Mum’s Church and Charity Work Ch. 02


They woke just after eight, mum kissed Jack so tenderly then said, “My cunt is still tingling from last night, I enjoyed that, let me make you hard, and we can do it again then I can make breakfast.”

Mum went down on Jack, he soon was rock hard, Jack started teasing Mum’s nipples with the head of his cock, mum loved it, she said, “You make me so hot, would you like to fuck me in the missionary position then I look you in the eyes as you fuck me?”

Mum lay on the bed with her legs wide open; Jack entered her then mum put her legs on Jack’s shoulders as he started to ride her, they could look into each other’s eyes, it also gave mum the feeling that she was being dominated, mum loved that feeling. Soon Jack was pounding her; Jack sensed that she close to the edge, he went harder and more in-depth; they both then climaxed within seconds of each other.

They showered together but didn’t dress; mum wore an apron as she cooked breakfast. Over breakfast mum told Jack that she had to attend a meeting in the Church Hall this evening, it was for a fashion show on Saturday evening, Marks and Spencer were sponsoring it, the manager lived in St Peters Wood, they would have done it yesterday, but the disco was on. They had sold just over five hundred tickets. The manager was bringing a catwalk which would mean they could get another two hundred people seated on the stage. Mum said she wouldn’t be late as space had been left for the catwalk. Mum also asked if Jack could help them next Saturday, it was on from seven until nine. Mum, May and Mags and three other ladies would do the modelling. Jack said he would help. Mum then told him that she would be modelling lingerie for thirty minutes. Jack asked if he could take pictures? Mum gave him a big kiss.

They then dressed, mum looked stunning, they arrived at the Church at ten to eleven. Mum went into the Vestry; Jack sat beside May and Mags. Just before the Service began, mum came out and read all the Church Notices for the current week, then said that there could be another two hundred tickets available, but anyone interested should call the Vicarage tomorrow morning. The Service began, at Communion Jack went to his mum for Communion, they looked each other in the eye as mum said ‘Body of Christ’ mum placed the host on Jack’s tongue, mum had I want you to fuck me again look on her face as she did it. Jack thought of mum filling his mouth last night with her cum as he had filled her’s with his.

After the Service everyone was chatting outside the Church, Jack spoke to Mags and May, they both looked good, May was a very fuckable woman. Mags was Mags; Jack enjoyed being with her. May went to talk to mum; they were both going to the meeting this evening. Mags said, ” Jack, can you come round to my place at seven, mum’s going with your mum to the meeting. When I got home last night I watched some porn; I saw a great movie with a guy with a big cock. Yours is bigger. The guy ass fucked the chick; she was a glamorous granny. The head of his cock was stimulating her G-spot as he ass fucked her. Within ten minutes she had three body-shaking orgasms, she was shaking.”

“I promised my mum that I wouldn’t have penetrative sex, that’s why you can’t finger fuck me when you’re sucking my clit, that was magic last night. I şirinevler escort can cum when we titty fuck, I can cum when you suck my tits and clit. I’ve some K-Y lube from mum’s examination room; I tried it last night with one of mum’s dildos, the dildo wasn’t as big as your cock. Can you come at seven and we can try it, I’ve got the lube, we’ll have two hours before mum gets home, will you try it with me?”

Jack replied, “I’ve never had anal, but I’ll be with you as soon as mum leaves.”

Mum invited May and Mags out for Sunday lunch at the Golf Club. Jack was sure May was flirting with him, three times over lunch, her leg brushed against him, she was sitting next to him, but Jack found it strange.

Jack and mum got home just after three; they had another session; mum did him in a reverse cowgirl position; they both loved it. Mum left at six-thirty.

Jack drove to Mags; May had left five minutes before. They went to Mags bedroom, Mags sucked Jack until he was hard, she showed him mum’s dildo, it was much smaller than Jack’s cock. Jack asked, “What does your mum use that for?”

