Subject: My Boy’s boy 38 (Gay male-incest/urine) My Boy’s Boy 38 Please support Nifty!! Donate:: fty/donate.htm This story is fiction. Snippets are from reality with additional kink and dreams of my own added, along with suggestions from readers. I appreciate reader feedback–it’s the only pay we get here, so feel free to email me at derrick1968mwm@. I’m always playing with myself while writing and usually while reading comments as well. Thanks to those who have reacted to these characters and emailed me. Comments from readers are the only pay I get…donations to Nifty are appreciated. Dylan’s View I nervously opened up the first of several emails from my new employer. Most were from human resources and bordered on junk mail, but there was one from my new supervisor which I figured was the most important of them all. It included a confirmation of my employment, title and responsibilities, my start date, and comments on my interview performance. Apparently my new supervisor had been watching my interview the entire time. Did he suspect that a dildo was fucking my ass during the interview? He said, “I was impressed with how you handled yourself during the entire interview. You handled all the questions perfectly, even ones that usually give candidates problems. I could tell you were nervous, but you did an excellent job keeping yourself under control despite the obvious stress you were under.” He knew. He had to know. That reference to “obvious stress” had to be a reference to me not holding my face as steady as I thought during the interview. I convinced myself that my new boss knew that he was watching me interview while I had a dildo up my ass. I stressed about how to respond to his email, but decided I would wait until after lunch. Maybe a little time would help me come up with a good response. After we ate lunch, Craig told Dad and I that he had a surprise for me to celebrate my new job and to have some fun before I started my new job. Tom was going to come over tonight for a small party and then tomorrow morning we would all head off to a gay resort that apparently Craig and my Dad had been to several times before. I had no idea what to expect at a gay resort, but I was going to find out after lunch. After all, I had the internet. Craig then told me that I needed to spend the afternoon getting as much homework done in my classes as possible so that I could finish them while starting the new job. “No fucking around looking at porn or trying to find out about where we are going,” he said. “I’m going to be working this afternoon because of the time off and that’s what I expect of you as well.” Then he told Dad to get things ready for the party tonight and leaving tomorrow. I asked him if I needed to pack for the trip and he told me not to worry about it. “Your Dad will pack what you need in our luggage and we usually don’t take too much on these trips anyway. He knows what you’ll need and anything we forget, we’ll just buy when we are there. Kevin, you’ve packed for us before,” he said as grin started to form on his face, “you know exactly the sorts of things we’ll find useful on our trip.” I emailed my new boss back, but didn’t mention the interview at all. He responded quickly with some things to read and some parts of their website istanbul travesti to take a look at. He closed the email with “enjoy your free time before you start to work. Remember all work and no play isn’t a good way to live.” I got to work on my classes and the material he sent me before my mind could be diverted by sex. There apparently would be time for that later tonight. Kevin’s View I was bending over to load the dishwasher when I felt Craig’s body behind me. There was usually only one reason Craig would approach me when I was bent over and after I put the dish in it’s place, I leaned against the counter. Then I grabbed both my ass cheeks with my hands and spread them so my pucker was showing and I winked it at Craig. “Ptt.” I heard Craig spit and a few seconds later his spit-covered dick was forcing itself in me. It felt so good to be taken this way by Craig. No talking, no foreplay, no romance, just my man sliding his dick in my hole. I never had a boyfriend who would fuck me at such random times as Craig did. I loved it. It told me that Craig didn’t just love me for who I was, he loved me for what I could do for his dick. We had an unwritten rule, Craig and I. If there was some actual reason I did not want him to fuck me at random in the house, I was to wear a red piece of clothing–shirt or pants. The only red exception was a red jockstrap of mine that Craig seemed to like. Craig honored the red rule and if he didn’t what was going on, he would always ask about it in a caring way. He never acted like he was pissed that he would have to wait to fuck me. And that response made me want him and his hard cock all the more. Craig’s ramming of my hole brought me back to reality. Craig liked to fuck, but for some reason, he seemed to like kitchen sex more than sex in other rooms of the house. His dick was hitting my prostate with every thrust and it felt so good. I moaned as he fucked me. If Craig did not talk during sex then I did not either. I squeezed his dick my ass as he continued to fuck my hole. His thrusting got so hard that I thought I was going to fall into the dishwasher. I had moved my hands from my ass once he started fucking and I moved so that I could shut the door. I knew I was going to cum from the fucking and did not want to shoot my cum inside the dishwasher. Then Craig stopped fucking me and just held his dick in place in my ass. I wondered what he was doing and figured that he was just waiting for the cum urge to pass so that he could fuck me longer. My prostate was aching to be rubbed by his prick. All I was getting now was pressure on it from his cock being in my ass. I knew not to work Craig’s dick with my hole during one of these no-talking sessions unless he told me to do so. So I held still. But I wanted to fuck myself on his cock so bad. I was so horny to cum and I had this hard dick in my hole. I really needed to fuck it. But I somehow managed to hold still. That’s when I felt it. The warm feeling in my ass. It was too much for cum. It was piss. Craig was pissing in my hole. Craig had drank two classes of iced tea before lunch and I knew what that meant. He wanted to piss somewhere. My excitement over the party with Tom tonight and the trip to the gay resort tomorrow had me distracted. kadıköy travesti Fuck! He was going to have a huge load of piss to put in my hole and I didn’t have my plug to help me