My Best Friend Comes Over to Visit for the Weekend


My Best Friend Comes Over to Visit for the WeekendA great friend of mine was coming up to visit for the weekend. My wife and I had known him for a long time and he was one of those seldom-found male friends where you had no (or very few!) secrets and who you could really trust. I also knew for a fact that my wife Stacey had a soft spot for him. We had sometimes even fantasized together about having a threesome with him and although it had never gone further than Stacey and I having good sex while sharing and discussing a few fantasies, I often wondered what it would be like to actually go ahead and take things a bit further.That evening as we lay in bed, I decided to broach the subject her. Stacey was dressed in a rather plain white cotton nightie that wouldn’t normally have raised much interest except that the material was so thin that you could easily make out the shape and color of her breasts and nipples as well as the small, neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair at her crotch.I cuddled up against her back and cupped one breast with my hand. Hmm. Feeling horny are we? You bet! And what brought this on? I said nothing. Maybe we should invite Vinny more often if this is what it does to you! She had said it in a joking manner, but there was a hint of something in her voice that made me think that she knew more than she was letting on.And if that were true, why would you complain? Who said I was complaining? She wriggled her ass against my cock. I love it! You love what? The fact that I am so horny or the fact that it has to do with Vinny staying here? That would be telling, wouldn’t it?Come on then … I want to hear the answer! Well it definitely has to do with you being horny … And? It might have something to do with Vinny staying over the weekend! Might? … Might. That’s no answer! OK. Yes. It is nice to see Vinny again!I gently rubbed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and was rewarded by her pushing back against my swelling cock as her nipple stiffened. To see him again? Just how much of him would you like to see? That would be telling! OK. Would you like to see some of him or all of him? Ah, well, maybe I would like to see all of him.Hmm, you naughty thing! But then you would probably have to show him something in return. I mean, fairs fair, right? Maybe. But then again, maybe I wouldn’t mind doing it! And judging by the way your cock is shoving into me, I think you like the idea too!You might just be right there! What would I have to show him? My panties? She reached down and wrapped her hand around my stiffened cock. Yes, I think that he would like to see your panties. Which ones? Well, I would start with the purple satin bikini string panties …Stacey climbed out of bed and opened the door to our walk-in cupboard. She disappeared inside and then returned wearing the purple satin bikini string panties that I was referring to. They were of a thin, satin material that clung to her body and had a narrow crotch and thin waistband that curved over her hips. She had also put on a matching top it had spaghetti string straps over the shoulders and clung to her slim body. The shape of her small breasts was clearly visible and I could see two small points where her erect nipples jutted through the soft material. Do you mean that you would like him to see me like this?I think that that would be a good start, yes. She moved towards me and pulled back the duvet to climb back into bed when I stopped her. Wait. I have an idea. Why don’t you go downstairs and get me a bottle of water in case I get thirsty tonight?Danny, you cant be serious! Come on, do me a favor? Danny I don’t know if Vinny is in his room; he might see me! Then you just have to think up an excuse … and I’m sure he wouldn’t object anyway! Look, that was just a fantasy earlier …Come on. Please? She glanced at the bedroom door and I knew that I had won. OK. But just this once. She turned off the bedroom light, opened the door a crack and peered out into the dark hallway. The only light was the moonlight streaming in through the windows which ran from the roof to the floor. Apparently satisfied that the coast was clear, she slipped out and scampered quietly along the hall and down the stairs. A minute later she came back clutching a bottle of water in her hand. Stepping in through the doorway, she pushed the door quietly closed behind her and clambered into bed, handing me the bottle of water.I cupped my wife’s breast over the thin purple top and felt her pert erect nipple under my fingertips. Her heart was pumping wildly and I grinned as I looked at her. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Ah, no. In fact it was er …She took my hand and placed it between her thighs. I slipped my hand down over the smooth soft material that cupped her pussy and was surprised to find that her panties were very wet.Stacey that turned you on, didn’t it?! No k**ding! I don’t know why, but it turned me on, that’s for sure. Then maybe you’d better do it again? OK! I think I should take the water back. I could easily make out the shape of her nipples, which were as stiff as I had ever seen them. She walked over to the door and turned off the light. Opening the door wide, she walked out along the corridor much more slowly than the first time and down the stairs.I stood up and walked over to the door where I could watch her come back up the stairs. The moonlight shone over her body, giving her a surreal appearance and turning the bra and panties almost black in its blue-ish light. She walked back down the corridor toward me and glanced over her shoulder, just as she reached the bedroom. I immediately bent down towards her and cupped her small breasts in my hands and kissed her as she tried, and failed to get past me and into the bedroom. Danny! She hissed Let me in!I grabbed her panty-covered ass and gave it a squeeze then I let her past me. When she entered the room she closed the door before flinging her arms around me and kissing me hard. As we finally peeled ourselves apart, she pushed me towards the bed. I need that cock of yours now! Figuring that she was hot enough to be able to push a bit harder, I decided to risk it. Wait, one more time! What? I need you now! I’m so wet …I want you too but go get another pair of panties and bring them back to me. Without a word, she turned and did as she was told. She came back carrying a shiny black satin string thong. Are these OK? Yes those are fantastic! Now hand them to me.I took them from her and opened the door again. Stacey I want you to wait here. Walking quietly along the corridor, my heart pounding with every step, I paused in front of Vinny’s bedroom and stood still, listening for any sign of life. There was nothing. Bending down, I opened the panties and slipped one leg over the handle of the bedroom door and left them hanging there. Walking quickly back, I turned to Stacey.Ok now I want you to go over to Vinny’s bedroom door and pick up your thong. Then I want you to take off your bra and slip off those sexy little purple panties you have on and hang them over his door handle. Just come back to me wearing the satin thong! I cant do that! He might wake up assuming that he’s even asleep!I kissed her hard and slipped one hand down and into her panties. She was soaking wet. I ran one finger light as a feather over her clit, causing her to gasp. You can do it in fact, I bet you would love to do it, wouldn’t you?! No! Well, yes, but I’m just scared in case I get caught. He’s asleep. Go on.Do you really want me to? Yeah I do! What if he catches me? Lets cross that bridge when we come to it, but it won’t happen. I promise! She glanced at me once more and then slipped out of the room walking towards Vinny’s bedroom door. I moved so that I could see her clearly. Reaching down, she carefully slipped the panties off the handle and laid them on the floor. Then she reached behind her and unclipped her bra and quietly peeled it off before cautiously dropping it to the floor.As she turned to me, the moonlight caught her pert breasts and I marveled at how perfect they were. Not a hint of sagging and crowned by her fully erect nipples, I could feel my cock throbbing in excitement. Still facing me, she reached down and took the waistband of her purple satin panties and slipped them down, briefly revealing a neatly trimmed pussy before she stepped out of them and hooked them over the door handle. She turned, faced me, then bent down and stepped into the black satin thong and pulled them up. She walked back slowly across the granite-tiled floor. As soon as she reached me, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom, closing the door behind us.Fuck me! Now! I held her hand and moved towards the bed. No. I don’t want to make love, I want you to take me! This was a side of my wife that I very seldom saw. I pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs, bending them at the knee as I did so. Tugging the crotch of her panties to one side, I placed the tip of my cock between the soft wet lips of her labia and plunged into her with one hard thrust until our pubic bones clashed together. She gasped. Yes!I pulled back and thrust into her again and again until I could feel the first pulse of my approaching orgasm. All I was aware of was the way she thrust up against me; of how my throbbing cock slipped into her soaking pussy and the way her panties felt as they rubbed against my shaft. Just then, she arched her back and groaned. Oh, God, I’m coming! Yes!This was more than I could take and I shot my load, my balls tightening as wave after wave of cum spurted out of me only to be swallowed up in the depths of Stacey’s pussy. As my climax subsided, I lowered myself down and we kissed tenderly. Oh, man, that was good! No k**ding I am wiped out! I hope not I need a bit more TLC from you, but first …She pushed up against my chest. I got the message and went into the master bathroom to wash up. As I returned, Stacey went in and came back a few minutes later and climbed back into bed beside me. I notices she was still wearing the black satin thong and as I slipped my hand down, I could feel how drenched the material was and briefly wondered how much of it was from my cum and how much of it was from her. I had to have her, so I started tugging them down but she stopped me.No, leave them on! I moved my hand inside the wet satin and let my fingers run up and down the moist valley that I found there. Mmmm. That is good. Did you like me doing that? Yes. It was incredibly kinky! Thank you!Do you like the idea of Vinny possibly seeing me like that? Yeah I kind of do! Tell me.This was an old game of ours and I knew exactly what she wanted to hear. She wanted me to tell her a sexy fantasy while I fingered her! I began by telling her that I would blindfold her, and without her knowledge I would let Vinny into the room because I wanted him to see her completely exposed. I would then wave him over to the bed and pull back the covers so he could see her hot little body dressed only in those sexy little panties. I proceeded to tell her I would let him feel her up and if he wanted to he could rub his dick against her as well. She gasped and said you wouldn’t!! I said in this fantasy I would probably be so horny and since she was blindfolded why the hell not! Now getting back to the story I told her Vinny had pull off his pants and began peeling off his boxer shorts exposing his cock. Stacey asked in this fantasy if he is hard? Oh yes he is. Very hard! Anyway I see him rubbing his cock against your leg while his hand is stroking your panty-covered pussy. I tell her Vinny must be close to cuming as I can see the pre-cum on the tip of his cock! I mention to her I move away from the bed and watch him peel off her panties. Her pussy is swollen and soaking wet and he slips a finger down to play with her clit.Oh, Danny, I’m so close to coming; she moans!Thinking it’s me I tell her she spread her legs and Vinny has moved so that he is now kneeling between her thighs. He’s masturbating faster now. It wont be long until he cums!Oh, God, yes! yes! I continue teasing her clit while playing along with the story. Oh, Danny, make him cum!As I continued to gently run my fingertip over and around her soaking clit and pussy, Stacey’s hips started gyrating against my hand, tracing small circles under my fingers. He’s about to cum Stacey! He’s kneeling up between your thighs and rubbing the tip of his dick against your unprotected pussy! He is jerking harder now and he….Oh, oh’ just shot his load of cum all over your pussy! Danny! I’m coming! YES! As Stacey bucked under my fingers I pressed my fingertips firmly against her clit and held them there. And now he’s pushing his cum covered dick into your pussy! Oh, wow!With one last shudder, Stacey flopped back onto the bed and pulled the duvet up over us both. I reached behind me and turned off the light before cuddling up to Stacey under the covers. She turned her head and kissed me. Walking around in my panties was such a serious turn-on! For me too honey! Danny I never thought that I would get that turned on by exposing myself like that … well, risking being exposed.I found it really hot. In fact, I hesitated, unsure whether I would be going too far. In fact what? Well. Would you do me a favor? That depends! What do you want me to do?I’d like you to give Vinny and me some accidental flashes tomorrow. My heart pounded in my ribs and I waited for what seemed like ages before she answered me. What should I flash? And what do mean by accidental? Oh just flash your panties or perhaps go bra-less or something. And what do you mean by accidental? That it doesn’t look like you meant for him to catch a glimpse of anything.I’m not sure that I can do it! I mean, I’ve never done anything like that before! Please Stacey? Please? It would really turn me on! Let me sleep it over OK? OK. Goodnight. sleep tight. You too. I had lied awake for a long time that night wondering what tomorrow would bring and where it would all lead. Sometime during the night I fell asleep.***Shit, Danny!I woke up groggily the next morning with sunlight streaming in through a gap in the curtains and Stacey sitting bolt upright in bed, her breasts free and a worried look on her face. She turned to me and shook my shoulder.Wake up!I am awake. I answered groggily. We left my panties hanging on Vinny’s door last night! So, let him see them! No I cant do that! Ok so then go and get them. Danny can you get them? Why should I get them there your panties and you left them there. FINE!!!Stacey slipped out of bed and pulled her discarded nightie on before quietly opening the door and peeking out. Silence. She sneaked out and reappeared less than a minute later, clutching the extra wet purple satin bikini string panties that she had discarded the night before. As she closed the door behind her, I took in the black satin thong panties she was wearing that were clearly visible through the thin white nightie she was wearing as were her very erect nipples and cute little breasts. That was lucky thank God for late sleepers! She climbed into bed beside me. Oh, I don’t know I’m sure Vinny wouldn’t have minded wouldn’t have minded finding your panties on his door handle or seeing you like that!Yeah, I bet he wouldn’t have minded seeing me dressed like this but I’m sure he fond my panties. What do you mean? Well they are really wet and sticky this morning compared to the way I left them last night. Really? That’s AWESOME!! That makes me fucking horny as hell knowing that my best friend jerked off with your wet panties!! Danny this doesn’t bother you? Not the slightest bit. Have you thought about what I asked last night? Yes I have. And?You’ll just have to wait and see. Come on lets get dressed and go and get breakfast ready but lets not let on that we know he soaked my panties full of cum. OK.*******We had just finished laying the table outside on the terrace, when we heard the first sounds of movement from upstairs followed shortly thereafter by the sound of the shower running. OK. I’m just going to go upstairs for a second. Ill be right back!I watched her disappearing through the kitchen door and glanced at my wife’s sexy little ass wrapped in a pair of tight faded jeans. She was wearing a white long-sleeved top and open-toed sandals which all-in-all looked to be rather warm for what was going to be another hot and sunny day.I walked out onto the terrace and sat down on the bench, enjoying the early morning sunshine. 