My Aunt Barb Ch. 02


A couple of months later my mom, Barb and I were scheduled to run our first half marathon. We’d been training up from our usual 10k runs and felt confident we could complete it. I was burning up the runs with a pace of 8:30 minutes per mile while mom and Barb were getting it done at about 10:00 minutes per mile.

The race was on a Sunday in downtown Portland. Barb insisted we stay the night at her place and walk to the start line at Waterfront Park less than a mile away. That sounded good to us so we headed over there Saturday afternoon.

Barb had gotten everything put away and even added a few of her own touches to her new place. We had lunch watching the boats glide along the Willamette just below the massive windows in her house. This was probably the fourth time I’d been there since she moved and I was beginning to fall in love with it. It’s so convenient to mass transit and has a great view.

We took a stroll down along Waterfront Park after lunch enjoying the warmer than normal Spring day. There were walkers, runners and all sorts of people doing as we were doing enjoying the sunshine. We didn’t want to go too far for fear we’d expend too much energy and fall short of our race goals the next day. We cut our walk short then headed back to the house.

Mom decided to watch a bit of television. I grimaced as she picked up the remote and began surfing. I looked over at Barb and she winked at me. Luckily, the adult channels were way down the list. Mom stopped on a cooking channel and binge watched the rest of the day. Barb and I played board games and gossiped as the television lulled mom to sleep.

Once we heard her snoring Barb whispered, “I saw your look when your mom grabbed the remote, kitten. Not to worry. I took care of it. How did that other thing go?”

She rolled the dice then looking at me for an answer.

I whispered, checking mom as I did. “It went okay. He did exactly as you said. Didn’t want this, didn’t want that and still didn’t, umm you know what with me. I was a bit perturbed you might say.”

“You didn’t make him go first like I said?” She had that disappointed look to her. I immediately felt I’d let her down.

“No, I caved. I promised myself it wouldn’t happen again and it won’t.”

She looked at me with a hint of doubt. “Well, I hope it doesn’t. Thanks for being honest with me, kitten. I’m glad you tried and I know it will work out for you next time.”

She placed her hand over mine. I shivered a bit with her touch and could feel my heart race a bit just before she removed it to move her board piece. It’s strange, she’s touched me a billion times and it never felt like that. I shrugged it off to my mood and let it go.

We finished the game when she got all her pieces across the finish line. I whined about her winning all the time then I put it away. We remained quiet so mom could sleep. Barb made sure she was comfy. She placed a light blanket over her and tucked her in. She’d been dealing with a few problem cases and had been keeping odd hours over the past two weeks. Barb and I talked a bit more in whispers about a few things none of which had anything to do with sex. Mom woke up about four o’clock wondering where the time went. We laughed at her then discussed what to do for dinner. Pasta was the unanimous choice since we were running 13.1 miles in the morning. We all knew we should boost our carbohydrates before a long run. Barb called the pizza place on the street level. She ordered some raviolis, salad and other dishes. I don’t think she has cooked much of anything there since she moved in because they seemed to know her favorites.

They delivered promptly and we ate like starved rats. We drank a little wine and discussed how we were going to run in the morning. None of us had ever run an organized half marathon before. We’d covered the distance but, we were still isveçbahis unsure how it would go. The three of us polished off a bottle which put mom back in slumber land. Before going to bed we put the clothes, water bottles, energy gels and our race bibs on the kitchen table so we wouldn’t forget anything in the morning. We hugged mom and she wandered off to bed. I think within five minutes we could hear her snoring.

I didn’t want to stay up too late so around nine I kissed Barb good night and headed off to my room. Barb said she was going to read a bit and would turn off the lights. I did the usual pre-bedtime things and got back under those wonderful sheets I remembered from my last visit. I laid there staring at the ceiling. There was a hint of light filtering in from the windows which bothered me a helped keep me awake. Despite the wine I couldn’t get to sleep. I was thinking about too many things, Michael, work, and especially the race. I could hear my mom snoring as I got up to close curtain tighter. I noticed Barb’s light was still on so I decided to see if she had suggestions to help me sleep.

I tip toed to her door trying not to disturb the chainsaw woman in the next bedroom. I peeked in the narrow opening of the door. Barb was sitting up, bare breasted reading a very large book. I couldn’t help but stare at her breasts. They looked perfect. I’ve seen my mom’s and they were a lot more droopy than Barb’s. I put my hand to my mouth and uttered a small cough to let her know I was there.

