Mutual Attraction Ch. 04


This story continues on directly after my last story, Mutual Attraction Part 3.


The following day, as expected, our parents returned from down the coast, and they told us that our dad had been put in charge of a couple of local projects, so he would be spending more time at home for a while. This was good news for us as a family, because we would be able to see more of him for a change, but it meant that Louise and I had to keep our hands off each other, because we had agreed that we could not even look like doing anything while our parents were in the house.

Still, Louise had a way of letting me know it was not over.

Firstly, one morning, she came to breakfast in her silver satin brunch coat, which was nothing unusual, but she made sure I knew that underneath, she was wearing the pink pyjamas she had worn the night she showed me that a girl can still come after her man has already taken his pleasure. She casually leaned over the table at one stage, looking me in the eye and giving me an excellent view of her creamy, pink nippled breasts, and gave me a look that was usually accompanied by the words, “What do you think?” That’s the thing about brothers and sisters; you get to know what each other is thinking just by the look on their face.

A few nights later, as I was going to bed, I found a pair of her freshly worn, plain white cotton briefs under my pillow. I had confessed to her that I had a thing for them, a few days earlier, and after I found them, I couldn’t help wondering what my mother would have thought if she had suddenly decided to change my bed linen.

Still another time, I was lying in my bed late at night, just dropping off to sleep, and I heard the sound of soft moaning from the bathroom next to my bedroom, while she was having a bath in there. In my whole life, I had never heard her moaning as she masturbated, so it was no coincidence that she had suddenly decided to do it in the bath, next to my room. A few minutes later, as the bathtub was emptying, I heard her voice in the darkened hallway, outside my room, saying, “Did you have your ears pricked up?”

“Not just my ears,” I said into the darkness. Fortunately, our parents’ bedroom was on the other side of the house.

Finally, just before dark on a Friday night, three weeks after we had last laid hands on each other, I was sitting with my parents in the family room, watching TV, and Louise walked into the room. She was wearing a short black skirt, a cream coloured sleeveless top that showed some cleavage, and a pair of sandals. She bent down and put her hand on my face, and said, “What’s that on your face, Wayne?” as she brushed away an imaginary crumb. As her hand touched my mouth, I could smell and taste the unmistakeable flavour of fresh pussy juice on her fingers, and I gently touched her hand with my tongue to let her know I did not miss it. She stood back, maintaining eye contact, and said, “I’m going across to Fiona’s place for a bit. Do you want to come?”

“Yeah, sounds good,” I said, getting up off the couch. We both headed out the door and down the corridor towards the front door, and I heard my mother say, “They get on so well together,” and I think I heard my dad say, “She seems to be over that other galoot.”

Fiona Tarrant was an only child, who lived across the road and two doors down from Louise and me. The best way I can describe her is to say that if my sister, Louise, was the girl next door, then Fiona was the hottie from across the street. Like me, Fiona was eighteen years old, and in her last year of high school. She had turned eighteen a few months before me, and with her age being midway between Louise and mine, she got on equally well with both of us, and over the years, we had all had a lot of fun together. She had moved in across the road when we were both six years old, and we had been in the same class at school for a few years, but when high school started, her parents had sent her as a day student to a private school on the other side of town. She had made a whole new group of friends there, and most of them were stuck-up bitches, and even Fiona agreed on that, but she was nothing like that herself, in fact she was the exact opposite.

Fiona was petite. She was only about five feet tall, but she had a very curvy figure, with a lovely, well-shaped butt, heartbreakingly beautiful legs, and breasts that were not large, but full in shape, so at first glance, in proportion to her small frame, they looked bigger than they were. She had a medium complexion, big brown eyes, and her hair was very dark brown, almost black. For most of the time we had known her, she had kept her hair long, and parted in the middle, with two long pigtails down her back, but in the last year or so, she had started wearing it shoulder length, in a layered style. With her hair parted in the middle, and pigtails down her back, she used to remind me of those little Indian squaw dolls they sold in the toy store when I was a kid. Fiona shared Louise’s ucuz escort crazy sense of humour, but she was also an incredible chatterbox.