hold it in when he was done. And he flooded me with his piss. The warm fluid felt so good, but I was worried about what would happen when he pulled his dick out. “Fuck I needed that” he said. “Bet I put two pop cans of urine in your hole. You’re gonna have to work to hold that in when my dick comes out. Won’t you boy? Answer me.” “Yes Daddy” I answered. “It’s a lot for me to hold in my ass. I don’t want to make a mess.” “Dylan can clean it up if you do boy,” was Daddy’s response. I nearly shit myself when Craig said that. I didn’t want my son cleaning up piss from his Dad’s ass. It was going to be all over the floor. “Never fear boy. Daddy is thinking of you. There’s enough work for all of us today with out making more,” he said. Then he tapped my back with something and stuck it in my face. It was a butt plug, He was going to plug my hole when he pulled out. I wanted to kiss him. “It’s so nice and warm in this hole and there’s nothing like pissing in you Kevin. It feels so natural to share my piss with you. And you know how I hate pissing in toilets and even urinals. A real man likes to just piss without having to aim at all. It’s freeing to just let the piss flow from your cock naturally. While I love pissing outside where I can just let it flow, its better to share my piss and I’m lucky to have you and your son who love to get my piss,” Craig said. There was no doubt Craig liked to piss. I truly believe he consumed liquid just so he could piss it out later. I felt him start to slide out of my ass. I was not concerned about a mess. Craig knew what he was doing when he pissed in my hole. The next thing I felt the plug in my ass, my ass that was full of Craig’s hot warm Daddy piss. I slowly stood up, being careful not to alter Craig’s careful placing of the plug. Craig kissed me on the lips, opened our mouths and pushed his tongue into my eager mouth. When he was done, he told me he loved me, gave me big hug, and headed to his office. My dick was hard. My ass was full. Before he left the kitchen, he shouted “Hope I didn’t squeeze the piss out of you.” Craig’s View I really hated not dumping a load of cum in Kevin’s ass and not making him cum, but I wanted him horny for our party this evening. I guess I even wanted myself more horny than usual for the party as well. It took a great deal of control not to breed once I got in Kevin’s hole, but using all my restraint I was able to hold off. Pissing in his ass was arousing–and that just made it worse–but it gave me some release by at least putting my piss in his ass. Kevin knew what to prep for the party tonight and what would have to be done to get ready for the trip to the resort tomorrow. Dylan had no idea what was really instore for him–either tonight or when we got to the resort. Kevin knew and that was probably what made him more willing than usual to let me fuck him in the kitchen. The first time I took Kevin to the resort it had been an eye-opening experience for him. We had rented a small cabin whose front door opened into the living room. After spending some time at the bakırköy travesti bar and having quite a bit of beer, we went back to the cabin and I proceeded to start fucking Kevin in the living room with him leaning over the arm of the couch facing away from the front door. He didn’t know that I had left the front door ajar. All he knew was that my cock was fucking his ass like there was no tomorrow and he was loving every minute of it. A guy about my age stood at the door watching us and I motioned with my head for him to come in. He stood there watching me fuck Kevin’s hole and I could see after a minute or so that our guest had an erection of his own. He pulled down his shorts and started stroking himself as I fucked Kevin. I pulled out of Kevin’s ass and moved for Kevin to start sucking my cock. Then I motioned for the guy to start fucking Kevin. My own cock stiffened as his cock entered Kevin and then I looked down and saw the surprised look on Kevin’s face. He stopped sucking me for a moment, but didn’t take me out of his mouth. He just moaned a deep moan as our new friend buried his cock in Kevin’s butt. The moaning on my dick felt so good. Kevin stopped actively sucking my cock and started focusing on the cock in his ass. That was fine with me as long as he kept moaning. The guy started fucking Kevin harder and it forced Kevin to fuck my dick with his mouth. I looked at the guy ramming his dick into Kevin’s ass and I could see by his face that he was close to getting his nut. He was still making Kevin fuck my dick with his mouth. The next thing I know the fucker gives Kevin one hard shove of his crotch and lets out a fucking moan to end all moans. He was dumping his load in Kevin’s ass. He smiled at me as he regained his composure and pulled his cock out of Kevin’s ass. “Let me fuck that cum in there good while my sub here cleans your cock off.” We traded places and Kevin’s lubed up hole felt so good when I re-entered it. Kevin cleaned off the dick of the guy who had just dumped a cumload in his ass. “I can’t take anymore” he said as he pulled out, pulled up his shorts and left our cabin. I kept my dick in Kevin’s hole, but fucked him slowly. I didn’t want to cum just yet and when I looked a few minutes later, there was another dude in the doorway rubbing his cock through his pants. He and I switched off on Kevin like the first guy had done. Kevin got five loads in his hole that night before he got mine. I was so turned on that I don’t even remember what I did to keep myself from cumming until Kevin had been fucked by five other guys. My balls ached when I fucked him that last time and my cock was cummier than it had ever been when I pulled it out of his well-used hole. After that visit, Kevin told me he loved going to the resort. I had made the comment once to him that it was not cheap and we couldn’t do it all the time. It was at that point that Kevin became a total tight ass with the more than adequate household budget that I gave him. He knew about what it cost to go and when he’d saved up enough, we’d make an extra trip. His tight ass was always loose when we came home from the resort. This time it wouldn’t just be his ass that would come home loose from use. Dylan’s would as well. Readers are encouraged to give me a shoutout ail, even if it’s just to let me know you want to see the series continue. That’s the only way I know people are reading. We’ve got more hot sessions planned for these characters, but love to know if these guys and their exploits are resonating with readers.

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