“I saw you standing there five minutes ago, kitten. What’s up?” She looked at me as I sheepishly walked in. She set the book aside and covered her amazing boobs with her arm.

“Why were you standing there spying on me?”

“I wasn’t spying. I was just getting up the nerve to ask you a question.”

“Okay, what’s the question? Come sit.” She patted the side of the bed scooting over to let me sit. I had brought my own nightwear this time which consisted of an old baggy tee and just my panties. I sat down at her side feeling embarrassed for being caught. She has this knack of making me feel like I’ve done something wrong but I’m never admonished for it. It’s very confusing.

“I can’t sleep. I’ve got too many things on my mind. I was just wondering what you did to fall asleep when it happens to you. Oh, and I was admiring your breasts.” I said with a wide grin.

“Well thank you, sweetie. I didn’t mean to be terse. I’m not used to being looked at like that. My boobs, huh? Thank you, I like them too. So, you can’t sleep? I understand how you feel, I’m excited too.” She smiled and tickled my side.

“I have a couple of ways to get myself to sleep. I don’t know if you want to know all of them but, I read or I try and clear my mind and as a last resort I masturbate.” She said that with a straight face so I knew she was serious.

“I’ve masturbated before, usually after I get home from a frustrating date with Michael. It’s okay but it doesn’t put me to sleep.” I sighed.

“We’re all different, sweetie. Do you have a vibrator or do you just use your fingers?”

I blushed, “Just my fingers. I’d be embarrassed to go to a porn store and buy one. I’m not having mom or dad discover it in the mail if I got something online either.”

“You are so cute and a bit naive, kitten. They ship in plain boxes so nobody knows what it is. Go to the night stand where you got the faux Michael and get the massage tool. It’s the white microphone thingy with the cord.”

She shook her head in disbelief that at twenty four years old I didn’t have any toys. I walked around the bed to the night stand that held the “faux Michael”. I opened up the lower drawer, right there next to that thing was a white microphone looking thingy with an electrical cord attached. I showed it to her and she nodded waving me back over.

I sat back down and handed isveçbahis giriş it to her, “Go to the door and listen to make sure your mother is still snoring. Then close the door and come back here.”

I crept across the room like a cartoon character which made Barb grin. I looked back smiling as I slid up against the door listening for my mom. She was still snoring as loud as she could so I turned the door handle shutting the door without a sound. I tip toed back to the bare breasted Barb who was grinning and shaking her head.

“You are one cute kitten, sweetie. Now plug this in and I’ll show you how you can give yourself an orgasm.”

Her eyes seemed light up as she said that. She handed me the wand and I looked for a socket. I found one next to the night stand and plugged it in. She slipped out from under the sheets exposing her magnificent breasts. They jiggled and bounced a bit which I caught out of the corner of my eye. I handed it back to her just as she finished propping up the pillows.

“Okay, get up on the bed and make yourself comfortable against the pillows. Are you wearing panties?”

“Yes, of course.” I looked at her wondering why wouldn’t I be.

“Slip them off. I’ve seen vaginas before kitten don’t be embarrassed.” She reassured me.

I still felt odd yet excited reaching down and slipping them down my legs then off my feet. I twirled them on my finger while looking at her then shot them across the room. She shook her head and sighed. I don’t think she was amused.

“Lift up you tee and spread your legs for me, kitten.”

She sat side saddle next to my hips facing me. She switched on the wand at it’s slower speed. I heard it come to life and briefly wondered what the hell I was doing. She looked down between my legs. My trimmed vagina was there in all it’s glory. I could see her swallow hard and sigh as she brought the wand to my inner thigh. She opened my legs a bit wider then looked me in the eyes.

“This should tingle a little bit so don’t freak out. It’s going to feel really good very soon, my love.”

I winced a bit not knowing how it would feel against my bare skin. She softly placed it on my right thigh and looked for a reaction. I just sat there getting used to the feeling of the small head against my leg. Seeing that I didn’t mind, she brought the head within millimeters of my labia then back out over my thigh. I squirmed a bit as she ran it up and down my leg watching my expressions as she did. She then focused on her work. Continuing working the little massager over my thighs she kept coming closer and closer to my lips with each pass.