10 minutes later, Stacey and Vinny came out and greeted me. To this day I still don’t know whether I was surprised or not when I saw that Stacey had got changed. However, I do know that I felt the first wave of blood spreading through my groin when I saw that she had got changed and was now wearing a pair of thin white cotton pants and a navy blue T-shirt. I have to admit, when I first saw her come out, my heart leapt into my mouth! Despite my asking her the night before, I never REALLY believed that she would actually go ahead and do it!Her white pants were so thin, that the panties that she was wearing underneath were clearly visible. Best of all though is that she had actually chosen to wear her bright hot pink satin bikini panties that I love so much. Normally she would never, ok seldom wear anything other than white panties with these pants and if she 1xbet yeni giriş did, then it was normally a g-string or a thong, which could never be seen.I glanced briefly at Vinny who was taking the opportunity to check out Stacey’s perfect little ass. Looking down, I could clearly see those hot pink bikini panties snuggled against my wife’s ass and even when she turned to face me, I was still able to easily see the outline of the narrow crotch of her panties.I followed Stacey back into the house, leaving Vinny on the terrace. As soon as we reached the kitchen, I grabbed her from behind and cupped her breasts in my hands, noticing immediately that she was bra-less and that her nipples were as stiff as organ stops! You did it! Do you mind?Mind? Christ no! I’ve got such a hard-on I can hardly walk and want to ravage you right now! I just feel a bit exposed and cheap! I let her go and turned to the coffee machine and started making three coffees. You’re certainly not cheap even if you are showing your sexy little panties! I’m also a bit worried about what Vinny will think …Judging by the way his was checking your ass out, I don’t think that you need to worry too much there! She grinned nervously. Was he really? Hell Yeah! He couldn’t keep his eyes off you! And you really don’t mind? The only thing that I mind is that I can only see your panties through your pants! Stacey glanced over towards the terrace where she could see Vinny sitting in the lounger with his eyes closed against the sun. Before I could react, she had unbuttoned her pants and pushed them half-way down her thighs. I had a quick glance at her hot pink bikini panty crotch before she turned around and showed me her satin covered ass. As she turned back to me, she pulled her pants up, started doing up the buttons and grinned.Better? Much! That will have to do for now I’m afraid we need to get back to Vinny. Then Ill start looking forward to later! I handed Stacey a coffee, grabbed the other two and we walked back to join Vinny again. Throughout a simple breakfast of freshly baked bread rolls and various jams, meats and cheeses, I noticed that Vinny kept glancing both at me and at Stacey, presumably trying to figure out what was going on. Breakfast itself was otherwise completely uneventful and we were all rather relieved that we were able to get out of the direct sun, which continued to get hotter and hotter as we ate. Once we had all finished, we tidied up and put everything away before Stacey disappeared upstairs to brush her teeth. It was then that I had the chance to talk to Vinny alone. Vinny beat me to it.Danny? Yes. Dude; does Stacey normally walk around like that? Like what? I decided to play ignorant. In those pants. I mean, they are practically see-through! Oh, yeah all the time! Doesn’t it bother you? No, of course not. No, I mean that I could see her panties. Well, its not like it’s a big deal is it? You’ve seen her often enough in a bikini. What’s the difference? I’m not complaining, that’s for sure! It’s just … Yeah? Well, I’m not sure that Id want my girlfriend wandering around in front of you showing off her panties. Now that’s a shame, I certainly wouldn’t mind! It really was a shame! His girlfriend was a really cute girl; slim, small-breasted and incredibly horny. I bet! On the other hand, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Anytime Vinny, anytime!We laughed and went back out onto the terrace. It was beginning to get hot really hot and within minutes, both of us were sweating. Just then Stacey returned. Two pairs of eyes followed her pink panties as she came over and joined us. What’s up with you two? Nothing. Come on. Spit it out. I walk out here and all you do is stare at my ass!Not exactly. No not at all. Well, what is it? She looked down. Ah, I see; you’re staring at my panties! The two of us grinned sheepishly. She looked at us both with her hands on her hips. I can go and get changed if you prefer! No! said Vinny. No, you look great! He said. Hmm. Well I’m still not convinced, but one thing I do know is that it is too hot to sit around here dressed like this I’m going to get changed into something cooler. Why don’t you two put a few blankets on the terrace so that we can at least sit down more comfortably?No sooner said than done. I went and got a couple of old blankets that we used for the outside and lay them out on the wooden terrace. Before sitting down, I pulled off my T-shirt and flung it onto the table. Vinny quickly followed suit until we were both sitting there in just our jeans. Stacey came back and both of us stared at her. Is that OK?We just grinned at her like idiots. She was wearing a black pleated tennis skirt and the top half of a red bikini. I say a bit, because it was still thin enough to be able to make out the shape of her small nipples through the red stretchy material! She had taken off her shoes and I was pleased to see that she had painted her toenails in a matching red tone. All in all, very sexy!Given that the tennis skirt came only half-way down her thighs and that we were sitting with our eyes at the same level as her crotch, it was almost as if her tennis skirt was a micro skirt, although I couldn’t see any more than a fair bit of long slender thigh.Stacey crouched down between us on her knees and then moved forwards to lie on her tummy. She did this in such a clever way that we were unable to see anything more than we had seen earlier. Vinny of course took the opportunity to check her out. She looked really sexy. Her short black skirt folded over her cute little ass and came less than half way down the backs of her thighs, the pleats opening and falling to the side so that you could imagine that you might be able to see up her skirt from behind. However, from where we were sitting, this wasn’t an option. Her legs were slim and muscular and lightly tanned, giving the general impression of both youth and good health. I don’t know how Vinny was feeling, but Stacey’s behavior was getting to me and I shuffled a little to get comfortable on what was now a growing erection.For the next minute or two, we chatted away with Stacey still lying flat on her front supporting herself on her elbows. I then noticed that she shuffled back slightly which caused her skirt to be tugged up her body somewhat. It was all very discrete and I’m not even sure that Vinny had noticed. However, the result was that her skirt was now pulled up to the lower edge of her ass, still not actually revealing anything but still a lot higher than could be considered respectable!After a couple of minutes, Vinny obviously picked up on the situation and I caught him glancing down at Stacey’s ass as often as he could without being obvious about it. I, for my part, made sure to carry on with the conversation and not to catch Vinny looking.Suddenly Vinny turned around and sat up, making sure his body was hiding his crotch. I think you guys will have to excuse me for a minute. He stood up, keeping his crotch turned away from us and headed into the house to go to the bathroom. As soon as he had gone, Stacey turned to me with a grin. Is that what you wanted? Yes! I am so horny, I’m not sure how much more I can take of this! She rolled over onto her back and grinned.Maybe I should do this; she reached down and pulled her skirt up over her waist, revealing a pair of pale blue satin panties with a white lace trim. The material was so thin that I could clearly make out the shadow of her neatly trimmed pussy Stacey! Vinny will be back any second! I couldn’t believe what she was up to this was so unlike anything she would normally do. But isn’t that what you wanted? Didn’t you want Vinny to see me like this? She laughed quietly and spread her legs so that the soft thin material of her panties was pulled tightly into her crotch. I just had time to take in the way the pale blue material hugged her crotch, revealing the shape of her pussy when we heard the toilet flush. In a flash, Stacey pulled her skirt back down and rolled back onto her tummy.Stacey wait I asked…. Do me a favor and spread your legs slightly. She looked at me, slightly puzzled, but did as I had asked. Why? Because, now Vinny will be able to accidentally see up your skirt when he comes back! Oh!I caught a glimpse of Vinny walking past the kitchen window heading towards the sliding doors to the terrace. Any moment now he would be in a perfect position to look up Stacey’s skirt. Still looking towards Stacey, I noticed a shadow move behind the glass panes which reflected the sunlight from outdoors. The shadow stopped moving.He’s standing behind the glass doors and looking out, thinking that we can’t see him. Don’t move. He’s standing