My Adopted Daughter 3


My Adopted Daughter 3Once we got back from shopping the days passed pretty normally, or at least how I figured they should have passed. Tracy, Shannon and I had made the rounds, going to art museums, resturants, and places we thought Shannon had never gone. The world seemed to be opening to her. She asked a lot of questions, never really getting inappropriate, but the words that she spoke always came back to me. What secrets did Tracy tell her were ok? Everytime I looked at either of them that is what plagued my mind.It was summer, so Shannon was not scheduled to go back to school for another five weeks, time which we had to fill with getting to know her, her getting to know us, and getting her to feel comfortable with her new home. Tracy had run through her vacation days, so on Monday, she was well gone when I woke up. I reached over searching for her, but her pillow was cold. I knew it must be late, and when I looked at the clock, my suspician was correct. It was already 10:20. I jumped out of bed, why I have no idea. I was on break as well, not scheduled to go back to the university until fall.I stepped into my jogging pants and pulled a teeshirt on and went out into the kitchen. Shannon was sitting there eating a bagel and watching cartoons.“So you found yourself something to eat, huh?”“Yeah.” Her eyes didn’t leave the television.“So what do you want to do today?”“Do we have to do anything?”“No not if you don’t want to. We can just sit by the pool if you want.”“That sounds great.” She still didn’t look away from the television. “But, oh.” She finally broke with the screen, “I don’t have a bathing suit.”For the first time in a few days I had really bad thoughts. “Well we can just lazy around here. I have plenty of reading to catch up on.”“Oh.” She looked me in the eyes. “But I mean would sitting by the pool make you happy?”“Sure. Nothing wrong with having a beer and enjoying the water and sun.”“Well lets do that. I can just lay by the pool. Can I wear one of Tracy’s suites?”“Not sure it will fit,” Ok so the devil was coming back to me, “but yeah that would be fine.”I suddenly wondered if I needed to offer sun screen to her. Strange I know, but thoughts of being racist came over me. I figured I would just have it there and see what she did. I told her were Tracy’s suits were, and got dressed, got a book, and made my way to the pool.I sat down on my chair and adjusted the umbrella so there wasn’t any sun on me, and started reading a book I had been dying to get into. I suddenly heard a splash. Shannon’s head peaked above the water, the waves she made causing a stir in the pool, and she came over, just in front or me and put her chin on concrete wall.“Tracy’s suite doesn’t really fit me.”“I’m sorry. Then why did you come out. You didn’t have to.”“Well you wanted to be by the pool.”“Shannon. Just because I want something doesn’t mean you have to do it too.”“Its fine. I don’t mind. Just don’t laugh, ok?”“Why would I laugh?”“Because it doesn’t fit me well.”“I’m sure its fine.”I went back to reading, trying not to think anything about it, and she continued to move around the pool, swimming, jumping, and generally entertaining herself like a young c***d would. Eventually she stepped out of the pool, and I looked up. I couldn’t look away. Tracy’s generous top barely contained Shannon’s humongous tits. They overflowed the top, causing even her nipples to show. She saw me looking at her.“I told you it didn’t fit.”“Its ok hun, do you want to go get a tee shirt?”“No its fine. I’m soaking wet. Do you mind if I just take this thing off?”“I’m not sure if that’s appropriate.”“Its fine. You’ve seen them before.” Before I could say anything, partly because of my shame, and partly because she moved so fast, she pulled the struggling clasp in the back and her tits fell to her stomach. I could have seen them every day of my life and still never seen anything so beautiful, but she reacted as if it was normal. She laid down on the chair right next to me, and closed her eyes. I sat transfixed on her nipples. They were hardening with the cold air, and I felt life in my shorts. She moved her hand up with her eyes still closed and pulled on her left tit, obviously for some itch. It was more than I could take. I watched as the slight motion made they move back and forth, and when she shifted her weight and they giggled, all I could think about was taking a cold shower to control myself. The pool would have to do.I walked into the pool so I wouldn’t bother her. I didn’t think I could take any more movement of her chest, and surely couldn’t take her getting close to me. I swam a few laps and then paused to take in the weather. It was warm, but not hot, and the cool water was more than a relief to the thoughts that I was having on the chair. Even with the water though it was hard to take my mind off her. Every lap brought a quick glimps of her, and that small moment bought a different sexual position and act to mind. I was leaning against the opposite wall when I suddenly felt Shannon’s presence behind me. I felt her tits against my back first, then her hands went over my eyes, “guess who?”“I have no idea.”“Shut up.” She laughed and swam away.She swam away from me, and I went after her. She seemed to enjoy the chase, and played like she was trying to get away. When I got to her I grabbed her by the waste and picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. Her stomach was pressed against my shoulder and as I walked with her there I could feel her tits slap against my back.