My 18th Birthday by mr_XYZ

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My 18th Birthday by mr_XYZMy parents had thrown me a huge party when I turned eighteen. I still had to graduate from high school in May, but my birthday’s in March so I still had two months to go. Despite that, my father said I was now a man and he and my mother had a special gift for me. He told me to come to their room after I had showered that evening after the guests had left. I had two sisters. My older sister was Connie, four years older than myself, who was married and had a son of her own now. My younger sister, Amber, was four years younger than me and obviously still lived at home at the age of f******n and attended high school as a freshman.My room was located on the second floor of the two-story home we lived in on the ranch we owned in Texas. Both Connie and Amber’s rooms were located on the first floor along with my parents’ bedroom. Connie, however, didn’t live at home obviously having her own family, but she and her husband did have a house not far down the street as they shared in the joys of farming and ranching along with the rest of us.I went up and showered, putting on clean briefs and sweats, and headed downstairs to my parents’ bedroom without a shirt. I did not know what to expect and what did happen, surprised the hell out of me. I walked into my parents’ master bedroom finding them both in the King sized bed. Dad was practically naked as he only wore a pair of shorts. Mom was naked, I later found out, but had the covers over her.“Close the door, son,” Dad said to me so I did. “I know this might seem a bit bizarre, but you also know that we’re a very loving family and we share a lot of things. I don’t know if you have had the chance to have sex by now, but either way you are a man now and as a man working hard on this farm you have the right to luxuries and privileges of being a man. We both work hard on this farm and ranch and I get to come in and make love to a beautiful woman. You work hard also on this farm and ranch, but up until now you’ve not had the pleasure to find release and relax. So you now have the right to make love to your mother.”Dad pushed the covers down revealing the fact that my mother was naked underneath. I was shocked, my eyes bugging out of my head as I stood starring at my naked mother. She was 5’8” tall, bursa escort brown hair that was graying, 145 pounds, dropping breasts from having three k**s that were about 38D’s, and green eyes. Of course being a horny teenager, my cock grew hard and wanted action. I was surprised at having such an offer, but I wasn’t about to pass it up. My mother wouldn’t be my first, though. I had lost my virginity just before my sixteenth birthday to a girl had dated at the time.“Of course, I’ll be watching, but she’s all yours,” Dad said.“Cool,” I said finally finding my voice.I slipped my sweats and briefs off, my hard cock standing out proudly. I was 6’4” tall, blonde hair, 225 pounds of toned muscle and tanned skin from hot days in the Texas sun, had blue eyes, and a 7-inch long cock and just over an inch thick. I moved to the bed where my mother lay stretched out for me and my father sat next to her waiting and watching for me to have my way with my mother.My mother was a beautiful woman. My parents were always loving on each other in front of us and didn’t seem to care. I had seen my father fondle my mother many times as she only wore certain dresses around the house. Outside the home, she wore low cut blouses and slim jeans and slacks. Sometimes she wore skirts or dresses outside the home, like the times we would go to movies especially the drive-in theater. You could smell mom’s arousal from dad fondling her during the movie.I had often heard them panting and moaning early in the morning as I headed out to do my morning chores. I knew they had sex a lot, but I never had the guts to peek in on them although I desperately had wanted to see them fuck. I dreamt about it, though, and masturbated as I imagined my parents fucking. Now, here I was presented with the opportunity to fuck the woman who brought me into the world and blessings from the man who gave her the means to create me in her womb.I licked my lips in anticipation as I slowly moved to the bed, crawling on the bed, and over my mother. I ignored my father as I leaned down and kissed my mother, gently at first but when she kissed me back I shoved my tongue into her mouth and deepened it immediately. Mom kissed me back, our tongues dancing as we kissed long, hard, and deep. Mom’s arms were around my bursa escort bayan neck, her hands caressing my arms and shoulders as I put one arm over around the side of her head and the other cupped her bare buttocks.I rubbed my aching, throbbing cock against the soft skin of my mother’s stomach. My cock wanted to dive right in and drive deep and hard inside my mother, but I wanted to take my time and savor every bit of this, enjoying every minute of it as well. I moved my hand up from mom’s butt to cup a breast, squeezing gently, then teasing the taut nipple with my fingers as I continued to kiss her. I trailed kisses down mom’s jawline to her neck, nuzzling her neck for a moment and trailed kisses up to her ear.