there and not moving he must be looking at you! Oh, Danny, you’re making me all wet! Stacey half rolled onto her side and supported her head on one hand, her elbow on the blanket below her. As she did so, she pulled her upper knee onto the blanket in front of her, cocked at 90 degrees to the rest of her body. If Vinny wasn’t able to see her panties before, he certainly was able too now! In this position, he would have an almost perfect view of her crotch as her legs pulled apart. I pictured the way the wet pale blue satin panties would be hugging her pussy and imagined how she would look. The shape of her pussy would be patently obvious and if the thin material was wet, you would be able to make out the dark blonde pubic hair through the pale blue satin of her panties.Stacey! He’s got to be able to see almost all of your ass and pussy like that! I wish I was standing there now! I wish you were too! I would like you both to see me like this! What would you do? I would get my cock out and start jerking off! I’m bursting as it is! You’re making me even wetter! If I get any wetter, I’m going to have to change my panties!Then just imagine how wet you’d be if you knew that we were BOTH standing there and wanking over you! Oh, God! Stacey pushed her leg back and rolled back onto her front, smoothing her skirt back down over her ass again in a perfectly natural movement. She grinned at me. If you’d carried on much longer, I would have had to do more than just talk about it! Me too I’ve got a hard-on that’s threatening to burst out of my pants … and Vinny too by the look of it!I cocked my chin over Stacey’s shoulder at Vinny who was just coming out onto the terrace. Stacey turned around to look at him and I am sure that the bulge in his jeans didn’t escape her attention. He walked quickly over to the blanket and sank down onto the floor next to Stacey, but not before both of us had seen the state of his excitement a fact that he tried to hide by quickly lying on his front. Stacey turned towards me and grinned cheekily. I decided to up the stakes somewhat.I’ll tell you what, its too hot for me to lie around here in jeans …I stood up and unbuckled and then unbuttoned my jeans before pulling them down over my hips. Bending forwards I continued to push them down my legs until I could step out of them and kick them to one side. Now all I was wearing was a pair of navy blue boy shorts in a thin clingy material, well aware that the other two would clearly see the state of my excitement. I knew that the thin material was not going to be hiding much and as I stood up straight, both of them were staring at my crotch. I looked down and could see a smooth cast of my erect cock, glimmering in the navy blue material. You could see the outer half of my cock perfectly, as was the smooth rim below the crown! Stacey broke the silence. Ah, would I be right in assuming that you like it out here Danny?!Yes! It may have something to do with the way you are lying there in that tiny skirt! Well, it’s nice to know that I can still cause reactions like that! You certainly can at least by me! What about you Vinny? I think that I’m going to exercise the 5th amendment! Chicken! Yeah, come on Vinny Stacey said Id be interested in knowing the answer too! I dear you to show me!! Besides it’s hot anyway and you’re red and sweating. Vinny laughed and stood up. OK, OK… A dare is a dare so I give up. I guess that Ill have to answer the question …He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down until they were hanging just above his knees. The second his jeans were open, the answer was obvious. He was wearing a pair of white boxer shorts in a lycra-like material. The shadow of his dark-colored pubic hair was to be seen through the thin shiny material as was the form and shape of his very erect cock.One thing is clear though Stacey can’t keep her eyes off his cock. She is staring at him, or rather his cock, as if there were no tomorrow. Vinny casually shoved his jeans down and stepped out of them before speaking. OK. So now you know only because of this heat, and the dare! We certainly do thank you! Stacey replied. You’re welcome. Although I have to admit I feel more than a little bit strange standing in front of you and your husband one of my best friends with an erection! Speaking of which, shouldn’t we also know whether or not YOU are turned on by the sight of two men with hard-ons?Of course I am! Is that enough of an answer for your Vinny? To tell the truth, not really. I would like to see the evidence myself! Its only fare! I dare you! No way! No way am stripping in front of you guys! Hey, who said anything about stripping? Stacey looked at Vinny with a worried expression on her face. Well what then? Vinny looked up at me. What do you think? What were you thinking of? I was thinking that she could maybe lift her skirt for us …No way! … and if her panties were damp … No way, Danny! These panties are almost see-through! I am NOT doing that! How about if you just roll over? And? Just that. If your nipples are erect, then we would believe you. Right Vinny? Vinny looked a bit disappointed, but shrugged his shoulders and nodded his agreement. OK.Stacey pushed herself back up onto her knees until she was sitting on her heels. Now that we could see her chest, it was obvious that she was turned on. Whereas earlier we had been able to make out her nipples through the thin red bikini top, now we could clearly see the shape of her fully erect nipples jutting out through the stretchy material. She was definitely turned on there was no mistake about that. Still I was disappointed that she had not been prepared to show us her panties. Simply the thought of her showing us both her skimpy little panties was enough to send the blood pulsing through my cock.Stacey stood up and walked over to the open doorway. Looking back over her shoulder at us, she grinned. You two look so dejected, that Ill see if I cant find something more suitable to wear!With that she flicked up the back of her skirt, giving us a quick flash her peachy little ass encased in her pale blue satin panties. As she had said, the material was thin enough that the crack of her ass and the pubic hair nestling at her crotch could be seen as dark shadows on the otherwise light blue satin. My last impression was of the way the thin white lace edging gripped the cheeks of her ass before she let her shirt drop back down and disappeared into the house. Vinny looked at me. Sorry. For what? For pushing things so far. It’s just that I was so horny and well… Hey, no problem! As you can see for yourself, I am not exactly untouched by events either! True! He looked down at my cock that was still straining under my pants and laughed. I just want to be sure that you are OK with everything. Stacey too. I can only answer for me I have no problem with anything that has happened. I mean, you’ve seen Stacey often enough in a bikini that showed a lot more than we saw today … as for Stacey … you may have noticed that she will make her opinion more than clear if necessary! He laughed. True. Actually, I have to confess something to you. What? Well, when I came back from the toilet, I … I saw more than you probably think. I decided to place innocent. What do you mean? Well, I came back through the kitchen and saw Stacey lying there. Yeah and? Because of the way she was lying down, I could see right up her skirt! You lucky bastard! I wish it had been me! He laughed, relieved. Well anyway, just as I was about to come out here, Stacey moved and pulled one leg up …And what could you see then? Pretty much everything! Well not everything I was too far away and it was too bright out here to see clearly, but I could certainly see that she was wearing blue panties and … And? Spit it out! … and I could see the shape of her pussy through her panties! God that was hot! No k**ding! Shame you didn’t have a camera to take a picture! Oh you can see her any time you want dude! Yes, but seeing her like that is … different; you know unaware of what’s going on.Yeah, I know what you mean. But now you owe me one right? What do you mean? Next time I visit you and Christie, I hope I get to see something too… I don’t know how I can get her to do that. I DO however have a few pictures and a video of her sleeping in just her panties last summer. That would be a start, but Id still like to see her in the flesh so to speak! Ill see what I can do, but I’m not making any promises. OK. I look forward to my next visit! Do you want something to drink? I’m going to get a beer.Yeah, for me too please. I stood up and walked into the house. Just as I had taken two beers out 1xbet giriş of the fridge and opened