“Let me go.”I panicked. bakırköy escort I let her down.“Ah hah, gotcha.” She moved away from me once again, but I quickly grabbed her. This time I was facing her and I had her around her waste. I was caught up in the moment, absolutely no sexual thoughts in my mind, and she suddenly moved toward my face and kissed me. I didn’t pullback. I wanted her so bad at the moment that I didn’t know what to do. When she pulled back, I didn’t move. I looked her in her eyes.“Did that make you happy?”“That makes me very happy.”She smiled and moved back to me. I felt her hand rub on my crotch.“I see your very happy.”Indeed I was. I was rock hard, and the head of my dick was well above the waist band of my shorts. I felt her hand find my head and concentrate on it. She rubbed the head of my dick for a minute or so, and then turned, grabbing my arm and pulling me to the side of the pool. Once there, she turned and kissed me, her tongue dancing in my mouth as I sat passively by. She reached for my dick once more and then grabbed the waistband of my swimming trunks and pulled them down. Then she turned around and removed her bottoms with one movement. When I paused for a second, she reached around and grabbed my dick and pulled it toward her. I allowed her to steer me, but when I paused, she pushed her ass back and pressed my cock against her opening.I didn’t need anymore of an invite. I grabbed her hips and pushed inside her pussy as I watched her hands grip the side of the pool. Her lips took me with one thrust, and I heard a soft moan as my body came against hers. It wasn’t the best position, her nearly standing and me behind her, but as the waves started forming in the pool, her noises built, and I could tell that it wasn’t just me enjoying the action. After a few minutes, she pulled away from me, in deep breathe, and then turned to face me. She wrapped her legs around me and then moved up so my dick found its home and then she rested down as I moved inside her. I hugged her to support her weight and felt her tits press against me. I walked her to the shallow end with my dick still in her and rested her against the wall. I started fucking her hard, kissing her and feeling her tits with whatever hand wasn’t supporting her weight. I felt like I could fuck her all day like that, but she didn’t seem to want to wait. She suddenly began to thrash about the pool, her hands slapping the top of the water and small screams coming from her mouth. When it was over, she was jello in my hands as I still fucked her.I pulled her back and she gripped her legs around my body and I walked her out of the pool. Still inside her, I continued to fuck her as I laid her on the chair. I pulled her legs apart and dove down on her pussy with my rock hard cock and again she started to cum. As I fucked her harder, the movement of her tits made me even more hornier. When she reached up and cupped her tits with her hands, that was all it took. I grabbed one of her tits in my hand and pounded into her. I felt myself suddenly release, and with each surge into her, I felt her whole body contract. She bucked with my spurts, and when I finally came to a rest, she looked up at me and smiled.“That was amazing. I could feel it everytime you shot inside me.”“I cant believe I just did that.”“Don’t worry. Tracy put me on the pill last week.”And that’s how it was. I moved over and laid down on my chair, and I watched as she inched up on hers and explored her fucked out pussy with her finger. I would have liked to keep watching, but sleep overcame me and before I knew it was I having dreams of Shannon running through the woods.I awoke with a splash and Shannon telling me that I was missing out. I don’t know how much time had elapsed, but she was as giddy as a school girl, splashing around in the pool and screaming for me to get in. I walked into the pool and she told me it was time to play marco polo. She kissed me shortly and then said, “Close your eyes and count to 30 under water.” I complied. When I went under I opened my eyes and saw her pussy and pubic hard in the water. I moved my gaze up and saw her tits floating in the water, her perk nipples seemingly dancing as she moved sideways and her tits swayed with the current.I popped my head above water. “Thirty. Marco.”“Polo.” I could tell right where she was, but I moved the opposite direction.“Marco.” There was no response. I peeked and saw she was swimming. I repeated my call, and watched as she moved to surface. I closed my eyes and once against repeated it.“Polo.”I moved toward her, but again I heard a splash as she went under. I opened my eyes and watched her swim right up to me. She grabbed my thigh and with one movement under the water put my hard dick in her mouth. I didn’t feel the need to shout marco. Then she released me and pushed my thighs with her legs and shot away.When she popped up, I shouted “Marco” to make the game fun. I moved to the shallow end, and she said “polo” almost two feet behind me and then another splash. I watched as she swam around the front of me and moved her ass against me. I watched as she parted her ass with her hands and pushed back against me. My cock was not pushing against her asshole, her still underwater, and before I could even move to grab her, she reached back and pulled my cock into her ass by pulling on my thighs.When she pulled her head above water. I shouted, “I got you.”