In her school uniform, consisting of a red tartan skirt and white blouse with the school crest on the breast pocket, Fiona looked like total jailbait, but one look at her driving licence would show you she was fully street legal. The girls in their final year at her school were allowed to wear panty hose under their uniforms, but the junior girls all had to wear white knee socks, so a year ago, when she was dressed for school, she looked like a walking invitation to the lockup. She had been in the same gymnastics squad as Louise for a few years, but she gave gymnastics up at seventeen, so she was pretty fit and flexible herself. She was a total honey, and my mother once referred to her as a “pocket Venus”. For the last few years, Louise’s nickname for Fiona had been “Midget”, or Midge for short.

When Fiona and I were ten, she had asked me to kiss her, behind the garden shed in her back yard. Naturally, I did, and I had kind of hoped things might go further, but they never did. You may be wondering why, if I was such good friends with this pretty little china doll sex goddess, why didn’t I make some moves on her? The best explanation I can give, is that I was very unsure of myself with girls back then, and I had known Fiona so long that I thought, if she rejected me, it would be three times as bad as rejection from any other girl. That was my excuse, anyway. Even so, when she grew into such a beautiful girl, I had the satisfaction of knowing I was probably the first guy ever to kiss her.

Louise and I had not seen much of Fiona for about a month, and we walked quickly across the street to her place. “Are you in a hurry?” I asked, and she simply said “Yep. You’ll find out why in a moment.”

When we reached Fiona’s house, instead of going to the front door like normal people, Louise led me to the electricity meter box at the side of the house, reached in, and took out a key. Then we walked to the front door, and Louise unlocked it, and we went inside.

Inside the front foyer, Louise turned to me and said, “Fiona ‘s mum and dad have gone to some kind of conference in Sydney. They won’t be back till Sunday night. She rang me from downtown. She went down straight after school, and she said she’d be home in twenty minutes. She said to come over and make ourselves at home. That gives us about fifteen minutes alone.” She raised one eyebrow.

“Here?” I asked, as I realised what she meant.

“Why not?”

“It’s not our house for a start,” I said, although it did occur to me that there were no set guidelines for what’s right and wrong where screwing your sister is concerned.

“It’s as good a place as any,” Louise said, as she walked to the couch in Fiona’s family room, and sat on the middle cushion. She lifted her legs out straight, and held her arms out to me, and I could see that under her short skirt, she was wearing some white cotton briefs. “Come to me,” she said.

I walked across to her, and she smiled and said, “You should have been able to tell from the taste of my fingers that I’ve already taken care of the foreplay, so I’m already primed for the main course. And, judging from that bulge in your jeans, it looks like you are too.”

It was true, my cock had already responded, and made the decision for me. “You’re amazing,” I said.

“Unique’ is the word I like to use,” Louise answered, “In fact, at work, Mrs Cairncross says I’m the most efficient girl they’ve ever had.”

She pulled me down to her, and kissed me on the mouth. We hadn’t done anything like this for three weeks, and I felt an urgency inside me that surprised me a little. “Now, we don’t have much time,” Louise said, with our faces almost touching, “So the key word here is ‘sprint;’ not marathon. Now come on, there are orgasms waiting to be had, here.”

Louise lifted her short skirt and I pulled down her panties, and put them close by on the couch, in case she needed to grab them in a hurry. Even though time was short, I said, “Just one second,” and I put my face down between her legs and took a quick moment to inhale the scent from her pretty little pussy. It was as exciting and arousing as always, and she looked at me and smiled, without saying anything. Then, I quickly kissed her inner lips, which were already slightly puffy. She moved down so her pussy was at the edge of the couch, and I entered her easily, even though the fit was nice and snug inside. I could feel that she was already very wet.

I started to move my cock in her pussy, just gently at first, and almost immediately, she said, “Ohhh, that’s good, Wayne, but we don’t have much time.”

“I don’t think it it’ll take long,” I answered, as I picked up the pace a little with my thrusting. It wasn’t the most comfortable position, with Louise on the couch and me bending to get my cock inside her, but then ümraniye escort she said, a little breathlessly, “We don’t want to leave any evidence here. How about I turn around and you can do me from behind?”