them, Stacey appeared in the doorway, peeking around the corner. Is Vinny there? No, he’s still outside on the terrace. I’m just getting us something to drink. Why? Well, I’m a bit nervous about coming out like this!She walked around the corner and stood nervously in the doorway. She had got changed, but not into her bikini as I had expected. She was wearing a matching bra and panties. They were made out of nylon, spandex, or even satin. They were shiny and smooth and the set color was imperial blue. The bra was little more than two triangles of cloth that barely covered her nipples, the shape of which I could see jutting out through the thin material. Likewise, the panties were seamless and thin … very thin. The shape of her neatly trimmed pubic hair, squashed beneath the thin bright blue panties was easy to see, as was the slight dampness on the material at her crotch. I asked Stacey to turn around.She did. The panties were full bikini-style with a ruched back (the kind that is stitched to snuggle between the ass cheeks) and cupped that wonderful ass was a dream. The panties themselves were hip huggers with spaghetti stings at the hip connecting the front to the back panels. The bra was front opening and had little more than a narrow simple strap across her back and two equally narrow blue straps running up over her shoulders.What do you think? Perfect! I took a step towards her and let one hand slip to her crotch. The material was very damp and the warmth emanating from her pussy made me want to fuck her right there! No! Don’t! She pushed my hand away. I’m soaking as it is and not sure that I can go through with this. Come on its almost like wearing a bikini. Except that it isn’t a bikini, its my panties and a bikini has a double layer to protect me, which as you can see my panties do not! True. Ill tell you one thing though you look fucking HOT!!!!Its very kinky, and I’m totally embarrassed to be this horny. I feel like you can even see how wet I am! So what! What’s the difference to Vinny and me who are walking around with our hard-ons on display? She paused and shrugged her shoulders. Maybe you’re right. Why don’t you go back I need a minute to calm my nerves. OK. See you soon! I walked through the kitchen and out onto the terrace where I handed Vinny an ice-cold beer. Cheers! Cheers! I lay down on the blanket and took a long slug of beer. Wow, that is GOOD! Yeah and so is THAT!I looked up to see Vinny staring at Stacey who was standing silently in the doorway. She looked a little nervous which was not surprising, but the sight of her dressed in her sexy bra and panties still sent a thrill of excitement through me. Vinny couldn’t keep his eyes off her. In contrast to the kitchen where the lighting was such that I could only see the general features of her panties, bit outside I could see every detail. Her panties were now to a large extent see-through; the blue triangles having turned translucent where the material had become dampened by her excitement. Whereas previously I could make out only a vague damp spot on the material, now it glistened and revealed the tightly curled pubic hair underneath.Her bra was of course dry and therefore not as revealing, but the imperial blue material cupped her breasts firmly and heightened rather than hid the shape of her breasts and their erect nipples from our view.Despite her apparent discomfort, she walked over and lay down between us. Lying on her stomach, her blue panties ruffled up between the cheeks of her tight ass. Looking at Vinny with a grin, I slipped my finger between her cheeks and tugged them straight, causing Stacey to yell out in surprise and causing Vinny to grin like mad.Danny! Sorry. Just helping you to get organized. God, I almost died with shock! She grinned and punched me playfully on the arm. Stacey? Why don’t you take your bra off for us? What? No way! Come on please? No! I am not doing that it’s enough that I am dressed here in just my bra and panties. I am not going further! It’s a dam shame.I agree. Vinny tried and failed too look sad. But maybe you could at least lie on your back? Well …Come on! I mean we are too and you can see a lot more of us than we can of you! Ah, OK. She rolled over and lay on her back, supporting her head in her hands. The cups of her breasts were now little more than scraps of bright blue material lying loosely over the flattened curves of her breasts. Despite the fact that the material had formed folds over her breasts, her nipples were still clearly seen poking through the soft bra.Looking down, I saw that her panties were stretched tight over her hips. Looking carefully, I could just about make out the outline of a few pubic hairs in the dark shadows below her panties. Looking over, I could see that Vinny too was checking out my wife all for his own pleasure.You two you are not exactly being subtle about it are you?! Why should we? You’re a hot chick, and its only natural that we check you out. Also its not like Vinny gets to see his best friends smoking hot wife in just a bra and panties every day…is it?!You’re disgusting Danny! What have I said now? Anyway, its true isn’t it? Maybe she laughed but still … And I’ve noticed that you have been checking Vinny’s cock out too, so you’re not exactly in a position to make judgments …Stacey remained silent, choosing instead to pointedly look at the bulging cock in Vinny’s tight white elastic boxer shorts. Looking closely, I could see that there was a small damp patch directly over the tip of his cock and I was sure it was that pre-cum. I reminded myself to ask Stacey later whether she had also seen it. That’s hardly surprising is it I mean both of you are er …Erect? Well, yes. And you like that? Yes. I mean, of course I do! It’s very flattering. Just flattering?? No, not just flattering … its also … well, its exciting! Exciting? Yes! A turn-on! As you so rudely pointed out! Exactly! And it is as you pointed out rather obvious that both Vinny and I are also turned on. That is true something that can’t easily be overseen!She grinned. So, are you going to go topless for us or not? No! I frowned. Look, I propose a compromise … Ill get changed into something a bit more revealing … OK? What do you think, Vinny? Fine by me though I would still like to see you topless, Stacey! Saying nothing, Stacey stood up and headed back into the house. She had hardly disappeared when Vinny looked over at me and grinned. Do you think that we should maybe shock her a little? I knew exactly what was coming and grinned inwardly.What do you have in mind? How about if the two of us strip off completely? OK! You don’t mind? I mean its Stacey? Little did he know! Go a head, thanks for asking though. Its not like you’re going to jump her bones or anything is it? No! Of course not. That’s why I asked whether it is all OK with you. I watched as he shimmied out of his white shorts and lay there on his back with his erect cock jutting out into the warm summer air. It was the first time that I had seen another mans erection (apart from on film of course) and I was fascinated by the way the head of his cock glistened where the foreskin was pulled back. The thick vein along the underside had swollen and I could see smaller veins spreading out and meandering around the outer shaft.Before Stacey could return, I followed suit and was aware of Vinny watching me, apparently taking just as much interest in my exposed and very erect cock as I had in his. I flung my boxer shorts over to the table and grinned as Vinny did the same. Now there was no going back we were at least 8 feet from our underwear with nothing to hide us if we got up to get them! Vinny turned to me.Why don’t we lie on our fronts before Stacey returns. We can always turn over if she doesn’t get scared off. OK. Danny? Are you sure your OK with this? Yes. If I don’t feel comfortable with anything, Ill tell you, don’t worry. I don’t know about you, but lying here like this is not exactly comfortable! No k**ding! Next time, we need a thicker blanket or something! It was by now about 7 o’clock in the evening and the sun was beginning to set. This was actually a good thing as it meant that the heat of the day had begun to subside somewhat. We waited and waited and I wondered what Stacey was up to. It was about 15 minutes later that Stacey returned … but the return was well worth the wait. Sorry I took so long but I was so hot that I decided to have a quick shower to cool off! Oh …She looked down and saw that we were both lying naked on the blanket in front of her, albeit on our fronts. We looked up at her and grinned. As I looked up, I took in what she was wearing for the first time. She was wearing a bra and