My Best Friend – University Years Ch. 04


My Best Friend: The University Years 4

Occasionally I would meet a woman who was totally outside the circle of people I normally mixed with. I had my regular or semi-regular friends like Alicia, and Julia, or the clients set up for me by the agency, and of course the one night stands brought to me courtesy of my, ‘career,’ as a stripper, but now and again, I would meet someone completely different.

This story how I met and, ‘despoiled,’ Brenda Anderson. I say, ‘despoiled,’ because Brenda was a clergyman’s wife, so not my usual type of lover at all. At this point I have to say that I’m not the slightest bit religious, and at the risk of offending any regular church goers, nothing delights me more than meeting a woman who professes to be religious, or comes from a religious background, (like Naomi) and seducing her. Believe it or not, once their little barrier is broken, they seem to fling themselves into it with a rare gusto and enthusiasm

I’ve theorised to myself why that should be, and can only think that once that psychological barrier is broken down, all the years of being suppressed and acting in a, ‘proper,’ manner counts for nothing. They become completely uninhibited, and wholeheartedly embrace their new-found sexuality.

I met Brenda at the local park of all places. I was sitting on a park bench reading one of my university books, when she came walking along the path, I looked up as she approached and smiled at her. She smiled back, a lovely, almost shy smile. She was a beautiful woman, slim, tall, graceful, light brown hair, and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. She was wearing a sleeveless dress, just below knee length, which showed off, quite unintentionally I’m sure, her great legs and trim ankles. She was the complete package, although as usual, a fair bit older than me, but at that stage in my life, most women I found desirable were older than me.

‘Hello,’ I said, and she smiled again and nodded; echoes of the little girl she once had been. ‘It’s a great day for a walk in the park,’ I added.

‘Or for reading,’ she replied.

‘I think I’d rather walk than read,’ I said, standing up and taking the opportunity to see where this may lead. ‘Do you mind if I accompany you?’

‘Well… I suppose it is a public park and I can’t stop you walking in it, can I?’ she said, smiling that innocent little girly smile again.

‘But don’t you think a walk is always better with pleasant company?’ I asked. She thought for a second or two.

‘How do you know I’m going to be pleasant company?’ she parried.

‘I don’t, but I’m almost certain, you’re a very pleasant lady. I can usually tell,’ I concluded.

‘So, I repeat, what makes you think I’m going to be pleasant company,’ she said, smiling again.

‘Well, you’re smiling at me, which is always a good start, and then, you’re a beautiful woman, and it’s always nice to be in the company of a beautiful woman,’ I replied. She blushed, most unexpectedly.

‘Thank you, that’s a lovely compliment. Are you always so gallant, to poor old ladies out walking in the park?’ she teased.

‘Truthfully, no, but then, you aren’t an old lady. Perhaps a bit older than me, but I just don’t see that at all. All I see is a beautiful woman, with a beautiful smile. Am I being too brash and forward?’ I asked her.

‘Perhaps a little,’ she agreed, with the smile never leaving her face, ‘but I think I can cope with it, since it’s nice to be in the company of a handsome young man paying me compliments.’ I thanked her for the compliment in return, and introduced myself, and she told me her name was Brenda.

‘That’s a nice old-fashioned name,’ I remarked. She blushed again.

‘I come from an old-fashioned family, and I suppose I’m an old-fashioned kind of girl at heart anyway,’ she offered.

‘Well, it makes a change from the girls I normally meet,’ I said, ‘there’s usually nothing old fashioned or shy about them. In fact, I would say they are very forward, so it’s refreshing to meet a shy, modest lady for a change.’

‘Are you saying I’m dull?’ she flirted a little, teasing me.

‘Not at all, you’re the beautiful, fascinating, and mysterious woman I’ve met in the park, and I want to know all about you,’ I replied.

‘There’s not much to know really.’ She held up her left hand, and showed me her wedding ring. ‘First thing is, I’m married, but given our age difference, I don’t suppose that really comes into it, does it? A young man your age wouldn’t be trying to chat up an old woman like me, would you?’ and she laughed at the very thought.

‘Oh, I don’t know,’ I said quietly. ‘You are a lovely looking woman, and I rather fancy you to tell the truth,’ I admitted.

‘Come on, you can’t be serious?’ she said in surprise, ‘I’m old enough to be your mother.’

‘I’ve told you already that I don’t see it. All I see is a beautiful woman. I’d like nothing better than to kiss you right now, but I won’t. You’ll have to ask me first.’ She laughed at the idea.

