Subject: My Boy’s Boy 30-gay male-incest urination My Boy’s Boy 30 Please support Nifty!! Donate:: fty/donate.htm This story is fiction. Snippets are from reality with additional kink and dreams of my own added, along with suggestions from readers. I appreciate reader feedback–it’s the only pay we get here, so feel free to email me at derrick1968mwm@. I’m always playing with myself while writing and usually while reading comments as well. Thanks to those who have reacted to these characters and emailed me. Comments from readers are the only pay I get…donations to Nifty are appreciated. Dylan’s View I didn’t even get to take a shower. I went back to my computer room and got to work on what Craig wanted me to do. I knew he wanted me to find a job and start supporting myself. I reached out again to former co-workers and a few teachers—just to touch base. I felt the dildo in my ass as I did it. I was afraid that some of the cum would leak out, but Craig probably wouldn’t really care as long as the dildo was still in my hole. I still didn’t know who fucked me when I was blindfolded, gagged, and had my ears plugged. I only knew that the dick was about the same size as Craig’s and, like Craig, kept hitting my prostate as he fucked me. It was Craig pulling on the chain between my clamped nipples (at least I thought it was Craig) while the dick was ramming my hole. The dick felt so good. The dildo in my ass was nowhere near as nice. The dildo was hard and soft, but there’s nothing like the hardness and softness of an actual dick in your hole. I put the thoughts of fucking aside and did some work on my classes. Craig would want me to email him a list of what I had done and while he didn’t check to see if I was telling the truth, he would look at my online grades. As long as those were fine, Craig wouldn’t care how much time I was working. Craig was about results. And I really needed more results of fucking in my ass. But I needed a job too and after my homework was done, I devoted the rest of my work time to trying to find work. I was getting used to having things to do for Craig: looking for a job, my classes, getting fucked and serving his cock. I could focus on doing what Craig wanted. He had me running and working out regularly, on a schedule he set. I didn’t have to worry about bills, food, or any of those adult responsibilities. Craig took care of the money and Dad took care of everything around the house. All I had to do was not leave a mess around the house on top of what Craig already had me doing. But my dick was getting hard. I was thinking about Craig spanking me and realizing that I liked it. My nipples were begging to be touched. The more I thought about it, they didn’t just want to be touched they wanted and needed to be worked. I was starting to get horny and wiggled my ass on the dildo that had been placed inside it. I loved submitting. I loved being bent over that table–was it a “fuck table?” Had I really been fucked on a fuck table? I loved being restrained and submitting to what Craig wanted to do to me. I know Craig loved my Dad and that Dad loved Craig, but this…this was something I could do for Craig that Dad would not. Dad did a lot of stuff for Craig, but I don’t think he ever did anything like I did today. I loved it. I loved getting fucked and feeling that cock go in and out of my hole. But it was more than the fucking. I was started to like submitting to Craig, submitting to the punishment, and in giving myself up for whoever had that dick that fucked me as well. I needed to stop thinking about it. There was always the chance that Craig would get pissed enough at me to tell me to get out and really support myself. I didn’t want that and knew that staying on task needed to happen, at istanbul travesti least for a while. Then I could think about my ass and cock. I looked at what I needed to do today and, after I sent a few messages about potential jobs and documented what I had done, I would be finished. I needed to find some online porn. What I wanted to watch were videos of daddy types who were punishing their boys and then fucking them. They didn’t have to be overly muscled, just reasonably in shape daddies who were clearly in charge. It wasn’t even about the size of their dick. It was about their attitude. It was about their punishing of the boy: the spanking, the restraints, the whipping… Shit? Did I just think about being whipped as punishment? I knew I wanted to watch it and wanted to see the Daddy fuck the boy afterwards. Hopefully I could find something hot to watch. My ass was twitching. I was having trouble finding hot porn that I really liked that wasn’t teaser material for subscription sites or was just too short. I was out of money and was using what I had saved to make the minimum payments on my credit cards. It was then I decided to ask Craig if I could have a subscription to a porn site that would have better videos. I hoped he would not be mad, but would start off the message with “not wanting to run up any more credit charges.” Maybe that would