My Best Friend’s Mom

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My Best Friend’s MomThe Christmas holidays were coming to an end. It was January 3rd and Jack Cooper would be returning to University for his second term in 2 days. This would be his last chance to fuck Debbie for the next few months. Not wanting to seem too eager, Jack had waited until 11am before setting off from his house and making his way over to Simon’s. Simon Hoops was Jack’s best friend. They had known each other for many years. Of course, unbeknown to Simon, Jack had hypnotised and fucked his busty mom, Debbie, twice and on his last visit, had throatfucked Simon’s sister, Amy. It was only a short journey as Simon lived 10 minutes from Jack, on the other side of town. Jack reached the front door and knocked. A couple of seconds passed before the door opened. It was Simon.”Oh, Hi Jack.” he said. “Hi mate.” replied Jack.There was a loud cheer from behind Simon, which seemed to be coming from the living room. Jack must of looked a little confused because Simon explained what was going on:”It’s my Aunt’s birthday. She’s 30 so we’re having a little birthday thing.””Ahh, I see” replied Jack, “Well, I just popped round to see if you were busy but I suppose that’s been answered for me.” He laughed. “Who is it?” came Debbie’s voice from the living room.”It’s just Jack.” Simon shouted back.There was no reply for a couple of seconds, leaving an awkward silence. Suddenly, a new voice. “Are you not inviting him in Simon? He is your friend after all and he can have a bit of birthday cake.”Simon waved his hands and invited Jack inside. “You’ve never met my Aunt, have you?” He asked, “Might as well stay for a bit then mate.””Cheers.” replied Jack as he stepped inside the house, took his trainers off and left them by the door. He pushed open the living room door and stepped inside. Debbie and Amy were sitting on the couch. They looked at Jack but said nothing. Fake smiles appeared on their faces, not wanting to let Simon or Rachael know anything was wrong. Simon’s Aunt, Rachael was sitting on a chair, with the other one empty.”Hi.” said Rachael.”Hello.” replied Jack, “Nice to meet you…and happy birthday.””Thank you” she replied, smiling. Simon entered the room again and sat on the floor between the couch and one of the chairs, “You take that one mate” he said to Jack, pointing at the empty chair. Jack sat down and watched Rachael open her presents. She looked fairly similar to Debbie in her facial features, but that was where the similarities ended for the most part. Rachael had short, black hair that only fell to the top of her shoulders. She was wearing a leather jacket on top of a red shirt. She was also wearing black jeans and boots. It was difficult to get a good look at her exact figure, but Jack could see that she was slim enough and her tits were quite big – Jack didn’t know exactly how big, but from where he was sitting they were similar in size to Debbie’s. 15 minutes passed, and Rachael had opened up all of her birthday gifts, “Well, thank you everyone. These are all fab.”Another knock on the door. Simon jumped up from the floor and went to open the door. Jack could hear him as he greeted someone. When the living room door opened again, another woman entered the room. She was tall, slim and had long, blonde hair. She was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, high heels and a long-sleeved top. Jack glanced at her chest. It didn’t see like she had massive tits and Jack came to the conclusion that she must have been on the smaller side. “Hey babe. How are your gifts?” the blonde woman said to Rachael as she bent over and kissed her. Jack instantly understood and came to the realisation that Rachael and this blonde woman were together. “They were all fab.” Rachael told her and pointed to a pile of gifts on the floor beside her, all in a neat pile.”Cool.” The blonde woman said before glancing over at Jack, “Oh, hello. Sorry, I don’t think we’ve met.”Jack stood up and leaned closer, shaking her hand. “I’m Jack. I didn’t realise it was Rachael’s birthday, so I just popped around and well…there was birthday cake apparently, so you know…” he laughed.”Oh” laughed the blonde, “Cake is definitely a good reason to stick around. I’m Emma. Rachael’s wife.” “Nice to meet you.” replied Jack.”You too.” Said Emma before looking down at Rachael, “You okay if I pop out for a bit? I’ve got to take James to the train station then I’ll be back.”Rachael nodded, “Of course. Wish him luck with his interview.””Defo will.” replied Emma and she kissed Rachael before saying bye to everyone else and heading out the door. The door closed, and everyone turned back towards Rachael, who thanked everyone again for the presents. Simon got up to get everyone drinks. Jack followed and helped him bring them in. It wasn’t anything too fancy, just a glass of Coke for everyone. 