My black neighbor

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My black neighborWhen I was a young boy I liked wearing panties I wore normal clothes over them but I did like wearing panties I lived next to this guy who lived alone in his house and not many people ever came over. He was an older black man tall and well built. It was a surprise he didn’t have a girl every night. One night I was putting on a pair of panties and I had left my curtains open and I caught a glimps of my neighbor looking at me. I dropped down and closed the curtains and hid in my room waiting for the door bell to ring, but it didn’t. A couple days later I was out taking a walk and my neighbor was out side sitting in his chair. He called over to me “boy come here” nervous I walked over slowly and he said “would you like a drink I need to ask you something boy” I followed him inside thinking about how He saw me the other day. He poured me a glass of water and asked “boy why were you wearing panties” I responded quietly “I like how they feel” he grinned and ask “what are you into” confused by the question I said “I don’t know sir” he asked me “are you wearing those panties now” I quietly answered “yes” slightly nodding my head. The man asked me “why do you only wear panties” I answered “because I am afraid of what people will say in public” he then asked “would you try other clothes on if I got them for you” I nodded and he said “but you will have to wear them here” I responded with a nod and the man came in closer. He said “I need to get your measurements” his big black hand was on my shoulder and he moved it down slowly. I lifted my arms up letting him get my measurements. His hands slowly worked down my body and to my hips. I felt one of his hands squeezing my butt and the other was feeling my thighs. It started to feel weird but I liked it. He suddenly stoped and said “good come back tomorrow evening” I walked out and went back to my room. I was hard in my panties and started looking up porn I started by looking up black cocks. I felt my penis was rock hard and then I looked up interracial porn. Grabbed my penis and and started jacking off. I suddenly typed in gay interracial porn and on the first picture I saw a younger white guy getting his mouth filled with this big black cock. As I scrolled through the pictures I felt my penis shoot a load of cum. I closed my web browser and laid back in my bed thinking about my neighbor’s black hands all over my body. The next day all I could think gümüşhane escort about was my neighbor and what he had for me. When evening came I told my folks I was staying at a friend house for the night. I walked over to his back door and knocked and waited. I was thinking about where he was going to touch me or what his penis looked like. The door opens and their stands my neighbor wearing a t-shirt and baggie jeans. He said “come in boy I got a present for you.” As I walked in he handed me a bag filled with clothes. He said “go get change I’ll be waiting for you” I walked into his bathroom and took all my clothes off. I pulled out of the bag a pair of white panties and black leggings and a black t-shirt. There was also a white skirt and white blouse. I put on the outfit and walked out into the living room. I felt his stare and it felt like he was undressing me with his eyes. I walked over slowly to him and as I got closer he reached out and wrapped his hands around my waist. He turned me around and sat me down on his lap. He whispered “relax we’re going to watch a movie” he turned the tv on. I felt the shape of his soft cock pressing against my white butt. When the tv came on he had put on some interracial porn. The girl was wearing nothing but a pair of panties and was on her knees in front of this muscular black man his dick was semi hard and she leaned down and swallowed his cock. As we we were watching the porno I felt my neighbor’s cock getting hard and press into my butt. He whisper in my ear “do you want to try what she is doing.” I nodded and I felt his hands around my hips push me up. I turned around and kneed down in front of him. I looked up at him into his eyes of lust and unzipped his pants. He pushed his pants down and i saw the shape of his cock through his underwear and could smell some piss coming from his crotch. I thought why does his smell excite me. I grabbed his underwear and pulled them down revealing his big black cock. It was huge in my hand and felt soft and smelled kinda funny. I did what the girl in the porno did and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. My tongue touched the tip of his penis and it tasted very salty and I felt my little cock get hard in my panties. I felt his hand touch the top of my head and slowly push me down on his cock. I looked down to see the shaft of his cock slowly enter my mouth and open my thoat. His cock hakkari escort was too big to fit in my mouth but he still kept pushing down until I could not