Mags replied, “Mum gets a lot of older women with vaginal dryness, they don’t get wet, mum can make them cum with this and lube, she does this privately, Jen, Father John’s wife, does house calls, she keeps a lot of older women happy and makes much money.”

Mags showed Jack the video, Jacks cock was hard, Mags lubed his cock, she had lubed her ass, Jack bent her over an armchair, he slid inside her ass doggy style, Mags said after six thrusts, “This feels fucking amazing, the head of your cock is stimulating my G-spot, Jack, I’m close to cuming,”

Within ten minutes, Mags had come three times with body shaking orgasms. Mags said, “Mum’s at a seminar on Friday night, I’m here alone, mum will be home Saturday lunchtime, I want that again, can you see me?”

“I’ll message you.”

Jack kissed her, then he left. He showered when he got home; he was impressed with the ass fuck, he knew how he was going to fuck mum tonight. Jack had a shower; he realised that he had power in being able to give them strong orgasms by fucking them anally. He put on a nightshirt then went for a bottle of wine and two glasses; he wondered how mum was doing.

His phone beeped, he had a message from Mags, “Jack, you’re my best friend, that was fucking amazing tonight, I’ve never cum so strongly or so often in my life. I’m going to have a chat with mum tonight, I want her to put me on the pill, I’ll be a doctor in two years. If she puts me on it then on Friday, I want you to be my first cock, but I want you to ass fuck me first. Thanks for everything. I’ll let you know what happens. See you on Friday, Mags xx.”

Jack replied, “Thanks, I enjoyed it too, hope it goes well with your mum. See you on Friday xx.”

Jack’s phone beeped again, it was mum, “Darling, I’ll be home around nine, the work is done, we can get an extra three hundred chairs in, Kay Preston, the headmistress from the school, can lend us them, you may have to help with the transport of them, Babs White from the butchers will lend us a van. I will need a shower when I get home; it’s been hot, dirty work here. You have a shower too; I want to be fresh with you tonight, şirinevler elit escort we’re going to be very intimate. I can’t get you or your magnificent cock out of my head. We had a problem with Father John tonight, but I’ll tell you about that later. I love you, mum, xx.”

Jack thought that he’d better shave again, he needed to change the blade in his razor, he was looking in the bathroom cabinet, he found the razor blades and also some K-Y lube, he shaved then left the K-Y on the bedside table in mum’s room. Mum arrived at five to nine; she went straight into the shower, ten minutes later mum shouted, “Baby, I’ve washed my hair, bring me a glass of wine and one for yourself, we can chat as I dry my hair.”

Mum was at her dressing table mirror, drying her hair when Jack went into the bedroom and poured his mum a glass, he topped up his own as well. He noticed as he lay on mum’s bed that the K-Y was not in the position he had left it. Mum was naked; her massive breasts looked gorgeous. Jack removed his nightshirt and revealed his enormous rock hard cock; Jack said, “Mum, you look gorgeous, what kind of trouble did you have with Father John this evening?”

Mum looked at Jack for a couple of minutes; she was still drying her hair, then mum said, “I wanted to tell you later, it would be better if I told you now, it’s a long story, so please bear with me. Jen was twenty-nine when she married John; she saw him as a good and compassionate man. John was forty-nine, twenty years older than Jen. Jen had a University degree; she had been living with an Architect, he was with her Monday to Friday then he went home to his wife for the weekend.”

Jen was visiting her aunt in a nursing home; she was staying in a Hotel which was hosting a meeting of Vicars, she met John. John invited her to St Peters Wood. Jen was impressed with the security of the Vicarage, the critical function of John’s life. They visited each other often, they spoke two or three times daily on the phone, John asked her to marry him, and Jen accepted.”