“You do. Now fuck my ass.”I was already a few inches into her ass and she beşiktaş escort didn’t seem to break stride. When I pushed into her, she merely reached back and seemed to want me to get more inside her. When I was finally all the way inside her, she released my hips and braced herself against the side of the pool. Fucking her ass in the water was difficult, but it seemed the water provided a good amount of lubrication. I tried to control the movement and finally reached around her and grabber her huge tits as handles and started fucking her. She grunted with my movements, but kept egging me on, telling me to fuck her ass, squeeze her tits. She told me how much she wanted my load deep in her ass, and I wondered where this woman came from and where the innocent little girl went that was playing a few moments ago. Finally she turned to me and told me that we should get on the stairs so she could really feel “my hard cock.”I withdrew and pushed her toward the stairs. When she reached the stairs I pushed her up one more and then with one movement pushed my dick all the way back inside her. She grunted with the force, but I didn’t give a shit. I wanted to fuck the hell out of her ass, and nothing was going to stop me. I slammed into her ass, and she responded with moans and noises I had never heard come out of a woman. She begged for my cum in her ass, told me to abuse her ass and squeeze her tits until she cried. With all the talk it didn’t take me long. I pushed in one last time, and let loose inside her bowels. I heard her moan as I came, and when I released a second and third shot inside her I felt her body contract around the surge.The rest of the day was a blur. I went inside and ate a sandwich and Shannon seemed to find her own way. By the time Tracy got home, it was all normal. Shannon in her room, me in our bedroom reading a book.“So how was your day?”“Great. Didn’t do anything. Just relaxed in and around the pool.”“What did Shannon do?”“She swam for a while. Sorry she used your suite, but she desperately needs one of her own. Yours just didn’t work.”“Holy god. I bet that was a sight. How did she get any of those things in my little suite?”“She didn’t really. I told her she should put a shirt on over it.”“Oh Mark, you probably gave her a complex.”“No she was fine with it, plus I couldn’t let her run around with just that. I didn’t cover up much.”“Her boobs are enormous aren’t they?”“Yeah. I thoughts yours were huge.”“Easy there fella. These aren’t big enough for you?” She was changing and when she said that she turned to me and cupped her breasts and giggled them for me.She did have great tits, but Shannon’s were just huge. I had never seen or felt anything near them. Tracy had turned around and continued to get undressed. I got out of bed and got right behind her, then reached around and grabbed her tits just as she righted herself from stepping out of her panties.“These are plenty big.”“They better be.” The tone of her voice had changed, and I knew from the past and the feel of her body that she had closed her eyes. “That feels good.”I lifted them and her back straightened. I took her nipples between my fingers and felt them harden.“They aren’t only big, they are amazing.”She reached back and put her hands on my boxers. She rubbed on my dick for a few moments and then reached inside the hole.“Looks like someone is awake. We haven’t fucked in over a week.”“That can change.”She turned around and acted like she was going to kiss me. Then she dropped to her knees and pulled my dick out, put it in her mouth, and suctioned onto my cock in one fluid movement. I didn’t resist. She sucked on my semi hard cock until it stiffened and as she did she rubbed her hands up my stomach and then around to my back. Her head was bobbing at a pretty good rate when she moved her hands down my back onto my ass and then pulled my boxers down. When she did, the band pulled my dick out of her mouth and once over the shaft, my dick popped back and hit her under her chin. She lowered herself to pull my boxers all the way to the floor and then when she came up she took my balls into her mouth and hummed. The feeling was amazing. For all our problems in the bedroom, she could always give a great blowjob, the select few times she did.This was definitely no exception, but she stopped and stood in front of me. She went to kiss me and then pulled back and laughed, and with a dancer like move, turned around, bent over, reaching out and grabbing the dresser with her arms extended, and looked back at me and smirked.We always talked too much in bed, so I didn’t worry about what she wanted, it seemed pretty clear, and at the moment I just wanted to fuck. I didn’t care if she got off, I just wanted to use her ass. I grabbed her ass and with one movement, put my entire dick in her pussy. She didn’t grunt like Shannon, she screeched. She tried to turn around, but I reached down and pushed her face forward. I fucked her hard and slapped her ass hard. Red marks built on her cheeks, but she didn’t stop me, didn’t even try to slow down. As my thrust built in force and speed, she pushed back against me harder. She wanted it bad. After a while she moved forward and I came out of her, she looked me in the eyes as she passed me and sat down on the bed, leaned back and spread her lets wide in the air. I didn’t ask her what she wanted, didn’t pause or sit there thinking about how she would cum. I just walked over to her stood between her legs and grabbed her tit.