‘I won’t be doing that I can assure you. Not only am almanbahis I happily married, but my husband is the parish minister. Imagine the scandal and what the papers would say, “Minister’s wife kisses boy in the park,” I can almost see it now,’ she laughed again. ‘It’s very flattering of you to think of me that way, but no, no, it won’t happen. Sorry to disappoint you,’ she concluded. Her revelation only made me more interested.

‘Nothing worth having is ever easy,’ I replied. ‘Time will tell.’ She shook her head as I spoke.

‘You must be mistaking me for one of these brash, forward young women you were talking about earlier,’ she said. ‘the ones you normally meet. Where do you meet them anyway, in nightclubs, bars and such like I imagine?’

‘Yes, these are generally the sort of places I work in, or occasionally I work in an office or their work-place, whichever suits them.’ She looked at me, but said nothing. We walked a little further until she suggested we sit on a park bench for a moment or two. She turned to me at last, curiosity getting the better of her.

‘What sort of work do you do?’ she asked at last.

‘Well, I’m actually a student at the local University,’ I explained, ‘but I have a part time job which helps me finance my accommodation and such like.’

‘What, working in a bar or something?’ she probed.

‘Well, yes and no, sometimes I do my work in a bar, or nightclub, but as I said, sometimes it’s in an office or wherever required.’

‘Yes, I got that, but what is it you actually do if it’s not bar work?’ she repeated, her curiosity in overdrive.

‘Promise you won’t hate me for it?’ I pleaded, ‘with you being a minster’s wife and all?’ and she shook her head, still smiling. I waited a moment or two as if reluctant to tell her, but actually just making her wait, and all the more eager to hear it. Finally, ‘I’m a stripper.’ She genuinely looked shocked, and blushed furiously.

‘What? You mean you take your clothes off,’ she stuttered out eventually. I nodded. ‘All of them?’

‘That’s the general idea,’ I confirmed.

‘Not even… what do you call it, a g-string?’

‘No, the complete works,’ I admitted, and she blushed most charmingly again.

‘Oh my,’ she declared, ‘I’ve never met a… a “stripper,” before. Surely, a bright young man like you could find something more… more appropriate,’ she went on, stumbling over her choice of words. I shook my head.

‘Actually, I was working in a bar for minimum wages when I started, and believe me this pays a whole lot better and for far less hours,’ I explained. ‘You’re quite shocked I can see.’

‘A little bit. It comes as quite a surprise. I didn’t know such things went on in our little town. I suppose that explains why most of the women you meet are brash and forward, does it?’

‘Well, yes in a way. I suppose they like what they see, and having a few drinks loosens the inhibitions too, which leads them to be, “brash and forward,” but it does get boring after a while,’ I finished.

‘I presume you take full advantage of your popularity?’ she quizzed, and I nodded.

‘Well, I am a young and callow youth,’ I stated, mocking her slightly, ‘and they tell me I’m uniquely equipped for the job.’ I threw that into the ring, just to see if that age-old female curiosity would get the better of even a minister’s wife. She said nothing at first and I could almost see her mind at work, digesting this even more shocking revelation.

‘Uniquely equipped? Yes, I can see you have a nice physique, you’re tall and very handsome, but surely other young men are equally blessed,’ she said innocently. She still didn’t realise what I was talking about.

‘Yes, you’re right,’ I agreed, ‘however, it seems, and I’m sorry if this shocks you even more, but I think it’s best to be honest, don’t you agree?’ and she nodded her head, thereby giving me permission to continue ‘it seems I have something, a little extra shall we say, that the others don’t. You could say that I’ve been even more blessed than normal.’ Again, I could virtually hear the ‘wheels and cogs,’ turning as she came to a realisation of what I was saying. She looked at me sharply, her eyes wide with surprise, and she blushed even more furiously than before.

‘I can hardly believe I’m having this conversation,’ she gasped out at last. ‘Here you are, a seemingly nice young man, someone I met virtually ten minutes ago, telling me you have a large… a large… well I don’t know, I really don’t,’ she trailed off, unable to bring herself to say what the meant. She wasn’t smiling anymore.

‘I’m sorry,’ I apologised. ‘It’s okay, I haven’t been sent by the devil to tempt you or anything, really, I haven’t. I didn’t set out to tell you that, it just sort of… slipped out,’ I finished lamely. She looked at me sideways and quite unexpectedly began to giggle. I must have looked puzzled or simply stupid because she began to laugh. I let her run with it until she recovered her composure.

‘Slipped out,’ she repeated, and giggled some almanbahis giriş more, ‘I’m sorry,’ she said eventually, ‘sometimes I have the most inappropriate sense of humour.’