“The Bishop married them in St Peters Church here, they went on honeymoon for a week, the only sex Jen had was when John gave her oral, he enjoyed eating cunt. Penetration came later but only on the last Saturday evening of every month. John is not well hung. Jen once told me she couldn’t feel if he was in or not. A year after they married, Paula was born. Two months after they married a young cleric was doing some training, he is the father of Paula.”

Jen doted on Paula, giving her all the security she needed. At school, Kay Preston took her under her wing. Paula is brilliant, Kay got Paula a bursary to one of the finest girl boarding schools in England, Paula is now in her second year at Oxford University, Jen is responsible for this.”

“Eight years ago, when Paula started at boarding school, John put two chairs into the Vestry, if people wanted a private conversation with they could do so there if they had a problem they could discuss it there. He put a light system in the Church, if the light was green, you could enter, if it was red, you had to wait. It was a bit like the Confessional Box in the Roman Church; people were coming on a Saturday to speak with Father John.”

“Jen was şirinevler escort doing all the work behind the scenes; she was working so hard. She was worried about her security; John was now in his sixties. The Bishop came to the Church to give a Sermon, over lunch Jen asked, with her degree could she train to be a Vicar, if so then she would be able to live in the Vicarage and look after John when he retired. The Bishop took Jen’s mobile number saying that he believed that this would be possible and he would be in touch.”

“He contacted that evening by Whatsapp, the message read, “Dear Jen, many thanks for lunch today, it was delicious, don’t be surprised if I visit you and John more often. I have given thought to you becoming a Vicar. You have now over twelve years working as a Vicar’s wife, that’s a good experience that you can’t buy. I have spoken to the Archbishop; he believes that you should be questioned on your General Knowledge of the Church’s practices and teachings. I’m prepared to do this for you. If you are successful, you could be a trainee Vicar in three months. Are you free tomorrow morning to come to the Bishop’s Palace at ten, so that I can begin your testing? I enjoyed seeing you in that beautiful mini-skirt today; you have a very nice figure. It’s effortless to send Pictures in Whatsapp; I would love some pictures to remind me of that lovely lunch. Kind regards, Peter (Your Trainer).”

“That was the start of Jen search for stability; she had an affair which fast-tracked her promotion. Then the problems started to surface from the Vestry meetings. John would come from the Vestry and spend half an hour locked in the bathroom. Then Jen started finding soiled women’s panties all over the Vicarage. John had women coming telling him their sex problems; he was taking advantage of them. If they gave him panties, he would perform cunnilingus on them; he would eat out their pussies. He also loved them to sit in their underwear at the Vestry meetings, we’re having a fucking lingerie fashion show on Saturday, and Fucking Father John wants to be there with a camera. Jack, can you think about how we can avoid this?”

They had finished the bottle of wine; mum was now lying on the bed with Jack, Jack said, “That’s a lot to take in, let me sleep on it, we’ll come up with something. I will be there on Saturday he won’t be taking any pictures. I want to love you now, mum, let’s kiss and touch.”

Jack was surprised that mum’s cunt was so wet, he used some of her cunt juice as he slid two fingers inside her ass, mum moaned with pleasure then said, “Baby, I’ve never been ass fucked with a cock before, I’d like you to be the first, please use the K-Y, how did you know that this is the intimacy I wanted from you?”

As Jack lubed mum’s ass and his cock, Jack said, “Mum, I want to be so intimate with you, I’ll give you my best shot now, I hope you enjoy it, I’m going to go inside your ass doggy style so that I can go deeper and harder, if it feels uncomfortable then tell me at once as this is your first time.”

Jack bent mum over an armchair in the bedroom, he slid his massive cock up her ass, she took the full length with the first push, on the tenth thrust mum said, “That’s so good, I love your big balls slapping against my cunt, the head of your cock is stimulating my G-spot, I’m going to cum soon. Ten minutes later mum had her third massive body-shaking orgasm, Jack then went up her cunt, fifteen minutes later they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Just before they fell asleep mum said, “I enjoyed that baby, I want that again, it’s so intimate and special.”

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