“Sounds good,” I said, and I pulled out. Louise got up and turned around, and knelt on the couch, with her back to me, and put her hands over the backrest. I slid my hard cock into her pouting, wet pussy, and I watched it sliding between the cheeks of her bottom. After a few strokes, I started to thrust fairly hard and moderately fast, and I heard Louise say, “That’s the way! We’re on a roll, now.”

It wasn’t long before she started to arch her back, and I heard her say, “That’s getting better, that’s getting better, Wayne. Are you far off?”

I could feel that I wouldn’t last long. The sight of her beautifully shaped backside, with my cock thrusting deep into her pussy, between those cheeks, was making me more excited than ever, and I hadn’t come for days, because I had been trying not to wank too much, just in case we got an opportunity to do this.

“You’re getting me right in my sweet spot, Wayne,” Louise said, with the strain starting in her voice, and a moment later, she bowed her head, and cried out, “I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!” Her hands gripped the backrest, and she made a long moaning sound. The sight of her having her own orgasm, and the feelings in my cock as her pussy contracted, were all it took to send me over the edge, and I orgasmed myself, as my cock spurted several times in her pussy.

As soon as I had stopped, and Louise had relaxed, she said, “No time to waste basking in the afterglow,” and she grabbed her pants from the couch beside her, and stood up.

I pulled my jeans up, and fixed my clothing, and just as Louise finished pulling her pants up, smoothing her skirt down, and giving her hair a flick, Fiona’s little Hyundai pulled into the driveway and entered the garage.

A moment later, the door from the garage to the family room opened and Fiona stepped in, casually flicked on the light switch, and said, “Hi, guys,” with a big smile.

“Hey, Midge,” Louise called, breezily, and Fiona walked over to us. She was wearing her school uniform, and she said, “What have you guys been up to?”

“Nothing, we just got here,” Louise answered. I didn’t say anything.

Fiona looked back at the doorway, and then around the room, and she said, “Why do I get the feeling like I’ve just walked in on something?”

“No idea,” Louise answered.

“Yeah, we just got here,” I added.

Fiona looked around the room, and then she looked at the television, which was off. She walked quickly, in her short-stepping way, to the kitchen, which was built off the family room in her house, and picked up the kettle in her left hand, and patted it with her right palm. She shook her head and put the kettle back, and walked back to us. She looked around the room again, and Louise said, “What are you doing, Midge?”

“Just a minute,” Fiona answered, as though she was deep in thought, and she looked at the couch. She stepped to it, and sat on each of the three cushions in turn, sitting for a moment on each one, and then she sat back in the centre cushion, where Louise and I had just fucked each other to orgasm. She looked as though she had discovered something, and she stood up, and said, “What were you guys doing just before I got here?”

“Nothing,” Louise said, although I thought I detected a little concern in her voice. My stomach was starting to get serious butterflies, “Like I said, we just got here,” Louise continued.

Fiona looked at both of us and said, “Look, I walked in here, and you’re in the dark. Okay, you just got here, so that’s fair enough.” She looked back at the television and said, “The TV’s off, so you weren’t watching TV, the kettle’s cold, so you weren’t making coffee.”

She looked, as if to see if we were paying attention, and said, “But, there’s one warm spot on the couch. Okay, so one of you might have been sitting and the other one standing,” she looked at me, “or maybe Louise was on your lap.” She had a funny smile when she said that.

Then, something seemed to occur to her, and she narrowed her eyes. She turned, and dropped to her knees, and actually sniffed the middle cushion of the couch. She stood up, and she said, simply, “Sex!”

She turned and looked back at us, and said, “Come to think of it, you’ve both got that freshly fucked look about you.” Then, the penny dropped completely, and she looked at Louise with pure astonishment on her face, and said, “Omi-god!”

She looked at me, and then back at Louise, who had turned white, and said, “Omigod, Louise, you fucked your brother!”

Then, she looked at me again, and then back at Louis, and said, “Louise, that’s dis-gust-ing! I love it!” She snapped to attention, and with a finger to her lips, and a smile on her face, she said, “Naturally, I’ll never tell üniversiteli öğrenci escort a soul.” The butterflies in my stomach had turned to a sick feeling of nausea, but hearing that was a little of a relief, but then Fiona added, “on one condition.”

I was too shocked to speak, but Louise said, “What’s the condition?” Her voice sounded flat and deflated.

