My Boyfriend


It’s almost three in the morning. My heels click in the hallway leading up to the door of my apartment. Feeling the breeze tickling my bare pussy under my short summer dress, I shiver with excitement and reach for the keys.

Opening the door, I look at myself in the mirror inside and can’t help but smile. It’s obvious I have just been thoroughly fucked. My makeup is smeared from tears that ran down my cheeks, my bright red lipstick almost imperceptible, along with the bruised knees all signs of extensive sucking of a huge cock.

Of course, these aren’t the only marks its owner left on my body. The bite marks on my neck are plainly visible – and I knew I’d find some on my inner thighs as well. My nipples, still stiff and poking through my dress, hurt from all the pulling and twisting.

“God, what a great night,” I think to myself. I used to feel ashamed of my sexual escapades, but as time went by, I realized there’s no reason to. My sluttiness was natural and all I needed was to embrace it.

Walking into the living room, still in my five inch pumps that always seem to catch attention of my dates, I realize my appearance wouldn’t be the only thing giving away my wild night. The way I walk is definitely affected by my sore pussy and ass, both subjected to heavy use tonight, courtesy of my lover and his beautiful cock. I feel some of the cum that filled me earlier tonight still drying on my thighs.

“Hello honey,” I beam with delight at my boyfriend sitting on the sofa.

Despite the late hour, he shows no signs of being tired. Putting his laptop on the table, he smiles back at me, looking lovely in his bathrobe, exposed just enough to display the steel chastity cage encasing his cock.

“How was your night?” I ask, fully aware that’s not going to be the focus of this conversation.

“Oh, the usual. Tried to read a book, but couldn’t stop thinking about you. How was yours?”

“Amazing, as you can see,” I grin. “All my pussy needs after tonight is a bit of gentle care. Ready to clean it up for me while I tell you what you missed?”

Knowing that’s exactly what he wants, I see his poor locked cock twitch and get harder behind the bars. “Oh yeah, I think I could do that.”

I sit in the corner of the sofa, roll up my dress and spread my legs wide, my boyfriend already shuffling to kneel in front of my open thighs.

Seeing my well-used used pussy from up close, he gasps, unable to hide his arousal. “Oh god, you look completely ravaged.”

“Of course I do, honey. After such a nice long fucking, it wouldn’t be possible not to.”

Smiling, ankara yeni escort I watch him cup my ass and focus his mouth on my inner thighs first, nibbling, then slowly licking, no doubt tasting the salty cum that ran from my pussy just a short while ago.

“I got to see Tom tonight.”

My boyfriend looks a bit surprised, just as I expected. Sometimes I don’t let him know who my date is beforehand, knowing the mystery keeps him excited as he waits for me to come home.

“After you introduced us at that work party, he kept messaging me. He obviously hoped I’d cheat on you, which was kind of funny considering our situation. I didn’t really find him that interesting, but what can I say? He’s fucking hot.”

“Well yeah, even I can see that. So you went out with him?” my boyfriend asks in between the strokes of his tongue. With an eagerness that’s hard to hide, he’s already moved to the entrance of my pussy, lovingly massaging it with his tongue.

I put on a coy smile. “He didn’t have to ask twice. You know me, I can’t resist the prospect of a good fucking.

“We went for drinks near his place and talked for a bit. There was a sexual spark from the start, so it took just a drink or two and we were all over each other. He’s a great kisser and he knew just how to make my pussy drip in anticipation.

“In no time, we got up and walked to his apartment. As soon as we got in, I told him I couldn’t wait any longer and I dropped to my knees and pulled down his pants and boxers. He was already hard for me and luckily, he turned out to have an incredible cock. Almost eight inches, I’d say, and a lot thicker than yours.

“So I got to work right there. First I just kissed and licked the head of his cock, but soon I took his full length in my mouth. Do you remember how great I am at sucking cock? I haven’t done that to you for such a long time.”

My boyfriend moans into my pussy, too busy to speak. At first, he wasn’t sure he liked sucking my lovers’ cum out of me, but seeing how passionately he fucks me with his tongue to reach the salty juices left inside me, I know he loves it now.

“Soon, he was practically face fucking me. That went on for a good twenty minutes. I was afraid he won’t recharge if I make him cum, but he told me I shouldn’t worry about that.

“Not long after, he shot his first load of the night. I think I swallowed it all, but there was so much cum that maybe you could still taste some in my mouth.”

Picking up the hint, my boyfriend gets up briefly and kisses me. I’m pretty sure the taste yenimahalle escort of cum is already gone, but I use the opportunity to stroke his full balls, eliciting another deep moan from him. He then obediently returns to servicing my pussy.