5 minutes passed, and Rachael got up from the chair, “Back in a sec.” she said.Debbie’s busty sister opened the door to the passageway and Jack heard her climb the stairs. A door closed upstairs: the bathroom. A thought appeared in Jack’s mind. This was his last chance to fuck Debbie again. This time, however, Simon was in the house. On his previous two trips, Simon had been out, which gave Jack the opportunity to fuck his busty mom, but this time, this time there would have to be some planning involved.Another thought entered Jack’s mind after the first: what about Rachael?Jack waited 30 seconds before putting his plan into action. “If you’ll excuse me for a second.” And he pulled out his phone, pretended to select bursa escort a contact and moved the phone to his ear. “Hello?” he said, pretending to be on the phone, “Yeah just at Jack’s house. What’s the problem?” Jack continued to talk to himself as he started to climb the stairs. As he reached the top, he trailed off, his voice getting lower before he stopped talking altogether. He stepped over to the bathroom door and looked at his phone. He selected the MindApp icon and tapped it. As always, two buttons appeared on screen, ‘Hypnotise’ and ‘Return’. Jack waited. He heard a flush and footsteps. The bathroom tap running then silence. More footsteps and the door opened.Rachael gave a small yelp as she came face-to-face with Jack, who wasted no time and held the phone to her face. He saw the light reflected in her eyes. Seconds passed and everything was ready. “Walk backwards.” Jack said.Rachael was horrified to find that she could not stop herself. It seemed like she wasn’t in control of her body. “Stop. Get on your knees.” Jack said, his voice firmer and more commanding. Rachael could not believe what was happening. She was also very nervous, she got butterflies in her stomach and was quite alarmed. She may have been attracted to women, but she knew why Jack would want her on her knees. “Open your mouth.” said Jack.Just like Debbie and Amy before her, Rachael couldn’t stop herself and opened her mouth wide. Jack unzipped his jeans and pulled them off, throwing them back against the bathroom door. Rachael could see his underpants start to bulge. Jack walked forwards a little, standing right in-front of Rachael, and pulled his underpants down. He kicked them off, not taking his eyes off the busty woman. Rachael couldn’t say anything, she couldn’t look away. She just stared forwards, looking at Jack’s cock. Her first thought was that it was fairly big, but this was immediately replaced with oh, fuck! No.”Let’s start off slowly.” Said Jack and he grabbed his cock with his left hand and rubbed it against Rachael’s lips. She could see it harder…and bigger. Surely it couldn’t get much bigger than it was? She was also appalled. She couldn’t believe this boy had his cock near her mouth. And then, she could taste it. Jack had slid his cock into her mouth. Rachael could feel his cock. She could taste his cock. She felt it rub against her tongue. It only took a matter of seconds before Jack was fully erect. Rachael’s mouth was full as all 8-inches filled her mouth. Her lips seemed to clamp themselves around the thick cock as Jack sighed with delight. Rachael’s mouth was – as expected – just as wet and warm as Debbie’s and Amy’s. Jack was in heaven, Rachael however, seemed to be in Hell. How dare this guy make her suck his cock. How dare he! “I think I’ll do all the work this time.” Said Jack with a smile, “Can’t be wasting time on blowjobs.” Rachael was confused at this. What did he mean? His cock was in her mouth…what was his-Her question was answered immediately answered and Rachael felt like she was going to choke. Jack was ramming his cock in and out of her mouth, facefucking her. She could feel his cock ram into the back of her throat. Jack had tightened his grip around her head, keeping her in place as he thrust in and out of her mouth.”I wonder how many cocks you’ve had in your mouth Rachael?” asked Jack, “Kinda makes it hotter considering you’re a lesbian.”Rachael was fuming at this. All she could keep thinking was How dare he do this to me. Of course, she wasn’t able to voice her opinion and all she could do was kneel there and take his cock. If she could gag, she would of. The last time she had taken a cock in her mouth, she was 20. 