‘Well, it’s nice to know that even a staid minister’s wife, has a sense of humour,’ I agreed.

‘Staid? Surely I’m not, “staid,” really? Do you think so?’ she protested.

‘Well, you are a minister’s wife and you looked totally shocked just minutes ago.’

‘I admit that, but it’s not every day that someone in the park tells me they have a big… willie,’ she concluded, adding unexpectedly, ‘how big?’ She blushed again, ‘Sorry, ignore me, I was just thinking about that, and it sort of, accidentally… slipped out,’ She giggled again, followed by her saying, ‘oh no,’ followed by another bout of giggling.

‘Just big,’ I replied when she had calmed down. ‘I’m sorry,’ I apologised again, ‘I should never even have mentioned it.’ She surprised me by, following up.

‘Yes, but how big is big?’ Using both hands I gave her an approximation lengthwise. Her eyes opened wider still and she almost imperceptibly shook her head in disbelief. ‘Never, nobody is that big,’ she said quietly. I reached out and held her wrist, and surprisingly, she let me.

‘And thicker than your wrist,’ I added. Again, she shook her head, but said nothing, and I let the silence hang there, knowing she was thinking about my cock, a very pleasant thought. She blushed again, but this time the flush in her cheeks didn’t disappear. I wondered if that was a sign of excitement. Perhaps the, ‘staid,’ minister’s wife wasn’t so staid after all?

‘I can’t even imagine it,’ she said at last, still shaking her head.

‘Come to one of my shows,’ I suggested, ‘then you can see for yourself.’ Again, she looked at me rather sharply.

‘Need I remind you that I’m a staid minister’s wife?’ she said, ‘the very thought of being seen at something like that would cause a major scandal. It would be all over the newspapers if it got out. No, I don’t think that’s going to happen, do you?’ I shook my head and smiled.

‘Let’s walk,’ I suggested, getting her up from the bench and leading her unawares to a quieter area of the park. We walked along in silence, and I knew she was still thinking about my cock and the possible size of it, and asking herself if I was lying, or exaggerating. Suddenly, I stepped off the path and in between some thick bushes. I turned around and couldn’t see her on the path anymore.

‘What are you doing?’ she called.

‘I’m going to show you the truth, prove that I’m not lying,’ I called back, ‘just follow me into the bushes.

‘No, no I can’t do that,’ she replied, but I could hear the indecision in her voice.

‘Of course you can, it’s no big deal, if you came to one of my shows you’d see for yourself. Let’s pretend this is a private show just for you.’ She didn’t reply, and I waited for a few minutes. ‘Are you coming in? Come on, be brave.’ Again, there was silence, and I was beginning to think she had gone home in disgust and left me, when the bushes parted, and there she was, looking slightly confused and blushing again.

‘I must be mad, what am I doing here?’ she asked nobody in particular.

‘You’ve just come to see if what I said was true; you’re curious, nothing more. I’m not going to throw you down on the grass and have my wicked way with you,’ I joked. A faint, uncertain smile, and again she shook her head as if hardly able to believe she was here. I could also see that she was breathing rather heavily, and I knew now that the minister’s wife wasn’t as staid and straight-laced as I initially thought.

‘Okay,’ she gulped, ‘show me, the longer we hang about in these bushes, the more chance we have of being discovered.’ I asked her if she wanted to pull down my zip to get things started and she shook her head vehemently. ‘No, I’m not touching it, just show me, quickly.’

I slowly unbuttoned the waistband of my trousers and pulled down my zip, her eyes never leaving my genital area for a second. I was as hard as a rock so he was looking his best when I finally fished him out and presented him for her gaze. There was a sharp intake of breath, and her breathing took on a new urgency.

‘Oh my god, oh my god,’ she said in a voice that was just a notch above a whisper. ‘I can hardly believe it. I’ve never seen anything like it; I’ve never even imagined anything like it before.’ I stepped closer to her.

‘You really need to get down to a lower angle to see him at his best,’ I suggested, pushing down on her shoulder, and with the idea implanted in her head and my hand pushing, directing her down, she got down on her knees on the grass.

‘Oh my god,’ she whispered again. I took her hand and guided it to my cock, but she pulled away as if she had been burned. ‘No, I won’t, please don’t make me,’ she pleaded, looking up at me, her eyes more beautiful than ever. She had a strange, almost haunted look on her face, and I knew she wanted to touch me despite her protestations. Maybe she felt almanbahis yeni giriş she had to show some token resistance

‘You know you want to Brenda. You need to feel how hard I am and how excited you make me feel, I suggested.’ Again she shook her head, but I reached out my hand for hers again, and she meekly took my hand, allowing me to lead it to my cock again. This time, she didn’t pull away, and her hand almost encircled my girth, and began to slowly rub me back and forth.

