Mums Relief Ch. 03


Having pulled on my jogging bottoms and straightened my hair I decided I had best go outside and finish the lawn.

“See you when I’ve finished the lawn, Mum,” I said

“OK angel, don’t waste all your energy on the mower,” she replied with a cheeky grin.

“I won’t,” I responded.

She disappeared upstairs, but I took one last long glance at her ass as she went up the stairs two at a time. Her ass cheeks wobbled from side to side as she almost hopped up the stairs.

“Wow,” I muttered out loud as I went out the front door.

“Say how you like this model of mower,” said our next door neighbour.

“Hi,” I said “Its Ok, it gets the job done I suppose.”

“I’m gonna change mine and was looking at this model. I had looked at a ride-on but they are so Godamn expensive” he said.

“Your rite there too, this thing will do for us,” I said

“Hey what you got on your face there,” he said poking a finger at my face, near my mouth.

“Dunno,” I said as I wiped my face with the back of my hand.

It looked very much like lipstick, when I looked at my hand.

“It’s gone now,” he said, and he wondered over to his own fence, turning and giving me a friendly wave.

I continued mowing the grass and when I had done the front, I went round the side and started there. I felt the presence of another pair of eyes watching me, and furtively glanced up to see our other neighbour looking over at me. She was a widow in her late 30’s, her husband had been shot in a bank hold-up and she had never quite come to terms with her loss.

I looked up and waved at her with a smile.

“Hey you don’t fancy doing mine too do you, it badly needs cutting,” she said waving and smiling back at me.

“Maybe tomorrow I will, but I got too much to do today,” I smiled

“No problem,” she said and then added as an after thought “I could do with a big strong boy round the house like you.”

I finished off the side and went on round the back of the house. The back had big wooden panels giving extra privacy all the way round and the neighbour’s houses couldn’t overlook our garden at all. I took the mower round and the other tools and bits and pieces and filled the mower up with more petrol. I suddenly heard a tapping sound and looked up to see Mum at a bedroom window waving and smiling at me. She was wearing the same sports bra that she had on earlier and as she leaned forward to wave at me her big juicy tits almost fell out. They plumped up the front of the bra threatening to spill out of the top and they wobbled as she waved.

My cock leapt into action, and I suppose, partly because I had had the pleasure of playing with them earlier that morning, I got harder and harder in seconds.

My cock stuck out at the front of me and pushed hard against topkapı escort my briefs. I took hold of it and pretended to play with it through my trousers and briefs. She laughed and waved even more vigorously at me, and then she put her hands behind her and off came the bra.

There in all their glory, were those two humungous tits hung there, swaying at me, through the window. Her waving did nothing to stop her tits rolling in front of her and she pressed them to the glass, when she realised that they were doing their stuff to me. I shut the side gate, went in through the back door, and climbed the stairs two at a time. I burst into the back bedroom and she was already ahead of me. She stood by the side of the spare bed with both her hands cupping both tits and fingering her nipples.

I walked straight across to her and without any words I put my mouth round her right nipple and sucked it for all I was worth.

I sucked and sucked and slobbered all over it. It was a dark pink with a much darker areola standing out from the pale pink of the rest of her breast and body. It turned me on even further and I grabbed my cock as though there were no time to waste and jerked at it, pulling the skin over my cock head, in vicious strong movements.

This was ecstasy, this was magic this was everything anyone could ever want.

In what seemed like seconds I blew my load all over her belly and legs and she whimpered as she felt the splash against her. I continued sucking on her nipple and watched as her hand went into her pants and started to rub herself.

“Can we get on the bed,” I said.

She gently moved onto the bed and kept her hand in her pants. I slipped onto the bed beside her.

“Can I watch more closely how you do that,” I asked.

“Of course, but please stop chattering honey,” she replied in a whisper.

As she said that she slid her pants over her knees and kicked them off onto the floor. Her legs did a bicycle movement to get them off, but her hand never left her clit.

I moved down the bed so that my face was almost level with her hips and I had a close look at her fingers and her clit. Her pussy lips were being moved apart by her fingers as she firmly rubbed her clit. Her pussy lips were a bright red and swollen from the attention they were getting. She had a sticky juice all over her fingers which ran right round the crease of her thighs. Her other hand was tweaking her left nipple as she pulled and twisted it, far more than I had done, pulling it at least three inch’s away from her body and then kneading her tit as her hand released it. She became much more animated and she stretched out tight with her legs, pushing her toes straight out and the muscles in her thighs were taught. She was rubbing and türbanlı escort sliding over her clit with much more force and rapid movements. The noise of her fingers in the lovely sticky wetness made a gorgeous sound as she slipped and slapped her clit into submission.

