‘Mustang Sally’

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‘Mustang Sally’I was round my sister’s house helping her to redecorate, when her neighbour popped round for a cuppa. She is a very sexy woman. Tallish, slim and has the greatest ass any man could wish for. But she is a bit of a whore. Not in a nasty way or anything like that. It’s just that she can’t say no to cock, which is how she got the nickname ‘Mustang Sally’ because everyone has had a ride.On seeing what a fine job I had done Sally asked if I would like to pop round hers sometime and help her do some decorating, escort izmit which I saw as an opportunity not to be missed. The following day I arrived a little earlier than I said I would, eager to make a start and see what was to follow. No sooner had she closed the door behind me, than she was leading me up to her bedroom and began undressing the both of us.She was sitting on the bed greedily sucking and licking all around my cock head with her legs were widely spread. I pushed her back and thrust my shaft into izmit darıca escort her pussy to the hilt in one swift motion. Already she was soaked, leaving a trail of her love juices on my more than ample cock. I was fucking her hard and fast and she was really moaning now. I could tell she was about to cum and I was close too. I could see my shaft expanding and I knew that I was about to spurt my hot fluid into her shaven cunt.As we both came in unison, I heard say that she wanted izmit rus escort me to fuck her arse. I couldn’t believe my luck. She got into a doggy position. I could see my cum dripping out of her hole. I teased her anus with his cock and as I inserted my tool into her arse I knew it would not be long before I shot my load again. I started ramming her really hard and she was begging him to fuck her harder. As the two of us fucked, pumping like crazy now, I was really close to filling her hole again.As she approached another orgasm I told her that she was a ‘dirty fucking whore’ and that I was going to shoot my load over her face. She was almost screaming when I emptied my sack into her arsehole before spinning her around, shooting big white spurts over her face and hair.

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