She kept looking at me as she traced the folds of my vagina. Just as my eyes began to close with new sensation within me she paused and angled the handle towards me. Nodding for me to take it, I gripped the base and began doing what she had been doing.

“There are two settings, this one is slow. Just move it around to where it feels the best, kitten. Take your time. Try it on your lips and as you get used to it place it between them and on your clitoris. Don’t force it, take it slow. You can try the other speed once you find where it feels best for you.”

She continued to watched as I explored my thighs with the toy. Occasionally she would bite her lower lip. I think she was getting excited watching me play with myself. I moved the wand around my labia. Slowly closer then away, then closer and back away. Up then down. I enjoyed the sensations I was feeling, they were new and definitely exciting. I closed my eyes, my head sinking back into the fluffy pillows. I let out a soft moan while tracing my labia. I was just starting to get a rhythm when Barb stopped me.

“Sweetie, take this back to your bed. I think you’ve got the hang of it.” She grinned while unplugging it.

I felt a little let down but I wrapped the cord in loops isveçbahis yeni giriş and headed to the door. She followed me, opening it quietly so as not to disturb mom, who was still snoring away. My lovely aunt placed her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. Her warm breath and soft tone caused me to shiver once again. I’d never felt this good between my legs before.

“Go enjoy it my sweet kitten and make sure you put it in the night stand. You don’t want your mother seeing it.” She leaned in, kissed my cheek and gently patted my butt. I swear an orgasm was starting right then and there.

I whispered back kissing her cheek, “I’ll make sure, it’s our secret. Remember?” I kissed my index finger and placed it on her lips.

She smiled and with a heavy sigh she watched me walk down the hall. I smiled at her again and mouthed a “thank you” while I closed the door. Without a sound, I crept back to my bed after making sure the door was shut. I plugged in my “sleeping aid” then propped up the pillows. I laid the wand on the night stand within easy reach. Climbing onto the bed, I got ready then reached over and pulled my new sensation to me.

I went through the process once more, slowly teasing myself until I felt that familiar tingle between my legs. Just as I was about to immerse myself into bliss I noticed the door begin to open. I fumbled for the switch managing to shut it off. I then tried to hide it as best I could. The room was fairly dark but you could still make out objects because of the full moon that shown through the gaps in the curtains. I waited for the door to fully open to reveal my mother. The door didn’t open very wide. It stopped, a hand dangling something became visible. It waved the object and then tossed it into the room. The door shut silently and I laughed to myself. I had forgotten my panties in Barb’s room!

I got out of bed and retrieved them. I whispered to no one a relieved “Thank you”. I put them on the bed next to me and returned to my quest.

The wand hummed as I massaged my thighs, teasing my vagina every couple of passes. After a bit I quit teasing. I got serious focusing on having a real machine driven orgasm. It sounded odd but felt so good.

I massaged over my labia, it was such a wonderful feeling. My juices were flowing and I began moaning and squirming as my body responded to my new found friend. It was totally different than my fingers. The buzzing between my legs brought me to new heights of pleasure. I found the little speed switch and gave it a click. Whoa, I was in heaven. I moved the head up and down my lips making sure I got every millimeter covered. The sensations in my pussy caused my body to tremble and writhe with such a delicious feeling I couldn’t believe I had never felt this nice before. Getting bolder, I inserted the the head inside a bit and moved it up to my clit. It didn’t take long before my whole body arched. My whole body trembled as I soaked my beautiful aunt Barb’s massager with my juices. My free hand gripped the bed sheet as I climaxed in one giant spasm. Slowly, I backed off the little wonder toy. I lay there and let the little waves of bliss comfort me. My breathing was clearly audible, I thanked no one in particular and I really didn’t care who, if anyone answered. I was sated and happy. I flipped the switch off. I don’t know why but I kissed the little head, wet from my orgasm. I smacked my lips a bit curious as to the taste of myself. I didn’t taste too bad, I thought. Then another thought flashed through my mind. Michael is such an ass. He won’t taste my sweetness but he wants me to swallow his junk. We were definitely going to reach some sort of agreement.

I lay there for a little bit touching myself and enjoying the feeling despite the bad vibes about Michael. Reluctantly I got off the bed to unplug the wand and put it away. I was going shopping after our run and this was the first thing on my list.

I stored it in the bottom drawer of the night stand then blew it a kiss. I quickly retrieved my panties from the floor then crawled back under the sheets, one happy girl.

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