She writhed in what looked like a true mixture of ecstasy and agony for the last few seconds as she reached her orgasm and she expelled a long single blast of air and spit from her mouth as she exploded. Her body and the bed shook with an incredible force as she came and she writhed and twisted with her hand working like a fanatic on her clit.

We lay in total silence except for her deep breathing which gradually subsided, and she had the occasional shudder as a single spasm would shoot through her whole body.

I lay still beside her with my hand now on her naked stomach massaging my earlier come into her skin, in absolute silence.

What I had witnessed was almost beyond my wildest imaginations.

After 10 minutes or so I stroked her belly with my right hand and kissed the top of her arm gently.

“That was some come, Mum,” I whispered in a soft voice.

“You were responsible for that, I cannot remember when I have had one of those, My legs ache fit to drop off, my tits ache, my back aches, my clit is sore, my pussy aches and I love every minute of it,” and she turned to me and laughed a girlish giggle.

She kissed my forehead and closed her eyes as she lay still on the bed.

She started to sit up and slid part way down the bed, her head level with my cock.

She looked up at me as I raised my head and wondered what was going to happen next.

She smiled that cheeky smile and ran her tongue round her ruby red lips.

“I already nearly got into trouble today because of your lipstick,” I said and laughed.

“Did you, well best make a proper job of it and do the whole thing right for a change,” she said.

She rolled over to the dresser and took a bright red lipstick and unwound it, plastering it onto her lips making them look twice as big and twice as bright.

She threw the lipstick back onto the dresser and rolled back over to me, planting her lips onto my cock end all in one movement.

She moved over to a position in between my legs and started on my cock end, taking in first of all an inch then out to the very tip and then two inch’s. She continued to do this until she had two thirds of my cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

In no time at all I was back to a full hard on and it felt even better.

She clamped her lips over my cock end about two inches down and pressed really hard with her lips. She pulled her mouth off my cock and there was a perfect circle of red lipstick all the way round my super tüyap escort hard cock. This brought me to the very edge and she grabbed the base of my cock right next to my balls and gripped it very very hard there.

It made my orgasm subside and after a brief spell she released it and went back to slipping and sliding her mouth over my cock with an expertise I had never known before.

She did this six or seven times licking my fraenulum in between each subsidence. This too was a mixture of pain and ecstasy.

She again used her fingers under my balls to get me to an even bigger high.

Just releasing and gripping as though she knew where and when, and she did!!!

My cock seemed to be at least two or three inches longer as she pulled and tugged at it.

It certainly looked as though it was a cool 9″ of rock solid cock. I have to say that at this stage I didn’t give a damn about size just the exquisite feeling that was flowing in my veins.

Then she slightly shifted her position on the bed and gently but firmly used her middle finger to circle my ass hole while still holding my balls, all with the same hand. I had never had either a girlfriend or a classmate do that to me before and it felt hot. She raised herself up slightly to one side and drove her finger into my ass while pressing firmly on my prostate from the outside.

Suddenly my prostate got a hard rub from within with a knowing finger. My cock surged, I thought my eyes and ears would explode and with the rubbing of my prostate and her soft but firm hand on my cock head I felt my load welling up in my balls.

She could feel it too and as my ball sack tightened and I gained some thickness on my cock shaft, she rubbed her fingers under my balls for all she was worth. She felt my spunk at the starting gate, it flew up my shaft with a molten hot feeling. It left the tip of my slit at 500 miles per hour and splashed out in a single stream at least two feet into the air.

I gasped and cried out and she leant back to avoid a direct contact with the first pulse which fell back onto my stomach and the bed sheets. But for the second and third she covered my cock head with her face and I got her full frontal with my next two loads. She loved it, she rubbed her face and mouth over my cock slit and lapped and slurped at every drop at it rose out of my shaft.

Her tongue dropped into my slit as if to encourage any more to come out, it did. She held it tight as it leaked its sticky last drops out of my totally purple cock end.

What a mouth, what a pair of hands and now that I had shot my load I could see her tits glistening with globules of sticky come on them. She put her lips over it and sucked for all she was worth, releasing it only when it didn’t give up any more creamy liquid.

My head flopped back onto the bed, I was totally spent, she lay beside me.

“Let’s rest a while and then see what else we can get up to today,” she said “or maybe you’re too tired for any more?”

“Like the answer to that could be ‘I’m too tired’ … as if,” I said and laughed.

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