at least make it easier for him to swallow. Kevin’s View Seeing Dylan restrained and Craig and Tom fuck him was about the hottest thing I had ever seen. To know that my son had willingly submitted himself to be tied down, blindfolded and gagged to be punished and used sexually was hotter than I could ever imagine. As I watched Craig’s hand hit Dylan’s ass my own cock chubbed up. Seeing Craig and Tom give Dylan their loads made my own hole twitch as well. I loved to watch Craig and Tom fuck. I went to the kitchen after Craig and Tom were done using Dylan and had placed a dildo up his cummy ass. As I was standing over the sink, I felt Craig behind me. His body heat warmed my entire back and I knew he was in here to shove his cock in my ass and screw me right in the kitchen. This was the first place where Craig had fucked me in the house after I moved in. I thought of that every time he fucked me over the kitchen sink. He never mentioned it, but I was pretty certain he remembered that this was the first place where he had fucked me in his house and the first place where he fucked me like he owned me. The spot where he had fucked me without really asking and without talking. He’d fucked me plenty of times before but there was always some preliminary action going on, some talking, some physical contact. But not that first time over the kitchen sink. But this spot was the one where Craig first just fucked me like I was his and it felt so good for him to fuck me like that. I was rinsing a few things off in the sink wearing just a pair of shorts and he pulled them down just enough so that he could fuck me. I bent over to give him a better angle. And he rammed his cock in me and fucked me fast and hard without saying a word the entire time. It was probably the best fuck I had ever had. Before I moved in, I had been seeing Craig for a while, if “seeing” him was even the right word. We had been meeting over a few months for dates (actually glorified hookups), usually in my sparsely furnished apartment or occasionally at a bar before we went somewhere to fuck. Craig was a great fuck from the first time he rammed his cock in my ass. We had chatted for months before we even met, but once we started meeting it seemed like he came to see me every weekend. But the lease on my apartment was about to run out and I had difficulty finding a new decent place that I could afford. kadıköy travesti I mentioned this to Craig in passing, not to ask for money or if I could move in, but just because I thought he should know what I was so worried about. That was when Craig asked me to move in and told me that I didn’t need to worry about a job, but could just help him around the house with stuff that he didn’t want to do. I told him I could cook, keep things clean, etc. He smiled and said “oh yeah..that’s what I was thinking about.” He later joked that I was around so he didn’t have to masturbate. I thought he was being an ass, but then I realized that since I lived with him I didn’t masturbate any more either. It was a day or two later when there was a knock on my door. The guy introduced himself as a friend of Craig’s and that he wanted to talk to me. He said his name was Tom. I invited him in and asked him if he wanted a drink or anything. Refusing my offer, he sat down and told me a little about Craig. Craig’s boyfriend before me had been an asshole of some sort Tom told me. The guy had been into all sorts of kinky stuff like Craig was and seemed like an okay guy, but one day the boyfriend just up and disappeared and was never seen again. He never returned Craig’s messages and had no communication with him after that. Tom said Craig’s anger over the whole thing really got to him for some time and Tom didn’t want to see Craig go through the same thing again and that I had passed the test. “Test?” I asked. Then he told me. Tom had me investigated. Based on the things he knew about me and my past he really had. He had every address I had ever lived at, knew I had a son, the precise duration of my short-lived marriage, every place I had worked, and more. It was just fortunate that I had never been arrested, but he did know that I had been ticketed for speeding fifteen times since I had gotten my license. “Craig’s my best friend. I don’t want anyone screwing with him the way that other guy did.” Tom added. “Please don’t think I’m overstepping my bounds here, but I just had to be as certain as I could that you were on the up and up.” I’d never met Tom before and I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond. At least I had heard Craig mention Tom before or this would have been one of the most awkward conversations ever. I told him I understood and that Craig was lucky to have a good friend like him. And for some reason that made me pop a boner right there. I don’t know if Tom could see it or not, but I certainly didn’t try and show it to him. Then I asked, “Does Craig know you did this?” I was nervous about asking. “Yes.” Tom answered. “Craig and I look out for each other–both professionally and