panties that I had never seen before. They were both in a bright pink and white stripe colors and looked to be made of silk. The bra was a half-cup thing that left her erect nipples exposed so that they were just able to jut out over the top of the silk rim. Her panties were little more than a triangle of plain silk covering her pussy and in the short time it had taken her to come downstairs, they had become damp over her pussy. As she walked out onto the terrace and stood before us, I felt my cock pulsing beneath me. How about giving us a twirl Stacey? Vinny asked.Grinning, Stacey slowly turned around so that we could see that the panties she was wearing were actually a silk thong, the cloth between her cheeks highlighting her pert muscular ass. The muscles of her slim back were clearly visible and disrupted only by the strap of her bra. Facing us once again, she moved over and sat down between us. As she lay down on her back between us, I looked over to her breasts, the rosy-pink nipples of which were clearly visible as they nestled above the pink silk of her bra. They were unbelievably stiff and I knew that she was just as turned on by the whole situation as I was. Letting my eyes drift down her flat stomach to her panty-covered crotch, I reveled in the smooth pink and white stripe silk covering her pussy. The temptation to run my fingers over her smooth mound was almost overwhelming but I knew that I had to wait before starting anything.Vinny too was taking the opportunity out to give Stacey the once-over. He grinned at me as he caught me watching him but didn’t let that stop him from inspecting Stacey’s exposed body. I was somewhat surprised that Stacey neither said anything nor made a move to cover herself up. However, I wasn’t about to complain either.Stacey was now supporting herself on her elbows and obviously checking out Vinny’s ass. She sighed. Much as though I would like to lie here for the rest of the evening, I think that it’s about time that we had something to eat. Everything’s ready, but well need to set the table. OK. Ill help you set the table and then Vinny can get changed if he wants to. I rolled over and sat up, exposing my throbbing cock. Stacey looked at me in surprise but said nothing. Actually I’m still rather hot I think Ill go up and grab a shower first if that’s OK with you Vinny said. Sure.He too rolled over and sat up before a little self-consciously standing up in front of us. Naked. Time seemed to stand still. His cock stood out proudly before him, his balls clenched tightly under its stem. Once again I was fascinated to see another mans erect cock in real life and enjoyed looking at him. His foreskin had pulled back slightly to uncover part of his smooth tip which was a deep purple color and glistened in the fading sunlight. The smooth tanned skin of its shaft was swollen and the large vein running along the underside was pulsing with blood and causing his cock to make small twitches. A wiry bush of dark brown pubic hair gathered around its base.A quick glance over to Stacey told me what she thought. Her eyes were shiny with excitement and she made no effort to hide the fact that she was staring at Vinny’s cock, drinking in every detail of his erection. Even though it wasn’t too hard to guess what she was thinking, I would still have given a lot to know exactly what was going through her mind in those few seconds.In that moment, Vinny walked over to pick up his shorts and turned to face Stacey and I before pulling them on, squeezing his erection into the now very-tight white lycra boxer shorts that he had been wearing. He grinned. See you soon!With that, he turned and walked into the house. He had hardly disappeared through the door when Stacey turned to me with bright shiny eyes. After a quick glance towards the house, she bent over me and took my cock in her mouth. Despite the warm summer weather, her soft wet mouth was hot as she slipped down my shaft, playing with the tip of my cock with her tongue.Stacey! I hissed Vinny could be watching! It was true. As I knew from earlier, it was possible to stand in the sitting room and look out through the window without being seen from outside. Stacey pulled upright and looked at me. To tell you the truth, I don’t give a shit if he’s watching or not I am so horny, I could …She sprang up and knelt above me with one shin on either side of my hips. Thinking that she was going to sit on me and rub her panty-covered crotch over my cock, got my hormones pumping. However, that wasn’t what she had in mind. As she lowered herself down, she dropped one hand between her legs and slipped the fingers under the pink and whit stripe silk panties. Pulling them briefly to one side, she sank down onto my cock which now drove up into her hot wet sex. Oh, fuck Stacey, that is great! And what if Vinny is watching us? Hmmm? As you said, I don’t give a fuck! She remained seated on me with my cock buried up to the hilt in her. However, this is just a taste of what is coming later but now I have to get dinner ready! She pulled off me and tugged her panties back until they were covering her once again. With a grin she stood up and looked down at me.Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea if YOU had a shower too! Looking down at my cock, still glistening with her juices, I nodded. Are you sure we couldn’t just …? No, we cant just …. anything! But you better be ready for action later! I’m not sure if I can hold out that long but I guess I don’t have any choice do I? No! she laughed. OK, well then I guess Ill go and get cleaned up too. Do that! I picked up my underwear and carrying it in my hand, we walked into the house and she picked up her white summer dress that she had laid over the back of a chair and slipped it on. The material was a patterned white and thin and I could clearly see not only the outline of her panties through the material, but also the color and shape of her light-brown nipples which were still erect under the soft material.Kissing her quickly on the lips, I headed naked through the kitchen door and upstairs to the bedroom so that I could have a shower in the en-suite bathroom. Minutes later I was standing under the cool water which streamed onto my face and down my body. My sense of excitement was such that my whole body tingled under the water, heightening rather than diminishing my overall horny state. Cleaning myself thoroughly with a lightly-scented shower-gel, I tried my best to calm down and not think of events past … or of what might be to come later.***Our dinner and the remaining evening passed uneventfully. We were all lightly dressed as one normally would be on a warm summers evening. Vinny and I continued to enjoy the sight of Stacey’s bright pink and white striped panties which we could see through her summer dress and the whole situation appeared to have calmed down somewhat so that we were all in control of ourselves again. About the only unusual things was that we all studiously avoided mentioning the events of that morning.About 11 p.m., we decided that we would head up to bed. We cleared up downstairs, locked the doors and went upstairs. Once upstairs in the hallway, Stacey bid Vinny good night and headed into the bedroom telling me that she was going to have a quick shower. I stayed where I was and as soon as Stacey had gone into the bedroom and closed the door behind her, I turned to him.Vinny? Do you fancy surprising Stacey again? Ah, yeah, sure. What do you have in mind? Well I was thinking … how about if you and I climb into our bed and wait for her when she comes out of the bathroom?! Ah, O…K… but … What? If you don’t want to, then lets drop it … it was just an idea. No! No. Its not that I’m just a bit worried about Stacey’s reaction, that’s all. OK. Leave that to me. Why don’t you get ready and then Ill come and get you. OK.With that, I headed into the bedroom and closed the door behind me. I stepped into the walk-in cupboard and headed over to the drawer where Stacey kept her underwear. Rifling through the cotton and silk bundles, I eventually selected a pair of satin white bikini string panties with small black roses printed on them. As I came back out, I heard the sound of loud music and laughter coming in through the slightly opened windows our neighbors were obviously having a party. Armed with these panties, I headed into the bathroom where Stacey was brushing her teeth. She had slipped off her dress and bra and was standing there in just her striped silk panties. Spitting out the toothpaste 1xbet güvenilirmi foam into the sink she took a mouthful of water from the tap and rinsed her mouth out. What have you got there? I held up the panties for her