10 years later and she never thought she would be in this situation again. There was a sudden noise and Jack thrust his cock deeper into Rachael’s mouth, taking it into her throat. He could see her neck convulse and veins appeared thick and clear. Jack laughed as he realised what it was: the telephone.It kept ringing before Jack heard muffled talking – it sounded like Simon was on the phone.Jack pulled his cock out of Rachael’s mouth before slapping her face. There was a wet thwack as his cock met her face. Jack used his cock to slap her chin, cheeks and nose before thrusting his cock back into her mouth and continued to facefuck her. A minute later and Jack pulled his cock out of her mouth and took a step back. “Let’s get you stood up.” He said, “Stand up.” He added. Rachael stood up. Jack walked back over to her and unbuttoned her jeans, before pulling them down to her knees. Rachael became increasingly alarmed at this. This was going too far. Jack reached around and slapped her ass. Spanking didn’t seem good enough, so Jack grabbed her pink panties and yanked them down, leaving them just above her jeans. She was stood up straight, her legs apart with her jeans and panties at her knees. Rachael was horrified. Jack walked behind her and slapped her ass with his cock. “Bet you can guess what happens now.” he said in her left ear. Without warning, Jack placed his cock just outside of her pussy, before thrusting forwards and entering her from behind. Jack sighed as he entered Rachael. Her pussy felt so good. Starting slowly at first, Jack soon increased his pace and fucked Rachael as fast and as hard as he could. His cock slid in and out, Jack making sure all 8-inches were buried in her pussy. “Touch your toes.” Jack said and without hesitating, Rachael bent forwards as Jack continued to fuck her. He kept her in that bursa escort bayan position for another 3 minutes, spanking her from time to time. “Stand back up.” Said Jack and Rachael immediately straightened back up. Jack pulled his cock from her pussy, which he now realised was quite wet and knelt down. He grabbed her ass in each hand and buried his face in her pussy, eating her out. “Moan for me.” He said, “But not too loudly.” And with that, Rachael let out moans of pleasure. She didn’t even want to give him the satisfaction, but it was like she couldn’t help herself. After licking her pussy, Jack pulled his head away, slapped her ass again and stood back up. “You know your sister hates Anal. I wonder if you like it or not.”Rachael stood there, staring straight ahead at the bathroom door. “Answer my question. Do you like Anal?” Jack asked her. Rachael obeyed, “I have never done it.” She took a breath after each word like it was a struggle. “I see. Well, I don’t want you making any sounds so…” Jack said, “Do not make any noise” he commanded.It was like a switch in the back of Rachael’s mind had turned to off. She tried to moan, tried to speak but couldn’t. She felt Jack’s cock slide against her pussy before reaching her asshole. Jack pressed his cock against it and pushed. His cock began to enter her ass, stretching it as he did so. He went slowly but made sure his entire cock was buried inside. Rachael’s ass was on fire. She had never experienced anything like this before. She could feel Jack’s cock inside of her ass, moving around. There was only one word that came to her: painful.Jack slid his cock back out. He repeated the process, sliding his cock in and out of her ass before increasing his pace. As Rachael stood there under his control, she felt him fuck her ass. Jack was loving it. Her ass was so tight and felt so good. He pounded her. After a minute, he stopped fucking her. “Get on all fours.” He said, “I wanna fuck you doggystyle.”And so, with his cock still buried deep in her ass. She knelt down. First going onto her knees then falling forwards and using her arms to support her, she was in the doggystyle position. Jack put both arms on her waist and continued to fuck her up the ass. His pace increased from time-to-time, going faster and harder. Jack slapped her ass and pulled his cock from her ass. At that