My Bi-night


My Bi-nightSo heres a story for all you that goes a bit both ways.After meeting a couple here online on the fabulous hamster and chatting for a few weeks about our fantasies, they are keen to meet and see how we go at fulfilling them.I’m a bit bi but am new to it and want to learn to suck some cock, ive been fucked by my wife before but wanted to try the real thing. I love the cock up my arse its such a great feeling never thought i would but hey its great.So we arrange a meet at their house for some fun. I arrive on time but nervous as hell as tonights the night I’m going to have some real cock.So we sit chat and all relax with a few drinks going to break the ice, so i find myself in the middle of this couple in there early forties none of us are oil paintings.They look at each other and smile sort of knowing what’s going to happen, she looks at me pulls my face to hers and we kiss that sort kiss that you have before sex, slow sensual with tongues flicking each other wet lips mashing together. He in the mean time has been rubbing my cock through my jeans he decides that now he wants to touch it for me. My zip goes and then my belt , buttons undone then he’s kneeling if front of me tugging my jeans and boxers down. I lift my hips to accommodate him. Suddenly I’m half naked been snogged and with a bloke between my legs about to suck my cock. I draw a breath as his mouth opens to engulf the head of my cock. He goes down as far as he can squeezes his lips tight and with draws. His tongue come out and proceeds to encircle my swollen head then he bobs down again on me. His wife is pulling my t-shirt off. She then licks my nipples and watches her hubby cram my cock in his mouth. Oh baby she says I love seeing you suck cock to which he groans in a full mouth way.After watching her hubby suck it for a while she decides it’s her turn so she joins him with her tongue I’m meanwhile in complete ecstasy enjoying tongues and lips around my cock and swollen balls. She muscles him away from my dick so he stands up and strips. I watch as I want to see the cock that I’ll be sucking and fucking. He drops His jeans and pants stands up and there in front of him is this largish cock standing rock hard in front me. He moves onto the couch in front me and there it is right in front of my face, I’ve never been that close to a real cock before and I’m taking in this big round flesh stick. He looks at me and says “you ready for some man meat ? ” yes I say as ready as I’ll ever be.He moves toward my face his cock bouncing for me I reach up and grab it I study it briefly before I pull it towards my waiting tongue I wet my tongue and lick it’s head round and round and up down the shaft it feels good I like it. Mean-while his wife is making a meal of my cock her saliva is running down my balls towards my dark hole. She knows this and is running lordbahis güvenilirmi a fingers around my puckered hole teasing it. Slowly she pushes a finger in me waiting for my ring to relax then slowly she fucks, it in and out around and round stretching it and then 2 fingers breach my hole. My ring s getting used to those lovely slippery fingers. I am still learning his cock and what it takes to suck it well. I take it further down my throat till I gag. Then out again, making it wet with spit. I lick it I suck it. I’m loving the taste of real cock.Ok says Lisa all change I want some tongue on my cunt it’s dripping wet. She pulls me off the couch and onto the floor “get on all fours slut”. So I do and next thing I know she does the same in front of me and I’m presented with this glorious peachy arse right front of my face. Ok she says suck my clit drink my juice and don’t forget my arse either, I bury my head into her slit drinking in her scent and juices licking from clit to arse and back again making sure I spend plenty of time with my tongue buried in both holes. Hubby has moved behind me watching his wife be oralised. He gets on all fours too and we form and strange sort of chain. He buries His tongue into my ring and I moan deeply as I love my arse seeing rimmed it’s heavenly I love my wife doing it and he is good at it. Breaching my ring occasionally with his tongue he wets my arse.I’m concentrating on Lisa’s clit I want some girl juice on my face. Her arse is very accommodating and my tongue is in her hole. I want to fuck this hole later. Suddenly I feel my arse is cold and realise he has dropped a load of lube at the top of my crack. I can feel it as it runs down to my hole, he pushes it into my arse along with a finger then again I feel more lube and more fingers. Then nothing !!? I stop licking arse for a second to look back see him shuffling closer to me smiling and looking at my ring. He grabs my hips and pulls us together his cock pushing at my tight ring for a second it doesn’t give then stretch and pop, in goes his head I gasp it’s bigger than my feeldoe my wife fucks me with at home. Slowly this big round cock goes in stretching my ring, through lube does its job and lets this cock slide into me oozing out and going gooey. Half way in he stops and lets me get used to the sting.Lisa turns over as she wants to watch me be fucked and her hubby doing the fucking. I close my eyes in the ecstasy and pain and he slides all the way in , I feel his hips on my thighs so I know he’s in. Slowly a first he starts to fuck my inviting arse. My god it’s amazing how full I’m feeling now with that real cock in me. I’m trying to suck Lisa’s clit but I’m lost in the ecstasy of being full of cock. He is now moving fast and I can see that he is loving being balls deep in me and lordbahis yeni giriş with every thrust I push back to meet his meat. Lisa is moaning loudly now as she is enjoying watching the fucking