Subject: My Boy Henry – Pt. 14 My Boy Henry � Pt 14 Comments may be sent to hoo Remember that Nifty depends upon your donations. Please consider making a donation of any size: fty/donate.html Although I have been telling this story about my boy Henry, I had to leave him in the care of our next- door neighbor � Andy for a few days. I had asked Andy to chronicle their time together, and the following is his account. ** From ‘Uncle’ Andy’s perspective ** Henry’s dad brought him over on Sunday evening, right at bedtime. Henry looked so cute in his pajamas, and that gave me an idea for some fun role-play. Henry’s father kissed him goodbye and was gone for the next three days. I knelt down and hugged Henry, and whispered in his ear, “Henry, would you like to pretend for a while before bedtime?” “Pretend what, Uncle Andy?” he questioned. “I thought it might be fun to pretend that I have not already been fucking you, and that you are an innocent little boy being left in my care. Then I will slowly tempt you and molest you, sort of how I did the first day we met,” I suggested. “Oh wow, Uncle Andy! That sounds like so much fun!” Henry agreed. “Why don’t we sit on the sofa to watch a movie, you act sleepy and lay your head in my lap, and we will go from there,” I said. “OK!” Henry said excitedly. “You go get on the sofa and find a movie to watch, and I will be right there,” I instructed. I then went to my bedroom and undressed, then put on just a robe with nothing underneath. I went back and sat beside Henry, and we began watching the movie he had selected. After a few minutes, Henry stretched and yawned, and then positioned himself so he could lay his head in my lap. My cock was already hard in anticipation, so it pressed firmly against his face as he lay down. I could feel him pressing it down with his face, and then he moved his head around, rubbing against it, trying to find a comfortable position. It only took a few more minutes until he was pretending to be asleep � emitting cute `little boy snores’ to let me know. I whispered, “Henry! Are you asleep?” and received no response. I gently shook him, but again he did not respond. It was playtime! I began gently stroking his cheek, causing him to give a slight grin, indicating that he, also, was anticipating what was to come. I began stroking his soft, dark hair as I moved my other hand down and slid it under his pajama tops. I began rubbing his soft chest and abs, rubbing circles around his nipples until they were standing up. Henry began moving his head in my lap, rubbing against my cock. He slid a hand under his cheek, as if it were an unconscious act while izmit rus escort sleeping, and it came to rest right on my hard cock. Henry was playing along perfectly! I continued softly stroking his hair and rubbing his chest and belly. I allowed my hand to slowly slide lower, slipping under the waistband of his pajamas. My fingers soon found his hard little cock, and I gently brushed against it � not wanting to be too obvious. I continued molesting the `sleeping’ boy, eventually sliding my thumb and index finger on either side of his cock. I gently wrapped my other fingers over his little ball sack, and squeezed my thumb and index finger together, capturing his cock between them. I slid my hand slowly up and down his cock a few times, and then slid it to the end and held it there. It only took a few seconds for Henry to take the hint. He began to slowly thrust his hips forward and back, masturbating himself with my hand. I was really enjoying this � pretending to be molesting Henry while he slept, and Henry was doing great! Henry continued fucking my hand while I continued stroking his hair. After about fifteen minutes, Henry increased the speed and intensity of his thrusting, and I could tell his climax was approaching. Sure enough, he thrust his hips forward and held them there � fully pressed up against my hand. I could feel his cock twitching in my hand, signaling his dry-cum. After about another half-minute, Henry relaxed, and resumed his rhythmic breathing, as if he were asleep. Henry’s father had told me about how he had arranged for Henry to suck his cock while asleep, and I thought that might be fun. So, I slowly removed my hand from around his cock and slid it out of his pajama bottoms. I then slid my hands under his head, and slowly slipped out from under him. I placed a pillow under his head, to keep it at about the same level as it had been. Henry shifted around slightly but remained `asleep’. I then opened my robe, revealing my throbbing cock, its head already wet with my pre-cum. I leaned forward and rubbed the head of my cock against Henry’s lips, spreading my pre-cum over them. As I had hoped, Henry’s tongue slipped out of his mouth and licked the pre-cum from his lips. I then placed the head of my cock against his lips and held it there. Soon, Henry opened his lips and began sucking on the head of my cock � just like he had his father’s. That was so hot � looking down at this sleeping boy nursing on my cock! I began slowly stroking my cock while he sucked on its head. I wanted to plaster his face with my cum before taking him to bed � the smell of Henry’s cum-covered izmit escort face served as a most powerful aphrodisiac! Henry kept sucking on my cock, and I could feel his tongue sliding against