moment, he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. “Rachael? Are you okay?” it was Debbie. Jack looked around. He knelt down and whispered in Rachael’s ear, “Tell her to come in, you need help with something.”Rachael wanted to stay quiet, to do anything but speak. “Come in, I need help with something.”Debbie reached the landing and walked towards the bathroom door. She opened it and stood in the doorway, her eyes wide with shock. There, on her hands and knees, was her sister. Her face was emotionless, staring into space. Her ass was on show, her jeans and panties near her knees. Debbie stared for a moment before rushing in and kneeling down to help her sister. “Where is he-” Debbie was cut off as Jack stepped up from behind the door, his phone in hand. He reached over Debbie’s head and placed the phone in front of her face. No! Damn it! was all Debbie could think before she seemed to relax and lost control of her own body. She could hear Jack walk outside the bathroom and shout down the stairs. “Just got to phone my mom, be back in a minute.”Then, a reply; “No worries mate.” said Simon, again shouting. Jack smiled and walked back towards the bathroom. “Well, well, well. Just couldn’t keep away eh?” he said to Debbie. He closed the bathroom door and clicked the lock in place. “Why don’t you stand up and remove your clothes Debbie?” She did so. Debbie stood up and unzipped her jeans. She pulled them off, along with her panties and socks. She then grabbed her shirt and removed it, before reaching around and unfastening her bra, letting it fall. It landed on Rachael’s head. Jack laughed. “Nice shot.” He said. “Right well, I guess we can have some fun now. Amy isn’t around is she?” Jack said, more to himself than anyone else. Debbie fumed. He was going to fuck her for the third time. What was this guy’s problem? How dare he fuck her again. And that’s not all. He fucked her sister. Poor Rachael. Debbie had no time to think on the matter anymore. “Get on your knees and push those massive tits together.” said Jack, directing the command to Debbie. The busty mom got to her knees and grabbed her massive tits in each hand, before squeezing them together. Jack grabbed his cock and rammed it in-between Debbie’s tits, before thrusting up and down, titfucking her. As he did the very first time he fucked her, he made sure to hit her chin with his cock every time he thrust upwards. He kept her in that position for well over a minute, roughly fucking her tits. Debbie could feel slithers of pre-cum cover her chest. “Get up and bend over the sink.” he said and Debbie stood up, moved over to the sink and bent over. Her tits were squeezed against the bottom of the sink and her arms went to either side for support. Jack moved beside her but before he did anything else, he looked down at Rachael. “Rachael, sit up and watch.”Rachael did so. She moved herself, sat on her ass and looked up. She saw Jack standing behind Debbie, his cock in one hand and Debbie’s ass in another. A second later and Jack looked back at Debbie. He spanked her before thrusting his cock into her pussy and fucking her from behind. “Fuck yes.” he said as he continued to fuck the escort bursa busty mom. His cock went as deep as it could with each re-entry. Jack’s pace increased as he thrust in and out. After a while he grabbed Debbie’s hair and pulled. Her head was arched upwards and he slapped her ass. Jack continued to fuck her pussy for another 3 minutes before pulling out. “Both on you. On your knees.” Debbie and Rachael got on their knees, but the two women were facing different ways. “Face me, both of you.”Rachael and Debbie turned around on their knees until they were facing Jack. He realised that Rachael still had her mouth wide open so this time, he directed his command at Debbie only. “Open your mouth.”Jack stood in-front of Debbie and shoved his cock in her mouth. He grabbed her head and fucked her face. He thrust in and out, going as fast as he could. “Gag.” he said and Debbie began to cough, splutter and gag as her mouth was pounded by Jack’s thick cock. He suddenly pulled out and thrust his cock in Rachael’s mouth. He repeated what he did with Debbie. “Gag.” he said and Rachael began to gag, slurp and make squealing noises as Jack fucked her face. He pounded away, ramming his cock in and out. “Shit. Going to cum soon girls.””Photos panicked. Shit! Please don’t come in my mouth was the only thing she could think of. “Who wants