My birthday present in advance

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My birthday present in advanceThat morning I woke up late, finding my loving husband had already left for his office,One hour later, I received a message from Victor’s cell pone:“Today I will give you your birthday present in advance…” “You will like it…”That enigmatic and surprise tone really excited me.Before midday I received another text from my dear hubby:“I want you dress sexy and get your ass ready for me…”This made me wet… It was not usual Victor announced he wanted to sodomize me…Late afternnon I dressesd sexy as he wanted. A short black dress that barely covered my ass cheeks, stiletto heels and not a thong at all.When the sun was going down, I got his last message;“You should wait for me with the door open, kneeling in the living room, eyes blindfolded and hands at your back, quiet and showing a total submission to me…”A while later I heard the elevator stopping at our floor. Then I put myself a blindfold, tuzla escort knelt onto the carpet and put my hands at my back, waiting for “My Master”…Door was opened smoothly and I heard some footsteps on the carpet. Soon a pair of fingers were shoved directly into my wet pussy lips. A very quite whisper hissed softly: “Well, well…the bitch is wet and ready…”A zipper spound indicated me he was getting naked in front of me. Soon his hands grabbed my hair and his thick cock head tried to enter my red lips. I breathed deeply and he made me bend my head up, shoving his thick dick deeper into my throat.As I sucked and swallowed his entire cock, I could hear him moaning and also some noises from a camera. It was strange; my husband never had wanted to take pictures as we had sex…After a long while sucking, he grabbed again my hair and made me bend over forward, making me put my fronthead against the carpet. With my ass tuzla escort bayan in the air, I understood that it was time to get my birthday present: a nice and wild anal action…I felt a cold liquid sliding between my buttocks, up to my tight rear entrance. It made me shiver and moan in pleasure.Soon a thumb pressed into my rosebud, until it could get inside, passing my sphincter.When my rear hole was fully lubed and stretched, I felt his hand grabbing my hips and his hard cock entering my asshole.He started pumping my anus with some passion. When I cried outloud, he made me hush, whispering whores should not cry whe somebody fucks their slutty asses…Although the lube effect, his hard dick was hurting my anus. It was strange, but today my husband’s cock was harder and bigger than usual deep inside of my ass…The first slap came suddenly on my ass cheeks. Then another one and more and more. I claimed it was hurting escort tuzla me; but he kept slapping me as he got tired.Suddenly he stopped slapping me; he grabbed my hips firmly and let explode his cock deep in my anus, filling me with his burning semen. Hotter than ever…I stood there, lying in all fours as I recovered my breathe. I had not cum; but his dock in my asshole had given me enough pleasure and relax…Suddenly I could not hear any sound. I got up and took off the blindfold. I was alone; not a sign about my loving husband.I went to the bathroom to get a warm shower. When I came out, I found my loving husband there in the living room, with a big bunch of red roses for me.Smiling widely, he said he was getting my birthday present in advance…I looked at him; not understanding too much. But then he smiled again, saying:“I thought you would be worry by our lack of communication today… Early morning an office mate borrowed my cell phone and then that stupid guy forgot to give it back to me before leaving…I smiled back to him and thought to myself:“Do not worry, Darling, that bastard gave it back hard enough for sure…”

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