“After that, we moved to his bed. I removed my dress, but kept on the heels – he seemed to enjoy me in them almost as much as you do. He disappeared for a bit, then came back with some ropes and a butt plug.

“I’d told him I liked it rough, so just thinking about what comes next made my clit throb. He appeared ready to take charge, so I just laid back and allowed him to use me like the slut I am.

“He tied me up spread eagle, lubed the plug with my pussy juices and worked it into my ass. It was pretty big, but I loved how it filled me up and started moaning loudly. That was enough for him to get hard again.

“At first, he just toyed with me, kissing me roughly, sucking on my neck, twisting and biting my nipples. He seemed to get off on leaving marks on me for you and of course, I couldn’t resist. Finally, he turned his attention to my aching pussy.

“He started fucking and stretching me with his fingers and massaging my clit. He was pretty rough about it too, biting my thighs and toying with the plug in my ass. I squirmed hard against my bonds but he was relentless.

“Eventually, I submitted to him and just let him use my pussy as he pleased. It’s a good thing he knew what he was doing, because eventually he made me cum twice. I love when someone does that to me, don’t you?”

My boyfriend’s moans become louder and he starts humping the air with his caged cock. He always does that when he’s going crazy with frustration. Of course, that just makes me take even more pleasure in his denial. Unable to relieve his urge in any way, he instead concentrates his efforts on my pulsating clit.

“By then, all could think about was his magnificent cock. It craved for it to finally enter my hungry pussy, overdue for a hard fucking. Luckily, Tom did just that. He untied me, flipped me over, retied my hands behind my back and thrusted into me from behind.

“The feeling was unbelievable. With the plug in my ass tightening my pussy, he filled me completely, once again reminding me why I love huge cocks. He started slowly, gradually upping the tempo. He had amazing stamina and I just gave in to the sensations and basked in becoming his fuckdoll.

“He knew exactly how to hit my g-spot, but every time I’ve come close to cumming, he slowed down or changed his position a bit, keeping yozgat escort me on the edge. I begged him to let me cum, but he told me he’ll decide when I’m allowed an orgasm, only making me want it more.

“I needed it so bad I thought I’d explode. Well, I think you know the feeling.”

My boyfriend, no doubt vividly imagining how Tom fucked me in all the ways he can’t, lets out a loud whimper. As he works on my orgasm, I can’t help but admire how bravely he suffers his denial.

“You know, this cock cage made you a pretty great pussy licker,” I moan before getting on with my story.

“Finally, after what had to be more than an hour, he announced it’s my time to cum. He started hitting my g-spot again, but instead of stopping in time, he drove his cock into me even more fiercely, slapping my ass hard.

“That was enough to get me over the edge. I came on his cock so hard I almost passed out. He must have been pretty close as well, because just as my pussy was squeezing his cock in my orgasm, he groaned and shot his load deep into me.

“We just collapsed on the bed after that, his cum dripping from my pussy. After all that fucking, he came in buckets, but I’m sure you know that, honey, you ate a lot of that cum.”

With the intense memory of the amazing fuck I had, combined with the view of my impossibly frustrated boyfriend feasting on my used pussy and humping the couch in vain hope of relief, I reach my last orgasm for tonight – a gentle and loving one, different from how hard I came with Tom, but just as satisfying.

“Thank you, honey, you were great,” I say to him as my orgasm subsides.

“No, you were.”

We kiss deeply for a good minute or two, then, content and smiling warmly, I look at my boyfriend, clearly overcome with lust. His eyes tell how desperately his cock wants to feel the tightness of my pussy, to fill me with cum like all those who get to enjoy my body as they please.

He lets out a whine, but doesn’t say anything, knowing that asking for release only makes me delay it further. His cock is gorgeous straining in the cage, as if it could break out of the steel bars.

“Well you definitely look like you could use some relief,” I say to him. “On the other hand, you’re on such a great streak, aren’t you? Three weeks in your cage, unable to have even an erection, I’m proud of you. How about we make it a full month?”

“It’s your choice, honey,” he replies, half disappointed, half excited by the promise of further torment.

“Of course it is. Still, I feel you should get a reward for how well you take care of my poor abused pussy. How about tomorrow I set up a date for you and your favorite strap-on? Who knows, maybe we’ll finally figure out if that prostate orgasm could work.”

With that, we go to the shower. My boyfriend will probably need a cold one. Even then, I doubt he’ll sleep as well as I will.

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