the head, the sensation driving me wild! I began stroking my cock faster and faster, feeling my climax approaching. As I felt the tingling in my balls, I withdrew my cock from his mouth and watched as jet after jet of creamy white cum shot from my cock and landed all over the front and side of Henry’s face, as well as in his hair. It was so hot looking down at Henry’s face as I came all over it � his mouth was still sucking � looking for the cock that had been there, much as a baby would look for a tit that had been withdrawn while nursing. I couldn’t resist, so I placed my cock back at his mouth, and he resumed sucking on it, cleaning the cum from its head. I reached down and stroked his face and hair, spreading my cum as he continued sucking the head of my cock. After a few minutes, I whispered, “Henry, it’s time for bed.” But he gave no indication of moving. He did, however stop sucking on my cock. I wondered if he wanted to continue the game farther. I was all in favor of it! So, I bent down and gently lifted Henry from the sofa and carried him into my bedroom. I lay him on one side of the bed and pulled the sheet down on the other side. I then moved him to that side and slowly removed his pajamas. Henry just moved slightly, making it easier to remove his pajamas, without being obvious about it. I then rolled Henry on his side, facing the edge of the bed. I knelt beside the bed and began kissing and licking Henry’s little cock. I felt it growing longer and stiffer the longer I played with it. When it was fully hard, I took it completely in my mouth and held it there � rolling my tongue all over it and sucking on it, hoping to make it even larger. I then began slowly sliding my lips back and forth, the same way I had done with my hand earlier � sliding my mouth almost completely off of it, and then slowly sliding back down until it was completely in my mouth. I slid my hand between Henry’s legs and ran my finger up and down his crack, slowing each time I passed over his hole. I eventually concentrated on his hole with my finger, rubbing over and around it, and then pushing slightly. My finger slipped easily inside him, and I felt his anus ring clamp tightly on my finger. I continued pushing, until my finger was completely inside him. As I withdrew my finger, I noticed it was very slippery � perhaps Henry’s dad had left a load of cum-lube inside for me. The thought of my finger sliding inside Henry, covered with kocaeli escort his father’s cum caused my soft cock to begin its recovery. Then the second thought � that of me soon sliding my cock inside that slippery boy-pussy, being covered by his father’s slippery cum was even more arousing! I pulled my finger almost all the way out while keeping Henry’s cock completely enveloped by my mouth. As I had hoped, Henry then took over � moving his butt back, impaling himself on my finger while slipping his cock out of my mouth, then moving forward, forcing his cock back in my mouth, and my finger out of his ass. Henry continued fucking my face, and finger fucking himself in the process. He continued this slow process, for which I was grateful as it gave my cock longer to recover before the slow sweet fuck I anticipated later. After about a half hour, Henry began picking up the pace, thrusting faster and faster into my mouth, and causing my finger to slide faster and harder inside him. His pace almost became frantic as he approached his second climax of the evening. Then he shoved his little cock fully into my mouth and held it there. I knew he was about to climax so I slid my finger deeply inside him and held it there. I could feel his little cock pulsing in my mouth, and I could also feel it with my buried finger. I sucked hard on his cock while it pulsed in my mouth, trying to maximize his pleasure. When he came down from his climax, I removed my mouth from his cock and slowly slid my finger out of his ass. I moved around and climbed in bed behind him, moved close to him, and felt my hard cock pressing on the entrance to his warm, wet, and slippery boy-pussy. I pushed slightly, and felt the head slipping inside the welcoming environment. Henry pushed back against me until I was completely buried inside him. I wrapped my arms around him, buried my face in his cum-covered hair, and began slowly fucking my adopted nephew, reveling in the aroma of little boy mixed with his father’s cum. I made love to my little angel for what seemed like hours, but I know it was not that long � thankful for the opportunity to love and care for this beautiful little boy, and expressing to him that love in the most intimate way possible. Eventually, however, all good things must come to an end. I felt my balls begin to boil with a fresh load of hot cum for my boy. I pulled him tightly against me, forcing my cock as deeply inside him as it would go, and felt it begin pulsing � unloading jet after jet of my love juice deep inside his boy-pussy � mixing with that which his father left a few hours before. When my cock stopped pulsing, I hugged Henry tightly and kissed the top of his head, whispering “I love you Henry!” My `sleeping’ angel replied, “I love you too, Uncle Andy! Thank you so much � that was the best!” before falling asleep in my arms � my cock still filling him up.

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