My best friend’s mum

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My best friend’s mumI’d known this woman all my life and apart from when I was a teenager -and couldn’t stop staring at her tits- I never thought about her sexually. To give you an idea, she looks like a mix between the head of Cassidy Exe and the body of Anastasia Lux.It was my best friend’s 30th so we went out for drinks, a lot of his family and friends. It had got quite late and most people had gone home. The bar was getting quiet and his mum came over to talk to me. We had a little chat about life and how it’s going with my gf. I told her fine but I’d like it if she set me up with one of her friends as I prefer older woman. I expected her to laugh but she looked me straight in the eye and said “There’s one right here”.I laughed at first and asked if she was serious. She nodded. I told her if she wasn’t his mum I would do nasty things to her. She looked shocked then said “I can keep a secret, can you?”I smiled and thought about it for a moment. I told her “let’s go to yours…get a taxi and wait near the bank, I’ll be there in 5”. bursa escort She said her goodbyes to everyone, including me and left.I spoke to my friend for a few minutes and he asked if I was staying out for the night, I said I had to leave because I had a busy day tomorrow. I said my goodbyes and left.As I jogged down the streets to the bank a lot of things were running through my head. Should I be doing this? Are we actually going to do it? Was it just talk?To be honest I thought it was just dirty talk and I was gonna call her bluff, but I had a semi in my jeans and I was going for it!The taxi was there waiting as planned. I jumped in the back. She looked really excited to see me, she said “This is my toy boy” to the driver as she rubbed my chest and grabbed my arms “look at his muscles”.The ride to hers was only 5 minutes, she didn’t stop groping my body the whole time. My semi was getting bigger. As she was directing the driver, I pulled my cock out and placed her hand on it. She lost her words and seemed gobsmacked. She stuttered bursa escort bayan her directions to the driver as she wanked my dick slowly and squeezed it hard.As we pulled up in the taxi, I pulled my jeans up. We got in the door and she pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me. She lifted up my top to take off and as she did I dropped my jeans again. She was about to follow her hands and kiss my chest until she spotted my cock was there waiting. She dropped instantly to her knees and wrapped her mouth around it. She gagged on it as I don’t think she was used to a big dick. As she sucked I pulled her huge tits out and played with them. I pushed her off my cock and bent her over the stairs. I pulled her trousers down and went to rub her pussy. It was dripping wet. I pushed my cock straight in and fucked her hard on the stairs. She was moaning so much and so loud. Everything was hot…. the look she gave me as she turned her head, the moaning, the sound of my big dick squelching in that soaking pussy, her escort bursa fat ass rippling with every thrust…..I ended up cumming there inside her. We both collapsed in exhaustion. She leaned over smiled, kissed me then sucked the cum and her pussy off my cock. She told me to get a drink while she gets changed. As I sat on the couch with my drink waiting for her, I felt bad for both my friend and gf but just had one of the best experiences of my life. She came in with a dressing gown on and told me nobody can know about this as she opened the gown and put those huge tits in my face. I sucked on her big nipples while she played with my cock. She then got on her knees and starting sucking whilst I drank my beer. She sat on my throbbing cock and bounced as I sucked those tits once again. The moaning returned, as I fondled that fat ass as it bounced and grinded, I slipped my finger in her ass. She loved it and started moving faster and moaning louder.My lap was soaking with her juice. I lay her down and started fucking her. She screamed and said ‘i want your cum” I was ready to burst so I pulled out and jizzed on those giant tits. I leaned over and put my cock in her mouth so she could get all the cum like last time. I cleaned myself up a little and went home to my gf.

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