the honour of swallowing?” asked Jack, looking back and forth between the two women. “Or perhaps, something special?”Debbie and Rachael both felt anxious. What did he mean by something special? Jack continued to fuck Rachael’s mouth but didn’t last too long. He pulled out before long, not wanting to waste a golden opportunity. “Right, well, I think Rachael, you can have the honour.”Jack looked at the busty woman and smiled. Jack walked over to the toilet. The lid was down. Jack sat on the seat and looked over at Rachael. “Rachael, come here. Sit on my cock. Face your sister.”Rachael stood up and walked over to Jack. She turned around and faced Debbie, still on her knees by the bathroom door. Rachael shuffled backwards, and Jack guided her onto his cock. He wasted no time and began to pound her. He fucked her as hard as he could. Rachael bounced up and down on his cock. Jack reached around and slid his hands beneath her shirt. He reached up and felt her bra and her tits beneath. He squeezed. Rachael’s massive tits felt so good. He pulled his hands from her shirt and grabbed her tits. He squeezed them, her shirt creasing as he did so. “Oh fuck!” Shouted Jack “Tell me not to cum in you.” he said to Rachael.Her voice wasn’t filled with dread or alarm, but she opened her mouth and said the words: “Don’t cum in me!” Please! Don’t cum in her, thought Debbie. “Shit!” exclaimed Jack as he exploded inside Rachael. She felt his cum fill her up. She was frozen – both from the hypnosis and from sheer shock of what had just happened. Jack thrust in further, his cock pulsing as he continued to fill Rachael. His cum filled her and before long, he removed his cock. Debbie could see cum leaking from her sister’s filled pussy. “Oh fuck.” Said Jack. He slapped Rachael’s ass before moving her and standing her up. He moved away and she stood there.”Now. I’m afraid I will need you to take my cock down your throat again Rachael.” He told her to get on her knees, which she did. Jack got his phone and walked over to her. He shoved his cock down her throat and took a picture. He took another one with his cock in her mouth, not fully buried. He then took another picture with her mouth open, his cock resting on her tongue.”Just a little insurance. Did the same thing with your sister and niece.” Jack said, “Didn’t cum in them though, so I guess you’re a little unique.”Jack walked over to his clothes and put his underpants and jeans back on, fastened them up and opened the MindApp app on his phone. He held the phone in front of the two sisters and within 3 seconds, they were in control again. “I hope your pleased with being chosen Rachael.” said Jack, “you have no idea how hard it was to not cum down your sisters throat.” Rachael stared at him. “I cannot believe you’ve cum inside me. What the fuck is wrong with you? Is this what you do? Just walk over to women and fuck them?!” “I’m home from University and you’ve both got massive tits. What do you expect?””Are you serious!?” said Rachael “What the hell!””Look. I think I’m gunna go now, kinda feels like I’ve overstayed my welcome.” Jack said, walking to the bathroom door, “and remember ladies, no telling. These photos are dying to get online.””No telling!?!” demanded Rachael, “You’ve cum inside me!””Anything to add Debs?” Jack said to Debbie. Debbie opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. She couldn’t believe what Jack had done. “I’ll see you later then.” Jack turned, “Oh well. Not later cause you know, term times and all, but I’ll be back at Easter. Maybe we could have some more fun then.” And then Jack was out of the bathroom and walking down the stairs.Rachael looked at her sister, “Is that guy serious?”, her voice was full of anger.Debbie nodded. “I’m sorry Rach. Are-are you okay?””What the hell am I going to say to Emma?””Nothing. I’m sorry but he has photos of me and Amy as well. I don’t want them online.”Rachael spluttered and looked bewildered. “What, so we just let him fuck us whenever he wants?” Debbie shrugged, “You don’t have to. You’re living down South with Emma but…I-I think I’m going to be his personal cum slut from now on. I don’t know how to get him to stop without spreading those photos.” Rachael gulped. She felt so bad for her sister. “I—Er—I reckon we should get dressed.”Debbie nodded, before standing up and walking over to her clothes. She sighed and got dressed. MY BEST FRIEND’S MOM.

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