“Now you want this beylikdüzü escort dick, but if I give it to you, you cant say no or stop me.”I didn’t wait for her response. I just pushed my dick into her soaked pussy and heard a faint “yes” as I reached bottom. I started fucking her hard, making slapping sounds and the noises grew every time I was completely in her. Several times she tried to push me away with her hand, but each time I slapped it away, and she playfully let it go. I fucked her hard and abused her pussy. I didn’t care that she was my wife nor did I treat her like I cared if I was hurting her. Eventually her hands were resting against my stomach trying to push me away perminently. That’s when she came. Her hands went over her head and she grabbed the sheets. She didn’t make a sound, but her back arched and her body suddenly when numb.I reached down and pulled out of her. She seemed relieved. She tried to reach my dick with her had, and she started to say, “how do you want to cu….” But I interrupted her. I told her to shut up and turn over. It took her a second to get the power to move, but she soon turned over, her entire body resting on the bed. I pulled her back and spread her ass cheeks. Her legs weren’t on the ground, so it was hard to get under her to reach her pussy, so I pulled her back by her thighs, and reentered her pussy. There was no grip, no tightness. She was soaking wet, and there was no difficulty getting inside her. I fucked her like that for a while, until I felt her moans turn into grunts and felt her pussy drying.She had never really enjoyed anal sex. We had tried it twice and she didn’t exactly stop me, but with all my worrying about her in bed, I had stopped when I felt she was uncomfortable. I wasn’t worrying about that now. I slapped my hard cock against her ass a few times and she giggled and I walked to her bedside table and grabbed a thing of lotion.When I got back to her, I squirted a bunch on her ass and started massaging it into her skin, and then when that was rubbed in, I gave five or six big pumps and moved the huge glob of lotion onto her asshole. If she knew what I was about to do, she didn’t let me know, but I took another five or six pumps of lotion into the palm of my hand and thoroughly coated my dick. When I pressed the head of my lotioned dick against her ass, it seemed to bring her to life.“No, you cant go back there.”I didn’t listen or argue with her. I pushed my dick into her ass and she didn’t moan, she screamed. Instead of trying to stop me however, She reached back and tried to spread her ass for me. I didn’t wait for the climate to shift. I pulled back a bit and then pushed more into her. When I did she let out another loud grunt. The tightness of her ass was almost unbarable. The feeling was almost more than I could take, and with every movement, she seemed to relax more and not fight against my dick?When I finally got my dick all the way in her ass, she finally felt open. Instead of fucking her though, I sat in her, cock in up the the hilt, and I reached aroung and tried to grab her tit. Her body weight was almost entirely on her chest, but she tried to lift up to accomidate her. When she did I pulled almost all the way out of her and then slammed back as deep as I could go. She yelled “fuck” in this half glottal voice, but didn’t move to take me out of her ass, and that’s how it continued. Her ass continued to loosen, and with each hard thrust the deep glottal noises grew. I fucked her harder and harder, and eventually she started to buck around, almost pulling me from her ass, but I grabbed her hips and held on. I could tell she was trying to pull away from me, but I continued to fuck her. Then she suddenly screamed, and I felt her ass spasm and I could tell that she was orgasming. When it subsided, I was about to lose it, but as quick as she stopped her orgasm, another began again, and with that, I lost it. I started cumming as she bucked around, and with my orgasm, I began fucking her harder than I had. The speed was ferocious, and with each slam against her and the growing amount of cum in her, she let out one grunt after another.Eventually I stopped and my flaccid dick spilled out of her, followed by a stream of cum. When I laid down next to her, she looked at me.“That was amazing. What got into you?”I didn’t have time to answer. She turned over and our gaze both fixated on the doorway. Shannon was sitting in the open doorway looking at us.“Shannon, … uhm… is everything ok.” Tracy looked at me.“Yeah.”“How long have you been there?” I asked.“A while. I’ve never seen that.”“He wasn’t hurting me at all. This is just what grown ups do.”“So you are both happy?”“Yes.” Tracy said.“So is it ok if I make you happy?”“This is how I make Mark happy and he makes me happy. Its completely healthy and natural, but you don’t have to do anything like this. Do you understand?”“Yeah. So that’s how you make adults happy.”“Yeah, but you make us happy in other ways, you don’t have to do any of this to make us happy.”“Ok, night.”She left and I looked at Tracy and laughed. She looked at me and tried to keep a straight face and then laughed as well.“You know she was starring at your dick the whole time.”“Are you serious? I didn’t even notice.”“We aren’t being a good influence on her at all.”“Well shes just curious and we need to be more accepting of what shes been through. Shes totally confused when it comes to sex.”“Yeah, I’m sorry to say it, and its bad, but it’s a total turn on.”I looked at her with a curious look and before I could do anything, with the door still open, she moved down on me and took my soft cock, freshly out of her ass into her mouth and sucked me I grew hard and came down her throat. Then still naked, she crawled under the covers and looked at me.“Go check on Shannon and make sure shes ok.”

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