My amazing sister Melissa part 3


My amazing sister Melissa part 3HOW THINKS STARTED TO GET REAL BETWEEN ME AND MY SISTER MELISSA part 3 Wow me and Melissa have been masturbating,in front of each other for one year now and we both fucking love the fucking buzz of it, but today Melissa wanted more!!!, shaun i want to give your amazing monster cock a blowjob!!!. I want to taste your cum, down my throat baby, please shaun, god knows how much i wanna do it, have wanted to do this for a while now shaun. Before i said anything, her lips were kissing the lobe of my ear, my cock was already in Melissa hands and she moaned, I’ll do it really good shaun can i??. I closed my eyes, i was in heaven Melissa hand covered my throbbing flesh, soft and lightly her wet tongue started its journey up and down, it was amazing!! with such moves, one lick up, kiss, an down, my hand grabbed her hair when my cock dissappeared in her mouth, tip of my cock was touching tight muscles of her throat. It was unbelievable, not everyone could take my monster cock, but Melissa doing it perfect!!!, fuck your lips kissed my balls while all my length was inside of her mouth. Melissa was done playing with my length and started her seducing sucking moves. pendik escort Every time she would suck in more and release.I forgot how to breath, this was the best anyone has ever took my cock!!. It was so intense, so deep, so crazy, so fucking amazing, fuck i only dreamed of having oral sex, with my smoking hot and very talented sister, Melissa didn’t try to finish, fuck she was enjoying every move, as much i was, fuck yes Melissa that’s amazing doll!!!, my cock was quite wet, and Melissa hand tight warm, and dripping pussy. I clenched my teeth. Dear god, it was so fucking good, Melissa started to do deep-throat and i was getting so much pleasure, as her lips, her throat, her tongue, fuck everything was so fucking perfect. The feeling of her tight throat muscles were so good, and it ended with light sucking mortion and tongue playing. Fuck i knew i wouldn’t be able, to have it much longer before i cum, Melissa started to suck very hard and fast, and fuck i exploded i tried to do it aside. But fuck Melissa didn’t let me, her sucking moves kept going, and i felt another orgasm!!, my knees were giving way, fuck i was screaming with the best fucking pleasure of my life!! As i cum escort pendik right down the back of Melissa throat!!, fuck she was gagging but she took every drop of my cum, fuck she then said to me that was the fucking best that i have ever done shaun, please can we do this every time, before we masturbate!!!.And said if your up for it shaun there is many more things i want to do for you baby!!!!!. Fuck yes and there is many things i want you to do to me, please, please, shaun!!!, lets start having oral sex!!, i picked Melissa up and stuck my tongue down her throat we must have kissed for about 20 minutes with out stopping, after we finished kissing i told Melissa i do what she wanted, then she give me a big hug and we started kissing again, Fuck wow how i wanted to fuck her so much, but didn’t i wait and see how things turn out!!!!!!!At this poit i was giving Melissa body a good looking over, slapping and rubbing her sweet sexy ass cheeks, rubbing and sucking her pussy, sucking her very hard nipples, sticking my tongue down her throat, by now about 45 minutes had past, and Melissa said we have time for me till suck you of again, lets make today about me pleasure you!!!!, and this pendik escort bayan way of thank-you for agreeing to oral sex!!. Fuck Melissa was amazing at sucking cock, by now I’m not even feeling her teeth on my cock the pain that they induce on the vains down there, were gone she not gagging as much. I didn’t even look down at her, while She’s on her knees giving me an even better blowjob, than before while I’m panting hard and moaning deep, with pure pleasure, fuck Melissa is perfect she finally takes my monster cock, out of her throat with z loud gasp for air and her heavy coughing, with a thick trail of saliva hanging in the air between my cock and her lips, drooling on the ground, Melissa smiles up at me in a slutty way,I’m about to smile back. When she sticks two fingers up my ass-hole fuck i screamed, she’s still smiling at me, as she puts her two hands back around cock gently stroking it, her face is a real mess, but she doesn’t seem to care. Fuck she keeps on stroking with a hungry look on her face, i shudder as my whole body is shaken with a electric spasm of pleasure, fuck i am groaning like an a****l when Melissa taps the head of my cock against the tip of her tongue, slowly licking my precum, Melissa puts it in her mouth slowly not breacking eye contact with me, even for a moment, fuck yes!!, or that’s it baby or fuck yes, i groan loudly as Melissa takes me in her throat again!!!.

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