipped her dress, shrugging it off her shoulders she stepped out of it as it fell to the floor. As I reached for the front fastening of her bra, she skipped away from me. Picking up a remote from the table, closing the curtains on the large picture windows, Elton john started to sing, “candle in the wind” from hidden speakers. Putting tesettürlü escort my suit on a hanger, I watched as she swayed with the music, my cock filling and poking through my boxers as I noticed the damp patch in her panties. Getting naked, I sat in a chair and slowly stroked my length as the globes of her breasts and pink nipples were exposed to my greedy eyes. Sliding her panties slowly down her long legs I was surprised to see her pussy covered in a thick jet-black bush.

Caroline obviously remembered that I liked to watch women Masturbate, sitting on the couch opposite me, she drew her knees up to her chin and slowly parted her legs. She was soaking wet, the pubes around her sex were slick with moisture, her long pussy lips splayed apart. The dark curls of her pubes made it look like someone had shone a spotlight on the wet, pink folds of her pussy. As she ran her fingers from the crack of her arse to her clit, she pinched and rolled her nipples, causing her to throw her head back and groan. I watched intently as she strummed her clit, her other hand pushing 3 fingers deep inside her. With her excitement building, I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to taste the nectar as it ran from her, pooling on the leather couch.

Falling between her legs I moved her hands, greedily licking and sucking her nectar as I moved up to her clit. Ramming 3 fingers into her, I licked and grazed my teeth on the delicate nub of her clit. Her scream as she came, made me worry about adjoining rooms, as her pussy squirted girl cum all over my hand and face, I didn’t care about anybody else! Luxuriating in the taste and fragrance of her, I pulled her arse to the front of the sofa, with her feet around my neck, plunged balls deep into the sopping wet silky depths of her pussy. Trying desperately to control myself, I failed miserably as I banged her fast and hard as she scrabbled at her clit. I got as deep as I could and shot rope after rope of thick, sperm laden spunk deep inside her body as her pussy spasmed and bore down on me. As her second orgasm washed over her she pinned me inside her legs tight around my waist, she breathed.

“Kleine Kumpels schwimmen mein Ei treffen, eine schone creation warden”

(Swim little buddies, meet my egg, become a beautiful creation.)

Releasing me as my flaccid cock plopped out of her, I opened the champagne as Caroline propped herself up legs wide apart, pussy aimed at the ceiling. I watched the determined look on her pretty face as she held herself up with her hands on her lower back. My cock stirring as my eyes moved over her generous breasts, across her muscular stomach to the swollen, gaping, gash of her pussy. Noticing my hardening length.

“I’m sorry Mike, your 1st load is the most sperm laden, after 2 years of trying I really want to give my body every chance, maybe I could blow you and you could squirt another load into me whilst I hold my self-vertical. Pushing my semi hard cock into her mouth I was rock hard in seconds as her tongue and teeth worked their magic on my bell end. Finishing myself with a wank, I aimed my knob at her gaping hole and poured another load into her entrance.

Starting to understand her desperation for a child, I fed her some oysters and strawberries as she laid on the sofa. After about an hour she seemed satisfied that she had done all she could to get my spunk to her womb. Glugging down a glass of Champagne she positively glowed as we chatted. We made slow passionate love before falling asleep around 4am. I was awoken by a knocking on the bedroom door,

“Room service, it is 9am your breakfast is here.”

Thanking the maid, we tucked into our breakfast, I had sausage, eggs and bacon, Caroline had grilled fish. Ever the efficient assistant, Caroline went through our itinerary for the day, she had set up a meeting with a boat manufacturer for 10.30 at the hotel. The meeting was a bit pointless, I had decided that I was going to develop the marina on the far side of the lake into a leisure complex and lakeside bungalows. However, I was considering equipping the bungalows and a similar development in Germany with small boats, so was interested to hear what they could offer.

The meeting this afternoon was with the company’s newly appointed finance manager. I had never felt he was necessary, so asked Caroline to cancel the meeting. As an afterthought, I asked her to tell him I wanted a detailed report on my desk ASAP, grinning to myself.

“Give the slimy bastard something to do,” I thought.

After my morning meeting, Caroline was talking about visiting the local Zoo and Aquarium. As I looked at her long legs, the swell of her hips and bulging blouse my cock twitched and started to fill.

“Down Tiger, I need you to rest, remember its sperm I need, not pleasure and spunk.”

I opened my mouth to argue but shut it again as I realised it was pointless, she was right. The trip to the zoo and Aquarium was interesting, I hadn’t been to a zoo since I was a kid and resolved to take Beth and Ruth when I got home. Ruth would be 10 in a few months I thought, feeling guilty, as I knew I didn’t spend enough time at home, I promised myself to put more time aside for my family. My thoughts were interrupted as a flushed Caroline came from the Ladies.

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