breath. I felt his cock go even deeper. He looked down at me gagging on his tasteful cock and said “boy do you like my black cock” i looked up and with his cock in my mouth i nodded. He smiled and pushed me down all the way. My nose was pressing against his pelvis and his balls were under my chin. He let go of me and I quickly came up to breath. He asked “how was your first deepthoat” gasping for air I said “I loved it” without thinking. He grabbed my head and pushed me back down and this time his cock quickly entered my throat. Once he had his cock balls deep in my mouth I couldn’t breath again. He held me down this time as I gagged on his dick. He pulled me back up and pushed me down again allowing me to get a quick breath. He repeatedly kept doing it until I heard him say “bitch I’m cumming” his cock came almost out leaving just the tip in. He said “be a good girl and swallow your master’s load” I got confused by what he said then I felt something squirting in my mouth. It had a salty and musky tasty, it was very thick and he leaned my head back shooting more into my mouth. I felt my mouth filling up and some of it was spilling over and dripping down my chin. After the last shot he wiped his cum on my blouse and said “be a good boy and swallow my cum” I did as he ordered and closed my mouth and gulped down some of his sperm. It was very thick and was hard to swallow but after a few gulps I was able to swallow all his cum. My head felt fuzzy and I felt good and my little cock also came in my panties during the whole thing I didn’t even notice. He turned the tv off and said “go wait in my room.” I happily walked to his room and took off my dirty blouse so I wouldn’t dirty his bed. He shortly came in after me and said “lay down” I laid down on his bed and turned to one side. I flet him Getting the bed behind me and his warm body was on my back. I could feel his soft cock pressed against my butt and he whispered in my ear “how would you like to know what being a real girl feels like.” I nodded and said “yes” he rubbed his cock against my butt getting it hard as a rock. He pulled down my skirt and leggings. He pushed my panties aside and I felt something rock hard, warm, and wet press against my butt-hole. I felt his cock escort bayan penatrating me and he forced the tip in. It starched my butt open and hurt. I though this what being a girl feels like. He forced more of his cock in my butt slowly starching it even wider. I was hurting like hell but I didn’t want to displease him so I bit my lip and kept quiet. He whispered “I got half way in ready for more.” I nodded with discomfort. He pushed in more of his cock after what felt like forever he said “I’m all the way in” it felt like my butt was rippped apart by his big black cock. He moved in closer to me and whispered “ready for the real fun” I thought that wasn’t it all. He slowly pulled his cock out a little and I felt a rush of pleasure through my body and my little white cock got rock hard In my panties. He thrust his cock back in and I felt another shock of pleasure go through my body. He pull his cock out then thrust it back in. He repeated this and said “this is what being a girl feels like” I loved it having his cock leave and enter my butt, he started to get rougher and I was loving it. He picked my butt up and got behind me I was on all fours with my butt in the air and his cock entering it. He shouted “do you like being fucked like a dog” I nodded and felt him fuck harder. I looked over to mirror and saw me on all fours with this black man balls deep in my butt and I had this smile on my face as I enjoyed it. He suddenly stopped and i could feel his cock pulsing in my butt. He smiled and said “now you are a real girl” as he said that I came in my panties. He had also came deep in my butt. He slowly pulled out his cock. As his cock popped out my ass my panties covered my butt and i laid down and pulled up my leggings. He laid down behind me and said “was that fun for you” i happily replied “yes” my eyes closed and I fell asleep next him. The next moring i awoke to his cock hard against my butt. I lowered myself down to his cock and started sucking on it. He opened his eyes to me sucking his rock hard cock. He moaned and said “ready for some breakfast. As I was sucking i felt his cock shoot a load of cum in my mouth. I sucked out every last drop swallow it all. As his cock was in my mouth he started to pee. It was salty, warm, and refeshing. I was confused because I didn’t think I would like it. I swallow it all down and got up. My butt felt very sore. I looked back at him smiled. I left his house and as I walked into mine i noticed i forgot to change. My folks were standing in the kitchen as I walked in and my mom said “at least he was with someone we know.” My dad said “yeah but my son is a sissy” he looked at me and asked “did you like it” with smile i nodded and said “yes”.

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