“Mama,” I whispered softly in her ear.“Son,” mom whispered back. “My son, my lover.”I kissed her quick and hard before moving down to take her right breast in my mouth. Mom moaned as I sucked hard on the breast, licked around her nipple, then sucked the nipple back into my mouth, pulling and sucking. I felt a soft, feminine hand wrap around my throbbing cock and gently begin the stroke me. I moaned as I moved to the other breast, mimicking the same motions with it as I had the right.“Make love to me, son,” Mom whispered.“Soon,” I said softly as I moved down, kissing down her stomach towards her sweet spot. I could smell mom’s sweet scent as she was obviously aroused. I breathed in deep as I slid down the bed to settle between her legs. I breathed in deep, taking my mother’s sweet, arousing scent in as I shoved my face between her pussy lips. I sucked on her clit, flicking it with my tongue, making her gasp and moan at the sudden oral assault.I moaned in pleasure as I enjoyed the sweet taste of my mother’s pussy. I shoved my tongue inside my mother’s pussy as I brought my hand up and rubbed her pussy with a couple of fingers.“Oh, Zack,” Mom cried out as she squirmed and her orgasm hit her. I moaned again as her sweet juices flooded my mouth as she shuttered through her orgasm. I kept sucking her pussy and fingering mom’s clit until her orgasm subsided, then I pulled away and moved back up between her legs. My cock was throbbing so hard and I desperately needed some relief. I didn’t even bother to ask if I needed I condom, I just pointed escort bursa my cock at my mother’s pussy and gave a hard thrust, shoving deep inside her pussy.I wasn’t surprised to find mom’s pussy quite loose and well stretched from years of being fucked by Dad as well as giving birth to three k**s. I didn’t care though, it felt great to be inside her pussy. I pounded away as I leaned over my mother, finding her mouth with mine again and we began kissing hard and deep once again.“Oh, you feel so good, son, inside my pussy,” mom whispered in between kisses.“You got a nice pussy,” I said softly as I moved down to suckle her breasts.“Fuck my pussy, son,” mom said. “Cum inside me.”I picked up the pace, pounding hard enough to hear our thighs smack as I pounded into her. I could hold back no longer and held onto her thighs as I drove into her. I began to grunt and groan as I unloaded inside my mother’s pussy. I didn’t even know if she could still have babies or not and I didn’t care. It was a willing pussy that wanted fucked and I was willing to fill that need and desire. I felt my mother’s pussy contracting as another orgasm hit her and I continued pounding away until we were both spent.I pulled out of my mom and lay down on the bed, sweaty, and breathless. Mom rolled over and took dad’s cock in her mouth. I watched as mom gave my father a blowjob and swallowed his load when he shot it down her throat. I was hard from watching this go on and was ready for more action when mom finished giving dad’s cock some relief. I got behind mom, who was still bent on all fours on the bed, and I shoved my cock back inside her wet and sloppy pussy.I began to pound away and mom leaned up to kiss dad while I fucked her pussy. I reached around her and fondled a breast with one hand and put my other hand between her legs. I found her clit and began rubbing it roughly as I fucked her pussy. Mom moaned as she and dad continued to kiss. Dad fondled her other breast as well. Mom put dad’s cock back in her mouth and began giving him another blowjob.I was really turned on, so I grabbed mom’s hips and began pounding hard once again. We were all moaning and groaning and it wasn’t long before mom erupted into another orgasm and I released another load of cum inside her pussy. Dad must’ve cum as well as I saw mom swallowing hard several times and then let dad’s soft cock fall from her mouth once again.All three of us lay down, sweating and panting. We lay there in that big bed and drifted off to sleep a short while later.

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