My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 7

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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 7It has been a while, i recently thought i would write again after sometime, read other parts if the memories need re jogging of the story————————————————————————————————————————————————————-It was the morning after the crazy night, i laid there in shock before mom got up, i went downstairs to make a coffee, and i heard her wake from her sleep, i wanted something to happen but i was also worried at the time after last night and what she would say”Morning mom””Hello son, last night was fun but i feel its getting to far””Okay mom”Mom looked good this morning the storm had still hit and the snow was pretty bad no chance of swimming or even going out in this weather, D*d seemed to not be coming back as he could not manage to get the travel to return home”I still want to be nudist son if that’s okay, you can masturbate and so can i if its okay with you but we are getting close””Yeah mom that’s fine im enjoying it and last night was close””Good son, let’s clear the table and go and sit in the lounge”while we cleared up the kitchen mom was bending down and i could not help myself but look and i started to get hard, mom got up and i was walking towards the sink to put the dishes in and she saw my cock starting to get hard “Getting hard already are we?” “Sorry mom” i did not know what to do she obviously knew i was starting to get hard from her bending down “Don’t be sorry son, your normal, plus you have canlı bahis a nice cock, bigger than your d*d’s” “MOM!” i carried on what i was doing and cleared up”Shall we go and sit down now this weather does not seem to be getting any better!”” Okay mom sounds good i’ll get some drinks sorted you pick something to watch””Thank you son, ill pick something good!”i was wondering what she was going to pick, i was getting the drinks ready and i heard her call me to hurry up, my dick had gone down by now but only just, one little thing and i would be hard as rock again..walked into the lounge and some film was on not too sure what it was, weather looked like it was not going to get better anytime soon, we sat down to watch the film and the phone rang, mom walked off and i wondered who was on the phone, most likely to be d*d, ten minutes later mom came back and said that d*d will try and be home in the next couple days as the weather is clearing up by him”D*d will be home in the next couple days as he can get home””Okay mom it has been fun though””Yeah son it has, let’s enjoy this film that i picked shall we!”The film started to get interesting, the sex scene at the beginning set the mood for the film, the next scene was a hot sex scene where this woman was getting fucked from behind and I got hard straight away, the blood was pumping in my cock and it was getting thicker and bigger all the time, mom had not noticed yet as she was watching the scene, i noticed her nipples were hard”This is a good film son isn’t it””I..I guess so””Stop bahis siteleri being shy she looks great getting fucked”I was speechless “Don’t get all shy now son i can see your cock is big and you want to touch it””I do mom, but im enjoying the film””We can still be masturbating son”Mom started to touch herself and her breathing started to get more intense my cock was twitching, she asked me to start pulling on it so i did”Son your cock is so big””Thank you mom, its so hard today””Ive been seeing you getting hard all of today so just make yourself cum and enjoy it son”Mom seemed to be really turned on today”This film is really turning me on son, do you mind if i do this?””No mom im masturbating to so its fine””Oh son im so horny just pull on that cock for me”I’ve never heard mom speak like this but i was loving it”Mom im getting close””Son i going to cum aswell”Moms legs started to shake”Son im cumming!”My balls tightened and i started to cum, there was so much, it went up my chest dripped down my shaft and over my balls, i turned and mom was smiling and cleaned my cum up for me”There was so much cum son, i loved it!””loads mom”i was so tired and i went to the shower as mum went into the kitchenThe sun managed to come out whilst we were masturbating and for what seemed like not long at all after my shower some of the snow had melted and nearly all gone, mom offered us to go for a swim in the pool, we went outside and it was freezing, we went back inside and made a hot drinki was sat at the table and mom was bending over and bahis şirketleri i got hard straight away i started to masturbate in the kitchen, right behind mom, and i could see her hand rubbing her pussy at the side”Pull on that big dick son, wank it for me, make yourself cum for me””Okay mom i’ll cum for you”I think she was shocked t what i said, she bent over the side and rubbed her pussy fast”I only just cummed but im so horny son, seeing your big dick is getting me horny””im pulling on it mom just how you wanted me too”She pulls a chair out and sits opposite me so she can see me pulling on my dick”Mom im going to cum again i can feel it getting close””Son, cum for me! make your cum go everywhere!!”i cummed as soon as she said those words, it went up in the air and landed on her legs, she started to cum her legs were shaking right infront of me “Son, im cummmmminggggg”mom looked at me with a smile that i had not seen before “Son, that was good, im going to get in the shower” as she got up and walked away she looked at my cum covered cock and smiled, i think she liked that..”I hope D*d does not come home tomorrow” She said standing in the doorway of the shower, this had me excited and did not want him to come home tomorrow either.i wiped my cock clean of the thick cum and made a cup of tea and sat down in the lounge thinking of what the rest of the day could bring to me.To Be Continued…———————————————————————————————————I hope you all enjoyed as it has been a long time since i wrote the last part if it gets enough interest ill carry on writing them but last time i had a few troubles with the posting of this story so ill see how it goes, hopefully see you on the next one

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