my best buddy and my wife


my best buddy and my wifeOur friend of over 25 years lives in the usa and whilst we often chat we dont get to see each other as often as we would like due to the distance and both being married and bringing up our k**s.Over the last few years he’s been hooked on prescription painkillers due to a back injury, which has resulted in him not being able to get an erection. He says he has tried Viagra but in his words he may as well take a tic tac.Anyway it seems his lack of labido has caused his marriage to break down and so I suggested he come over to the UK for a visit to help him clear his head and relax.After a few days of relaxing my wife Liz and I took him out for a few drinks so we could chat about the old days and have a laugh, I went upstairs with her knowing how much he has always fancied her I dared her to wear her sexy body contour dress with no bra and just a lacy thong, now my wife doesn’t really drink, so after a couple of glasses of wine she was a bit tipsy. Somehow the conversation got around to why him and his wife had fallen out and he told Liz its partly due to the fact that he just cant get hard any more, this made her blush but also I could see in her eyes she was picturing this in her mind as I had told her in the past that he had a much bigger cock than me.I said we should walk home before she gets too drunk, however I think the fresh air took its toll and we both ended up with an arm each around her waist to help her walk home. I have to say seeing my mates hand around my wife’s waist occasionally touching the underside of her breast was getting me hard.When we got home she went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea as she was feeling a bit less tipsy now. While she was in the kitchen canlı bahis I came out and started feeling her sexy big ass under her tight dress and was surprised to feel her gusset was really hot and more than just a little bit damp. When I asked her about it she said the thought of his big cock going to waste was making her feel a bit naughty as she had often looked at his bulge after I had told her about the size of him and admitted to me that she had thought about it when she played with herself sometimes. Wow that came as quite a shock to me as she had never said anything about that before tonight.Well like most men who are proud of their sexy wives I have often fantasized about my beautiful wife enjoying sharing her milf body with another man as well as me. The thought of watching my two best friends in the world getting down and dirty made me rock hard , I pushed my bulging cock into her thigh and she turned and kissed me passionately as our tongues entangle, her nipples are now rock hard as I rub them. I whispered in her ear I bet she could get him hard again, she said he wouldn’t be interested in her and I said are you k**ding he’s always asked if I would show him some pics of you which I never would without asking. Well she said maybe you should show him a couple to see if it gets him hard, I sad im sure he would rather see the real thing, you cant be serious she said to which I responded that I dare her to go put on her black basque matching thong and stockings and come and give him a lap dance to see if she can get an erection out of him.She kisses me passionately and I can tell from her heavy breathing and her red cheeks she is so turned on, I tell her I love her and nothing she does bahis siteleri today will make that change in fact I will love her even more, so off she goes upstairs.We had almost forgotten about making the tea until my mate called out to remind me no sugar in his. So I bring our tea in and put some music on, I tell him that I have challenged my wife to give him a lapdance to see if she can wake up his big sleeping cock.His mouth dropped open and he asked if I was really ok with this and I assured him its my dream to see them together and if it helps him cum after all this time then everyone’s a winner.In walks my normally shy wife looking amazing, her legs in those sexy black stockings with the white of the tops of her thighs the perfect contrast, her lacy black see through thong doing little to hide her puffy protruding pussy lips and her little tuft of pubic hair above her hard clit. Then there’s her sexy big tits straining at the basque as if they want to get out, my god I have never seen her look more sexy.She starts moving her curvy sexy milf hips to the music and turns around so we can both take in her sexy big ass as she bends over and rubs her hand from her ass around the tiny wet gusset of her thong, I was so very hard I thought I was going to cum in my pants and I could see my mate couldn’t believe what he was seeing. She asked him to move to the middle over the sofa where she straddled his hips and started to grind her bulging pussy lips on his lap as she pulled her tits from her basque and fed them one at a time into his waiting mouth. I have never seen her act so sexy its obvious she is really lost in he moment, her head is back as I watch her moving her hips to and fro on his lap, and bahis şirketleri then I see his big bulge as his cock is straining to get free from his jeans. She can feel it too as its pushing her wet lips open, she looks at me to make sure im still ok with this and I say I love you and tell her to get his cock out for him before he cums in his pants.She reaches down and unzips him and as he is commando his big thick cock was out and in her hand in a flash, I can see her stroking his hard wet shaft as he reaches around and yanks her thong off her so her bare pussy is only inches from that huge throbbing cock. By now im standing over them with my cock in my hand as I feed it into her waiting mouth she strokes him faster and harder. I pull out of her warm wet mouth and stand behind her and pull her sexy ass cheeks apart so I can see the wet trail as her pussy juice is running down her thighs. I reach under her and grab his shaft and place the head of his cock between her big labia, I then grab her face and kiss her passionately as I push her hips down forcing his big fat cock into my wifes wet tight cunt hole. She moans as her pussy reaches his balls which are already wet with her pussy juice, she starts to ride him and he thrusts up against her, within a few minutes she starts to cum and this makes him grunt as he fills my beautiful wifes sexy pussy with what looked like pints of cum, she collapses forward onto him which allowed me to watch his cock slip out of her and a big trail of cum dribble out of her, its just too good to miss out on so I quickly slip my hard cock into her hot soaking pussy. Oh my god it felt so amazing and the noises coming from her as she started to climax again were amazing, my mate is sucking on her tits as we both start to cum before we all collapse onto the floor. Im hoping this will not be the last time we get together with him, but our love for each other has never been stronger…………

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