My 1st time anal mmf

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My 1st time anal mmfMy 1st time anal was done on me was with a bi-couple I met on Adultfriendfinder. They lived in the country in a nudist colony. That was quite an experience showing up there. C met me naked at the entrance gate. That was kind of shock but it is what it is. We had agreed to lots of oral fun & me fucking her. I got to their place, I walked in and met B, she too was naked. She was an older brunette with medium tits that sagged a bit with a shaved pussy with a little landing strip. The pics I saw before and what I saw now proved it was nice and tight. They were friendly enough and suggested I get comfortable.I took off my pants exposing my completely shaved cock and balls. My cock was semi hard as we talked a bit more. C had an unshaven pubic area with a thick stubby cock, he was a bear type. They suggested we move to the bed room. My cock was then at full erection as B laid back spreading her legs showing off her hot shaved pussy. As I had indicated how much I loved eating pussy. I laid down positioning myself between her legs & begin licking her inner thighs illegal bahis and caressing the top of her mom’s. Her pussy began to glisten, getting wet. She moaned as I made my way to her outer shaved labia with my tongue. C positioned himself between my legs taking my shaved balls in his hand and began licking my erect 6 inch shaft. He knew what he was doing. I began sliding my tongue over her wet pussy careful not to tongue her clit until she was ready her moaning & gyrating let me know I was doing a good job. As I worked her pussy C worked my cock I felt his lips slide over the head of my swollen cockhead and he began sliding them up and down my cock going deeper each time until he took me down to my balls. She and I both moaned as the sucking progressed. C squeezed my shaved balls, then licked and sucked them between slurping and swallowing my cock. I moaned as I buried my tongue in B’s hot wet pussy now tonguing her clit as she got close to cumming. I slid my tongue over her hot little tight add making her sigh and spread her legs more as I tongue her entire pussy. illegal bahis siteleri C sucked and swallowed my throbbing cock over and over. B came squirting in my mouth, which was a nice surprise. She moaned that it had been awhile since she had done that. My balls were tight and close to going off. C stopped sucking my cock as B recovered from her orgasm. C pushed my ankles toward my head folding me over. He licked my shaved balls and slid his tongue around my smooth shaved add as he did this. I had told them I loved getting rimmed, but wasn’t interested in getting fucked up my ass. B stroked my cock as C now began tonguing my ass. His strong tongue felt great on my ass, even though my add was tight he managed to penetrate it with his tongue which felt really good. He also licked and sucked my tight shaved balls like they were an ice cream cone. B then slid her lips over the head of my cock. I moaned as I felt her lips slide down to my balls as she swallowed my cock. They devoured my cock, balls and ass. I was getting close to cumming as they were master’s canlı bahis siteleri at what they were doing, they obviously had done this before. C then held me in place as B went and got something. C then began sucking my cock & B began rimming my ass, they both wanted to eat my ass. B then put something cold and wet on my asshole and spread it around. C continued to suck my cock during this. I then felt pressure on my add Before I could protest I felt it slide up my ass. It wasn’t that big or thick, about 6 inches. B slowly worked it up my ass . It felt great. She stimulated my prostate as C expertly sucked me off. I couldn’t hold back. My shaved balls exploded in C’ s mouth. He held my cock in his mouth as my cum unloaded in it. They both then shared my cum as they kissed. Getting fucked up the ass wasn’t bad at all. Of course they went easy on me since I was an anal virgin.I laid back moaning as my balls exploded. As I lay there recovering I watched C get on top of B in the missionary position. His cock was shorter that mine. About 4 inches, but thicker than mine. They fucked until B came again and C squirted his load all over B’s pussy and belly. What a great way to get fucked up the add the 1st time. A real cock.would slide up my add at another time. P’s cock was too thick for my tight ass at that time…

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