My Best Friend’s sister


My Best Friend’s sisterI’ve known her ever since i was young. Kindergarten is when we first met. My best friend’s sister, she was absolutely beautiful. We’ve grown up together and have had one encounter in the 5th grade. She gave me oral, but it was innocent, we didn’t know what we were doing. We were just experimenting the opposite sex. Now i’m 16, and she is 15, and boy has she grown. She is black, Huge DD tits, and an amazing butt.Just the other day i went over to relax and play video games with my friend J***. We played for about 1 hour, then he said he must go to work. His parents gave him a ride that i knew would take at least an hour (he works pretty far, but money is money). As i began to doze off, i heard the shower turn on upstairs, and i remembered his sister R******** was still home.I’ve masturbated to her before, imagining her giving me head and struggling, but eventually getting it all the way down her throat. Those huge tits bouncing up and down as she rode my 8 inch cock! I found myself with an erection.Nervous, as a virgin usually would be, i began contemplating a plan to arouse her. I thought of scenario after scenario, until i heard the shower cut off. I gulped in fear, would she deny me? I sat there, waiting for something to spark, anything.She walked hiltonbet giriş downstairs with her towel covering her body, her giant breasts holding up her towel with ease. As she turned down the hallway she gave me a smirk. I waited for her to turn her head until i looked to check out her ass. It was gorgeous, fat, upright, and juicy. I got an erection and thought, now or never.I walked down the hallway and knocked on the door… “yes?” … i was speechless. “ummm, i think i left my phone in your room.” i just wanted an excuse to get behind that door. She opened the door and i pretended to search for it. Glancing over to see her cleavage, i got caught. We immediately made eye contact and i began to apologize. “I’m sorry, it’s just, i’ve been thinking of you a lot lately” my voice was weak, i was about to crumble. She said, “It’s okay, i don’t mind if you look, i’ve been thinking of you too.” I was amazed.I began to get another erection and she looked down to see what was going on. “So, i see you’re pretty excited!” she said jokingly. I blushed. “Yeah, haha” i began to see her nipples shape through the towel. I knew it was about to happen. I walked toward her and caressed her, she moaned quietly. I kissed her on the neck and brushed my hard on between hiltonbet yeni giriş her legs. She dropped her towel and back up a step, showing off her body. I liked her cockiness, it mad me even more aroused. I’ve never been so erect, i was standing straight up through my gym shorts and she knelt down to unravel my shorts.She grasped my cock with 1 hand and looked me in the eye, my dick was throbbing. “We sure have grown up haven’t we” she said. “I guess so” i said with a wink. She kept eye contact and began to lick the head of my penis. She then gave it a gentle kiss, and started to suck. She couldn’t go past the halfway mark, she was struggling. She came up for air and asked “What do you want to do to me?” i replied, ” Lay down.” She did.I squeezed her boobs together and told her to hold them their, i started to titty fuck her and she started to moan. I did a slight laugh, every time i stroked upward, my penis would hit her chin. She was into it. “That’s enough” she said, she got on her knees and poked her perfect ass in my face, “Fuck Me!” she said gently.I teased her a bit, rubbing my penis up and down her lips, poking my head in and out. She loved it. I then started to go a bit deeper, and a bit deeper, and her moans progressed. Louder hiltonbet güvenilirmi and louder. She began to scream, i flipped her over and started doing missionary. So i could see her tits bounce back and forth with each stroke i pounded her with. She was gasping for air and she began to start shaking. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, “Harder! Harder!” I was pounding her with each stroke. slamming my body on her cunt while i went as deep as i could go. She pulled my dick out and she began to squirt on my abs. I was shocked! I thought that type of stuff only happened in porn. “Thanks, i finished, now it’s your turn.” I was shocked! This was a dream girl.I shoved my cock in her mouth and she was moving her neck back and forth, back and forth, viciously. I was so turned on, i pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled her hair back and came all over her. Her face was glazed like a doughnut. I sat her on my lap, and started to feel on her tits, playing with her nipples.We were just sitting there looking at each other, playing with each other for about 5 minutes. Then i suggested, “This isn’t a one time only thing is it?”… “Next time, i won’t go so easy on you”. I was shocked. “Sounds like a bet ;)” i gave her a wink, she winked back. And we gave each other a soft kiss providing closure, temporarily.I heard the garage door open, and she sprinted me out the side door, tossing me my shorts and t-shirt. She gave me that smirk again, and said “See you later” she shut the door, and i walked down the street to my house, smiling non-stop.P.S. True Story !!!

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