“You do it again, and let me join in,” Fiona said, with a smile.

Suddenly, the idea of getting my hands on her hot little body made the back of my throat go even drier than it already was, and I looked at Louise, who looked completely astonished herself. Neither of us spoke.

“Come on guys, none of us are virgins any more,” Fiona said. She looked at me when she said that, and added, “It’s not like we’re saving ourselves for anything. Come on, this’ll be fun!”

“What do you think?” Louise asked me, over the top of Fiona’s head.

I had to swallow before I could speak. “Yeah,” I said, “sounds like a great idea.”

Fiona started to walk to the door that led to the hallway down to her room, and she said, “I’ll just go and freshen up a little, and when I get back, the three of us can start making passionate love.” She giggled, and I said, “Just one thing, Fiona.”

“What’s that?” she asked, smiling.

“Can you keep the uniform?” I asked back.

Fiona looked down at her clothing, and said with a smile, “What is it about schoolgirls?” Then, she turned and headed down the hallway.

Louise looked at me and said, “Looks like your lucky day.”

“You okay with this?” I asked.

“Put it this way,” she answered, “it’s your first time with another girl, and my first time with any girl, so it may as well be with someone who looks like Fiona, and we’ve been friends forever, so she’s right, it’ll be fun.”

A few minutes later, Fiona stepped back into the room. She was still wearing her school uniform, but was now barefoot, with no panty hose. She said, “I put on some fresh underwear, and had a quick freshen up,” giving her hips a sexy little wiggle, “but for the perverts in the room,” looking at me and smiling, “I left my uniform on. Now, where do we start?”

She walked over to Louise and me, and the three of us looked at each other for a moment, but no-one said anything. Obviously, talking about a threesome was one thing, but actually doing it was another.

“Well,” Fiona said, “somebody do something. This is not as easy as I thought.”

As usual, it was Louise who took the initiative. She stepped forward, and took hold of Fiona’s shoulders, and gently turned Fiona around to face her. With her hands still on Fiona’s little shoulders, she said, “A few minutes ago, you pointed out that Wayne and I looked ‘freshly fucked’. Well, that’s true, we are.” She paused, and looked Fiona in the eyes, and said, “But you, my little midget friend, have been slaving over a hot study desk all day, so what kind of friends would Wayne and I be, if we didn’t take you down to your room, and help you get rid of some of that built-up sexual tension?” She looked at me, and said, “You think you can help me with that?”

“I’d be glad to help an old friend,” I said, as the cold wave of excitement grew in me.

The three of us walked out into the hallway, and down to Fiona’s bedroom. I had been in there many times over the years, but never like this. We walked into the bedroom, and Fiona turned to me, pressed herself up against me, and said, “Wayne, I kept this uniform on because you asked me, but the most important thing you need to remember is, it comes off, too.” She reached up behind my neck and pulled my head down, and kissed me on the lips with her pretty mouth.

It was a soft, sexy kiss, and she broke from it, and held her face close to mine and said, “Not bad.” Then, she kissed me again, and held the kiss for a moment, opening her mouth just a little towards the end, and adding some tongue to the equation. It was a kiss that made you want more, but she drew back and said, “We’ll get back to that in a moment.”

Fiona turned to Louise, and said, “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“A couple of times, just fooling around,” Louise said, and looked over at me. I smiled. I’d never known that. “What about you?” she said to Fiona.

“Same here. Three times to be precise,” Fiona answered, “It’ll never turn me lesbian, but it was fun.”

“Shall we?” Louise asked.

“But of course,” Fiona answered.

Louise took Fiona in her arms, and they both embraced in front of me. Louise had to bend slightly to kiss Fiona, who had to look up. They kissed softly and sensually, and then they drew back from the kiss, made eye contact, and did it again. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand the effect it had on me, to watch my beautiful sister kissing this lovely, petite girl on the mouth, and to know that I was about to be part of their lovemaking. I had to swallow again, and my dick, which had started to respond when Fiona had pressed herself to me and kissed me, was now hard again.

Then, the girls broke from their kiss, and Fiona said, “You look lonely over there.” She reached out and took hold of the front of my belt, and pulled me to her, still with the other arm around Louise’s waist. Then, an idea seemed to occur to her.

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