‘Oh my god,’ she whispered again, ‘It’s so bloody huge, I can hardly believe it.’

‘Seeing and feeling is believing Brenda,’ and she nodded her head. ‘Now, on your feet, unless you have other ideas,’ I teased her. She got to her feet, and I pulled her close to me, holding her tightly. She moulded her body to mine, still caressing and rubbing my cock.

‘Kiss me,’ she whispered, and I did, caressing her back and bottom, putting everything into it, and then her breasts, finding the nipples through the thin material, pinching and gently squeezing. She broke from our kissing at last, turning her face away, gasping for breath. ‘Oh my god, oh my god, I must be crazy. Please stop, please.’ Never one to force my intentions on a lady, I did as she asked.

‘I’m a married woman,’ she managed to gasp out, ‘what am I doing here in the bushes making love to a… a…boy?’ I suggested she might just be having some fun, but she shook her head again. ‘No, I’m going home right this instant. You’re a wicked young man, I wish I’d never met you,’ but she was still in my arms.

‘Could you do me a favour before you go home my dear Brenda?’ I asked her, smiling all the while. She looked up at me, her head tilted to one side in a questioning gesture. ‘Could you let go of my cock before you leave?’ She suddenly realised that she was still holding me in her hand and let go of me quickly, but all the way through her protesting, she had continued to stroke and feel my cock. Her mouth said one thing, but her sub-conscious was telling quite a different story. I put myself away, and zipped up my trousers again. She reached up and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, turned and made her way out of the bushes and I followed her.

‘Will, I see you again, I’d like to?’ I said as we walked to the exit gate of the park. She shook her head once again.

‘I don’t think that’s a very good idea, do you?’ she said. I replied that I thought it was an excellent idea. ‘You know I’m married, why do you insist on pushing this?’

‘You may be a minister’s wife Brenda, but I think deep down inside there is a very highly sensual and indeed sexual woman desperate to get out and experience the sort of things that you’ve just experienced. You can’t deny yourself forever because that will only lead to real unhappiness.’ I looked over to her as I finished and saw there were tears in her eyes. She nodded as if agreeing with me, but I don’t even think she realised she was doing it. ‘I’ll be here again, the same time tomorrow, please come, say you’ll be here too.’

‘No, no, I won’t, you’re asking too much,’ so I left it at that, and hoped she’d have a change of heart overnight.

The next day, I entered the park, hoping she’d be there, and glory be, there she was. Sitting on the same bench I’d been sitting on the day before when I first saw her.

‘I’m so glad you came,’ I said, reaching down to kiss her cheek, before sitting next to her.’

‘I haven’t slept a wink the whole night, thanks to you,’ she said huffily. ‘I tossed and turned all night long.’ I admitted that I’d been thinking of her too, and she seemed pleased about that. ‘Come on,’ she said, standing up, let’s walk.’

‘Where to?’ I asked curiously.

‘To my house,’ she explained. ‘My husband is conducting a funeral this afternoon, so we have at least two hours. It’s obvious what’s going to happen; I haven’t stopped thinking about it since yesterday. There’s no use in me denying it, I want what’s going to happen, so let’s go back to my house, where it will be a little more private, rather than rutting in the bushes, like a pair of horny rabbits.’

‘Are you wet Brenda?’ I asked her. She smiled at me, my soon to be lover.

‘Absolutely,’ she confided, ‘since yesterday. I can’t seem to keep myself dry.’ We laughed and hurried to her house.

It was a large house as church manses generally are, set back from the road with a high, old stone wall concealing it from the road. She locked the door behind us, and taking my hand led me up the stairs, where we entered a room at the end of a small corridor. It was sparsely furnished, just a chest of drawers and a double bed. ‘It’s a guest room, and I suppose in a way, you’re a temporary guest,’ she explained. There was an awkward silence for a moment.

‘Perhaps Satan did send you to tempt me,’ she said quietly with a smile on her face, so I would know she was joking. It helped break the ice. ‘I’ve been tempted beyond endurance, and I’ve come up, ‘wanting, ‘ which is an old fashioned expression meaning I couldn’t resist the temptation. Ironic really because what I’m wanting is you.’ I could see she was struggling a bit with herself, so in order to dispel any more doubts from her mind I stepped closer and reached out for her and she came to me, ‘Kiss me,’ she almost whispered.

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