to see. Do you want me to put them on?Yes. After your shower … and wear your white nightie that you had on yesterday. I love a man that knows what he wants! Her white nightie was one of my favorites. Half transparent, it was just what I was looking for. One question: why didn’t you want to go topless this afternoon? I wouldn’t have minded! I KNOW that! Truth is, I wanted to too … I was just feeling a bit self-conscious I guess, because my breasts are so small.What? I love them! 34B is not small, you know that! Yes, but … well … I don’t know I was just worried what Vinny’s reaction was I guess. Silly thing! I kissed her and cupped her breast in my hand, feeling her nipple stiffen in response. She broke off. Mmm. That’s nice, but well have enough time for that soon. Let me get showered first. OK.I brushed my teeth and stripped off before walking naked into the bedroom and closing the door to the bathroom behind me. Opening the door to the hallway, I looked out to find Vinny standing there nervously. He was wearing a pair of turquoise blue boxer shorts. I motioned for him to come in. Lowering my voice to a whisper I told him to take off his shorts and climb into the double bed with me. Pulling back the blanket, we crept under the sheet and sat there like an old married couple with about half a foot of space between us, both of us leaning back against the thick pillows. We heard the water in the shower stop followed by the squeaking as Stacey wiped the shower down. We waited … and waited.What’s taking her so long? You know what its like trim the nails, trim the pussy, take the make-up off, put on the creams and all that! I’m not sure how much more of this I can stand I’m as stiff as a board and you talking about Stacey trimming her pussy doesn’t exactly help either Danny! It’s the same for me. It can’t be long now. At that very moment the door opened and Stacey stepped out, saw us and froze. Oh! Is that all you can say? I grinned. She was wearing her white nightie and the white panties that I had given her. They were clearly visible under the thin white cloth and they stiffened as I watched. Her panties too were very visible and the lace-rimmed hem of her nightie came down to just above her crotch. Having recovered slightly from the two of us being in the bed, she grinned and clambered up onto the middle of it.So are you two going to make room for me here? No problem! She yanked back the sheet to climb in, obviously expecting us to be wearing shorts. Her gasp turned to a grin as she saw the two stiff cocks waiting for her. Taking her time, Stacey climbed in and pulled the cover up again. Snuggling down between us, she looked from one of us to the other grinning like the famous Cheshire cat. Well, this is comfy! I twitched as I felt Stacey’s hand enclose my cock under the sheets and I wondered for a second whether she was doing the same to Vinny but as I looked over I saw that his expression had not changed in the slightest, so I assume that Stacey was not touching him yet! In fact, he seemed to have a rather nervous expression on his face and it didn’t really surprise me when he suddenly announced that he would go over to his bedroom and leave us to it.Vinny, don’t be silly Danny and I have been married for ages you don’t need to worry about us. Just stay here for the night nothing will happen. Why don’t you turn off the light; the switch is next to you.The whole time she was speaking calmly to Vinny, she was slowly and gently masturbating me, making sure that her movements were not seen. Vinny looked at me to make sure that I was OK with the idea and when I nodded, rolled over to the other side to switch off the light.As soon as the light was switched off, we were plunged into darkness and I suddenly became aware of the noise of the neighbors celebrating. They were so loud, that it was possible to talk to Stacey in a whisper without being heard by Vinny. The sexual tension was unbelievable! None of us moved and no-one said a word. We all simply lay there like lemmings waiting for someone to say or do something. After about 10 minutes, I heard Vinny moving around slightly.Good night!Good night.Good night.Again silence apart from the partying next door. I felt rather than heard Stacey shift and then felt her breath on my ear. Danny? I am so hot, I don’t know whether I am going to be able to sleep tonight! I turned my head to face her ear. Tell me about it! I am almost at bursting point and we haven’t even done anything yet. We should have taken the chance when we had it earlier! I rolled my head away so that she would whisper back. Yes, but we cant make love now, now with Vinny here! Shall I bring you off? Again the swapping of head positions. No. If I come, I want to come inside YOU. So how does it feel having two men in bed with you? I am so hot! I have to control myself otherwise I might do something I might regret later!That sounds good! I turned again so that Stacey could talk to me, but she said nothing and remained quite still for a minute or so. Then suddenly, she whispered to me again. Danny? Vinny’s rubbing my ass! What? Really? Yes! But I don’t know if he’s doing it on purpose or not. It’s so light, it might be an accident. I couldn’t believe THAT, but still …Just keep still and relax. Wait and see what happens next. Again a minute or so passed before she spoke. Danny. His hands on my hip now … and this time it is no accident! What shall I do? What do you want to do? Just relax your body and keep still. Lets see what he does next. He’s sliding his hand up towards my waist … and pushing my nightie up! That’s OK. Just wait and see how far he will go. He’s reached my ribs and … oh … oh … he’s … touching my breast … The blood surged to my cock and the temptation to start masturbating was almost irresistible. Danny! He’s playing with my nipple … oh, God. I slowly rolled my body over so that I was now facing Stacey but kept my ear in front of her face.He’s stopped, but his hands still holding my breast. He heard you moving! I waited, motionless, for her to speak again. I heard Vinny shuffle slightly. Something is pressing up against my ass sliding up and down my panties. I think it’s his cock! And now he’s playing with my breasts again! I felt rather hard and than heard Stacey sigh.Now he’s sliding his hand down … and stroking my panty covered ass … Knowing that his hand had moved away, I reached forward and slipped it up under her nightie to cup her breast. Her nipple was swollen and Stacey sighed as I gently twisted it between my finger and thumb. … he’s trying to get his fingers between my legs … Do you want him to touch you? Are you wet? I’m soaking he cant reach me because my legs are lying on top of one another. I took my hand off her breast and let it trail down her body over her panties to her thighs. Letting my fingertips drift up over the outside of her legs, I cupped my hand behind the knee of her upper leg. Danny! If you … Too late. I slowly and gently pulled her leg forwards until the knee was almost at right angles to her body. In doing so, I pictured how I had now exposed her panty-covered pussy to Vinny’s groping hands. Her white bikini satin panties would now be stretched tight over her pussy and would be fully open to his view if the lights had been on. I thought about the wet white satin and how it would shine where the material was stretched over her swollen lips. Then my thoughts were interrupted by a quiet but sharp gasping breath in my ear.Oh! He’s rubbing my panties over my pussy! I slid my hand back up and cupped Stacey’s breast once more, kissing her hard on the lips and then turning my head away again so that she could continue to whisper in my ear. Danny, he’s stroking my pussy through my panties; he’s rubbing my clit … I’m so horny, I wont be able to take much more of this …… he’s moved his cock between my legs and now he’s rubbing the tip over pussy through my panties … I can feel his warmth between my lips … oh, now he’s pulled away. I waited to see what was going to happen next. I felt Stacey twitch under my hand. Danny! He’s pulling my panties to the side … oooh, he slipped his fingers into me and moving them in and out. I moved my hand from her breast down to my cock and wrapped my hand around my hot swollen shaft. Before I could start masturbating, Stacey’s hand clamped down onto my wrist and held my hand firmly in place.Danny, he’s rubbing the head of his cock along my pussy … he’s trying to enter me! This is your chance, Stacey I want you to milk him dry! WHAT?!?!?! I want him to fuck you. WHAT?!?!?!I want you to also keep telling me what you’re doing! Oh Danny…. Its ok babe I love you and you are mine forever but I want you to enjoy