personally. It’s what we do. I told him I was doing it. He didn’t ask. And I don’t know what you two fuckers talk about when you are alone and it’s none of my business, but he’s smitten with you. I hate that fucking word `smitten’ and it doesn’t really apply to a guy like Craig, but it sort of gets the message across. I’m pretty good at sizing people up and I wish to God I had met that other fucker Craig dated before they really got involved. You seem like a pretty level-headed guy and you look like you’re probably a hot fuck. So I’m going to tell you a couple of things. One: don’t fuck with Craig or you’ll have me to answer to. Two: A boyfriend of Craig’s is a friend of mine. Three: If you need anything, let me know. Four: I’ll only fuck you if Craig allows it.” All I could do was smile. I had never met this guy before and he seemed like a nice enough guy, but the fucking remark was not what I expected. Tom stood up. He shook my hand, told me he only wanted the best for Craig and showed himself out. All I could think was that I needed bakırköy travesti friends like that. Tom’s View Dylan’s ass was just as hot as it was the first time I fucked it. There was something so arousing about seeing him restrained, unable to resist, unable to scream, and unable to hear while he was being used. He didn’t really seem to resist when I entered his smooth ass and I wondered what was going on inside his mind. When was that moment that he realized it was a third dick that was in his hole? Did he realize he was getting used for his hot hole? I loved Craig watching me fuck. I knew Craig loved to watch my dick plow a hot ass and I loved to put on a show for him. I could not stop thinking about Dylan while I was in the shower and I absentmindedly started rubbing my cock. Stop, I told myself. Save that cum for a mouth or an ass. I quickly finished my shower, dried off and headed downstairs. Kevin was making dinner and it should be ready soon. I stopped before I entered the kitchen. I could hear Craig fucking and I suspected it was Kevin. There Kevin was, slightly bent over the counter with Craig behind him ramming his ass. Kevin was moaning. Craig was grunting with every thrust. His hands were on Kevin’s waist as he pushed himself inside Kevin’s hole. I loved watching Craig fuck when he didn’t know he was being watched. He wasn’t putting on a show. He wasn’t trying to arouse or impress anyone else. He was just trying to get his nut in his boyfriend’s ass. You could see from his thrusting and the way his body was moving towards Kevin that nutting was all that was on Craig’s mind. He wasn’t pulling his cock all the way out for show. He was doing it just the way I’d caught him doing it before. Far out enough to get a lot of good feeling, but never totally leaving the hole before he dove it back in. And it was clear that Kevin wanted to get his nut as well from the way he was backing into Craig and trying to get that thick cock deeper into his hole. My cock was thick and hard from watching. I stood there with my boner pointed at them as I silently watched a man mate with his man. I didn’t say a word. I wanted to watch the show. I wanted to see what two men were doing with each other when they thought no one was looking. Kevin was moaning and groaning. He shouted “I love you Daddy” and then his cum was splatting on the floor. That was all it took for Craig to shoot his own load deep in his man’s hole. I swear Craig looked like he was going to break the fucking counter as hard as he was ramming Kevin. In a whisper, I heard Craig say “I love you too…you horny bitch.” He pulled out, short of breath and turned and saw me. “How long you been standing there you son of a bitch?” He asked. “Long enough to get a good show.” “He’s lubed up…you’ve had the son. Want a go at the dad today too?” Kevin spread his hole, and a little bit of cum dripped out. I approached Kevin and slid my hard cock in his cummy tunnel. He let out a moan. Damn. Craig must have been full of nut. Kevin was really lubed. He squeezed my cock with his ass and Craig watched me fuck his boyfriend. He started kissing Kevin as I rammed my cock in him. No wonder Craig loved fucking this ass. I didn’t take my time. I just wanted to nut the way Craig had. I let myself go. No edging. No pacing. Just fucking. Craig kept kissing Kevin and then I felt his hand run itself in my trench and try and find my hole. His finger hit my pucker. Son of a bitch. I blasted my nut in Kevin the minute Craig touched my hole. Kevin said “you two hot fuckers need to let me finish in here so we can eat.” Craig headed to his office and I went back to get some work done on my laptop. This was going to be a really fun weekend. Readers are encouraged to give me a shoutout ail, even if it’s just to let me know you want to see the series continue. That’s the only way I know people are reading. We’ve got more hot sessions planned for these characters, but love to know if these guys and their exploits are resonating with readers.

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