that’s going on. I concentrate hard on her clit and I’m rewarded with a small gush of girl goo. Hmmmm lovely. My face is wet with her come , she moves around and we kiss she licks my face while watching her man pound me. He must be getting close and she senses this and moves towards him. Giving him a kiss and encouragement. Come on babe fill this slut up with your come. His movements become jerky his breathing laboured, then he pushes himself as far in as he can get and I can feel his cock swelling and pulsing inside my arse as he unloads his warm creamy cum deep in my arse. Wow what a feeling of complete fucked-Ness. I feel his cock soften while he’s still in me. It feels great my arse is wet warm and full of cum. As he relaxes his cock slips out of me and I can feel some of his cum run out of me and down my balls that are bursting.We all relax for a minute or two in the after glow of sexual high. I hear Lisa disappear but quickly I hear the pad of naked feet as she returns I’m lying on my side feeling fucked I look up at her return to see her waddling with a feeldoe dildo sticking out between her legs, OK slut now it’s my turn for your arse ! She kneels down behind me turns me on my back lifts my legs and moves in for my spunk filled arse quickly and effortlessly. she slips in the dildo it goes in easily as a mixture of lube and cum spill from my hole. She rams it straight in to the hilt and makes me gasp again. Then she proceeds to fuck me hard. squelching and sucking sounds come from my gaping arse as the dildo rams in and out. Hubby comes too and is getting hard from watching his wife Lisa bang my spunky arse.He straddles my face and dangles his semi hard cock slick with spunk and lube into my face. Not sure I’m up for this I turn my head. He grabs it and pulls my mouth onto his sticky cock. Suck it slut !! OK well I’m Here now and I wanted cock. So I suck it clean all the while Lisa is banging my sticky arse which just feels amazing being fucked again by her. But I really want my mouth to feel a load of spunk in it. Lisa senses this and pulls out I gasp as my arse is left empty and cold air hits the wetness. She flips me over and there I small again on all fours but this time she has her dildo deep in my spunky arse and I have hubby’s cock as deep as I can get it down my throat. He is fucking my throat forcing his meat down me. I gag and spit but let him continue. I want cum. So I pull it from my face and ask for a mouth full of spunk. Keep sucking me slut he says and rams his cock back down my neck.Lisa pulls her cock from deep within my arse out and moves around to get a good look lordbahis giriş at her man filling my mouth with cock. Cum baby cum she says give him your juice. With that he pulls it out and proceeds to wank off in my face. I’m loving watching another man stroke his cock in my face. He starts to tense and I sense that this is it what I’ve been waiting for a mouth of jizz so I jam his cock head in my mouth just as his cock spurts his thick salty cum out. I catch it all and feel his head throbbing and he delivers spurt after spurt of cum. So much it runs out the side of my mouth and down my chin. One big swallow and most it went and surprisingly it was OK. Lisa came to my mouth and cleaned up my dribble and we share a spunky kiss which was just so horny and such a turn on after blowing her old man.By now my balls are bursting to loose some juice. Lisa is still kissing me sharing the taste of cum. She pulls away and says want some arse slut ??? I nod ,” well you can have both” she lays me down on my back and squats on my raging cock and impales her wet cunt down to the hilt. So wet. , so warm , so inviting. She starts to fuck me slowly and it feels amazing after what I’ve had already. I’m lying there in heaven when I feel a body close to me , hubby has straddled my head and is lowering his ring towards my mouth I want to rim it badly so wet my tongue and pull him into my face and lick. Lisa clearly has wet my cock enough for her arse now and lifts herself off only to adjust her position so that my cock is positioned at her puckered hole , she lowers herself slowly onto my pole and oh wow what a great feeling to be deep in her arse. The tight muscle clamps my cock. I hope I’m not going cum too soon as I want to fuck them both. But she savours the feeling and goes real nice and slow. I’m buried in her arse and rimming him. This carries on for what felt like ages but I’m sure I would have blown my stack if it had and I’d really like to unload in him to return the favour.Lisa pulls herself slowly off me and lies down knackered. I tell hubby I want him on his back , so he lies down and I move in for some man cunt, a squirt of lube will make this last a little longer. His arse is lubed my cock is hard and i want it now. i push my cock against his hole it slips in easily and squeezes my cock tight. now i get to fuck him. my balls are ready to explode and have been for a while now and i want it here in his arse. Lisa has moved back in for some more and has latched her lips on to his cock and is sucking it off while i plug his arse. this isn’t going to last long so i want to give it all Ive got, i pick up the tempo and ram my dick up as far as i can. i feel the cum starting to boil up and keep digging it in deep. my last few strokes felt like a pipe was going to burst and finally i dump my load in his arse, my cock pulsing with cum deep in his arse, i pull out and lay back fucked Lisa crawls over and cleans me up just to finish the evening off well. she kisses us both hard on the lips. Ive had the best night ever and will be wanting some more of this if i can get it.any comments gladly received and invitations!!

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