this! Danny he cant get to me the angle is all wrong he’s got the tip of his cock between my lips but cant get any further!Danny he is starting to take my panties off! Stacey make sure he doesn’t realize you know what’s going on. Stacey slowly pushed her leg back until it was straight again and then Vinny started easing her panties down behind her ass. You’ll have to help him get them off. No sooner said than done. He slipped his fingers under the edge of the legs of her panties and ran them down to her pussy. She and the satin on the crotch of her panties were soaking wet. No that her panties were down below her knees, she was trying to move as little as possible. As soon as they were down to her calves, she felt Vinny foot push them off her legs.Danny…Vinny trying to touch my pussy again. Then lift up your leg so that he can do it. I felt her move under the thin bed cover. Hmmm, that’s good … he’s stroking my pussy so gently! Now he’s taken his fingers away and … I can feel his cock just grazing my lips … he’s put one hand on my hip if you don’t stop this now Danny, he’s going to slip his cock into me!There was no way that I was going to stop her and she knew it! Ooh! He’s put the tip of his … he’s pushing …. mmmm, now he’s inside me! That is GOOD! Oh, Danny, he’s fucking me now, slowly and gently so that you wont notice … his cock feels so hot inside my pussy … She took hold of my hand and placed it onto her clit. I felt the soft wet lips of her sex and then the smooth and slippery shaft of Vinny’s cock beneath my fingertips gliding slowly into her, and only to slowly he withdraw again.Can you feel that? Can you feel him fucking me? His cock pushing into my pussy? I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. My throat was parched with excitement. I felt Vinny’s cock stop its movements, buried deep in Stacey’s sex. He’s stopped moving! I can feel his cock pulsating inside me he’s close to coming! Stacey I hope he cums in you, filling you with his seed! I felt her hand push mine away. I could feel Stacey rocking her hips gently, her movements almost undetectable on the firm mattress.Danny? Your best friend is fucking your wife and he’s about to come ! Ohhhh he’s coming! He’s buried deep in my pussy and spraying me with his hot seed I can feel it filling me up! His cock his jerking with every spurt! That’s when I noticed Stacey fucking him back, making sure he empties every last drop into her. Danny he slowing down and I think he finished. I can feel him pulling out of me …I felt Stacey move slightly. What do I do now? I’m full of your best friends cum! She broke off as Vinny moved and pulled back the sheet before rolling off the bed as quietly as he could and padding off to the bathroom. So, now I can tell you what you’re going to do! I grabbed her and pulled her towards me. Danny! I’m dirty! I’m full of …I know! And I want to fuck you while you’re full of his come! But … She didn’t get a chance to say another word. Grabbing her by the hips, I pulled her over and on top of me. Sit on my cock! Take your nightie off! Stacey did as she was told. She kneeled either side of me and lowered herself down until the tip of my prick just brushed the slippery lips of her freshly fucked pussy. Suspended like that, she reached down and pulled her nightie up and over her head, flinging it to the floor in a heap. Are you ready for this? Yes!You do realize that Vinny will see me naked when he comes back out of that door? Somehow, having just fucked you, I don’t think that will bother him in the slightest. She sank down onto my cock with one swift movement so that our pelvic bones clashed together. My cock was immediately engulfed in a warm slippery wetness that I had never felt before. She was absolutely full of Vinny’s come. I could feel it running out and trickling over my balls onto the bed.Can you feel that Danny? That is Vinny’s come! God, you are so hard … make me come Danny! I took hold of her hips and thrust into her. Just as I did so, the door opened and Vinny walked out. Stacey froze, but I continued to screw her, paying no attention to Vinny who was now climbing onto the bed behind her. Looking over at me, he slipped his arms around her and took her breasts in his hands, rubbing her tight nipples with his thumbs.Come on Stacey I want to see you take Danny’s cum, just like you took all of mine! Stacey leaned back against him and in doing so relaxed and opened herself up even more for me. Vinny had known all along that I was awake and guessed what Stacey and I were up to! Now that there was no need to be subtle about anything Vinny told Stacey that he jerked off with her wet purple panties last night, and left a huge sticky surprise inside them. He had hoped after our playing she would have come back for them to put on and wear to bed. Stacey completely shocked started rubbing against me, keeping my cock tightly buried within her come-filled sex.Vinny stood up and moved next to her. He was hard again the excitement of seeing the two of us screwing had obviously turned him. Grabbing Stacey by the hair, he turned her head gently towards him ad forced his cock into my wife’s mouth. Stacey started to slide her mouth up and down Vinny’s dick. Now she pulled back slightly until just the head of cock was between her lips and grabbed the shaft with her hand. She started masturbating him and pulled back far enough so that she could now flick the tip of her tongue along the slit of his cock every time she pulled his foreskin back. Unable to coordinate both movements, she now sat motionless, still impaled upon my cock. Since I was pinned down by her weight, I reached down with hand and used the pad of my thumb to gently but quickly rub her clit in time to her masturbation of Vinny.Her chest was flushed around the base of her neck a sure sign that she was close to coming. Suddenly she stopped masturbating Vinny and clenched her hand tightly around his cock with its purple shiny head fully exposed. I could see it pulsing and she leant forwards and flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock and then waited. Again her tongue flicked along the eye of his cock. Again she waited. The next time, she ran the whole of her tongue from the underside of his bulbous head to the top and then quickly flicked the tip with her tongue as before. I heard Vinny groan. Pulling her head back, she started jerking him off in quick, hard, strokes. Within seconds she was rewarded with a thin jet of white come which spurted out and splashed onto her face, her sexy tits. I watched as thin white streams trickled down over her breasts and into the pubic hair above my hand.Turning back to me, Stacey now started riding me again, using her hands on my thighs to support her. I pushed her over onto her side and then onto her back, somehow managing to remain inside her the whole time. Hooking my elbows under her knees, I lifted her legs and thrust into her, penetrating her fully and causing her to moan as our pubes clashed together. Again and again we thrust against one another, completely unaware of Vinny sitting on the bed next to us.Yes, Danny! Fuck me! I’m so close! I knew that I was going to come soon and her talking to me like that was turning me on even more. Come on, Danny … fuck my come-filled pussy! I’m … I … ye-es!That was too much for me. My balls felt like they were going to explode and as I came, I thrust one last time and shot deep inside her. Not waiting for the first pulse to spray into her, I rocked my cocked back and forwards in small jerking movements, milking my cock of every last drop of my own seed. As soon as my climax had subsided, I released her legs from my arms and sank down onto her, only vaguely aware of the wet cum on her breasts rubbing onto me. We kissed and held one another as we both came back down again.Climbing off her again, I rubbed my cock on her face for her to suck clean. As she got up to shower Vinny wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her back down. He told Stacey that he wasn’t done yet as he wanted to fill his best friends wife’s pussy a few more times before she could shower.About two hours later I took Stacey by the hand and we headed into the bathroom to shower together. Five minutes later, we walked back into the darkened bedroom and climbed into bed. Stacey noticed that Vinny was asleep and saw her white satin panties wrapped around his dick. He must have pasted out while jerking off I told her. She smiled back at me and pulled the sheets up as we fell into a deep and dreamless sleep. Maybe… just maybe I could let Vinny fuck Stacey one last time before he goes home tomorrow!

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